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Working as a stylist is an interesting job. These photographers are nosy. One Direction is a cool band. J-Lo is a good singer and actress. Nous ferions mieux de partir sans elle. Elle est toujours en retard! Je devrais sortir la poubelle, mais je n'ai pas envie de le faire. Tu ne devrais pas acheter ce pantalon. Il est trop collant. L'expression de l'opinion 1.

Pour exprimer l'accord : I agree with… Absolutely! The g character is Becky, a youn d woman who is determine r beauty and to become rich. She uses he cial position. Together, family, then she marries th in London and they go to a lot of parties h aristocrats. Where is Jerry reporting live from? When is it taking place? Where is Jerry standing? What's happening? What is the first model wearing? What is the prize for the best collection? How many colleges participate?

In pairs, choose someone from the class. Discuss what would be the best gift. Justify your choice. It's beautiful! I suggest we…. Vanity Fair is a novel from the s. Before her marriage, Becky was poor. Becky is ugly. She marries the son of a rich family. Becky and her husband usually lend money.

She disguised him as a baby to pretend he was their son and put him in the cradle1. One day he challenged his enemy, the Scottish giant Benandonner, to come to Ireland and fight him. Suddenly he heard a tremendous noise: it was the Scottish giant who was walking towards him. Finn was terrified when he realised that Benandonner was much bigger than him. Look at this photo and discover a popular Irish song. Make hypotheses about the characters and the setting of the story. Through the open door came the distant sounds of the London streets; and now and then the fantastic shadows of birds in flight flitted across the long silk curtains that were stretched in front of the huge window […].

In the centre of the room stood a portrait of an extraordinarily beautiful young man. The Grosvenor is really the only place to exhibit a painting like that. The stupid and ugly have the best of this world. Books are well written, or badly written. They will have to guess the title. The first letter is given. Then match them with the correct definitions.

You are taking part in a creative writing contest. Think about the main characters and what happens to them. Organise your text into three or four paragraphs words. Choose a title for your story. The baby ng. She jumpe ra e on ph e th y it? She Suddenl uld she answer ho S n. T m fa e th at th y could only sa e window.

Was be to d te ar st t As the Her hear to the kitchen. She absolutely scar or treat! Ireland is quite a small island and yet it is well-known for its literary tradition. Its author was the Anglo-Irish writer, clergyman and satirist Jonathan Swift, born in in Dublin. Joyce was a famous Irish author who wrote poems, short stories and autobiographical novels.

During The Great Depression, the family moved back to Ireland, where the future author grew up in extreme poverty. He returned to the United States when he was 17 and eventually6 became a highschool teacher. It made its author so famous that a Frank McCourt museum was opened in Limerick. His novel Brooklyn is the story of a woman who emigrated from Enniscorthy to New York in the s. Voix active ou passive? It is about a man called Dorian Gray who thinks that his physical beauty is more important than his soul. When this really happens, the consequences are terrible. Oscar Wilde had a difficult life.

Listen to a tour guide talking about a famous Irish writer and answer the questions. Who is the writer? Which horror story is he famous for? Apart from novels, what did he write? Where was he born? Who did he travel the world with? What was his novel made into? Talk about a funny anecdote that happened to you when you were a child. Choose one of the books mentioned in this unit and write a short information card about it. It was namedal after the Greek mythologic in character Pygmalion, who fell s, love with one of his sculpture which then came to life. The maringirl. On a rainy Eliza Doolittle, a poor flowe s, a professor of evening she meets Henry Higginiend that he will phonetics, who bets with a frl into a duchess turn the cockney speaking gir beautiful English, by teaching her how to speak like a lady.

In the where she is mistaken for an aro a duchess, but end, she never really turns int n, and Higgins rather into an independent wothmae numerous falls in love with her. Was the experiment successful? Ireland is well-known for its love of literature and writers, but it is also a land of artists in the broadest sense of the word. Through their visual art, Irish artists also tell stories. It was influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites in its colours, style, and themes. The subject of this painting is taken from a medieval Danish ballad. It depicts princess Hellelil and Hildebrand, meeting on the stone stairs of a tower.

The painting captures the last moment of intimacy between the two ill-fated lovers. Hildebrand died from his wounds and Hellelil from heartbreak. Observe and describe 1. You can use words from this list. Then act the scene! In the early 20th century, Ireland was fighting for independence from the UK.

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A lot of people at the time wanted to show that they were Irish and not British. For this reason, many artists painted scenes from the West of Ireland, as it was emblematic of the country. Paul Henry was a Northern Irish artist who painted landscapes in a post-impressionist style and captured the light of this part of Ireland like no other artist before him. One of his most famous paintings is A Connemara Village.

Yeats — the brother of the great poet William Butler Yeats — managed to capture the atmosphere and the excitement of the crowd during a sporting event. Ireland was a young country in By depicting such a sporting race, Yeats may have wanted to show the courage and determination of the Irish people in their fight for independence. If you look closely, the river Liffey looks a bit dangerous as it has red lines in it and red can stand for danger. When we look at this painting, we feel as if we were part of it, also trying to catch a glimpse of the race!

Observe and imagine 1. How do you feel? What do you see around you and in the distance? Can you imagine the sounds and smells of the place? W to be in this place. You can use some of these words. Describe the painting and its atmosphere. The first 0. There were women working beside her whom she had never met before, all of them older than she, some with faint6 American accents but all of Irish origin. Most of them were just here for this part of the morning, she was told, before going home to feed their families. Soon it became clear that two women were in charge. When Father Flood arrived he introduced Eilis to them.

They were tall, cheerful looking women in their fifties. The other helpers will come and go. Kehoe and Miss Keegan, discovering on the way home that Mrs.

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Kehoe was among the parishioners2 5 who were roasting a turkey and potatoes and boiling a ham for Father Flood, who had arranged for it all to be collected at twelve. Kehoe said. Has to be done like clockwork. Thus as the men began to arrive to spend all of Christmas Day in the hall they were barely noticed among the crowd. It was only later, after midday, when the visitors began to disperse, that they could be seen clearly, some of them sitting alone with a bottle of stout in front of them, others huddled14 in groups, many of them stubbornly still wearing cloth caps instead of paper hats.

The Miss Murphys were anxious for the men who came first to gather at one or two of the long tables, enough to make a group who could be served soon with bowls of soup so that the bowls could be washed and used again by the next group. As Eilis, on instructions, went out to encourage the men to sit down at the top table nearest to the kitchen, she observed coming into the hall a tall man with a slight stoop15; he was wearing a cap low over his forehead and an old brown overcoat with a scarf at the neck. She paused for a moment and stared at him. He stood still as soon as he had closed the main door behind him, and it was the way he took in the hall, surveying the scene with shyness and a sort of mild delight16, that made Eilis sure, for one moment, that her father had come into her presence.

As soon as a turkey arrives, or when the ones we have cooking upstairs are ready, Father Flood will attack them and the hams and carve them. The oven here is just for keeping things hot. For an hour people will bring us turkeys and hams and roast potatoes and the thing is to have vegetables cooked and hot and ready to be served. Father Flood had filled one of the tables with glasses and bottles of lemonade and sweets for the children.

He made everyone who came in, including women with fresh hairdos13, put on a paper hat. What you laug? What "little joys" would you like to experience? Write your list. Swap with a partner and tell the class. But I'd love to! Read these two news stories. Are they true or April Fools? How do you know? In order to activate the Eco-App customers will have to buy a pot and some earth and.

The company is also going to include Eco-Flowers so that people can have flowers throughout the year and so that their homes may be sweetly fragranced whatever the season. Fool's Day, not even the mme in gra pro s new s On a ser iou a hoax story ast adc bro y the 7 g on trees in about spaghetti growin nd! The new invention will offer home owners spectacular views of the countryside beneath them. An online service will also be made available for people requiring technical assistance.

What happens to the voice? How does the character look to you? What is he doing? What do you think is going to happen in each scene? Choose a situation card. Go up to the board and draw the facial expression and the situation that explains it. Your team must guess both the expression and the situation.

Jot down ideas about who, where, what, why and when. What has happened? What is going to happen? What will happen in the future? Remember that spoof news bulletins rely heavily on irony and humour. Try to be creative and funny! One of you will present your bulletin to the class.

Scientists today have said that real flesh and blood teachers are going to disappear. According to them, we will soon be living in virtual reality and all future communication will take place via invisible thought cables, including school. In order to maintain the teaching process The most important day for this charity is Red Nose Day in March each year when people all over the country work together to raise money4. People are encouraged to wear the noses on Red Nose Day to help raise awareness5 of the charity and to make people laugh.

There are red noses for people, cars, and even horses! The day culminates in a live telethon event on BBC One, and lots of other money-raising events take place too. Now the money is used to help all sorts of people in difficulty both in Britain and in other countries across the world. Laughter1 and humour are an essential part of life for humans. In fact, laughter can help us in many ways. It can defuse a tense situation, create bonds2 between people, allow us to relax and it even contributes to physical fitness.

Look at some ways in which laughter is used to overcome difficulties today. Clowns Without Borders is another charity organisation that uses humour to help people in difficulty. CWB was founded in Barcelona in July and they offer laughter to help relieve the suffering of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis including refugee camps, and conflict zones.

They bring laughter, contemporary clown performances and workshops6 into communities so that people can celebrate together and forget their problems for a while. The founders realised that there was a great need to laugh in crisis situations and humour provides psychological support to communities who have suffered trauma.

Especially children must continue to be children, even in extremely difficult situations. Laughter can also be used as a therapy. It is a great way to fight the physical effects of stress. When we laugh, our body relaxes and endorphins natural painkillers are released into the blood stream. Researchers at the University of Michigan have also calculated that just 20 seconds of laughter could be as good for the health as three minutes spent on a rowing machine7! Groups of elderly people, young people in hospital and mental health patients are all thought to benefit especially from laughter therapy.

I … to Spain next summer. I've already booked the tickets. It … rain this afternoon. We have been thinking about it and we have decided that we … buy a new car his year. If it doesn't rain, he … go sailing tomorrow morning. Les deux formes sont toutefois souvent interchangeables dans des contextes futurs. Listen to Steve and Sammy talking about plans for raising money for a charity, and answer the questions.

What charity are they going to raise money for? When is the event going to take place? Where will the actions take place? What is the first group going to do? How will the second group get money? What will the winner get in the egg and spoon race? How much are they hoping to collect this year? A Downing Street spokesman said the Prime Minister is going to fly into the centre of a cloud while hanging from a helicopter. This initiative follows weeks of continuous criticism of the government who have not reacted quickly enough to bad weather reports.

Several towns have been under water for days. Many children have been given emergency swimming lessons so as to be able to swim home from school. The Prime Minister has cancelled the next two weeks so that he can sit in the dark and think passionately about the nature of clouds. After that, everything will be fine. For the moment, people must just keep calm and carry on with their lives. Write a postcard home speaking about your trip to an English-speaking country.

What have you already done? What haven't you done yet? What are you going to do next? What is the Prime Minister going to do? Who will go with him? How will he get there? Why has the Prime Minister decided to do this? What is the situation in Britain? What will happen after? Choose your favourite comedian or funny person.

Your partner asks questions and guesses who it is. Looking for Ann has been selected for one of the jobs. She calls a friend who is already working there. Listen and pick out information about her future working conditions. Your partner has to find what job it is. We are Rose and Laura. We are looking for a new chef for our restaurant. Have you ever considered being a chef? Who do you think is the best candidate? Would you be a good candidate for the Best Jobs in the World?

Imagine you are the interviewee and answer the questions. Apply for the Best Jobs in the World 1. List what you would do if you got the job. Dear Mr. Your friend and yourself are planning to apply for a job next summer. To train for the job interview, you will follow these steps:. Decide on who is going to be the applicant and who is going to be the recruiter. Prepare questions about what you want to know about the job tasks, working hours…. Together, review your questions and answers. Good morning, Ms Wilde. Could you tell me about your experience? Have you ever…? What would you do if…?

Montre-toi convain cant! Download Movie Maker. Add music if you want to. Give your video a title. The names of the following universities are famous worldwide1. They are often quoted in films or associated with celebrities. But do you know where they are located and what they are famous for? The University of Oxford. Oxford was the first university in the English-speaking world. Teaching existed at Oxford in some form as early as and developed rapidly from , when the French king Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris.

Today Oxford University is a leader in many fields2, with outstanding3 research achievement4. Like Oxford, Cambridge maintains a long tradition of student participation in sport and recreation — rowing6 is particularly popular. It is located in central London. There have been 16 Nobel Prize winners among its alumni7 and staff — including Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw and philosopher Bertrand Russell — and at least 37 world leaders. Columbia University is located in the center of New York City. Columbia was the first North American site where the uranium atom was split.

It is also an extraordinary place for research. Indeed it was the birthplace of FM radio and the laser, among other achievements. Founded in , among its many notable alumni are former president Bill 40 Clinton, actress Meryl Streep, film director Oliver Stone and composer Cole Porter. Its history, influence and wealth8 have made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Some of its notable alumni are American political leaders Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. This name is used to refer to those eight schools as a group. Choose one that is not presented in the English Mag. If you accept this job, you'd have to work at the weekend. They'd get better results if they study harder. Mark would be really upset if he know about the theft. What would you do if you won the lottery? How would you react if you saw a shark while swimming? What would you wear if you had a job interview?

What would you say if you had to quote your qualities? Je ne l'ai pas, j'aimerais l'avoir. How long has she worked in a restaurant?

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What does she enjoy most about her job? Why does she want to change jobs? Has she ever worked before? How would she react if she had the job? What is she going to do next year? Think about a famous person or a classmate and jot down information based on the example. Make other comparisonsincloure colour, dibuix object, country, film Your partner has tiger to d'Aula discover who you are.

What would you do if you were the winner of one of "the best jobs in the world" and were now a wildlife caretaker? Play a job interview: A is applying to be a waiter in a cafeteria. B is the recruiter. The dry British humour is often said to be based on irony and sarcasm. Follow Arts Together and discover two artists who use humour and irony in their works. Martin Parr is a British documentary photographer and photojournalist. Parr likes to show critical aspects of society and offers a sometimes shocking satire of Britain.

Many of his photos are thought-provoking, cruel and funny at the same time. They catch the absurdities of everyday life in a popular, working class, rundown holiday resort near Liverpool. Describe the irony depicted in the photograph and in the title The Last Resort. You can use words from the list. Explain the subtitle and say why it is humourous. Observe and imagine a conversation between the mother and her daughter.

You can use some words from this list. Barry Flanagan was a Welsh sculptor who was well-known for his giant bronze hares. Barry Flanagan often used a hare as his signature. He made many sculptures of hares in humanlike positions and activities such as dancing, boxing or playing an instrument. Observe and make a sketch of the sculpture. Add a thought bubble and imagine what the hare may be thinking of. Present it to the class and justify your choices. But then she tried my headphones on and gave a click on Play.

My teacher took my iPod. Her body started swaying3. Her toes began to tap4. She started grooving5 in her seat and rocking to the rap. She looked a little startled1, but after just a while she made sure we were occupied and cracked a wicked smile2. My teacher said she changed her mind. She takes it every day. Alyssa brought an apple with a purple gummy worm8 and gave it to the teacher just to see if she would squirm9. Makayla told the teacher that a bug7 was in her hair.

Lesson 1 Faire la voix off d'un documentaire sur Angel Island. Lesson 2 Imaginer la vie avant l'invention d'Internet. Then discuss the reasons why California attracted so many people in the 19th century. During this period of time new methods of transportation had also developed such as steamboats3 and trains. By railroads had been built across the country from California to the East of the US. The news of gold brought , people to California from the United States and abroad. Half arrived by sea and half came from the East on the California Trail.

They often faced difficulties during the trip. The forty-niners found gold in streams and riverbeds using simple techniques such as panning2. The majority returned home with little more than what they had started with. However, the Gold Rush also had negative aspects. The large number of newcomers gradually drove Native Americans away from their lands. To protect their living areas, some Indians attacked the prospectors who later counter-attacked, which caused many losses among the Natives. Furthermore, many Indians who had managed to escape were not able to survive away from their lands and starved to death.

An estimated , California Indians died between and , and some 4, of them were murdered.

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Gold mining also caused environmental harm to rivers and lakes. Imagine why most people left their countries and what they may or must have felt. Her English teacher asks her to write about what she discovered when they arrived. The director asks you to rewrite and record the Park Ranger's words. Focus on the dates to recap on the principal events of this success story. What do you know about these companies, the technologies and products they create? Which ones do you use or prefer? What would the world be like if Steve Jobs had never existed?

By Sebastian Anthony on October 6, at pm. February 24, But what if Steve Jobs had never lived? What would the world be like today? You wake up, and rather than check your phone for the latest news or email, you would watch TV or listen to the radio. Again, you would listen to the radio, or perhaps to a CD. Your console would have a horrible interface, so you would generally spend your evenings outside in the garden reading books made from dead trees, or listening to music on your CD auto-changer.

Every morning your s life begins all over again. Would you have preferred to live then? A long trip from one place to another. A growing number of citizens in your country have decided to act in favour of a better use of the Internet no spying, a greater respect of private data, efficient measures against dangerous sites, etc. They have decided to start a movement in order to promote their ideas.

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A debate has been organised in your town on this issue. The idea is to convince the population and the politicians. There will be 1 or 2 representative s of the movement for a better use of the Internet MBUI , 1 politician against these ideas, and 2 citizens who don't know what to do yet. List the arguments against. It is high time that we do something to improve the situation! With a few wise measures, we could make our hyper connected society a better place to live.

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It might already be too late, the Internet has become a real nightmare and there is no more privacy in the world. If we had been more vigilant, we wouldn't have reached this situation. Insert the trailer. They were against nuclear weapons and the Vietnam War. Many hippies lived in communes, or together in districts like Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. They promoted freedom, peace and love and the return to nature. He and Joan Baez are today considered as major representatives of the protest song3 movement.

She became highly popular after taking part in the Monterey Festival which launched4 15 her too-short career. Haight-Ashbury is a popular district where the hippie movement was born in the s. It has now become a tourist area. Many important figures of this movement used to live there: famous singers including Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin , cult leaders and 6 35 mime troupes. Today, crowds of tourists visit this district and look for vintage bargains7 in thrift stores8 in recollection of the good old days. It is now a very lively place.

A must-see if you go to Frisco! This three-day concert took place in June, in Monterey, California. The Monterey Pop Festival launched the careers of many singers who sang there, turning them into stars overnight5. It was the first widely-promoted and hugely-attended rock festival and it inspired the organisation of many others, like the Woodstock Festival two years later. Write a short paragraph to present this unique experience. Include a couple of photos. Prospectors … about gold so they decided to go west to get rich. Nobody … that Facebook would be such a success.

He … that there was gold until he found a nugget. I … about the Gold Rush before. Maybe the immigrants were scared when arriving on Angel Island. I am sure the prospectors had problems during their journey. Steve Jobs was certainly admired by young people. What if your parents had not bought a TV? What if your best friend had moved?

What if you had won the lottery? Listen to Sam talking about her great grandparents and answer the questions. What nationality were his great grandparents? Why did they emigrate to the US? How long did the journey last? Note down the feelings mentioned. Explain them. What was Ellis Island? What happened to immigrants there? Speak about your own experience with cell phones. How often do you use yours? Think of the pros and cons. Imagine you were one of the 49ers.

Write a few lines in your diary to speak about your experience and feelings before going back home with no gold at all. From the s until the s, over two million Jewish immigrants went to the United States. Many immigrants came from Russia. In the czar of Russia was killed and many people said that Jews had taken part in his killing. Most Jews were forced to live in the Pale of Settlement.

Life in the Pale was very hard and there were few ways to earn a living. Almost everyone was poor. But even worse were the pogroms. The pogroms were mob attacks on Jewish people, which the Russian government encouraged. Soldiers and others destroyed stores and homes and attacked people. No one was safe. Jews could not leave the Pale without permission. To escape their harsh life, many Jewish people decided to go to America. They often left at night. They made their way to a seaport, such as Hamburg, Germany, or Odessa, Russia.

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Then, with the help of Jewish organisations, they bought tickets on ships sailing to the United States. The journey was difficult, but the immigrants knew their lives would be better in America. What was life like in the Pale for Jewish people? Why did many of them escape Russia? Where did they want to go and why? What means of transport did they use to go to the United States?

Student A: Your neighbour wants to convince you that new technologies have got only good sides. You want to prove to him that he is wrong. Student B: You want to convince your neighbour that new technologies have got only good sides. Listen to a cover of the song "Count on me" by Bruno Mars. What is the message? Do you have virtual friends? No, I don't think so. The thing is I accepted her friend request on Facebook six months ago. We have several mutual friends in common, so I had heard about her from them and seen pictures of them together.

I think I really like her. Tom says :. I said I would try to come and see her as soon as possible. She asked me to stop posting on her wall, tweeting her, and calling her on Skype. Well, I guess so… Since then, Linda has been posting nasty2 comments on my wall. Last week, she told me she was having problems with her friends at school. They have been teasing1 her about how she dresses. They said she was not cool enough to hang out with them anymore. She said that she felt really bad and wanted to see me.

She asked if I could take a bus to visit her in London. For or against virtual friendship? Write a short text to give your opinion on virtual friendship in the column Letters to the Editor of a newspaper. In pairs, write out the script of their argument. Change the names and use boys' names when necessary. I can't believe it! How could you? I've had enough!

I can't stand it anymore! Little white lies are definitely different from big ones. I should know that. So, I looked to a lie to help me get what I wanted. He believed me, or at least until he saw what one of my friends had texted me. Call me when you get here!! At that moment, all I remember was being frustrated with myself. I wish I could win his trust back… For now, the only thing I can do is apologize and tell him how sorry I am, hoping he will forgive me… Adapted from L. Youth 1. I saw you behind the door, watching us! Think about what happened.

You complained I had Someone who always tells you the truth is…. If you say "I'm sorry", you …. If you are in a bad temper, grumpy and upset, you are …. The scene is about two people who are having an argument, and who later apologise to each other. They eventually patch things up. Write the script. Main characters: father and daughter Bone of contention: the father lent his car to his daughter, but she scratched it.

Edit your video… and share it! Since the dawn1 of sports, there have always been rivals. Rivalries are what fuel sports — they are at the heart of competition. Some are heated and personal, while others are based on mutual respect and admiration. Regardless of their nature, they all captivate the attention of fans and provide memorable moments in sporting history. India and Pakistan are rivals in many things. But their biggest rivalry probably revolves around2 the sport of cricket.

When there is an important game between the two countries, more than million Indians and Pakistanis may watch it on television. But fans now have another reason to be competitive: when the two teams meet, each side tries to break the world record for the most people singing a national anthem together. Cricket has also helped India tell its story. The rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox is one of the oldest and fiercest in North American professional sports. However, the Yankees went on to become one of the most successful professional baseball teams over that time.

Boxing is born and bred4 in rivalry. Perhaps no rivalry better demonstrates the beauty and brutality of the sport than the one opposing Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. The two boxers had very different styles but they were both merciless5. New Zealand and Australia are very competitive in athletics. The two Commonwealth countries field8 teams for sports such as netball and cricket. You can prepare a PowerPoint presentation, including photos and quotations. On l'utilise pour rapporter les paroles d'une autre personne.

Au discours indirect, les temps, la syntaxe et les pronoms peuvent changer par rapport au discours direct. Il est introduit par un verbe introducteur say, tell, ask Mum: Will you accept my friendship request on Facebook? You: No, I won't! Mum: Why not? Mum: Ok, I'll admit I am curious… but I'm a bit worried about you. You: Oh Mum! You're always worrying about me! You should trust me! I wish Listen and answer the questions.

I know nothing about the feelings of pareIn. Love is all very well in its way, but frie is much higher. Indeed, I know of nothing in the ted world that is either nobler or rarer than a devo friendship. Leave a one-minute message on your best friend's voice mail to apologise for your behaviour and to explain why he or she remains your best friend.

Write a line poem in which you remind your friend what he blamed you for. You try to patch things up. You reproached me with ignoring you, But let me say how much I still care for you. Who are the main characters? What is the topic of their conversation? What is said about it in this extract? What is implied in the last sentence?

Do you like this story? What do you particularly like or dislike in it? Nancy's Dad is being interviewed on a youth radio program. Latiesa, M. Alvira Eds. Madrid: Alianza Editorial. Lerner, S. Teaching teamwork in medical education. Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine , 76 4 , Miklavic Sumanski, M. Moskal, B. Scoring rubrics: What, when and how? Ortega, E. Park, S. Teacher team commitment, teamwork and trust: Exploring associations. Journal of Educational Administration , 43 5 , Popham, J.

Educational Leadership , 55 2 , Prades, A. Tesi doctoral. Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona. Prince, C. Swezey and E. Proudfoot, J. G; Bubner, T. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice Reddy, Y. Malini et Andrade, Heidi A review of rubric use in higher education. Rodriguez Moreno, M. Barcelona: Laertes. Rousseau, V. Teamwork behaviors: A review and an integration of frameworks. Small Group Research , 37 5 , Journal Science Educational Technologie. DOI Salas, E. Teamwork: Emerging principles. International Journal of Management Reviews , 2 4 , Salkind, N.

Savoie, A. Psychologie du Travail et des Organisations , 1 , Goguelin Ed. Psychologie du travail et des organisations. Paris, EAP. Stellmack, M. An assessment of reliability and validity of a rubric for grading APA-style introductions. Teaching of Psychology , 36 2 , Stevens, D.

Introduction to rubrics: An assessment tool to save grading time, convey feedback, and promote student learning. Sterling, VA: Stylus. Stevens, M. The knowledge, skill, and ability requirements for teamwork: Implications for human resource management. Journal of Management , 20, Strating, M.

Psychometric test of the Team Climate Inventory-short version investigated in Dutch quality improvement teams. Health Services Research 9: Sundstrom, E. Work groups: From the hawthorne studies to the work teams of the s. Group Dynamics , 4, Tjosvold, D. Torrelles, C. Undre, S. Observational assessment of surgical teamwork: a feasibility study. World Journal of Surgery , 30, Volk, J. Assessment strategies. Weaver, S. Wiggins, G. Image 1. Bibliographie Andrade, H. Psicothema , 18 4 , Arter, J.

Journal of Management , 23 3 , Dyer, D. Personnel psychology , 58, Faure, C. Table des illustrations Titre Image 1. Haut de page. Suivez-nous Flux RSS.