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Alligator lizard biting a bigger lizard's face off

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A Southern Alligator lizard that choked to death on a cricket it was attempting to swallow.

We have even more good news!!! Mother nature brought us another perfect creature to help us in the food forest! Then, unfortunately, we would want to go and buy bug spray. Like this: Like Loading February 23, The sad tale of a farmer named Monocropper.

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December 30, Very similar to the northern alligator lizard to all aspects of its husbandry. The southern alligator lizard are active hunters that eat all kinds of insects, snails, and even baby mice in captivity.

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They thrive in moderate temperatures that vary between nighttime lows in the low 60s Fahrenheit to highs in the upper 80s during the day. They can be active day or night when temperatures are in the mid-range noted above.

Madrean Alligator Lizard (Elgaria kingii) - Reptiles of Arizona

A small, shallow water bowl in a cage corner is recommended. Southern alligator lizards use their tails for balance and as a fifth leg when climbing. Although that tail is fairly durable, in can break if the lizard is handled too carelessly.

Family: Anguidae Adult Size: Body 3 to 7 inches, with a tail that may more than double that length Range: West coast from southern British Colombia to Baja Habitat: Grasslands and open woodlands, often near creeks Captive Lifespan: 5 to 8 Years Dangerous: Care Level: Beginner Overview Very similar to the northern alligator lizard to all aspects of its husbandry. Edit Module.

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