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Maud F. Chapter 6. Misto non fu, ne fu diviso mai ; Ma sempre Dio e sempre uomo verace, Quanto possente in ciel, tanto nel mondo. Virgin most pure, to-day by means of thee On earth is shown so wonderful a thing That nature fails, and gazes wondering Upon the work, and all amazed is she.

Gambara by Honoré de Balzac

Turn then thy rays of grace, O Virgin fair, On me, that so the comprehension may Of this deep mystery to me be given. Or passata e la speranza, Che mi tenne un tempo ardendo ; Men mi duol, poich io comprendo Nulla cosa aver costanza. Or passata e la speranza.

Con passion tenace e forte E con pid perseveranza. Or passata la speranza. Mia soave e dolce speme, Da me dunque ahim! Now has hope passed away That kept me once aglow ; Less mourn I since I know That nothing here can stay. Now has hope passed away. Ever she leads to death Whom passion governeth With strong persistent sway. I hoped and hope made burn In me a gracious fire ; I hope no more but mourn.

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That longing sweet desire. I call in sorrow dire On death to soothe my smart, For hopeless is the heart Where hope made once sweet stay. While I had her to lead, All ills seemed light to me ; Without her, lost and dead, Least things most grievous be. My gentle hope and fair, Alas! Libra non son, ne mai libra esser spero Dal crudel laccio, ove gia fui legata, Perche troppo mortal la piaga e stata, Che gia feri mio cor puro e sincere.

Ne libra mai sard da un sol pensero, Nel qua! Free am I not, nor ever hope to be, From that hard bond with which I erst was bound, Because the wound was all too mortal found Which pierced the pure and truthful heart of me. Nor from one single thought shall I be free Which day and night my mind doth occupy The fear lest my surrendered liberty,. Proud heart and ruthless, be despised by thee ; Nor free from fear, nor free for evermore From torment, cruel one, from bitter pains,. Which constantly through thee must work me woe. In fine, I shall not ever from thy chains Be free, since divers passions hour by hour, Pleasant and sweet through thee, within me grow.

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Sarei ben morta homai, Ma il duol che ho in cuor si grave e forte Non da luoco a la morte, N accrescer pud, n sminuir mei guai. The grief is so extreme, It well-nigh matches so extreme a pain, And in this fashion I alive remain. I had been dead ere this, But that the grief, so heavy on my heart, With death can have no part ; My woes can neither grow nor yet decrease.

Ah, cruel injury! And what defence have I,. Whose burdened heart is in such woful plight That the enkindled soul can nowise die, And lives in my despite? But of all pangs this is the crown and chief Not to be able to bewail my grief. Lovely and shining eyes, How can it be that there are born in you At one same time so many forms and new? Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Authors Authors and affiliations R.

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Tilden, Famous Chemists Jevons, Principles of Economics p. As the comprehensive threepart biography by Berthold Litzmann was published in the beginning of the 20th century, it should take decades until the new biography on Clara Schumann was written by the English author Joan Chissel published in She was followed by the American biographer Nancy B. The biography by Reich was also translated to German.

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Up to this time, the composer Clara Schumann fell mainly into oblivion. Until about two dozens of her works were available in printed version.