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If you love learning things which are hard to find in textbooks or online these podcasts by Robert, Joe and Christian are for you. These guys are doing a great job collecting facts, gossips, and legends and representing them in a cool way. Yet, these podcasts are a cool way to expand your horizons.

So if you are interested in history or learning it, these podcasts will be a great resource for you. Moreover, Dan does them in an interactive way: he asks provocative questions helping his listeners to form they point of view. They are enthralling and informative and will give you push for debates at history classes.

Relax and learn new about the world around: how to invite a girl to date or find water in a desert, or how to talk to a British dog — here you can find anything you might be interested or not. These podcasts are the way to have fun and learn new with a wide smile and shiny eyes. This podcast is primarily focused on science and technology, and a new episode is released each Friday. Covering different scientific disciplines the podcasts are useful for the students of all levels. Yet, some of the podcasts are politically charged.

Neil deGrasse Tyson will change your attitude to astrophysics, and even if you are not studying this discipline, you will find these podcasts a cool way of learning new about space and universe. Moreover, he invites a lot of scientists to represent relevant facts and research results in a humorous easy-to-understand way. TED Radio Hour is another place to learn new. Here you will learn about new inventions, things we used to from another point of view. These podcasts will help you to develop creativity, come up with new ideas at your classes and better understand the world around us.

NPR is a team of brilliant reporters and analysts, and their podcasts are very popular among English speakers, so business podcast on economy Planet Money is not exclusion. Here you will find all concepts of modern economics and finance in easy to understand manner. And it is evident, that they will help you much more than books or lectures. This fantastic, as per user reviews podcast will help you to learn world history with the help of objects which had an influence on us.

Neil MacGregor, the director of the British Museum, using these objects to describe how the world changed under their influence. For example, credit cards forced the growth of poverty and popularity of online shopping or Akan drum which traveled to America and then to Europe and had an impact on African-American culture development on both continents. These podcasts cover different scientific topics and are hosted by BBC.

Of course, there are some political things which are pushed by the hosts, yet, you still can learn different facts and notions by listening to them. For example, space tourism or artificial intelligence. There also numerous other podcasts which might be focused on your discipline, so try to search and you will probably find one which will serve your information observation needs and make your process of learning more interactive.

Have any other life hacks for fellow students? Comment them down below, or better yet; explain what works for you and WHY.

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Sarah Williams is an avid blogger who specializes in dating advice. Her interests include gender relations and the underlying mechanisms that drive human interactions. You can check out her thoughts on men, sex, dating and love at Wingman Magazine. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sex Dating Growth Health Other. If you do refinance your home and consolidate debts into your mortgage, you need to think of the new mortgage like the debt consolidation loans we discussed above. It's super important that you keep your spending under your income following a budget is usually the best way to do this and allocate money to each month to savings. Repeatedly using your home as a bank machine can set you up to face retirement with a lot of debt, no assets, and no savings. If you are in debt and are really struggling to make any headway paying down your debt, start by speaking with a Credit Counsellor.

Find out what programs are available to help you deal with your debts. A reputable Credit Counsellor will explain all of your options and help you choose the option that makes the most sense for you in your situation. Speaking with a non-profit Credit Counsellor about your options is confidential, non-judgmental, and usually free. I met with [a credit counsellor] today and she was more than helpful when it came to making up a debt repayment plan for me. I can finally have a good sleep tonight knowing I will have my finances back on track. In truth, a budget is just a spending plan.

It will help you stay on the straight and narrow with your current debt payments, or your new accelerated payments. A spending plan is something you lay out to make sure that you are spending less than you earn. Better yet, if you've lived all this time without a budget, how do you know you won't like having one? After trying a realistic budget on for size, most people agree that the alternative—being in debt—is much worse. To learn how to create a budget, click here.

We've also built a budgeting tool that can guide you through the budgeting process to make budgeting as easy as possible. The sooner you start dealing with your debt, the sooner you'll have it paid off. The next few years will pass whether you pay it off or not, so start by trying at least one or two of these strategies. You've really got nothing to lose! If you need some help getting started with a plan, or if you're not sure if your budget is realistic, contact a non-profit Credit Counsellor for a free, confidential appointment. Appointments can take place either over the phone or in person, and they don't obligate you to anything.

The Counsellor will review your whole situation with you and then suggest options to help you reach your goals. Typically, the earlier you contact a Credit Counselor, the more options you'll have. Get Some Help. This article was originally published on May 3, but has been updated several times since. Practical ways you can quickly tackle your maxed out credit cards and take your first real steps toward getting out of debt.

This is good practical advice. I am in debt like most people, but being a single parent is even more challenging. This has helped me to look at things more practically and gave me a refreshed look at how I am going to shovel my way out. Also, reminds me of the mistakes I have made to put myself in this position in the first place. This is great advice and I have been doing some of these steps successfully since getting assistance from CCS.

I am so fortunate to have a great friend who has led me in the right directon to becoming debt free. As a single mom of two daughters, i was barely making it from pay check to paycheck. The debts were building up as the days went buy and at one point, the bank was going to put a lein on my house. I am now working at home part time and can see the debt dwindling down!!

1. They savor the moment.

I am in the same situation. I have been looking for a job and no luck. You mentioned that you are working part time from home, i would like to find out whether I could do the same. I am in the same situation.. It's frustrating, how did you find work from home? Can you help me see if that's something I could do to help out with bills and debt? Not sure if you are still looking for work from home. I have two suggestions for you if you are. I currently work from home for a company which helps to improve the search engines.

The work is fun, but you have to read the study materials and really study hard. The work itself is not difficult but passing the test can be challenging for some people. Also, this is my third work from home position since , I found all of the jobs I have worked from home from the Work at Home moms forum. I also have another money saving tip that some people might find helpful. Skip the cleaning supplies and just buy white vinegar. I only buy vinegar and castile soap, it saves hundreds a year. Seeing that I'm doing things right before I even read this.

I was a single mom and almost had all my debts cleared but after a failed business for a few years and living off credit cards and no earning. I'm back at square one.

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Worse off all my husband made such poor decisions with cars, business and personal spending, it left me hopeless. We got kids, house and lots of bills. Earning slow and spending fast, it's Frustrating! Where do we go from here??? Hi Shannon, Treading water isn't fun. If you're doing the best you can on your own and aren't getting anywhere, it may make sense for you to sit down with one of our Credit Counsellors and see if they have any suggestions on how you can move forward. It may be that you're doing everything that can be done, but if they can share some insights or come up with some ideas that may help you, the visit could be well worth your time.

There's no cost to speak with any of our Counsellors, and they can even help you over the phone if you prefer. Great advice I have been out of work since September I'm about to become homeless. I have applied to about jobs in that time. I have an abundance of experience, education, training IT and GIS , and have had recruiters and employers alike all tell me that my credentials and resume are impeccable. So why can I not find a job?

Let's first solve the one job problem before we tackle a second income to pay off debt. I have asked for feedback from recruiters dozens of times I either get the same response as above, or simply nothing at all. We would encourage you to look into your local employment centre for support around finding work. I have 14, on a credit line and left on the mortgage. We will be getting 14, soon and wondered if we should put the money to pay off the credit line or pay down the mortgage.

What do u think? Hi Anne Marie, It all depends on your financial situation. Here are some things to consider: 1 Which debt has the highest interest rate? You'll probably save the most money if you pay down the debt with the highest interest first. If not, consider putting some of the new money aside as savings, or pay down the line of credit enough to give you room to handle any emergencies like vehicle or home repairs that may arise.

1. Pay More Than the Minimum

You can also tour the villages around which will open up the rich culture of the region while you find solace in that serene place. The whole village is surrounded by rice fields, perfect to take photos. Hoi An is a small place where you can opt to take a walk as you explore the authentic suits they have in store. Most visitors come to this place to shop, see historical building and have coffee at the most exquisite cafes it has to offer. Good to know : The first day we entered the village we went to a beautiful roof top restaurant. The next day we took the same street and suddenly there was a stand asking for an entrance fee.

Apparently this is not a scam, but true. Around the city you find a few places asking for entrance fee. Then we went to the street with Cong Caphe , there we did not have to pay any entrance. I cannot assure you it will be the same for you, but give it a try. To me it does not seem fair to pay an entrance fee to an ancient city, especially since i leave my money anyway here, buying at least a few souvenirs or coffees. My best tip for Hoi An : Move around and keep walking.

There are so many corners and tiny places you can explore.

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Do not stay only on the main street. At night, the city is lightened up. This is the best time to take beautiful photos. Last but not least: I loved the Chinese Bridge, so beautiful and picturesque. Here is our photo from the Chinese Bridge. If you happen to be around here, stay in Hoi An. You can purchase little floating candles boats and set them free in the river. Personally, I did not like this that much. When you walk a bit in floating direction, you will see all the trash. Not really adorable anymore. If you know how to ride a bicycle, then Da Nang will be the best place to tour.

A bike tour will go well if you have local guides helping you discover the beautiful landscape. It is an adventurous tour, which educates you on what the area has to offer in terms of tranquility and unlimited adventures as you move along with a small crew. Read our complete guide to best hostels in Da Nang. You have to visit the infamous Dragon Bridge. Every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm then dragons spits fire — real fire!

Okay, the dragon spits as well water after spitting the fire… but I think the fire is way cooler! Read : 14 best design cafes in Da Nang. During the day, hang out at the beach or drive to the peninsula. There is a gigantic Buddha statue. In the area you find as well restaurants directly at the beach. Just keep driving — there is only 1 street — and keep an eye to the right side. Once you see a restaurant, climb down the stairs, sit down, enjoy the ocean! Here is the street I am talking about. This will make it easier for you to find the place. Bare in mind, wherever you park with your motorbike, you pay a bit for parking.

It is kind of a tipping for the people watching over your vehicle. It is a favorite destination for all those visitors who love diving in the sea. If you are familiar with scuba diving you can apply for a certification and take a plunge into the sea. However, if you are not a fun, you can dine and wine in the beautiful resorts found bedside the sea which adds value to your visit. However, this will depend on how well prepared in terms of the necessities you need and the prior knowledge of the area you are visiting.

This will prevent you from running into trouble and enjoy your stay while you make the most out of it. Update: We wanted to give you even more insights to the essential things to do in Vietnam. So, we at Hostelgeeks, updated this guest article by William Benetton with even more Vietnam tours and places to visit in Vietnam.

The Buddhist only eat vegetarian so there are tons of restaurants and food stalls specialized on this. Every full moon, all Buddhist people only eat vegetarian foot. We had no idea and went to a Vegetarian restaurant in Da Nang. They were even out of food! I can even write you this without looking up the word.

Here is a guide to eating Vegetarian in Vietnam. Hue is located North of Hoi An. A bike trip between these two cities is the best you can do in Vietnam! It is one of my favorite routes in Vietnam! This route takes you along the Hai Van Pass. This is where you will find a former US military bunker. It was once one of the most dangerous routes in the world, today it is only beautiful.

Hue is a nice place to visit in Vietnam and recommended by so many people. So, yes, it is worth, but…there is a but:. It is right outside the city center, and there is a tiny entrance fee. This park was built in the s and was never really used and adapted by the people. Bring you camera, please please please! Good to know : There is a tiny food stall around. Here you can get a coca cola and some basic food. Rumor : Rumor has it, that there are crocodiles living in this area and the water park.

When we visited we have seen nothing no evidence of this. Plus, we could not find any information on this. A bit more south of Hue you find Da Nang. Da Nang is a big city, just a few km away from the tiny, yet famous village of Hoi An. There is no other city where you can see the growing times of Vietnam.

Come here, enjoy the beach and endless awesome coffee shops. The Memory Hostel is the best place to admire the Dragon Bridge. It has a roof top terrace with a direct view to the bridge. Stay with a local family, play with the kids, and mingle with the locals. You can stay either in the Sa Pa Village itself in a better guesthouse. Or you can stay with a local family. The locals will approach you when arriving to Sa Pa. You will go for a trekking with your guide, all the way to the families village and house.

Here you hang out in the kitchen, near the fire, can take beautiful photos of the landscape and try rice wine. Night Train : This is one of the best and most adventurous things to do in Vietnam. Book a night train and go over night to Sa Pa. Very good to know : As a foreigner you cannot book tickets on the official train website with your foreign credit card.

BUT : You can buy your cheap tickets directly at the train station. Bus : There is a bus leaving from Hanoi to Sa Pa everyday. There are as well sleeping buses. I am not a big fan of buses, this is why we took the train. Find our full guide to traveling in Sa Pa here. Read: all our 99 travel photos from Vietnam here.

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  • You can take a cruise ship and soak in everything there is. We recommend spending at least 1 night here. It is really something special and unique! You can book your cruise tour in Ha Long Bay here. They know the best tour providers and will let you know what tour operators to skip. It is directly located in the Ha Long Bay — exactly the same landscape! This island has a cave hospital, a small village, a national park to visit and really nice restaurants. For the backpacker, we recommend the Woodstock Beach Camp. Sure, we are big coffee lovers.

    In fact, we summed up our tips on how to find design coffee shops all around the world. There are many wonderful coffee shops around. But, you can get a regular coffee basically everywhere and it will be fantastic! You can try the typical Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, coffee with egg or coffee with coconut.

    There is so much to see apart from the big tourist spots. We spent 3 full months in this amazing country. If you bring at least 4 weeks with you and enough confidence , buy a motorbike and cruise from Hanoi to Saigon. You can also rent a bike and only do a part of the trip. This is also an option and life-time experience. You can do easily 25k strong trips, but on average we drove about km per day. We did not drive every day of course.

    We took our time and enjoyed a lot Da Nang for instance, Hoi An and more beach towns. But the days we took the bikes from A to B it was between 25k and km. The biggest distance we drove in one day was around km.

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    If you have any questions on how to buy a motorbike in Vietnam, itineraries or whatever, I am happy to help. Just leave a comment below, happy to give you handy websites and facebook groups to find your motorbike. Back in the days of the American War, this was one of the most dangerous roads in the world. There is a former American bunker on the top, and the views are just WOWing you.

    Have a look on the photo below. You can join as well organized tours with other travelers from Hoi An to Hue, just ask your accommodation. Oh my god, it was EPIC! We had quite some parties here with our friends from The Common Room Project. There are cheaper places for the nightlife, but it is well worth it! The whole hostel moved to the roof top disco, and we stayed until the club closed. Update : The Common Room Project now opened their own roof top to the public. The quality of hostels varies a lot. There are a bunch of dirty backpackers hostel to crazy party hostels to stunning 5 Star Hostels.

    If you are a female solo-traveler, opt-in for the 5 Star Hostels. You find all 5 Star Hostels in Vietnam here. And remember, hostels are the gateway to make lifelong friendships. Below, you can find a list of accommodations in Vietnam we recommend. Just ask the hostel for recommendations. You can ask the team at The Common Room Project. It is the 5 Star Hostel in town. They will help you to organized this trip. Although we are no fans of guns, to hear the gun fire in the background when walking around the area adds a special, uncomfortable atmosphere.

    Read : 24 best things to do in Ho Chi Minh City. Did you know you can visit the corps of Ho Chi Minh? He is in the Mausoleum and every thousands of people visit him. There are 4 to 6 soldiers in the room. It is forbidden to take a photo. We mentioned this earlier before in this list. I consider this a must-do, this place tells you a lot about the country. The past, the present and the future!

    Read : 41 things to do in Hanoi — for families and solo-traveler. These tunnels were used to hide from the bombings. The Cu Chi Tunnels near Saigon were used to hide and fight. You see, in the American war, the North was bombed, while they were fighting man against man in the South. Not many tourists come here since it is not easy to get here. It is in the area of Hue. You need a motorbike or hire a driver to get here.

    I would recommend the guide since he or she will share incredible stories e. There is as well stories of underground villages that were bombed, and destroyed. As such, you will get chance to take some of the Hanoi kids with you in an effort to get the most out of your visit. It involves signing up for the tour which is organized by an organization that seeks to pair the kids or students with the travelers.

    The students are learning English and thus offers a great opportunity for them to interact as they show travelers around. Read : our first 24 hours in Hanoi meeting local students. See a unique art form that originates over 1, years ago in the Red River Delta. In the past, water puppetry showed the daily life of villagers such as farming, fishing and romance. Now, watch plays about ancient Vietnamese legends, myths and history. The world-famous Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi has its roots in an art form that dates back to the 11th century.

    The tradition of water puppet theater stems from a time when rice paddy fields were flooded and villagers would create entertainment by standing in the waist-deep water with the puppets performing over the water. Using large rods to support the puppets it appeared as if they were moving across the water with the puppeteers hidden behind a screen.

    I am adding here a video abut the theatre for you. There are even day trips from Hanoi. I would rather suggest staying at least 1 night, since the area is really big. You can also take a boat tour with locals. We did not do this because the waters were so full of boats. We stayed on solid ground and watched it from the outside. I recommend staying at Tam Coc Bungalow. It is tucked away, super calm and easy-going. It is around 30km from Ninh Binh.

    There is day tours from Nih Binh you can book. The funnies part though: The guys from the Reserve told me there are not many butterflies at the moment, May is the season! Therefore, I created a Google Map with all the mentioned activities and some more. It gives you an idea of how to get around and how to plan it.

    As you can see, the main sights and activities are sprad around the South, the Central part and then North again. Okay, here you have the absolute best things to do in Vietnam. Remember, if you have any questions, just drop them here. In your quest to prepare for a visit to Vietnam, there are things which you should know as part of your plans, prior to visiting. To make this list complete, we thought we should cover all the basic tips. These travel tips Vietnam are really essential so I recommend reading through them.

    You can fly using FlyVietnam , which is less costly as compared to the usual ones. Here is our review of Kiwi. When it comes to food, you can opt for the street food, which is cooked and served while you watch it. Life is cheap in Vietnam, all you need to do is know where to get what, as not all transport means, flying and food will be affordable. As a foreigner, you will feel like home.

    In most parts of the countries you visit, if you are foreigner you may feel out of place. The people are friendly and when you ask for direction, they offer a helping hand while they go on with their business. Bear in mind: Some people see you as a walking wallet — those are the more touristy areas. This can bean you can be easily overcharged for a tour, some food and so on. Just keep it in mind. The non-touristy areas are different. The people will approach you, want to help and give recommendations.

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    You can take time and learn their culture. The most important thing is to know the prices of things in the marketplace and also the cost of transport. As such, ask the hotel and hostel staff from where you are staying about the transport cost from one location to the next. Also, make sure you only stay at safe hostels like the 5 Star Hostels in Vietnam. Even if you are a tourist you have to bargain up to a price that you feel they should charge either for food or transport.

    There is this notion that tourists are rich and this they should be charged high. Ensure that you have prior knowledge of the price of an item before you go out to buy it. You thus have to be prepared to walk away if you are not satisfied with how much the vendor is charging. This will save you a lot of money depending on how much you want to buy or how often you want to travel while in Vietnam.

    Very good to know : Bargain with a smile on the face. No need to get mad. Bargain is a game here, it is expected. Also, there is the tour buses which are cheaper and safer as compared to the local transport. Taxis tend to overcharge, especially if you are foreigner. Once they realize that you are not a local, you may end up paying double than what you would have paid if you opted for the tour bus. If you are planning to travel for a long distance, the best way to do it is to use the late night travel buses.