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Rome traffic gridlock amid transport strike. Molfetta, GdF scopre negozio abusivo di abiti griffati, da Moncler a Gucci. I Carabinieri ricevono la cittadinanza onoraria di Matera. Il Biancorosso. Tourists fined for cycling bare-chested around Venice. British tourist, 44, 'raped in Milan'. Milan-Cortina get Winter Olympics beating Stockholm.

Hailstorm hits town near Turin. Barletta, tentano di rubare la pensione ad anziana: arrestati. Santeramo, il vicepremier Di Maio inaugura la biblioteca comunale. ArcelorMittal, i sindacati chiedono incontro urgente con Di Maio. Tragedia a Torre Chianca: 66enne annega e muore sotto gli occhi dei bagnanti. Foggia: in 3 tentano di rubare auto, passante chiama cc.

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Melfi, rubano pannelli fotovoltaici: denunciati 3 cittadini del Burkina Faso. Polignano, multa a Grotta Palazzese le scuse dello chef: errore sull'etichetta.

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Polignano, pesce scaduto e congelato: sequestri in due ristoranti. Roma, morto il giovane foggiano rimasto infilzato in un cancello alla Sapienza. La famiglia chiede esequie private. Andria, agguato tra la gente: ucciso fratello del boss, un ferito. Mola, da giovane scultrice a suora: ecco la nuova vita di Angela. Arriva dalla Puglia la prima bottiglia di vino intellig Dalle scosse nel governo alle crepe nei due partiti.

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Dieci anni senza Michael Jackson: nessun omaggio. Da Roma a Bari, tutte le feste vip dell'estate. Sgombro, nocciole, bietola e mousse all'aloe vera. TV standard. Nel Barese. Il Biancorosso standard. Bat Il caso. Bari La cerimonia. Matera L'evento. Home La richiesta. Brindisi L'inseguimento. Lecce In salento. Foggia Ieri sera. Potenza Nel potentino.

Brazilian police issue 20 different identikits of Battisti

Mangano relatives nabbed on day of Mafia busts By Denis Greenan. ANSA - Rome, September 24 - The daughter and son-in-law of a late Mafia don famous for a mids spell as alleged stable manager at ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's villa outside Milan were arrested in a sweep Tuesday that threw fresh light on Cosa Nostra's business clout in the affluent Lombardy region. In a sep By Denis Greenan. Former Berlusconi employee Vittorio Mangano died of cancer in jail in while serving time for drug trafficking and facing a double-homicide rap.

Late anti-Mafia hero Paolo Borsellino said he was a key figure in Mafia money laundering in northern Italy. Both Berlusconi and the close aide who allegedly recruited him to protect the media magnate's family, ex-Senator and convicted Mafia associate Marcello Dell'Utri, have said he was a "hero" for not giving in to police pressure to say Berlusconi was linked to the Mafia. Mangano's daughter Cinzia and his son-in-law Enrico Di Grusa were arrested along with six others in a probe police said bolstered previous evidence of Mafia penetration in Lombardy.

The probe revealed an "entrepreneurial mafia" building commercial profits as well as illegal gains for "an association that utilizes the strength of its criminal history and reputation Cinzia Mangano was heard on a wiretap saying "we don't have to prove anything," the magistrate said. Giuseppe Porto, believed to have been a right-hand man of Mangano's, was also arrested on Tuesday. Investigators believe Cinzia Mangano and Enrico Di Grusa handled huge sums of money to support criminal fugitives and invest in new businesses.

Police said they uncovered a complex network of cooperatives working in logistics and service sectors that turned under-the-table profits through false invoicing and labour exploitation.


Investigators say the profits were then ploughed into maintaining Cosa Nostra fugitives and to make new business investments. Charges against those arrested include conspiracy to commit Mafia crimes, extortion, false invoicing and employing illegal workers. Berlusconi, a real-estate developer who founded a media empire and became Italian premier three times, employed Vittorio Mangano from at his villa in the town of Arcore near Milan.

Mangano is widely referred to as 'the Arcore Stablekeeper'. A set of structured questionnaires was administered to 55 family caregivers of individuals with SCI. Mothers were divided into a voluntary drinking group, an unavoidable consumption group, and controls. The data deluge generally referred as "Big Data" biomedical scientists are facing in these years asks for a serious epistemological thinking in order to avoid both "data bases idolatry" and "preconceived refusal".

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  • Starting from the evident reproducibility crisis of biomedical sciences here we sketch some hopefully useful indications for a sensible use of data mining approaches. A document published by the Council of Europe provides practical indications for interpreting Article 21 of the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, which asserts that "The human body and its parts shall not, as such, give rise to financial gain".

    The aim of the present paper is to describe the development of a Brief Psychoanalytic Group therapy for contaminated sites and its application in the National Priority Contaminated Site of Casale Monferrato. Before presenting the core of the clinical intervention, a brief examination of some clinical features encountered working with malignant mesothelioma patients and their caregivers is offered.

    DT Italy No. 6, 12222

    These aspects have been pivotal elements in the construction of a psychoanalytically oriented time-limited i. The purpose of this paper is to present two studies. Study 1 is a literature review on psychological needs of malignant mesothelioma MM patients. Study 2 is aimed at assessing how patients and caregiver experience the diagnosis. The purpose of the present paper is to review the origin and development of the epidemiology of mesothelioma in Italy, starting with the detection and investigation of the major outbreak of the disease observed in Casale Monferrato, Piedmont Region.

    Over the last four decades, mortality among the cohort of ex-Eternit workers has been measured at three points in time. More recently, population based case-control studies in the area of Casale Monferrato have provided new light on the dose-response curve of the relationship between asbestos exposure and mesotheliomas. Background : In recent years, Italy has seen a constant upward trend in the practice of tattooing. The Italian National Health Institute has conducted a national survey to determine the prevalence of tattooed people in Italy and to study related features of the phenomenon.

    Aim : Establish the prevalence and characteristics of the tattooed population and evaluate awareness of the risks associated with tattoos, which can contribute to consumer health protection. Toggle navigation. Sign In Join Now. Publications Publications Authors. Translate page:. Allergy and Immunology Cardiology Clinical Procedures Critical Care Dermatology Emergency Medicine Endocrinology Gastroenterology Genomic Medicine Hematology Infectious Diseases Nephrology Neurology Obstetrics and Gynecology Oncology Pathology Perioperative Care Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Psychiatry Pulmonology Radiology Rheumatology Sports Medicine Page 1 of 71 Next.

    Narrating and remembering as practices of care, community, and commitment in asbestos contaminated contexts. Authors: Agata Mazzeo. Read More View Article. April Similar Publications. A tale of magnesia, asbestos and work. An outbreak of cancer and asbestosis among former amosite-exposed subjects in Ledro Valley, Italy. From discovery to environmental cleanup. Authors: Giuseppe Parolari. Communication and health education in communities experiencing asbestos risk and health impacts in Italy.

    Towards integration of epidemiological and social sciences approaches in the study of communities affected by asbestos exposure. Authors: Pietro Comba Daniela Marsili. View Article. Identikit of the Umbrian traveller: analysis of clinical activity in a travel medicine unit, Italy. Association between epicardial fat thickness and cognitive function in elderly. A preliminary study. Tuberculosis outbreak in a grammar school, Serbia, Revisiting problems and solutions to decrease Mycobacterium tuberculosis pyrazinamide false resistance when using the Bactec MGIT system.

    Cena con Erbe Spontanee D'Estate -

    Health issues and informal caregiving in Europe and Italy. Impact of the lack of integrated care for older people with urinary incontinence and their family caregivers: results from a qualitative pilot study in two large areas of the Marche Region. Hospital discharge diagnoses in patients with positive blood cultures in an Italian academic hospital.

    Organ donor families should be free to meet their recipients under controlled conditions if both sides wish, Italian National Committee for Bioethics says. Authors: Carlo Petrini Reg Green. West Nile virus infection in Europe: need for an integration of occupational health practice and public health activities.

    Authors: Francesco Chirico Nicola Magnavita. From the impatient doctor to the patient-doctor. Authors: Oreste Tolone. Opioids prescriptions in pain therapy and risk of addiction: a one-year survey in Italy. Analysis of national opioids database. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and soccer: an internet survey of 29 Italian players.

    Fresh produce and microbial contamination: persistence during the shelf life and efficacy of domestic washing methods. Highly-integrated programs for the prevention of obesity and overweight in children and adolescents: results from a systematic review and meta-analysis. Methodological approach towards a Gap Assessment of the Serbian microbiology system in the function of surveillance in line with EU standards and acquis. Information needs on precision medicine: a survey of Italian health care professionals. Comparative effects between electronic cigarette and tobacco cigarette smoke on oxidative markers in cultured immune cells isolated from rats.

    Ultrasound B-lines for detection of late lung fibrosis in breast cancer patients after radiation therapy. Perrino", Brindisi, Italy. Ulcer-risk classification and plantar pressure distribution in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy: exploring the factors that can lead to foot ulceration. Psycho-educational group therapy in acute psychiatric units: creating a psychosocial culture. An update of spread and effectiveness of a psychosocial intervention in Italian psychiatric wards.

    Are the Italian ethics committees ready for Europe? Authors: Carlo Petrini. The evolution of the illegal market of falsified medicines and the experience of the Italian OMCL: from control to research. Population screening, monitoring and surveillance for frailty: three systematic reviews and a grey literature review.

    February Incidence of frailty: a systematic review of scientific literature from a public health perspective. Epidemiology, surveillance and population screening of frailty. Assessment of health literacy skills in family doctors' patients by two brief, self-administered Italian measures.

    Medicine use and recurrent complaints among years-old adolescents in Tuscany. Relationship between anatomical sites and severity of the lesions and use of alcohol and psychotropic substances in traumatized drivers admitted to the Emergency Department of Padua, Italy. Pain prevalence, severity, assessment and management in hospitalized adult patients: a result of a multicenter cross sectional study. The effect of the burden of caregiving for people with spinal cord injury SCI : a cross-sectional study. Proof of nicotine transfer to rat pups through maternal breast feeding to evaluate the neurobehavioral consequences of nicotine exposure.

    Big Data. A briefing.