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It can also help to realize that we are not our mind. If thoughts come that are distracting and clearly not helpful, try to not react to them and simply let go of them. They come and go …. Personal Development.

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The third way is more profound and long-term. I think growing personally by working on ourselves and especially our minds we will naturally grow and increase our self-awareness.

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I think this brings us to the state of being, the mental state in which Wu Wei happens. It will increase our self-awareness as a side-effect of personal growth. Growing Awareness Consciously. The fourth way is to consciously grow awareness.

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You can do this by reading mind-opening and spiritual books. Meditation is a common practice which helps to clear your mind. I remember working as a cashier at a big electronics store. It was an awesome job.

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Everyday ringing up all kinds of things and meeting all kinds of people. Everyday, there was a push to do better, but for the sake of joy of the job. At a certain point, I was able to ring up customers at a very fast rate. It seemed like the flow described to be of Wu Wei. In a busy black friday sale, I pushed to ring up 7 customers before any other cashier would be finished.

I know its not about competition, but there was a special kind of energy felt when doing something without thinking. It was kind of an art. The hands would move picking up the scanner and recieving the exchange. Handling the dollars and coins with precision was spectacular. A bit later, I jumped to the sales floor for better pay, but I could never forget the sheer joy of being a cashier. It seems that Wu Wei can be achieved in all kinds of things and even a lowly cashier to a executive positions.

Laozi (Lao-tzu, fl. 6th cn. B.C.E.)

Wu Wei is really magic ,I became a mother when I was 19 and not having any experience I followed track of life naturally there was challenge,I forgot everything and focused on raising my child and for protecting my child I had to grew up and became mature very fast it was hard and it was a heavy burden but at the same time it was enjoyable and I didnot want to change my situation with anything I got the best thing of the world may be because love was my gudiance.

Your email address will not be published. Wu Wei — Success without Effort? What does Wu Wei really mean? We loved the mountains. But Google, a fascinating workplace, got weird. Working there made me want to write again, a prior profession. So once again, I tried not trying. Obviously, I made an effort to get what I wanted, writing voraciously. For example, last January, I spotted a job posting at Quartz that excited me. Six months later, I spotted the posting again, and applied: Silence, then a flurry of activity. But framing outcomes neutrally—also a Taoist notion —helps us to manage reality.

It means a lot more, and the examples above are just to get you started. If princes and dukes can keep the Tao, the world will of its own accord be reformed. When reformed and rising to action, Let it be restrained by the Nameless pristine simplicity. The Nameless pristine simplicity Is stripped of desire for contention. By stripping of desire quiescence is achieved, And the world arrives at peace of its own accord.

What does Wu Wei really mean?

Chapter 37 Translated by Lin Yutang. Soon Teo is fascinated about the power of Tao and wants to share. In addition to writing about Tao and how it can be used to improve one's quality of life, he is also a practitioner of tai chi, qigong and meditation.

Lao Tzu's Wu Wei

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