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A retelling of the birth of Liberia through interconnected stories, the novel combines history, magic, and myth in one engrossing story.

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She Would Be King is the kind of novel that lingers with you for days. A must-read! I have never encountered a protagonist quite like Jess; she embodies the incredible strength and resolve required to survive in the West, but also the vulnerability necessary to retain humanity in the face of so much violence and brutality. Their entire purview has been relegated to the home and family, where even girls may not speak more than their allotted words.

Women cannot work, female representation in government has dropped precipitously, and the Bible Belt has become a bible corset as men have sought to reclaim their masculinity through dominance of women in all areas. While we are consumed with the unthinkable changes in the current political environment, this book reminds us to keep our eyes open and our voices heard. There are the basic wartime themes of love, horror, and loss—of limbs and lives, of innocence and empire. A whole world just vanishes in bombs, guns, and smoke, and the reader is left clutching at hints, but the richness of the story makes it uplifting rather than melancholy.

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Everything is below the surface; you sink down, discover something new at every turn, and come away refreshed. How does that happen with a war story? Meanwhile, the wife he left behind struggles to build a solo life among the one percent. Together, their stories are a biting portrait of a country unimproved by the best of intentions. Equal parts Sense and Sensibility , A Confederacy of Dunces , and Bonfire of the Vanities , Lake Success is a wickedly funny satire and a rollicking good story for tough times.

Paul, MN. In this story of four former classmates and one summer night in , Markley gives us insightful and gorgeous prose revealing the humanity that continues to carry on in the broken center of America. Every page turned leaves the reader wondering what in the world they will do next.

What a breath of fresh air is French Exit! Keep them coming, Patrick deWitt! But when Shen Fever—a plague that causes its victims to perform a rote task until death—hits, only a few survive, including Candace. She soon finds herself in a cult-like band of other survivors heading to the Midwest while also trying to come to terms with her past and the unknowns of her future.


With dark humor, sharp intelligence, and compassion, Ling Ma has written a well-constructed, biting satire of capitalism and a moving glimpse into the roles of memory, place, and identity in a life. Until now.

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That worries me. Despite this furore, the corset has been creeping back into fashion for some time. In , Prada revived the garment in a more utilitarian style, worn loosely laced over thick tailoring and sweaters. And on social media, this traditional silhouette has an even tighter grip.

Rebecca Hart Olander – Poetry

Many are niche corset-enthusiasts — a culture that could come under the categories of retro style, body modification, fetishism or cosplay — but the trend for an exaggerated hourglass figure has also turned waist training mainstream. Katie Thomas, a corset designer who set up her company in , says corset culture and waist trainers are completely different markets. She remembers the garments that were supposed to aid weight loss in the 80s and 90s.

I wear a corset every day because I like the shape it gives me.

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  8. We have a lot of transgender clients who want a more feminine figure. The dress, designed to look like wet skin, contained a corset made by the corsetier Mr Pearl, who has long made corsets for Mugler, as well as other designers including Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood he also wears a corset and has a reported inch waist himself.

    The fad for waist trainers, however, has been growing more for the past few years. These bands are essentially wide, elasticated belts that cinch you in and claim to lead to a permanently slimmer middle. She started wearing a tight-fitting band around her midriff for an hour a day, working up to eight hours. I sometimes wear it under a dress as a corset for that specific time.

    But for long-term, this does not work. However, she soon falls for Dev of whom G. When they announce the engagement, G. Warren both give their blessings. The same train that brought Becky home from college also brought back Chief Puma of the Comanche tribe, an honored enemy and blood brother of G. The territorial governor is out to force the local Comanche tribe off their lands and onto a reservation near Fort Sill.

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    At the request of Chief Puma, McLintock acts as the spokesman for the Comanche, translating Puma's speech into English at the kangaroo court hearing organized by Governor Humphrey. The governor announces that the Indians will be moved to Oklahoma, and Chief Puma and his subchiefs are imprisoned again. Disgusted by the mistreatment of Puma and his people, G. The Comanche head out on what Puma had called "the last fight of the Comanche," hotly pursued by the local troop of U.

    This has the effect of bringing what Humphrey and Agard, the local Indian agent, have been doing to the attention of Washington.

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    It is implied that both will shortly be removed from office. At the Fourth of July celebration during which the Comanche breakout takes place, Katherine gets "tarred and feathered" with molasses and goose feathers in the general store. When she leaves to change clothing in the hotel, McLintock has finally had enough of Katherine's bad behavior.

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    Everyone tells him to assault her, which he doesn't believe in. But following one too many insults, G. After an epic chase, during which Katherine loses her slip and is down to bloomers and corset, G. As a compromise for his friend's requests, he finally catches her and decides that he will spank her bottom with a coal scuttle shovel as punishment, and tells her that now she can have her divorce.

    However, Katherine finally decides she does not want a divorce after all, and she and G. The script was developed by John Wayne, as a way for him to express his disapproval for how westerns represent Native Americans, and his opinions on marital abuse. He offered the job of directing to Andrew McLaglen, who had directed a number of low budget features and had worked widely in television.

    It was the first movie fully produced by Wayne's son, Michael, although Michael Wayne had worked on a number of other films in various capacities.

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    The male juvenile lead was John Wayne's younger son, Patrick. Wayne insisted a supporting role be given to Yvonne de Carlo, whose husband had been injured making How the West Was Won. It can be best seen in the scene where G. My bottom was black and blue for weeks! The film was a box-office success, and a timely one, since The Alamo had cost Wayne in both financial and "box-office capital" terms. Andrew McLaglen said the film "put me in the big time. Marshal According to Bosley Crowther , "the broadly comic Western Most of Wayne's screen work after McLintock!

    Richard Wormser wrote a novelization of the screenplay.