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Folate supplements do not appear to significantly reduce the effectiveness of MTX in the treatment of RA. Furthermore, supplemental folic acid offsets the elevation in plasma homocysteine associated with the use of MTX. This may in turn reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is over-represented amongst patients with RA, and for which hyperhomocysteinaemia is now recognized as an independent risk factor.

Andrew Kwan, Patricia Katz and Zahi Touma*

Review Articles : Reviews prepared by authors who have extensive knowledge on a particular field and whose scientific background has been translated into a high volume of publications with a high citation potential are welcomed. These authors may even be invited by the journal. Reviews should describe, discuss, and evaluate the current level of knowledge of a topic in clinical practice and should guide future studies.

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The main text should contain Introduction, Clinical and Research Consequences, and Conclusion sections. Please check Table 1 for the limitations for Review Articles. Please check Table 1 for the limitations for Case-based Reveiws. Letters to the Editor : This type of manuscript discusses important parts, overlooked aspects, or lacking parts of a previously published article.

The text should be unstructured. The manuscript that is being commented on must be properly cited within this manuscript.


Folate supplementation and methotrexate treatment in rheumatoid arthritis: a review.

This type of submissions should present a striking image that may challange and inform readers and contribute to their education. Please check Table 1 for the limitations for Images in Rheumatology. Tables should be included in the main document, presented after the reference list, and they should be numbered consecutively in the order they are referred to within the main text. A descriptive title must be placed above the tables. Abbreviations used in the tables should be defined below the tables by footnotes even if they are defined within the main text.

Data presented in the tables should not be a repetition of the data presented within the main text but should be supporting the main text.

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The files should not be embedded in a Word document or the main document. When there are figure subunits, the subunits should not be merged to form a single image. Each subunit should be submitted separately through the submission system. Images should not be labeled a, b, c, etc. Thick and thin arrows, arrowheads, stars, asterisks, and similar marks can be used on the images to support figure legends.

Like the rest of the submission, the figures too should be blind. Any information within the images that may indicate an individual or institution should be blinded. The minimum resolution of each submitted figure should be DPI. Figure legends should be listed at the end of the main document. All acronyms and abbreviations used in the manuscript should be defined at first use, both in the abstract and in the main text. The abbreviation should be provided in parentheses following the definition.

All references, tables, and figures should be referred to within the main text, and they should be numbered consecutively in the order they are referred to within the main text. Limitations, drawbacks, and the shortcomings of original articles should be mentioned in the Discussion section before the conclusion paragraph.

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While citing publications, preference should be given to the latest, most up-to-date publications. If an ahead-of-print publication is cited, the DOI number should be provided. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of references.

When there are six or fewer authors, all authors should be listed. The reference styles for different types of publications are presented in the following examples. Impact of imaging diagnostics on the budget — Are we spending too much? Vojnosanit Pregl ; Malaria and babesiosis. Infectious Diseases.

Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams; Martindale the Complete Drug Reference. London: Pharmaceutical Press; MJR publishes evidence-based original clinical and translational papers in all fields of the rheumatic diseases.

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In recent days, the Journal's international audience is concentrated in the Mediterranean and the neighboring countries: because of that, the Society has broadened the scope and mission of the journal. Thus, the Journal has adopted an international editorial board and changed the title of the Journal accordingly. Papers are now published in English and manuscripts are scrutinised by independent expert reviewers. The MJR publishes original articles, reviews, guidelines, editorials, case reports, case-based reviews, images in rheumatology, interviews of experts in the field, and meeting reports.