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The Hay family, descendants of the Blairs, developed a successful, still-thriving bank and continue to be leading citizens of the city. The coal miners of the past shared some similarities with the strutting gas field worker of the Times article: They also would probably have enjoyed a drink at a bar, or even, had there been the opportunity, watching strippers; the town was famously anti- Prohibition and did have a red-light district.

But the town had numerous saloons because of its ethnic diversity at a time when the U. Each nationality had its own saloon or meeting place, such as the Slovenian Slovenski Dom, still in existence. This annual celebration continues today. The Wyoming economy has often experienced booms and busts because of its ties with the resource extraction industries, and Rock Springs is no exception.

In , when the U. In that period, prior to the mechanization of mining and the widespread use of the automobile, coal demand was high and miners were flush with cash. The miners of the past were also different in important ways from the modern-day gas worker, however. During the depression of the s and during the Great Depression in the s, coal miners would be lucky to be working three days a week, and they earned far less money than in more prosperous times.

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In , the Rock Springs Rocket estimated that a quarter of the population used the soup kitchen. Author Dudley Gardner reported that in order to survive, sometimes several families lived together in one house, and people depended on gardens, livestock and hunting and fishing for sustenance.

Free housing offered by the U. As a result, these miners transcended their diverse national identities and unionized early. Because of this tradition, Rock Springs remains one of the more Democratic-leaning cities in Wyoming. Running counter to these claims of closeness and the embrace of diversity, however, is the notorious Chinese Massacre.

X-Ray Microscopy III: Proceedings of the Third International Conference, London, September 3–7, 1990">X-Ray Microscopy III: Proceedings of the Third International Conference, London, September 3–7, 1990

U.S. Department of the Interior

On Sept. Twenty-eight Chinese were killed, fifteen were wounded and several hundred more were run out of town. Three years later, when Rock Springs incorporated, a new group of miners was working there. Rock Springs continues to evolve, although coal mines like Black Butte and Jim Bridger , still in operation, serve as reminders of the impressive production of the past. A bust occurred in the mids when the U. Luckily for the local economy, trona mines began to open at the same time in the Green River area to the west, where one of the largest known natural deposits in the world was discovered as prospectors searched for oil.

Like coal, trona, or sodium carbonate, was created when the inland sea existed millions of years ago, and is a valuable mineral used to make glass, detergent, and many other products. Coal and trona mining are similar, and the trona companies hired many former coal miners. Some of those same miners and their descendants have stayed through several other booms.

In the s, thousands of workers came to build the billion-dollar Jim Bridger Power Plant, mine coal in the strip mines that powered the facility and explore for oil and gas. The city expanded far beyond its old downtown center, adding subdivisions in all directions. As one example of the stresses such an influx causes, mental health services reported an increase of nine times the usual requests for assistance. Vice, too, came with all the new workers and their money. Not surprisingly, the 60 Minutes episode focused on the salacious aspects of that time.

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Yet while the booms added uncertainty, volatility and wealth to life and the economy of Rock Springs, its community college has stabilized the town and served as an engine of long-term economic and intellectual growth. It began with 40 students and five instructors meeting classes in the evenings at Rock Springs High School. In , the college moved to the Reliance High School building in the little coal town of Reliance, five miles north.

Western moved back to Rock Springs in , when the first buildings were finished at the present site on College Hill. Three residence halls were completed in The result was a one-building, all-weather campus, which has won numerous architectural awards. In spring , the college counted around 4, students, about of whom were enrolled full time. The most recent minerals boom, meanwhile, has some similarities to the boom of the s, especially the strains placed on city government because of increased population.

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The current expansion began around the year after the discovery of newly exploitable natural gas deposits in the Jonah Field and Pinedale Anticline fields 80 miles north in Sublette County , with approximately 33 trillion cubic feet of reserves. Because the quantity of natural gas awaiting recovery is said to be huge, this boom may be sustainable for decades.

Hispanics are the most recent group of immigrants seeking economic opportunity in Rock Springs, whether to make new homes and lives or send money back to their families in other nations, much like their Chinese and European forerunners. Not only can you appreciate Lake Michigan and the rest of the Windy City from one of the world's most premiere observation decks , but you can even enjoy a stuffed-crust pizza while you're up there! Indiana Dunes State Park Indiana is known for a great many things. Auto racing? Regular season NFL football?

From September until the second round of the playoffs, Indiana is the place. But beaches?! Maquoketa Caves State Park People who think Iowa is nothing more than the birthplace of high-fructose corn syrup have probably only seen it from the window of an airplane.

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This swath of rolling hills stretching between Wichita and Manhattan are dotted with more than different types of wildflowers, creating an impressive daytime tableau of color against the big blue sky. The hills kick things up a notch when the prairie burns in spring -- lit to rejuvenate the grassland -- and kicks up gorgeous colors at sunrise and sunset. In fact, the cypress-tupelo swamps are actually the largest contiguous stretch of coastal cypress in the nation , providing welcome shade should you opt to see this area by airboat.

It not only offers visitors one of the best sunrises over Frenchman Bay, but also one of the earliest; the park is among the first spots in America to get daylight. But St. Michaels takes the title for a few reasons. First, it has the abundance of sailboats dotting the bay that make for a quintessential Maryland seascape.

Second, the Downtown is full of quaint colorful shops that lead to the waterfront lighthouse at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. It's a combination of vibrant fall colors and quaint New England charm that causes peepers from all over the country to descend on the region every autumn. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore If it weren't for the unmistakeable scent of Michigan pine forest, you could be forgiven for looking out over Lake Superior from Pictured Rocks and mistaking its alluring blue-green waters for the Caribbean. Though Miner's Castle is the most iconic vista, this National Lakeshore on the northern edge of Michigan's Upper Peninsula stretches for 42 miles of untouched coastline, made up of remote beaches, hundreds of miles of backcountry trails, and dramatic foot cliffs that were chiseled over time into caves, archways, and the occasional castle-like turret.

In a state with more than 3, miles of coast second only to Alaska , this is its best part of it all. However, if your definition includes monumental glaciers, crystal-clear rivers, deer prancing in meadows, and big blue skies, then this is indeed your version of perfection. The best views can be had from Incline Village in the North, or from the top of the slopes at Heavenly. Sandia Mountains Sandia means "watermelon" in Spanish and after you witness the gorgeous sunset here -- during which the mountain range glows a vibrant pink -- then you'll understand how the name came to be.

You can also see some state landmarks more than miles away. Niagara Falls Yes, this pick was only slightly less predictable than every NBA season from It may well be the most famous waterfall in the world, and has been the site of more wedding proposals than probably any spot on the planet not named "Las Vegas at 4am.

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But perhaps the single most scenic place in North Carolina is the gardens off the Blue Ridge Parkway, recognized by the state as a National Heritage Area. Cincinnati Museum Center City views are nice. Equifax announced a cyber security incident impacting million consumers. Equifax has created a website, www.

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