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Vishal Ahlawat, a neurosurgeon, accepts Paula as his first case through medical tourism and then the scary and dangerous story unfolds Lokendra Singh more authors When his name is associated with a bomb blast in Guwahati, he is branded a traitor. The Minister orders to kill him at sight. Anwar, a Naval Commander, jumps in to save him. Bodies pile up, alliances change; everyone they meet is an enemy or another spy. He has to keep his wits, trust no one and be one step ahead in the game to live, to save his country and Would Anwar succeed in his mission?

Would 21 be saved? Overdrive to the Stars is a sci-fi romp through the planets and moons of the Solar System ending up in the ship of the Aliens parked somewhere along the orbit of Pluto. The hero is a man called John, who murders his parents, callously kills all his girlfriends and finally betrays the world to the Aliens.

That world is gripped in a War of the Worlds that does not get resolved. He is a conscienceless killer and completely self-centered. The world of the Moon is explored, that of Mars is examined, the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn are looked at. The book may be seen as an experiment in necromantic psychopathy. He was a nomad of the Oirat tribe that have been roaming the vast Russian Mongol steppes for centuries.

He listens to his heart's tug and travels through the famed silk route. Several thousand miles journey and several seasons later he reaches Nalanda. He battled for ten years - the battles that the flesh wages with the spirit, that subjugation wages with domination, that belief wages with faith. Bodily wounded, mentally scarred and his soul trampled, the brave heart finally arrives The Rajput Warrior is a tale of war, conspiracy and hate, and a pristine tale of love of a warrior princess and a brave prince.

Set in the 9th century India, it is the story of two leading dynasties of Rajputana that are creating a foothold in their kingdom as well as making their presence felt in other regions. A team led by Matt Lachlan, an archaeologist and the principal investigator, James Dean, a paleontologist, Josephine a geo-archaeologist, Peter an anthropologist assisted by Ramdas and Dasgupta, archaeologists from ASI and five student trainees tries to explore the glorious past and the historical myths about two warring royal dynasties.

This is a work of fiction, based on the famous epic, Ramayana, but retold from a different angle, with an eye to a plausible and scientific approach towards all these supernatural happenings. The war between the Rakshasa forces under Ravana, the last sanctuary of non Aryan hopes and the Banaras under Rama, the epitome of the Kshatriya chivalry, is depicted as the last war for supremacy between the Aryan and the non Aryan forces.

This fast-paced, action-packed novel is sure to captivate the reader's attention from beginning to the end. A young Arabian Prince gets killed by his jealous cousins for power and wealth. What would happen if this soul is reincarnated in a middle-class Indian family. This unusual child could recite Persian verses and has the magical powers to save the people around him. But the parents barely knew that he is still living in his previous birth.

How far one should go to help his sibling Can we draw a line in blood relationships? What happens Is there any date sheet for emotions? This novel tries answering these questions through a beautiful story. Besides it also touches the emotions that cross our heart when we embark on the journey of betrayal. It is also an attempt to locate that man in the mirror that we generally choose to ignore. A detective thriller laced with gothic suspense makes for an interesting reading when the children of a hostel are able to unearth a vicious plot of murder.

A fast moving plot with suspense and mystery, The Curse of the Winwoods is an immaculately written detective fiction for the young adults. Devastated by floods, Bipin and his little boy Tublu move to a faraway land, where they meet the Sharmas. This marks the beginning of a long and enduring relationship between Bipin and the Sharmas, and the growing friendship of their children Tublu and Maina.

The book captures the journey of this friendship through childhood to adolescence and into adulthood. From some interesting school and college humour, the story progresses on and develops into a mature narrative. The story has its share of drama, that entertains; humour that makes one reminisce; love, friendship and emotions that define the amazing journey that is, life. Ajay meets his childhood friend Shruti on a social networking site.

He finds her struggling with intrapersonal, interpersonal, inter-social and inter-religious conflicts. Eventually the conflicts killed her. Police could solve the case but will it prevent hundreds of Shrutis from getting killed? We need to cure the disease not only the symptoms.

This book is an effort of the author to find the root cause and probable remedies of these conflicts, exploration of hundreds of pertinent questions like "why in one religion it becomes so easy to get volunteers to blow themselves up and others for the sake of religion? Does the religion divide or unite? Have the immature and wrong interpretations of female emancipation led to 13 times rise in divorce rates in last 5 years?

If you are open minded, have courage to accept truth and have a desire to change the world; then be a part of the change. She is shameless because on her deathbed she cheated her husband and took the most unique, beautiful but shameful revenge from her ex lover! She is shameless because raped by her cousins, married forcefully to an old impotent man, she shows courage to become the most sought after woman journalist and traps a sex addict shooting business man, Karan Arora ruining him to nuts!

She is shameless, because though from Brussels, she falls in love with an Indian man and becomes pregnant before marriage. They are shameless because they all are in love with one and the same man - the handsome but a little eccentric, Editor-in-Chief of Future Tech Media, Mumbai, Priyatam Gopal Seth, popularly known as Tam.

Their passion for their ''Love'' knows no limits - no bounds! They are strong willed women who boldly and shamelessly fought for the truth to save their ''Love'' and finally made a family! Her dream for Mr. Right leads her through a series of encounters ranging from a hilarious speed date at a train station to a frightening drive through the alleys of South Mumbai with a mysterious criminal.

Meet Riya and her blind dates in Shadi on Toes. A cursed village, isolated from the rest of the world, where everyone wore masks and feared to face their own shadows. There were stories of possessed villagers eating human flesh and having sex with the dead. Generations lived and died in Panjavadi as slaves to the darkness within. Once, a cobbler dared to take on the devil, sacrificing his very soul to the ancient depths of the old well.

The cobbler guided the cloud of sinned souls to the vastness of the great tree. The tree life offered them salvation. But, that wasn't the end. Devil took rebirth in the village with great vengeance. Will Panjavadi survive this time? What is to be done about the global economic crisis? What about the political instability in so many countries today?

These and other critical problems are just not going to go away, so we need to find solutions. But how? And where? Some might say we need a Savior. He manages to eradicate terrorism and then actually brings peace to the Middle East. But there is opposition from the last remaining hold-outs. And the tenuous treaty between the Arab people and the Jews may not last as long as anticipated. The future is not yet written, but this novel gives us window into what the world will be like in the years ahead of us. The deathly, serpentine grip of society squeezes the will to live from a man whose solitary ways make him an easy target.

Deprived of pride, love and all things decent in human life, the timid, cowering man is left with despair, hate and a sense of injustice done to him by the world he inhabits. Beware of the tortured beast for its vengeance will be brutal.


The last days of the suicide are ones of blood-thirsty cravings, lustful escapades and glorious retribution. Ayesha is the usual Delhi girl: vain, driven, romance-fanatic, reserved. By a twist of fate, she ends up in the wrong seat, inside a plane that malfunctions, which lands in the middle of no-where, where she ends up meeting a stranger who changes her life. The book follows their epic journey into dirty alleys and the open seas, into dingy motels and five-star hotels, into religion and age-old philosophies, into love and pain.

Each story is of abiding human interest, told with a rare honesty and sincerity and underlined by a deep sense of empathy and understanding of human follies and compulsions. Written in an understated way and with a fine flourish of words, the stories are intense, perceptive, poignant and deeply moving. When he met her first, she was in the process of sharpening an arrow.

Closing one eye, keeping the other one open, she was focusing on some invisible target. Born in the lush mountains of Dalhousie, Shakuntala is a pampered child of a wealthy builder. On her wedding night in , she is gifted a secret to use wisely when the time comes.

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From the green valleys of Dalhousie to a village in Punjab reeling under the communal violence of ; from the Delhi of s with its intoxicating smell of freedom to the Delhi of s soaked in the hippie culture, the cancerous secret breathes with her, infects her. It is accidentally passed down, hidden under insecurities and jealousies, locked in its meaninglessness and leaving a trail of ruin. When her great-grandson accidentally discovers the secret, he is perplexed by the malice that flowed in his family's blood. Was it just the secret or his family would have destroyed itself even in its absence?

Why was their love never greater than their unsaid expectations from each other? Smita asks the question a thousand times, when an unexpected incident devastates her life. Smita soars from the ashes of her past, to reclaim her life. The more she went ahead, darker the world become. And there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Smita had to fight the battle, alone For her.

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For her love. For her life. Having been shunned insolently by his teenager obsesssion - Rida, Rad is left with no other option than to renounce thoughts about her. But his intense love and her sights make it impossible until his pangs of separation force him to become a priest. After he embraces the saintly garbs, Rida realizes her love for Rad and turns to him, only to make him trapped in a predicament - to choose between the girl and God. This book is about Cleopatra Sugarman, who grows up poor in rural Connecticut;her mother Japanese and her father a former boxer. Cleo works the fields. Attending private college, she gets exposed to the Grateful Dead tour, Indian music, exclusive fraternities, political movements, famous jazz musicians and drugs.

In San Francisco, she falls in love with a hippie. Cleo sees the Hells Angels and spends time in the Haight Ashbury, witnessing the last of the hippie culture in San Francisco. It is a story about six vulnerable teenagers. Along with battling their personal demons, these friends are thrust into myriad experiences, often terrifying, as when they are stalked by kidnappers and terrorists.

How will they face life and its dangers? Will they find true love? Something mysterious is going on at Oakwood Boys' School. The young art teacher has disappeared Is there a pedophile on the loose, and is he also a murderer? What does Abhi, the young student, know? And can Miss Srivastav, the music-mad primary school teacher, find out the dark secret that looms over so many young lives? Forcibly married to the Nawab of Jharkhand, self-exploration of life leads her into the arms of the handsome Rehan Khan who falls in love with this thin, dusky woman after being jilted by his beautiful British beloved, Anna Thomas.

Deserted and cheated by her eunuch Guru, Naseeba Miyaan, destiny brings her to share a dangerously passionate relationship with Steven Smith, her saviour of Mangadh massacre. The book brings out clearly the inherent malaise of religious bigotry in the society.

By emphasizing on the Oneness of God and universality of the essence of religions, it strongly advocates the need for religious tolerance and harmony amongst all religions of the world. Through the characters that are so common in our daily life, the book touches upon the subtleties of human nature which is often in conflict with itself. Ramakrishnaiah more authors Life of a struggling actress is hard and she has nothing left to excite her A Tax Officer has to safely carry gold ornaments in a night train An acclaimed writer is asked to add masala in his upcoming novel The Aphrodite An ambitious girl from a famous B-School is very excited when a big success knocks her at her door With You Without You It is a coming of age tale on how the inseparable trio gets lost in the melee of the world soon after school life ends, only to be united decades later.

Everyone who loves their school life would be able to relate to this story written in a very lucid manner. Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh is considered the birthplace of Lord Rama and it is a sacred pilgrimage centre for Indians. Every year, about hundreds of South Korean tourists visit Ayodhya to pay tributes to their legendary queen, Hae Hwang-ok who was born in Ayodhya as Princess Suri Ratna.

Both India and South Korea, in an attempt to commemorate the legend and forge closer ties, have agreed to build a large monument dedicated to Suri Ratna at Ayodhya. The narrative of the story builds up the needed linkages between India and Korea as was desired by Prime Minister Narender Modi during his visit to South Korea in May Sondhi more authors Tibetan culture and tradition has remained hidden from the world for long. However, of late revival of interest in old civilizations has given rise to many informative books. Over a thousand year, the Tibetan civilization has evolved rich traditions of New Year celebrations.

These are religious, ecologically sound and spiritually significant. Besides, they are full of verve and life. The book graphically describes the various modes of celebrations, food preparations, songs and dances and the Royal patronage these celebrations enjoy. Translated into Hindi, the book reaches out to Hindi speaking readers also. It is valuable for those who wish to know about this land of snow, mystery and rich heritage. When life was on the verge of slipping away from his hand and the love of his life seemed a fallacy, Aftab, a young poet, finds love in its most exceptional form.

With a new life and a better love, he is about to be happy. But how long can life let you rejoice? How much do we know of love? What surprises has life in store for us? Do we ever get answers to all our questions? The story of a young Indian MBA professional leaving his life and career in the UK and coming back to India to establish his agriculture-based business empire in a small village in Bihar Its also the story about the transformation of a young carefree guy into a brand who transformed the lives of many… and becoming The MBA Farmer.

Love stories like Bougainvillea need no special circumstances to blossom, no special weather to shine, and no special soil to grow. They are found at every corner of the neighborhood, each with a faint fragrance of its own and sweet emotions, which every heart wishes to cherish! Like a Psalm As he finds it impossible to finish actually writing the novel, The Gambler, in the prescribed time, he employs the twenty-year-old Anna as his stenographer.

Dostoevsky, a hard drinking gambler and a pathetic epileptic, is quite a handful for the young Anna. Finally, she learns to love the writer unconditionally, to the point of deciding to marry him; her presence of mind saves the situation. The novel has won several prestigious awards, and has been praised by critics, scholars and eminent personalities. Is it okay to love twice or to be in love with a person who loves someone else?

Is it okay to let your feelings die when you still have the hope to save your relationship? What would you do if your heart still pound for the one who has left you? Is this true that an invisible, slender thread always binds the people who are in love? What would you do if you were in any of these situations? Only those who are in true love are blessed to understand what it takes to love. Would Akshita, Aarav and Ananya ever come to realize what their real desires are? The only way to explore would be to embark on the chaotic and surreal emotional journey of love.

What happens when the past becomes the greatest lover and the worst enemy? Join Abhijeet as he investigates the dark underbelly of Moksha Ashram, battling through life threatening experiences, unleashing chilling secrets, only to find himself trapped into a vicious fangs of a conspiracy. A conspiracy laid by his own heartbroken past. Iccha, an Indian girl encounters love and broken dreams from an early age.

Family problems, bad relations and deceiving men However, in search of love, peace and companionship, Iccha keeps challenging her family and society at large But how long can one fight destiny? Can a woman actually change the writings of God? OR, will she eventually defeat fate and fulfill her desire to meet a beautiful woman called life? The Invincible is a gripping medical crime story, inspired by real life quadriplegic patient.

But was it just an accident, or something else? Srikant and Srishti Splurge are young, ambitious and newly married. The story is woven around their aspiration to lead a swanky life-style and ape the upper class. They are ensnared into more trouble than they had bargained for and are literally left out in the cold! A thrilling adventure ensues that depicts the personal and financial evolutionary journey of the various characters. The shrewd Isaac Invest who always gets the better of the Splurges; the menacing and devious Bite Banks who has many enticing proposals up his sleeve; the ambitious and talented interior designer - Karl Kolor; the laborious and conniving blue collar workers - Slog and Sweat; the snobbish Pompuses; the lazy and bickering Thornys.

All come together to make this an enigmatic and timeless tale that will excite the reader to ask more than once, 'R U Nuts? Three unnatural deaths. Within a span of half an hour. All victims unrelated. Is it a coincidence? Or murder? And who is behind this? Based in Kolkata, this novel explores the various options to the everlasting question related with the advent of science. Is man becoming a slave to his own creation? In the end, it leaves behind a darkening question in the human mind — How much progress has man made in terms of 'civilisation', for what it is worth?

Dev Khanna has it all before a mysterious letter shakes the very foundation he has built his life on. With his beliefs challenged, he decides to close the chapter once and for all. I Owed You One is the story of promises and commitments, of triumphs and defeat, and of holding on and letting go. What is common to a decrepit old tenement in Central Mumbai undergoing redevelopment, a disillusioned retired trade unionist mill worker Ganpatrao Padwal and his son Raghu Padwal?

Hope Express takes you through the sights and smells of the maximum city sometimes through Raghu and his petty news world of crime, scandal and gossip and sometimes through the chawl and its motley characters. Road to Cherry Hills takes us into the world of Rimjhim, as she walks down the memory lane to her campus days where she meets Ankit, falls head over heels for him and thought her life has changed forever.

Of course it did, but in the most unexpected ways, as she soon finds her life taking a completely different turn. Rimjhim, now a single mother and a successful professional, moves on to fight her own battle. She didn't need special power to do so, but a strong willpower to overcome difficult times.

That willpower which we all have but we are only one step away to realise it. The story narrates her trials and tribulations, her dilemmas and achievements, her darkest fears and her deepest desires as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. I'm Lord Vishnu, one of the members of Trinity or you can simply say I'm one of the Tridevs, and this is my story. You must have heard many stories about me, but I can bet that here you will find me in a new or you may call it a contemporary avatar. If you find it interesting or even not, just shut your eyes once and think about me, I will get your signal.

Have a good read! Sudha includes some fresh and some previously published stories from popular newspapers in this book. The selections reflect her journey - from childhood in the remote corner of Karnataka, becoming a mother, her travel experiences, dealing with breast cancer and many more. Shades of Life presents an unconventional love story portraying the lives of Rajashree and Kaveri. Set on a realistic backdrop of human desires, love and self-interest, the novel raises some questions about the mystery behind Kaveri not getting married, the possibilities of Rajashree ever becoming a mother, issues related to the illicit relationship of Debashis with one of them.

Thus the story filled with surprises and unusual occurrence of events provides a good read. Mera Apna Kshitij Hindi This is the Hindi translation of an anthology of poems on woman originally written in English. Nitu completed her Post-graduation from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She then became one of the first Lady Officers to join the Armed forces. With an unconventional choice for a career, she led a conventional life. Her service took her to various conflict theatres of the country and also provided a rare insight into the lives of women on both sides of the conflict.

She is an experienced officer of the batch of CRPF. She has worked in tough areas and handled critical assignments. Active in community service, she has been associated with NGOs particularly working with street children, people with disabilities and widows. She has been closely associated with women in conflict areas. This is the Hindi translation of an anthology of short stories originally written in English. Bravery has a number of connotations. It is to face the enemy fearlessly and courageously.

A soldier is trained to do so. It requires a special kind of courage by the family of the soldier to know the eminent danger he faces on an everyday basis and still goes on. This book is a collection of short stories based in conflict zones of Punjab and Kashmir where unrest has been a way of life. The stories reflect the psychological effect this has on the loved ones of the soldier on the ground. The stories reflect the immense courage it requires to expose families to potential danger.

Written from the view point of the Force personnel, they open a new dimension to conflict. His work brings him to a remote tribal area in the Simlipal forest. Familiarising himself with tribal life and lore Anubhav realises that his personal life had large gaps. A young tribal woman Sumeghuni , who is also his house keeper, is his principal point of contact. Anubhav reaches a point of intersection in his professional and personal life.

He has to make a choice. Clarity has a gleam of truth and truth is always uninvited, unexpected and mostly perilous. Truth is the nervous pedestrian undecided on whether to cross a busy street or wait for an opportune moment. Man with the White Beard is the story of that nervous truth which evades Kulwanti Kaur and her son Goldy. A deadly silence. A pause of intense immobility. The world crowded in.

They were Fated to meet in the frenzied aftermath of the Bhuj earthquake , yet the estranged lovers had already chosen different Destinies. While the devastated city staggered through shock waves of intrigue and despair, Sonal and Tejas attempted to discover the epicenter of their relationship. Will Sonal cling to her fiery refusal, or will Tejas make her Heart Quake? A woman is a palette of hues and has various shades to her persona. She desires nothing, but love. If she feels loved, she shines, opens her wings and touches the sky; radiating the whole world. If she does not, she cribs for some time, may get angry too; but then finds her own horizons in the space provided.

She does not stop anywhere. She is always adapting to the situations and then also modifying herself accordingly and learning to grow in the worst of situations. Tales from Venus makes you aware of the various colours of a woman right from teens till she matures. There are tales that tickle your bones, tales that make you feel emotional, tales of courage, tales of treachery, tales that thrill you and tales that make you happy. Ultimately, you are bound to remain glued to the book because of the surprise element offered by each story.

This story briefly describing social, economic and political environment in Punjab pre and post partition, chronicles the gripping life of rustic lad born in abominable circumstances with uncanny wisdom of anticipation using it in critical situations like confronting a king cobra, at 6, a supernatural experience at 11 and many such strange and challenging events with willpower, courage, diligence and perseverance.

Chander more authors There are about 4 million Indians living in the UAE. They come from different regions and have contributed greatly to the development of the UAE, but we do not know much about them. There is a hidden barrier that prevents spontaneous mixing between the two nations, although they are very close in many areas. The book focuses on the lives of workers from India in simple professions and the difficulties they face in India, which drives them to search for a better life in a new place.

A healthy politics can ensure peace and growth of a country but what happens when politics become dirty? A honest politician can make his country proud and satisfied but imagine a situation where he becomes selfish perusing his own interests? Come and get a ride through this story of the country called Sudesh, whose Prime Minister is Weepee Gunde. And find out if Sushil Pande would succeed in saving his country from immoral politics The Marrakesh Express is the continuing story of Cleopatra Sugarman, an Asian American, mixed race student at a private college.

It is a love story, exploring cross cultural, cross generational relationships. Cleo learns about drugs, jazz, and the counterculture as she travels the country from Oregon, to Miami, to Atlanta and New York City. She meets a Hells Angel and explores the various aspects of alternative ways of living. Sherlac, the most venerated scientist on planet Swarg, has proposed a manned mission to Earth, a thousand years after humans have abandoned it.

Arushi has got a chance to be part of the crew of sixteen young astronaut. What will they find on Earth? Hostile cave dwellers? Strange animals? What secrets of the pre-war era will the ruins reveal? Will their experiments answer the fundamental questions about life? The stories depict especially a world of her own where contrary spaces and characters and times can freely mix, in an often Indian landscape upheld by beautiful and ugly images and powerfully vast and lush descriptiveness, along with touches of playfulness, seriousness, didacticism and whimsy.

The Lamb is metaphorically tragic in orientation. But how real is the Indian story on the ground? Written over the last decade, these stories are set in villages, towns and metro cities of a country under overhaul. Inspired by real life incidents this collection slides through various themes, like appalling lives of street children, new perceptions about love and sex, urban disorder, influence of western values, depraved spiritual gurus etc.

LIFE, with its crazy swings of emotion from the jocular to sombre, from hilarity to downright sadness, from ecstasy to desperation, is like a mad roller-coaster ride. This exquisite collection of eighteen short stories, presenting a plethora of various emotional ranges, depicts the rough-and-tumble life at its best. There are funny stories and sad. Some of the stories are written with a delightful tongue-in-the-cheek style. There are tales of woe and dilemma, that may be somewhat thought provoking as well.

The handful of ghost stories that are thrown in are regular spine-chillers, even for the most sceptic readers. In the line of his duty, the author had travelled widely all though the length and breadth of the state of West Bengal both rural areas and the metro city. This is reflected in the settings of the stories. This set of thirty powerful short stories takes the readers on a journey from the absurd to the sublimely sensitive, from the commonplace to the obscure and from the depths of extreme sorrow to the heights of humour. It explores the boundaries of imagination and holds the attention of readers with unusual storylines, tight and subtle language and a unique narrative style.

But with our sense of smell, we are able to pass messages to the brain that identify specific flavours! Next time you dig into your favourite flavour of ice cream, remember it's your nose that is doing most of the tasting. This title about the connections between the food we eat and the flavours we enjoy will leave young readers craving more! The largest human organ is skin! Every inch of skin is made up of millions of tiny receptors that allow us to feel the world around us.

Each type of receptor has a job. Some tell us the texture of objects. Others sense temperature. Our sense of touch helps us live safely and comfortably. This title for young readers highlights how we touch and why it is important. The past is full of mysterious events. How did ancient people build pyramids. What is Stonehenge for? Maybe the explanations for these events are simple - or maybe there's something strange going on.

Explore history's mysteries through closely level text, dynamic imagery, and visual infographics. Did you know mound ants can lift 5, times their own weight? Or that chameleons can quickly change color? Each book in Nature's Superheroes highlights a specific animal, discussing the special abilities or characteristics the animal has, the biological adaptations that allow for the abilities, and how the animal uses its 'superpower'.

Bright, color photographs and custom illustrations complement the carefully levelled text to make reading for understanding easy and fun. In this book, early fluent readers will learn about the unique strength of ants. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn more about the special biological adaptions that make ants one of nature's superheroes.

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  • Erich Fromm als Vordenker: Haben oder Sein im Zeitalter der ökologischen Krise (German Edition).
  • Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Preview.

An infographic aids understanding, and an activity offers readers an opportunity to extend discovery. Children can learn more about ants using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Super Ants also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. In this book, early fluent readers will learn about the unique abilities of chameleons. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn more about the special biological adaptions that make chameleons one of nature's superheroes.

Children can learn more about chameleons using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Super Chameleons also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. In this book, early fluent readers will learn about the unique indestructibility of cockroaches. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn more about the special biological adaptions that make cockroaches one of nature's superheroes.

Children can learn more about cockroaches using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Super Cockroaches also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. In this book, early fluent readers will learn about the unique maneuverability of hummingbirds. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn more about the special biological adaptions that make hummingbirds one of nature's superheroes.

Children can learn more about hummingbirds using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Super Hummingbirds also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. In this book, early fluent readers will learn about the powerful strength of rat teeth.

Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn more about the special biological adaptions that make rats one of nature's superheroes. Children can learn more about rats using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Super Rats also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. Introducing emergent readers to vocabulary has never been so fun!

This series includes a search-and-find feature that's perfect for engaging even the youngest readers. From geckos to owls, Backyard Animals utilizes captivating photos to teach kindergarteners new words and simple facts about animal habitats, body parts, and behaviors. This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a chipmunk's backyard habitat, body parts, and behaviors.

This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a hawk's backyard habitat, body parts, and behaviors. This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a deer's backyard habitat, body parts, and behaviors.

This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a prairie dog's backyard habitat, body parts, and behaviors. This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a goose's backyard habitat, body parts, and behaviors. This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a robin's backyard habitat, body parts, and behaviors.

This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a salamander's backyard habitat, body parts, and behaviors. This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a snake's backyard habitat, body parts, and behaviors.

This series introduces children to animals from a variety of ecosystems while providing a fun and supportive reading experience. Who Lives Here? Who Lives in a Lake? Carefully crafted text uses high-frequency words, repetitive sentence patterns, and strong visual references to support emergent readers, making sure they aren't facing too many challenges at once.

Who Lives in the Desert? Who Lives in the Forest? Who Lives in the Ocean? Who Lives on a Mountain? Who Lives on the Prairie? Carefully crafted text uses high-frequency words, repetitive sentence patterns, and strong visual references to support emergent readers, making sure they aren? The skies are full of fierce predators looking for their next meal.

While hunting, raptors are capable of incredible feats, from spotting prey two miles away to reaching speeds that no animal has ever matched. Find out about the special adaptations that make birds of prey such powerful hunters in this action-packed series! The opening pages of each title describe a single bird capturing prey, followed by a survey of the qualities and behaviors that make the group such skilled predators.

Falcons, for example, examines what they hunt and how their nests, flying abilities, and physical features aid their efforts. Photographs typically show the birds either hunting or eating and include a variety of species within the group. The forked tailed of kites allow them to perform acrobatic twists, turns, and twirls to more easily track a meal. These agile fliers are not just hunters, though.

They are known to scavenge the meals of larger predators, too. This title for striving readers explores kites' hunting and scavenging habits while incorporating engaging fun facts. From ten stories high, an eagle can see a single ant crawling on a sidewalk! They use this impeccable eyesight to spot fish lingering in the currents and rodents scurrying through harvested fields.

This title will introduce readers to these skillful carnivores through action-packed photos and jaw-dropping facts. Using their long, pointed wings and tails, falcons dive toward prey at over miles per hour! These high flyers are designed to be master predators. In combination with their speed, their sharp beaks make hunting a simple task. This title is a jammed-pack look at falcons as birds of prey. Using intelligence and skilled flying, hawks are able to find great success in their hunting pursuits.

These small predators use their talons to snatch prey, often in midair! This low-level title will take reluctant readers into the world of these feathered fighters through engaging text and eye-catching photos. Owls are predators built to detect prey in the dark of night! Their ears become their eyes as papery feathers help them locate the direction of sounds, and noiseless flight then lets them swoop toward their prey undetected.

Readers will learn about these unique birds of prey in this low-level title. Vultures are scavengers that will eat almost anything they can find! These birds of prey are able to feed on decaying meat and trash due to special acids in their digestive system that keep them from getting sick. This title uses captivating photos and engaging facts to take striving readers into the world of these bald birds. These animal introductions reveal the hidden lives of ants, butterflies, fireflies, and their other insect relatives.

Each spread features a text box alongside a photograph that spans a page and a half. A couple of sentences present basic facts: "Wasps are great hunters. Many of these insects have sharp stingers. Physical features, habitats, and life cycles are introduced effectively through the words and pictures. A bumblebee colony is a busy place! The queen bee builds the nest and lays hundreds of eggs. Worker bees float from flower to flower, gathering nectar and helping flowers grow. In this book for beginning readers, students will learn all about the complex world of bumblebees. Cockroaches may be creepy-crawly, but these resilient insects once shared the world with dinosaurs!

Eager young readers will find out where cockroaches live, how they grow, and what they eat in this title featuring up close, crisp photography. Chirp, chirp! Male crickets rub their wings together to make music. The females listen closely, with eardrums on their legs. These singing insects will enthral readers in this fact-filled book loaded wih vibrant photography. Walkingsticks have some of the best camouflage in the insect world. Most wave in the wind and look just like twigs - but some have bright wings to warn predators!

Young readers will love taking a closer look at these masters of hide and seek. What do wheels and axles help us do? How does a pulley work? Why does an inclined plane make carrying a load easier? Each book in Machines and Motion highlights and explains one of the six simple machines. Bright, color photographs complement the carefully levelled text. Each title defines the featured device, then provides practical, everyday examples with which many students should be familiar. Straightforward sentences and age-appropriate vocabulary make the text in each book easy to read and comprehend.


Eye-catching images pop on the page, and the use of bright hues behind the text makes the words stand out even more clearly. The inclusion of both a picture glossary and a hands-on activity reinforces the information and should appeal to students with different learning styles. In this book, readers will learn about one of the six simple machines as described by Renaissance scientists. Vibrant, color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn how levers are used to lift or move something with the assistance of a fulcrum.

Vibrant, color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn how pulleys can move heavy loads with less forceand over longer distances. Vibrant, color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn how screws are used to lift or move objects. Vibrant, color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn how wedges increase force to either separate objects or hold things together.

Vibrant, color photos and carefully levelled text will engage young readers as they learn how wheels and axles make work easier by moving objects across distances. The popular Seedlings series offers irresistible introductions to planets. Written in a friendly voice, filled with dynamic photos, and featuring text crafted for the youngest of readers. As introductions to informational text, these titles will plant the seeds of knowledge!

A kindergarten-level introduction to the planet Jupiter, covering its orbital process, its moons, and such defining features as its rings, Great Red Spot, and name. A kindergarten-level introduction to the planet Mars, covering its orbital process, its moons, and such defining features as its rocks, dust storms, and name. A kindergarten-level introduction to the planet Mercury, covering its orbital process and such defining features as its extreme temperatures, craters, and name.

A kindergarten-level introduction to the planet Neptune, covering its orbital process, its moons, and such defining features as its dust rings, winds, and name. A kindergarten-level introduction to the planet Saturn, covering its orbital process, its moons, and such defining features as its gases, rings, and name. A kindergarten-level introduction to the planet Uranus, covering its orbital process, its moons, and such defining features as its sets of rings, gases, and name. A kindergarten-level introduction to the planet Venus, covering its orbital process, its moons, and such defining features as its volcanoes, heat, and name.

Weather is all around us. What is the weather like where you live? Weather Report introduces early readers to weather conditions while helping them develop literacy skills. Vibrant photography and tightly controlled text work together to provide an engaging and supportive reading experience. Weather Report titles include tools for teachers as well as introductory nonfiction features such as labels, a table of contents, and an index.

Each page contains one sentence, usually between three and four words. All sentences are declarative; many are in the present-tense plural. Full-page color photographs, featuring children of different skin tones, appear in each installment. Though the photos significantly reduce the amount of white space, bold text boxes help differentiate the words from the background. Snowy introduces emergent readers to snow and its associated weather conditions while providing them with a supportive first nonfiction reading experience.

Sunny introduces emergent readers to weather conditions and the ways life on Earth uses sunshine while providing them with a supportive first nonfiction reading experience. Rainy introduces emergent readers to rain and its associated weather conditions while providing them with a supportive first nonfiction reading experience. Windy introduces emergent readers to wind and its associated weather conditions while providing them with a supportive first nonfiction reading experience. Venus fly traps snap shut on their prey. Aloe vera plants can be used to soothe sunburns.

Plant Power explores the powers of meat-eating plants, healing plants, poisonous plants, prickly plants, pollinating plants, and photosynthesis. Beautiful, crisp, color photos, frequent diagrams and graphics, and an activity complement the carefully levelled text and aid the reader's understanding of these incredible plant powers. Students will find plenty of amazing facts and photos to enjoy. Along with the information and captivating photos honey possums will be a favorite , there are also helpful diagrams clearly labeled for easy reference.

Meat-Eating Plants introduces readers to meat-eating plants from around the world and the ways in which they trap their meals. From pitcher plants to sticky traps and plants that snap, readers will be fascinated with these plants' abilities to catch prey! Photosynthesis introduces readers to the amazing ways in which plants produce their own food and rely on the sun for survival. Readers will be fascinated with these plants' powers! Poisonous Plants introduces readers to poisonous plants from around the world and the ways in which they defend themselves. From poisonous berries to beautiful, luring flowers, readers will be fascinated with these plants' abilities to trick prey!

Pollinating Plants introduces readers to the amazing ways in which plants pollinate and the insects and natural elements that help them do so.

Rainbow Readers Part 1

Prickly Plants introduces readers to plants around the world that use thorns, prickles, spines, and bristles to defend themselves. Even very young children know how to use smartphones and listen to music on streaming sites. But how much do they know about the history of this technology, and how we got to where we are today? This series traces the story of the development of inventions in a particular field from the earliest steps to our current technology, showing how each breakthrough eventually led to a new one. Iconic brands in this series will capture the attention of young readers!

Well-known companies provide diverse ways to access entertainment while others have sparked cultural phenomenons that span across generations. Explore the process of building a big business in these titles showcasing popular brands. Vintage photographs and catchy slogans document the evolution of each business. Not limited to successes, setbacks and flops are mentioned and subtly affirm the value of trial and error. In addition to being informative, the books are a good introduction to business building in a free market society where changing one's products to reach new markets and address new niches is commonplace.

The company began as an online bookstore selling around one million titles. Since then, Amazon has grown into one of the largest online retailers in the world! This title for young readers highlights the history and innovations of this popular brand. Since Hello Kitty first appeared on a coin purse in , Sanrio has grown the brand into a worldwide phenomenon! The famous white cat character has made a name for herself by appearing on everything from pencils to airplanes.

This title explores Hello Kitty's rise to fame and what we can expect from the brand in the future. Since the s, the My Little Pony brand has worked to spread a message of friendship and happiness to its many fans around the world. In addition to its toys and television, My Little Pony has taken its mission to the streets through campaigns such as the International Day of Friendship.

This title gallops through the history and development of the cute and positive brand! The Power Rangers are a diverse team! Throughout its history, the team has featured members from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each of the brand? Young readers will marvel over this popular brand's uprising and continued success!

When Gravelmuck Elementary's cleaning slimes escape and destroy the schoolyard with their acidic ooze, all claws and tails point to Mr. Snag, the school's caretaker, as the culprit. Determined to clear Mr. Snag's name, Tank and Fizz dive into the case, only to discover that the goop under Rockfall Mountain runs deep. The detective duo must outwit their eight-legged principal and survive an ancient war between high-tech janitors and spell-slinging wizards.

Can Tank and Fizz find the real monsters behind the slime stampede in time to clear Mr. Snag's name? For monster sleuths Tank and Fizz, proving fourth-grade bully Rizzo Rawlins is planning to cheat in the upcoming Battle Bot Cup should be a piece of cake. But cake crumbles fast, and the case soon leads the detectives to a mysterious hacker known only as the Codex, who threatens all of Rockfall Mountain with a very dark fate. With the help of their wizard-in-training partner, Aleetha, Tank and Fizz leap into action, dodging deadly battle bots and sinister spellbooks in a race to stop the return of a very angry ancient demon.

As the eve of the great Wizards' Summit approaches, wizards from all over Rockfall Mountain descend on the school at Shadow Tower to refine their craft. When professors start disappearing, it's up to magic-fearing monster sleuths Tank and Fizz to solve this spell-packed mystery and find the missing mages.

Aleetha, their detective partner and a wizard-in-training, has dragged Tank and Fizz into the heart of the Shadow Tower, where libraries fly, spells fill the air, and an ancient army of darkness stirs, when she receives a mysterious message from her missing teacher. Using their detective skills, a pinch of magic and a trickle of technology, the friends stumble into a battle that's been brewing for decades.

Whether hunting for sport or survival, hunting takes skill and practice. With a mind toward safety and conservation, this series serves as an overview of what one needs to know about hunting. The series as a whole is intended to provide an overview of hunting for the young adult: equipment, general regulations, strategies, safety, etc. Do you want to develop more self-reliance and build your level of confidence?

Hunting can teach you the determination necessary to reach these personal goals. Learning how to handle a gun and provide food for yourself is a huge accomplishment that you can master. Included in Hunting Arms are lots of helpful tips to help you improve your knowledge of weapons, ammunition, and marksmanship. Pro hunters know how to handle a gun and make every shot count, and you can learn how to shoot like a pro hunter as well.

Throughout the pages of Hunting Arms, you will learn essential and interesting facts about shotguns, rifles, bows, ammunition, and what you need to know for your first successful hunt in the wild. Obeying the rules and regulations while hunting keeps you on good terms with the local Game Warden as well as protecting you in a wilderness environment. In Hunting Safety, Licensing, and Rules you can continue your education by learning the rules of tags, permits, and the Hunters Education Certificate.

Discover the importance of the Unspoken Rules before you go tracking and hunting, as well as the Hunter's Code of Honor that all true sports persons follow. Safety is the ultimate goal of the hunter, and nothing else is more important on a shooting range or in the wild. By learning and following the laws of hunting, you will become a good example to others as well as a better sportsperson.

A successful hunter should know how to cook their harvest and prepare a delicious meal for others to enjoy. There is no better way to showcase your skills as a hunter than to present a mouth-watering feast cooked over a campfire or stove to your friends or family. In Preparing and Enjoying a Meal You Hunted, you will discover lots of tasty ways to transform that fresh and organic meat into tender, fall-off-the-fork goodness.

Throughout the pages of Preparing and Enjoying a Meal You Hunted, you will find a variety of recipes for different kinds of wild meat as well as easy side dishes you can cook in a variety of ways. You will enjoy surprising your family and friends with great food when you prepare these tasty recipes for a memorable meal. A smart hunter is a well prepared one. Learn a handy routine for planning your hunting trip to guarantee excellent results.

In Preparing for Your Hunting Trip, you will discover what items should always be included in your first aid kit to help protect you in an emergency, plus helpful strategies to enable you to survive in the wilderness if you become lost. From instructions on how to pack clothing and gear to essential bush craft skills you will need in the wild, these valuable tips will help you grow as a hunter and a person. Working with the ideas presented in Preparing for Your Hunting Trip will teach you to have more confidence as you learn new skills. Combined with experience in the field, you can become more independent and self-sufficient as a hunter and enjoy more success.

Learn the exciting sport of tracking animals in the wild. Discover clever strategies to outwit your prey and dramatically increase your overall hunting results. Included in Tracking and Hunting Your Prey are detailed instructions for the baits and lures that are the most effective for attracting different animals and which traps work best in different situations.

You will also learn the best methods to overcome challenges such as dangerous animal encounters, getting lost, and surviving in a wilderness environment. If you have ever wanted to become a competent tracker and hunter just like the pros, Tracking and Hunting Your Prey is for you. Learn how to scout an area, spot animal signs, and follow trails through all kinds of weather and terrains. From small rabbits to larger game such as deer, discovering effective methods to track game in the wild will make you a more successful hunter. Fascinating animals are explored in the Living Wild series.

Vivid photographs help take readers on a virtual field study to observe the life cycle and behaviors of the featured creature. Each book also looks at past and present scientific research and includes a unique storytelling element in the form of an animal tale drawn from mythology or folklore. A look at anteaters, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their long, sticky tongues, behaviors, relationships with humans, and the effects of deforestation on tree-dwelling species' habitat in the world today.

A look at black bears, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their muzzles and paws, behaviors, relationships with humans, and the recent threat of the Asian folk medicine trade on these curious bears today. A look at eels, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their elongated bodies, behaviors, relationships with humans, and the migratory spawning of some freshwater species in the world today.

A look at hyenas, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their powerful jaws, behaviors, relationships with humans, and the declining populations of these often-misunderstood animals in the world today. A look at puffins, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their seasonal bill plate, behaviors, relationships with humans, and their vulnerability to the changing climate today. A look at red pandas, including their habitats, physical characteristic such as their long, thick fur, behaviors, relationships with humans, and the numerous threats these elusive endangered bears face today.

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A look at salamanders, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their smooth, permeable skin, behaviors, relationships with humans, and the remarkable adaptability of these widespread amphibians today. A look at tapirs, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their prehensile proboscis, behaviors, relationships with humans, and the vitality of this umbrella species to its forest ecosystem today. Each book is an attractive, informative profile of a country. Each spread highlights a different topic. These books are great for research and should foster in readers a sense of curiosity and discovery of new places.

Highlights 12 facts about Canada including its history, geography, culture, climate, government, economy, current events, what makes it unique, and more. Great for research, this book will foster a sense of curiosity and discovery in young readers as they take in the colorful spreads and read the engaging text with interesting side bars. Highlights 12 facts about Cuba including its history, geography, culture, climate, government, economy, current events, what makes it unique, and more.

Highlights 12 facts about Iran including its history, geography, culture, climate, government, economy, current events, what makes it unique, and more. Highlights 12 facts about Mexico including its history, geography, culture, climate, government, economy, current events, what makes it unique, and more. Highlights 12 facts about Nigeria including its history, geography, culture, climate, government, economy, current events, what makes it unique, and more.

Highlights 12 facts about North Korea including its history, geography, culture, climate, government, economy, current events, what makes it unique, and more. Brings to light 12 of history's conspiracy theories such as Elvis Presley faked his own death; a spaceship that landed in Rosewell, New Mexico in ; the Titanic didn't sink; and more. The book features historic photos, interesting side bars, and thought-provoking prompts.

Brings to light 12 forgotten everyday inventions including how pie tins inspired the ever-popular Frisbee; how an engineer's walk in the woods with his dog led to the creation of Velcro; how basketball was invented because young men at a YMCA were restless during a blizzard; and more. Brings to light 12 forgotten war stories such as George Washington's Immortals, a group of citizen-soldiers from Maryland who changed the course of the American Revolution; Irena Sendler, a Polish Catholic who saved the lives of an estimated 2, Jewish children during the Holocaust; and more.

Brings to light 12 of history's lost treasures including The Copper Scroll, discovered in Jerusalem in the 's that is determined to be the oldest known religious writing; the Victoria Peak Treasure in New Mexico that was found in , but then lost again; Confederate Colonel John Mosby's Treasure hidden in the woods of Fairfax County, Virginia, but still not found after years; and more.

Brings to light 12 of history's forgotten events including Boston's molasses flood in that reached up to 40 feet high and traveled through the streets at 35 miles per hour; the cargo ship Arabia that once traveled the Missouri River, but sunk after hitting a tree only to be found years later preserved in a cornfield; the candy boycott in Canada in where kids demanded the price of candy bars be reduced from 8 cents to 5 cents; and more.

The Road to the World's Most Popular Cup takes readers around the globe with a look at the countries and teams vying for soccer's ultimate prize-the World Cup. Each book in the series focuses on a different aspect of the pursuit of the golden trophy, from what the teams had to do to get to the World Cup, to the teams expected to be there at the very end. Discover the star players of the sport from America to Europe and the rest of the soccer world.

Bring the words to life on your smartphone by scanning QR codes that link to videos of the game. The Road to the World's Most Popular Cup explores the history of the greatest soccer tournament from its beginnings all the way through what to expect in Russia Learn why so many millions around the planet believe that it is the greatest sporting event in the world. More than countries in the world have national soccer teams.

History has shown, however, that when it comes to playing for soccer's ultimate prize, all countries are not created equal. Every four years, the world's teams come together to see which will lift the gold trophy as the world's best, and inevitably, the same teams rise to the top. Top Teams takes a close up look at the teams that perform best when the Cup is on the line.

Top Teams has all the favorites, plus a look at teams that could surprise everyone. Every book in The Road to the World's Most Popular Cup series provides an in depth look at the biggest event in your favourite sport and what it takes for the athletes and their teams to get there. It started more than 80 years ago as a team event that had to beg for teams to play. Today, it is the most popular sporting event on the planet, and almost every country in the world plays for its chance to participate every four years. History of the Cup takes readers through the struggles of the early years and describes the players and the matches that brought the tournament, and the sport, to greatness.

From the Maracanzo to the Game of the Century, all the best moments are here. Every book in The Road to the World's Most Popular Cup series provides an in depth look at the biggest event in your favorite sport and what it takes for the athletes and their teams to get there. Major American Artists is a celebration of history, culture, populism, and diversity in the fine arts, detailing the lives of America's great creators.

Great American art does all of this and makes you feel something too! Read about America's great creators and how their work was influential to their times. Learn of their greatest known works that make them the fabric of American culture. Each title is filled with vibrant photos and detailed history of the artist's legacy.

These engaging books will provide an insightful look into American history. Ansel Adams is one of America's most popular and enduring photographers. His well-known photographs of America's national parks, especially Yosemite and others in the West, are remarkable for their timeless celebration of the unblemished American landscape. Adams was an astute master of photographic technique who utilized perfectly the capabilities of his chosen medium to portray the untold beauty of the natural world.

His photographs are an eloquent statement of an artist seeking order and truth and a permanent record of America's wild beauty achieved by a man whose own nature was as immutable as the Earth he loved. Considered by most to be one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century, Edward Hopper's work can be found in almost every major museum, and his familiar urban images permeate pop culture in advertisements and on film.

Best known for his oil paintings, the New York artist incorporated elements of both the Ashcan and the Impressionist schools of art to create his own, unique style. His favorite theme-the isolation of the individual within America's rapidly progressing society-appears throughout his work, made all the more poignant by his original, realistic technique.

During a fifty-year period, an artistic movement developed in America that was based on Romanticism and inspired by the wild areas in the vicinity of New York's Hudson River. While most of these artists did not think of themselves as belonging to a movement, they did share a sense of wonder at the grandeur of the New World's remarkable scenic wilderness. Frank Lloyd Wright, born in Wisconsin, is the avatar of American architecture. Both before and after World War I, the boldness and innovation of Wright's buildings, built largely in the Midwest, established his reputation as a leading architect.

As his career progressed, Wright became discouraged with the confinement of cities and moved to develop his ideas for buildings in harmony with the natural world. Today, many years after his death, not only is Wright's international reputation intact and growing, but buildings are yet being constructed based on his original designs. During her long and distinguished career, which developed to its highest level in the deserts of the American Southwest, Georgia O'Keeffe pioneered an artistic style that dominated the art of twentieth-century America.

Unique in its organic, abstract expression, her vision and passion identify her as a lifelong master of modern art. With crystalline clarity and a vivid sensuous feeling for both objects and landscapes, O'Keeffe painted life studies that were to distinguish her as an original and adventurous painter. Her studies of flowers, bones, cityscapes, and southwestern landscapes have become some of the most recognizable images in modern art. Grandma Moses is a name synonymous with American folk art. Considered by many to be America's preeminent folk painter, her winsome style, evocative of a simpler, bygone era, has endeared her to millions worldwide.

The landscape is probably the most popular of Grandma Moses' subjects. She captured the land she knew and loved in New England in many moods and seasons, often employing it as a backdrop for family and community activities. A true American icon, Grandma Moses painted timeless scenes that will continue to charm and delight for many generations to come.

Norman Rockwell was an illustrator of tremendous ingenuity and energy, and his memorable scenes come together to create a brilliant patchwork quilt of American imagery. With the arrival of the full-color press and a wealth of illustrated magazines, Rockwell took his art to the masses and became the most beloved American illustrator of all time. American-born painter Mary Cassatt grew up in Pennsylvania but spent the better part of her life and career in France, yet that did not prevent her from gaining a preeminent position among artists in the United States. At the height of her career, she focused almost exclusively on depictions of mothers and children, a subject that became her signature theme.

By the outbreak of World War I, Cassatt had to give up painting entirely due to failing eyesight, but she preserved her original enthusiasm and devotion to art until the end of her life. The Science of the Human Body series provides all the information they need to understand how we function. Readers will encounter first hand stories, diagrams, charts, and photos, in these 80 page books helping to understand the complexity of body.

Topics include our vital bodily systems, organ transplants, genetic modifications, common and exotic illnesses, and the fight against deadly pandemics. Taken together, the set provides a comprehensive foundation of knowledge for students of human biology. Did you know that if you spend one hour reading this book, you'll move your eye muscles about 10, times? During that hour you'll also breathe air, hear sounds, and digest food, while your hair grows and your skin cells regenerate.

Your neurons may even make a few new connections as you learn from what you read! In Body Systems, you can find out all about the systems of the human body and how they are constantly at work to keep you healthy, keep you growing, and make you who you are. Did you know that if all your blood vessels were laid out end-to-end, they would stretch all the way around the world, not just once but twice?

Not only that-you are made up of millions of cells, many miles worth of nerve fiber, and more than 20 feet of intestine. The human body is a truly amazing machine, capable of growth and self-repair. In this book, you can find out all about your insides and how they work. Nobody likes to get sick! And yet, diseases are a constant source of fascination for us all. Whether it's the cold bug that kept you home from school or the genetic disease called hemophilia that sparked the Russian Revolution, human illnesses are an amazing and complex area of study.

Diseases will introduce you to many ways in which the human body can malfunction, and also teach you about what doctors can do to fix it. In ancient times, people had no idea how or why it was that children resembled their parents. These days we know that characteristics like height and eye color are passed along in families through the genetic code.

Our understanding of genetics has fundamentally changed medicine, agriculture, and even crime solving! Our world is awash with germs, viruses, and bacteria-tiny but powerful invaders that can make us sick. Fortunately, the human immune system mounts an amazing defense against all these attackers. Immunology will introduce you to the many strategies our bodies use to protect us, as well as the many things that can go wrong. Viruses and bacteria are so small that you need a microscope to see them, and yet they are powerful enough to change the course of human history.

Epidemics and Pandemics takes you through the science, history, and current status of the severe and often scary world of widespread outbreaks. Digital technology now connects people to each other and to all the world's information everywhere, at all times. Second, it teaches you to always question your actions and that finding the best way is a constant process, which makes you fret less about adjusting and changing your mind.

Nevertheless, both of them share a huge urge to figure out the world and make it a better place. Some of that spirit is bound to rub off on you. Do it the other way around. So many elements and figures are shrouded in mystery, that it not only sparks your curiosity , but also makes you think hard about the skill level one needs to figure out such mysteries.

Summary: Ebenezer Scrooge is rich beyond measure. Sadly, the only thing the old man is preoccupied with is turning money into more money, which leaves him roaming the streets alone, clenching his fists, yelling at workers, children and the less fortunate. This never gets old. Would they congratulate you? Curious fact: This was one of the first commercially successful book series that spread digitally. By , Collins was the best-selling Kindle author of all time, with almost one third of the top highlights coming from her books.

This instantly turns dark, as people seem to take inspiration in how Katniss broke the rules to make it possible for two people to win, instead of just one, and a rebellion dwells underneath the surface. If anything, these books show you that life is short. Katniss and Peeta must fight for the ones they love, including each other, all the time.

But fate sometimes throws more than one terrible blow, so when she ends up as a participant again, the stakes and her approach change. Curious fact: Cornelia Funke based Mo, one of the main characters of the book, on famous actor Brendan Fraser, whom she mailed a copy of the book, once it was established that a film would be produced. He eventually fell in love with the book himself and ended up taking the role of Mo in the movie.

Soon Meggie discovers that the perpetual presence of books in her life is no coincidence, as her father can make them come to life when reading out aloud. His past mistakes with this incredible ability slowly start to catch up with the family when the evil Capricorn Mo once freed resurfaces, bringing everyone into great danger. A book about books. You have to read it, to grasp it. A mere three years later the book was already believed to be a classic. Today it continuously sells , copies a year and is part of many school curriculums including yours truly, I did a thorough analysis and presentation of the book in 12th grade.

When he visits his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom, he meets the attractive, but cynical Jordan Baker, and soon finds out that the lavish lifestyle they all lead comes at many a terrible price, including infidelity, depression, alcoholism and identity crises. The mysterious millionaire owner of the mansion next door, Jay Gatsby, soon invites Nick to one of his extravagant parties, which Jay himself never attends.

When Nick discovers they all have a shared history of romance, including his cousin Daisy and Jay, he tries to help reunite two estranged lovers, which ends in disaster. Second, this is contrasted by the insane wealth the characters have amassed, though some un-earned or attained with illegal measures.

John Watson, starting off with them meeting via a mutual friend and deciding to share the flat at B Baker Street, in order to save money. When a Scotland Yard messenger arrives and requests help with a new murder case, Watson eventually persuades Holmes to investigate the crime scene and Holmes invites him to tag along. As the two analyze and interpret the odds and ends of the murder, the plot thickens and a second murder takes place. Do I need to explain this?

How can you not be inspired by Sherlock Holmes? This is the ultimate piece of fiction writing to show you the value of deliberate practice , which combines effort with thorough feedback analysis to make you world-class at what you do. Instead, Clason wrote a series of informational pamphlets, to educate readers about personal finance issues.

The other five parables are more singular in their nature and each hold one or two more lessons to be learned about building wealth. This is probably one of the most compelling personal finance books of all time, due to the power of storytelling. Setting the lessons in this ancient context and disguising them as life lessons from an old, rich man, makes them really seep into your brain. So even if all you can do right now is take baby steps, by all means, take them. Title: Around the World in 80 Days. The idea is brought up, but dismissed by the characters as being too dangerous.

Using mostly trains and steamboats, the two make new friends, face lots of setbacks, get lost, find each other again, and even gain an entire day which eventually helps them win the bet , returning to London at the same time, exactly 80 days later. This is a book about possibility. Until Roger Bannister broke the four minute mark for running a mile in , people thought it was impossible for more than a decade.

Anything is impossible, until one man or woman does it. Also, this book shows you the power of stakes. Curious fact: Drucker invented what would become the foundation of how we have been managing people for the past 50 years. Peter Drucker has kept it so short and to the point that you can read it in less than an hour.

You can read this in 45 minutes and take notes as you go along, which makes it one of the most actionable books of all time. I highly recommend listening to the audiobook, which is also 45 minutes long. Curious fact: About 2 weeks before the official launch, James made the book available to buy via the digital currency Bitcoin — exclusively.

Summary: The world as we know it is about to fade.

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A college degree no longer guarantees a safe career. People can publish their own books, make their own TV shows and release their own music. Gigantic industries disappear over night — and all of this is great news. Now you can choose yourself. You can pick yourself. James shows you how, both on the outside, and the inside. James is one of the most openly vulnerable human beings ever, and it makes you relate to him instantly. Not only will you be able to identify yourself with the book , but also laugh a lot — James is funny. If you feel out of control, this book will show you that the wheel of your life is in your hand.

Steven Pressfield has written this with some tough love, and makes it a wake-up-call for artists. I like to think of Steven Pressfield as a friendly Spartan. Just as disciplined, but not out to kill you in any way. Curious fact: Long before writing the book, Sinek ventured to find his own why, because he was deeply unhappy, in spite of owning a very successful business.

For years, Simon said down with his friends and friends of friends, 1-on-1, for several hours, workshopping their why with them. Only when he was asked to speak and share his idea in front of more and more people, did he start thinking about writing a book. It speaks to your heart. This is a much more sustainable way to find motivation in your work, which is what makes this book so helpful in finding motivation that lasts.

Curious fact: In , Stephen Covey was at an event where most people were preoccupied with badmouthing Bill Clinton, who was running for president at the time.