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Someone once asked me when I'll be finished with my gardens, to which I replied, "Never! Bold flowers in brilliant hues attract these winged wonders.

5 plants that hummingbirds can't resist

Once hummingbirds discover this garden's buffet of blooms, they'll stick around all summer and return again each spring. Most of the perennial varieties were chosen for their relatively compact form so they won't overwhelm the bed once they reach their mature size.

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Feel free to substitute plants. And rather than crowding in additional perennials, try filling in any first-year gaps with additional annual flowers, until the perennials reach their full size. Shop Backyard Habitat. Cart 0 items in cart. Gardener's Supply. Search Catalog Search Search. A force for good. About Us. Fresh-Picked Gifts New!

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Personal Accessories New! More Articles Find more garden information. Share this Article:. Watch the antics of hummingbirds as they dart to and fro, feeding on the nectar of the abundant, colorful blooms. This planting plan is designed for our Pollinator Garden Bed but the plan is perfect for any small-space planting.

With a hexagonal shape inspired by honeycomb cells, our Pollinator Garden Beds can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your space. Add the hexagonal shape lets you add more more Pollinator Garden Beds any time by tucking them close together or placing end to end.

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Brilliant red, tubular honeysuckle flowers are irresistible to hummingbirds. Agastache's common name, hummingbird mint, is a sure sign of its attractiveness to hummers. Keep gardens blooming and feeders filled! Source: Cornell Lab of Ornithology Many pesticides, even organic ones, will harm pollinators. For example, if you use a pesticide to control caterpillars, you risk harming butterfly larvae.

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  4. As an added bonus these plants will also house and feed the small insects that hummingbirds eat, provide places for them to shelter and perch, and overall make a larger contribution to your local ecosystem than a sugar feeder ever could. There is a long list of hummingbird plants for the warm months, so by choosing these hardy and reliable winter-blooming species you can truly create a year round garden.

    This Mediterranean relative of our native Madrone typically blooms September through December, and the sweet honey-scent of its nectar is a surprising winter treat. Hummingbirds think so as well. In the summer, it has plentiful and colorful fruit, which is edible but somewhat bland, and great fun for kids.

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    Strawberry tree is drought tolerant, evergreen, and thrives in full sun to part shade. This favorite culinary herb, native to the Mediterranean, blooms November through March in Portland, handily spanning the winter months and attracting hummingbirds along the way. Rosemary is incredibly easy to grow, as long as you give it lots of neglect. It is drought tolerant, evergreen, and thrives in full sun.

    28 Common Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds (Native, Easy To Grow) - Bird Watching HQ

    This hybrid of two Asian Mahonia species M. It is a tough evergreen plant for sun to part shade, with ornamental leaves all year long. It is related to our native Oregon grape Mahonia aquifolium, nervosa, etc. A west coast native, this stately and architectural selection of manzanita has beautiful dark red bark, and pink bell shaped flowers that bloom exceptionally early, beginning in January.

    Other manzanita species bloom slightly later, but are likewise useful hummingbird food.