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My honey was turning to Sugar so I put it in some boiling water and just let it sit to liquify it again. Will it hurt the honey. Was preparing a mixture with garlic apple cider ginger and lemon. I added the honey and cooked it on slow fire for half an hour. Wanting to add honey to chili.

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Or, should I add it at the end, and keep its structural integritiy? Can I microwave my honey? I did until it bubbled a bit at the top. Did this destroy any vitamins, minerals or taste? If you are looking to keep the honey in as natural a state as possible, yes. If the honey was sealed, it should be fine for consumption. I love raw honey for a number of things. However, the main thing I use my honey for on a daily basis is in my hot tea.

Is all nutrient value totally destroyed at that temperature?

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I keep one of my hives up on the roof at my work. Poor little bees spend many, many day over 95 before the Summer is over. They make some delicious honey though! The breakdown of helpful enzymes, etc. How about in making candy for colds in the winter or stir sticks? Is it safe to assume that all the benefits of the honey used is gone even if I use extra honey instead of sugar in my candy making method as the particular recipe calls for?

Has anyone made infused candies with heating honey like lemon or ginger or using herbs? I have Raw Organic honey,I want to melt it and use it in a facial wash. If I melt the honey will it destroy the healing properties for the skin? Our posts are mostly about the impact of heating honey on the nutritional elements, though similar concerns would apply for the skin. When you make honey hard candy you have to boil it till it reaches degrees? What happens then?

Heating honey to that temperature will break down or destroy many of the nutrients, enzymes, etc. I put my honey bear in warm water to de-crystalize it but instead it turned it into the viscosity of water! Did I just use hotter water this time? Too hot?!? What do you think Aaron? When I bring honey and granulated sugar to a boil at about degrees it develops a scum on top that I remove during the 3 hour cooking. What is the scum all about. So it seems there are no health benefits to honey if using to make candy or lozenges right?

It seems to smooth the troat regardless. Interesting that some cough drops have honey in them but it must only be to sweeten and harden products but no nutritional value?? I was told never to add honey to anything spicy or it would make it poisonous since apperently spicy is equal to cooking it. They smelled like flowers.

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I bought a jar and brought it home. And ever since, I've been on a rampage, picking up a jar or two of local honey whenever I travel and precariously pining over the shelves at speciality food stores.

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  • I'm not alone in this addiction. She's gone down the honey rabbit hole, too. A fascination with honey often starts with a fascination of how honey is made, a natural process that is as complex and perfect as anything happening at, say, Apple. To put it briefly: Honey is made from the nectar of flowers. Bees suck the nectar from flower blooms and store it in their stomachs.


    While there, the nectar mixes with protein and enzymes, which breaks the nectar down from sucrose into glucose and fructose. Once at the hive, the bees deposit the converted nectar into the cells of the hive and fan it with their wings until enough moisture evaporates that it has become the thick syrup we know as honey. The bees cap the cells with wax for storage because honey isn't just food for us—bees feed on it as well , which indicates to a beekeeper that the honey can be collected.

    Like wine, honey can be blends of several nectars, or they can be made solely with one type of nectar. A proper honey addict is familiar with the most common single-varieties, has respect for all of them, but has a few he or she loves more than the others. A few of the more than varieties in the United States:. Beekeepers will shuttle bees to certain locations to yield single-variety honeys—a clover field, say, to make clover honey. But honey made from various types of flowers is also possible.

    How to Become Shamelessly Obsessed With Honey in 12 Easy Steps

    That said, in many areas and seasons there are many different types of plants blooming that are all healthy and nutritious for honey bees. This is why you get seasonal honey and varietals with more than one flower source, like wildflower honey. Honey addicts will quickly realize that every honey has its own consistency—some are translucent and flow freely, others creamy and spreadable, and a few thick and practically solid.

    This is due to the chemical makeup of the nectar that made the honey: the more glucose in the honey, the more likely it will be dense and opaque; the more fructose, the clearer and thinner the honey will be. Honey addicts should embrace all honeys, regardless of its consistency, including crystallized honey. Tauzer notes: "Quality honey can be crystalized in the jar, which is actually a good thing.

    It shows that the honey you are buying has not been watered down or overheated and filtered. Crystallized honey can be restored to its smooth, liquid consistency by placing the jar in warm water. But a true addict will spread it on toast as-is. At this point in your addiction you'll begin to suspect that the honey you've been pouring from those cute plastic bears all your life is amateur stuff.

    Not enough flavor. Eerily consistent.

    Cook With Honey

    Honey bears "are not bad in and of themselves," says Tauzer. It's hard to track the origin or actual flower source of these honeys, and if you don't know where it comes from, I wouldn't trust it.

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    Zeke Freeman, founder of Bee Raw , concurs. Not having any pollen hides the original source of honey and makes it very difficult to tell if other less expensive sugars have been used to dilute the honey. Time to let go of those honey bears, addict. Use up whatever bears you have lingering in your pantry, then kiss them goodbye. Raw honey is honey that hasn't been heated past pasteurization.

    Because of this "it most likely has all of its beneficial pollen, amino acids and enzymes intact," says Freeman.