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Twitter is also a great place to get feedback from your customers, and to reach out to them to share company news and changes. Your customers will often mention you when they have something to say that has to do with your business. Your business Twitter account can also be used to share company news, like an acquisition or changes in product offering. Being transparent with your customers in your Twitter outreach will make them trust you more, and it will strengthen your Twitter account.

Because of the somewhat informal nature of Twitter, it is a great place to strike up a conversation with another business account or individual who you might like to network with. Continue Reading. Pages: 1 2. By Lauren Dugan. You upload this image under Design in your profile settings. Each feature gives more details about your business that contribute to your business story.

When you follow another Twitter user, you subscribe to read what they share. So be selective about whom you follow , especially at first. To follow a user , you find their user profile and click on the Follow button. Twitter has strict rules about what they call aggressive following and aggressive following churn , so be careful and take it slow.

Note: Your Twitter experience is defined by whom you follow, not by who follows you. Pay attention to your follow choices to give yourself a great Twitter experience. Twitter can help you find people you know by scanning your email address book. While you are out following people, you may notice that people are starting to follow you. Stay focused on whom you follow for now. Talking on Twitter is different from every other social media site.

Give yourself a little time to get your feet wet.

How to Use Twitter for Business Purposes

Listen to others. Jump in when you feel comfortable. Start talking as you get your bearings. In general, there are five types of Twitter messages :. A tweet is a short message sent out to everyone who follows your Twitter account. Reply: a message you send out as a reply to a message you received. The reply is a public message that mentions the Twitter username of the person. It shows up in the tweet stream of everyone who follows both of you, and on the connect mentions page of the Twitter user. An reply tweet is a message you send in response to a tweet from another person.

Mention: a message you send out that mentions another Twitter username. A mention tweet includes the name of a Twitter user but is not a reply to a previous tweet from that person. Direct message DM : a message you send privately to another Twitter user. You can only send a DM to someone who follows you.

A DM is a private message sent to someone who follows you on Twitter.

Pick three goals

Retweet RT : a message created and sent by someone else that you share with the people who follow you. Twitter makes it easy to share tweets. A retweet is a message sent by another person that you share with your followers. Step 5: Talk Smarter After you master the five types of tweets, you are ready to attack the big question: What should I talk about on Twitter? For every business, the answer is different.

In general, you want to find the sweet spot between what your target audience wants to hear and things that promote your business. For many businesses, the answer is to focus on how your products and services benefit your customers. Give people useful information and answer their questions , and they will consider you a valuable member of their community.

Experiment with different ways to say the same thing, and see what gets the most response. Over time, the quality of what you share will help you grow a strong Twitter following. Now, you are ready to take a step back and come up with a Twitter communication plan. Your plan focuses your Twitter conversation on topics designed to draw in potential customers and publish your tweets at the times you are most likely to engage people.

Twitter is a great tool for driving traffic to your website and blog.

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To do this, you create a tweet around a link , writing a message that compels people to click to learn more. When you use Twitter. Most social follow tools make it easy to add Twitter to your list of social media accounts. Add a timeline of your Twitter messages to your website and blog. Twitter provides widgets that allow you to share a tweet timeline on your website and blog.

This can be a great way to share your Twitter conversations with your website visitors , getting double exposure from the same effort.

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An example of a Twitter widget using Twitter lists explained in this article added to a company website. Note: You want to make sure that the tweets you share contribute to your business story, so be selective about which tweets you share on your website. Make it easy for people to share your website and blog content on Twitter.

37 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

There are several ways you can add a Tweet This button to your blog posts and website pages , including a tweet button from Twitter. This allows your visitors to easily write a tweet about your content and share it with their followers. The Tweet button at the top of every Social Media Examiner post makes it easy for you to share our articles with your Twitter followers.

Another way you can move the Twitter conversation to your blog or website is by embedding a tweet. This allows you to select any tweet and insert it into a blog post , for example. By embedding the tweet, you allow people who visit your blog post to jump into the Twitter conversation.

Social Media Examiner just past , e-mail subscribers! We are thankful to be connected to all of you! Twitter allows you to set up push notifications to your smartphone so you know when selected activities happen on Twitter:. With Twitter, a speedy response is best, and push notifications make it easy for you to know when things are happening for you on Twitter.

People love to look at pictures, so include photographs in your tweets whenever possible. All you need is a smartphone.

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Small Business | Sprout Social

You can share your photograph from your desktop on Twitter. Get into the habit of taking photos of your business activities that you can share with your Twitter community. This allows you to easily share photos you have taken with your Twitter followers. Twitter adds every photo you share to a photo and video gallery. The first six appear on your profile page.

Take advantage of this feature to share pictures that tell your business story. You can add videos to your Twitter timeline , but you cannot add them directly from Twitter. You must first upload them to another service like YouTube, and then link to them in your tweet.

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  • When a tweet contains a link to a video, Twitter allows you to play the video within the tweet. Click on View media to open the video player.

    10 useful Twitter marketing tips for business

    Recently, Twitter launched a new video service called Vine that allows you to take short, 6-second videos from the Vine app and play them on an endless loop inside Twitter. If you are not sure how your business can take advantage of this exciting new information-sharing tool, check out these examples of how businesses are using Vine to tell their story. As you follow more people, it can be challenging to focus on the information coming from specific people and groups.

    A Twitter list allows you to separate the Twitter accounts you follow into groups. You might create separate lists for :.

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    • A list allows you to see the tweets from the list members as a separate Twitter timeline. This distinguishes them from the crowd so you can pay attention to what these people say. You can also share tweets from a list on your website using a widget explained in this article. You can organize your lists in any way that helps you.

      You can create one or many lists. You can also make your lists public or private. To review the public lists created by any Twitter user, display their profile page. Then click Lists in the left menu. Their public lists appear in the right column. To add someone to a list, display his or her profile. Click the gear icon and choose add or remove from lists. Then check or uncheck them from your list of Twitter lists. Hashtags appear in tweets to identify a common topic or theme.