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Preview — Jews on the Moon by Stephen D. Geller Goodreads Author. Newman Fears, the last Jew on Earth, crash-lands on the dark side of the Moon. For its survival, he is asked to travel the Universe to the Key to the Mystery of the Jews. The Key is one thing. Even more importantly, what is the Mystery? To Newman,the Universe proves to be far weirder, far whackier, and the children of Israel far stranger than anything he could have imagined. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Jews on the Moon 1.

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Jews in the Bosom of the Big Bang

Lists with This Book. Topics Race Opinion. Judaism Religion David Cameron comment. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular. A string playing at one frequency gets you an electron. At another, it gets you the tiny quarks that make up a neutron. Yet another gets you the quarks you need for a proton. And so on, until the whole range of 35 or so particles, along with their 19 different constants, all follow from the single concept of a vibrating string. In essence, a very simple idea.

So now we can define the multitude of different particles in terms of something else—strings. But what are strings? Basically, the only meaningful way we can talk about these strings is in terms of their vibrations. No vibrations means no energy, no mass—and so, obviously, no string. No strings means no particles. No particles, no universe. And so, all of the matter and energy in the universe is defined in relation to fundamental objects that lack any further meaning.

The Cosmic Symphony

Other than vibrating. As I mentioned, these one-dimensional strings are said to be vibrating within multiple dimensions—at last count, eleven of them. But the math works mostly. Add the weirdness of supersymmetry to the mix, and string theory is begging many metaphysical questions about the nature of our reality and why we perceive it the way we do. To the Kabbalist, the fundamental fabric of the cosmos is not strings, but otiyot letters.

The sound of each of the otiyot, as well as their two-dimensional form on parchment or paper, are analogs for the varied articulations of creative energy that generate our material world. No, not the kind of kid you would want in a daycare situation.

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The otiyot are meant to explain more than matter and energy. They are meant to explain why there is anything at all. Why are there patterns of nature?

The Legends of the Jews, Volume 2 Full Audiobook by Louis GINZBERG by Religion

Why are there laws of quantum physics? Why is there uncertainty and chaos? Why should anything make sense, or follow any pattern? It all begins here: The fundamental substance of the universe is not matter, not energy, not strings, not vibrations, not a set of laws, not intelligence. Fundamentally, the universe is generated out of something that cannot be defined in any way.

The Ohr Ein Sof holds the power of existence. That is why the most exquisite demonstration of this unboundedness is in the sudden appearance of otherness, of an unlimited set of worlds, each its own realm of self-contained reality—until the ultimate extent of this world, where things appear well-defined, following predictable patterns, and look as though they have no origin other than themselves. That is the ultimate unboundedness: Extending into that which is other, generating an entity that has so totally lost context with its origin that it perceives itself as all there is—and sustaining it in that state.

If you could peer beneath the hood of this creation, you would see only that unbounded, infinite light. Imagine running the 22, megawatts of the turbines at the Three Gorges Dam through a flashlight bulb.

Jews on the Moon by Stephen D. Geller

A truly infinite force leaves no room for differentiation within time and space, never mind patterns of nature. But on the other hand, if that infinite creative power is not there within the creation, what else is sustaining its existence? Reality, then, is a paradox. Two opposites must concur: The infinite creative force must be simultaneously both here and not-here. We experience that dynamic as the phenomenon of time. At its essence, then, time is a manifestation of the paradox of concomitant being and not-being.

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This dynamic is also what distinguishes one point in space from another, and any individual creation from any other. The oscillation is deliberate, with varied articulation, and thus the multifariousness of the creation. Each created being and each event is the result of a set of particular articulations of that oscillation between being and not-being.

Each of those articulations is represented by a Hebrew letter, twenty-two in total.

Ancient Jewish wisdom on the solar eclipse

Perek Shirah is a wonderful and wondrous ancient work, likely pre-dating the Mishnah , and attributed by some to King David , 2 or King David and his son, King Solomon. Each critter, it seems, hums a different tune. The critter is the hum.

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  • The Cosmic Symphony.

No hum, no critter. The trees sing their song, the grass sings its, the carrots sing another; the frogs, the dogs, the hippopotamus and the Sasquatch. Every cell, every element, every particle has its song in which it is united with all of its species, harmonized with all the universe, and perfectly bonded with the Infinite Light from which it is generated. When that vital light amplifies its signal, the song is magnified and that creature is full of life. Should the signal decrease, the creature winds itself down.

And if its song would be silenced for a moment, in a nanoblink a phenomenon once embedded in our reality would fall from existence into the utter void, to become a non-being that never was. The very memory of it would cease to be, for the song is beyond time, and generates all of time, present, future and past.

It would be as though we had removed the code for an object from the program, and ran the code again. It never was. It even explains why these vibrating entities are fundamental to existence—because the otiyot, to generate a finite reality, must be in a constant state of oscillation between finite being and annihilation within the infinite. Of course, there are also vast differences. The oscillating otiyot are not observable because they do not exist within time and space—they are that which generate time and space.

String theory is derived through ingenious mathematical formulas, supported by observation of physical law. Otiyot are known to us through prophetic tradition and divinely inspired intuition. Nevertheless, I hold hopes that in my own lifetime the two paths of the maze will meet for us. With each entry in this series, we need to have a practical application.

Kabbalah, after all, is about life, so everything in Kabbalah has a practical application in everyday life. Just like the otiyot oscillate between existence and nonexistence, so too the lives of each of us. Are you a something, or a nothing? Or, as Hillel the Elder stated the classic conundrum:. And if not now, when? This is how each thing in the universe exists—it has to both be and not-be, at every moment. Nothing stands still; nothing just is.

The only thing that just is in this world, now and forever, is purpose. Each of us has a magnificent purpose in being here. Each of us is capable of bringing out the wonder of this creation in some way that no other being can.