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He suggested taking my brother and me. The hotel agreed. On the first day, the duck did a poo in the lobby. Papa was presented with the evidence on a tray. That was my duck's first and last trip. We were much photographed, but I have no pictures. If someone does? As usual, she does not describe, she testifies to nothing but what she feels, she does not […]. For several years, Julien Chatelin has been working on issues related to urbanization and the cyclical transformations of our environments.

In western China, the rapid pace of economic development is creating a new period of transformation. Every morning, receive the latest world photography news and events. News from all over the world are gathered in our unique geo-tagged map. Bringing together , visits each month , The Eye of Photography is the 5th media for photography in the world, and the first in France.

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End date. Please leave this field empty. Close Sidebar. The Eye Photography: World Photography Art History, Latest News and Photography Events The Eye of Photography is the ultimate digital magazine where everything about photography art is published daily, highlighted, discussed and archived for all professionals and amateurs, in English and French. Today's Photography Headlines Jean-Pierre Giovannangeli — My Ventoux My climb up Mont Ventoux — Petrarch Today I made an ascent to the highest mountain of this county that we rightly named Ventoux, guided only by the desire to see the extraordinary height of the place.

Steve Meltzer — Streetphotos I was born and raised in the Bronx. Install WebApp on iPhone. Install WebApp on Android. Robert Farhi - Traces. Add your event. Archives: Premium Picks for our Members. Vincent Peters, In the Light. Diane Arbus: In The Beginning. Pascal Blanchard, From the Orient, Subscribe to our Newsletter Sign up to receive email updates and to hear what's going on with our magazine! Languages EN FR. Agenda Newsletter Yes No. Subscribe now. Latest news. Arles is 50 years old!

It's also our anniversary! June 28, Arles - Lucien Clergue.

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The first exhibition : Edward Weston, Jerome Hill donation. Souvenirs of Charles Harbutt.

Souvenirs of Victoria Haas. June 27, Julien Chatelin - China West. Bernard Plossu in Pierrevert - Back and Forth. Keep an eye out for the latest photography news! Subscribe to our Newsletter Every morning, receive the latest world photography news and events.

And it's free! Subscribe to our Newsletter. Jean-Pierre Giovannangeli — My Ventoux. Laramie Shubber — Out of Power. There was little joy in his return to Los Angeles, a city he never regarded with affection. But he made the move willingly, because Howard Austen, with whom he had shared 52 years of his life, had developed emphysema and was failing rapidly. They were hoping that the medical care available in this country might buy them some time. But Howard died later that year, leaving a huge hole in the soul of a man who did not customarily speak in spiritual terms and who often appeared to prefer being thought of as emotionally impenetrable.

I asked him about differences in the nature of friendships with men and with women. Can you imagine the trouble between Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart? She and I would read, write, and exchange poetry throughout every game.

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I had hoped that my father would marry her so that she would become my stepmother. I never wanted to marry another boy. Did he cry when his father told him of her death? Army Air Corps pilot, was the aeronautics instructor at the U. After he had co-founded one of them—with the Boston and Maine Railroad company and Amelia Earhart, his married lover—it became Northeast Airlines.

In , Gore was a year-old U. Army veteran of World War II who had already become a famous, controversial, and successful novelist. But, as Gore remembered it, there was nothing about him at any age that Nina ever deemed worthy of her support.

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If Nina Gore Vidal Auchincloss Olds harbored hostile feelings about writers and homosexuals, that was only a warm-up to the way she felt about Jews. She must have been more convinced than ever that the universe had it in for her when, in the early s, her son struck up a close friendship with a young Jewish singer named Howard Auster later changed to Austen , who was working in the pre- Mad Men world of New York City advertising. So I told them. We never had sex.

I had sex and he had sex, but it was never together. Of course, they were furious and hated me for that answer. That was in I was smart enough to know that if you wanted to keep a friendship you made sure there was no sex. It was self-preservation. Shortly before he met Howard, Gore had decided to settle down.

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His neighbors, who lived on vast wooded estates, included members of such elite American families as the Astors, Aldriches, Ryans, Delanos, and Roosevelts. Almost immediately, Gore became the darling of a small cadre of witty, wealthy, somewhat eccentric women, all the age of his mother or even his beloved grandmother. Many of his older women friends were married but involved in liaisons with tycoons or national leaders, who in turn were married to women who were having out-of-wedlock children with senators and statesmen.

In the Country of Women: A Memoir by Susan Straight

In , during the lead-up to the Kennedy election, Gore, who was turning 35, launched an unsuccessful bid to run for the U. Gore adored her. She had to look after the black people, the Jews—all sorts of people. She was noble. It was a tough role—thankless! When she got bad press and deserved to be smacked down, I think she could take it. I mean, she is the Queen of Australia and Canada too.

Gore met the actress Joanne Woodward, who was to become his lifelong friend, before she met her future husband, Paul Newman. Since it was Joanne who introduced me to Gore, nearly six decades ago, I asked him where and how he and Joanne had originally connected. She was just getting parts on television, and I was the leading television dramatist at that time. And Paul and I used to work out at the Y. I remember those houses, the era, and a trip I made with Joanne and Paul, on their elopement to Las Vegas in , along with the agent Ina Bernstein, the film producer John Foreman, the screenwriter Stewart Stern, and my then husband, the agent Jay Kanter.

Gore shared trips galore with Joanne and Paul. After he decided to move to Rome and rented Edgewater, Joanne and Paul went to see him off on the liner Leonardo da Vinci. Howard had already gone abroad and was to meet Gore in Palermo, so the first night out Gore wandered into the grand dining room alone. I told Gore that the last time I had seen him with the Newmans he and Joanne seemed almost like brother and sister. Paul was taking his time divorcing his first wife, and Joanne calculated that the possibility of our marriage would give him the needed push.

It did. We pretended that we were having an affair or something. We got a kick out of it, because it was in the newspaper. Gore, Howard, Paul, and I had one of those rare life experiences where we shared special, special times. I certainly miss those times. At the end of , the British actress Claire Bloom, who four years earlier had co-starred with Charlie Chaplin in Limelight, returned to New York from an apartment-hunting trip in Los Angeles, where she had stayed with Jay Kanter and me while we awaited the birth of our second daughter, Victoria.

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Claire, who was still single, was at that time distraught and in love with the very complicated Richard Burton, who was busy being, well, Richard Burton. We stayed up all night, and that was it! When Gore and Howard lived in Rome, Claire also lived there for a time, with her first husband, the actor Rod Steiger. I said no. She survived all those husbands too! Rod Steiger suffered from near-catatonic depression.

I knew I had to do something, so I booked myself for a trip to Greece and intended to travel alone, by bus, throughout the country. When I told Gore about it on the phone, he promptly decided to come with me—canceled the whole bus idea and booked cars for us to visit Athens, Delphi, and everywhere else I wanted to go. And he was so funny about my terrible husband and his infidelity that by the time the trip was over my depression had totally lifted.

In , the year after he met Claire, Gore finally decided to give up the ghost with his mother.