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You forgot to mention how old? It sounds like you have jail in your future. You are suppose to be the adult here, get a grip. Peeping tom, sex with minors, wow you don't think there is something wrong here? Maybe when the father blasts your head off with a shotgun you will realize how stupid you are. Keep it a fantasy and just go play with yourself before you end up in a bad way.

Are you willing to accept the consequences of what may occur if this continues?

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That is all that matters. I do agree they are normal and they may not be sexual in nature but they are still not appropriate for a older man to be like this over his teenage neighbor. He just needs to back off and keep his right and wrong boundaries up. Your a man wiht hormones anda working dick, and wiht the way she is talkign to you i seems like she want you attention.

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So give it to her but do not cross a line so dont touch her inappropiatly or anyhting. But you should talk to her tell her that what she does is worng and that if you break the temptaion you can get in serious triouble. But most teens know that so yeah.

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Its cool but dont do anything. How old is she? Is she the legal age of your country? If she's of age, why don't you try dating her?

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My best friends daughter did the same thing to me come in naked say thing one night we were on the couch watching tv she put her feet in my lap and started rubbing my dick with them and I gave he fine little ass a proper pussy licking toe sucking the fucked her till morning she still wants me to make her feel good when I'm in town and she's married now so we Sneek off and play.

If she's hinder 28 stop talking yo her or you'll get ruined If no I dated a 18 year old when I was 30, when I was 19 I was banging the sexiest girl of my life, she barely I get hard to this day describing her, u see she was illegals, and your damn right he did too.!!!! I hear ya man, so hard to walk away from that perfect, sexy, right teenage body, but in the end it's not enough anyway, not yet:;.

Also, i also have to agree with some of the comments,get the money that you were going to pay the slut, and use it to take out a woman of ur own age. I pretty much said that same thing in mine. Glad someone in this world is still rational. And oh yeah Watch out there man. I'm 22, in college and my neighbors daughter is 9.

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Even though I'm cool with her parents and stuff. I don't feel comfortable with her in my apartment with the door closed. She is a nice girl but I recognize its not appropriate for her n me to talk about certain topics or be in my place with the door closed But I understand there is something about her that draws you to her but you at the end of the day need to be an adult and keep the situation right cause your the only one that will lose anything.

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Die happy. Well how old is the girl o and do go to far cause if she is under age you culd get cought and be aressted. Are You Normal? Is It Normal? Help us keep this site organized and clean. Comments 43 Sort: best oldest. Comment Hidden show. Reguardless of her age, this is an obsession and, as such, is unhealthy.

He's here as a warning sign to catch himself before he makes a mistake. Be easy on him. Ha Ha, No. Only a quarter of the world is female. Shes not worth it and obsessions are unhealty regardless. HAHA well havent you been a bad boy let me ask you something are you married? You belong in jail you dirty fuck Please tell ME that you aren't a pedophile and that she's at least And I'll confirm that you have crossed the line, if this is indeed a legit story. Sounds great to me. Just be careful what you pay her to do. Neighbor eating my pussy again while playing fortnite I cream in his mouth.

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