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Examples from the Web for second mate At the end of that time, I went on board the Sally, a ship also bound to Greenock, as her second-mate. Ned Myers James Fenimore Cooper. Captain Calamity Rolf Bennett. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide.

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Seafarer's professions and ranks

Captains , sometimes called masters , have overall command of a vessel. They have the final responsibility for the safety of the crew, cargo, and passengers. Captains typically do the following:. Mates , or deck officers , direct the operation of a vessel while the captain is off duty. Large ships have three officers, called first, second, and third mates. The first mate has the highest authority and takes command of the ship if the captain is incapacitated. On smaller vessels, there may be only one mate who handles all of the responsibilities. Deck officers typically do the following:.

Pilots guide ships in harbors, on rivers, and on other confined waterways. They work in places where a high degree of familiarity with local tides, currents, and hazards is needed. Some, called harbor pilots , work for ports and help many ships that come into the harbor during the day. When coming into a commercial port, a captain will often have to turn control of the vessel over to a pilot, who can safely guide it into the harbor. Pilots typically do the following:.

Sailors , or deckhands , operate and maintain the vessel and deck equipment. They make up the deck crew and keep all parts of a ship, other than areas related to the engine and motor, in good working order.

Second Mate Jobs

New deckhands are called ordinary seamen and do the least complicated tasks. Experienced deckhands are called able seamen and usually make up most of a crew. Some large ships have a boatswain , who is the chief of the deck crew. Sailors typically do the following:.

General Points

Large vessels usually carry a chief engineer , who has command of the engine room and its crew, and a first, second, and third assistant engineer. The assistant engineer oversees the engine and related machinery when the chief engineer is off duty. Small ships might have only one engineer. Engineers typically do the following:.

Jake Robinson, Second Mate

Marine oilers work in the engine room, helping the engineers keep the propulsion system in working order. They are the engine room equivalent of sailors.

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New oilers usually are called wipers, or pumpmen, on vessels handling liquid cargo. Marine oilers typically do the following:. Motorboat operators run small, motor-driven boats that carry only a few passengers. They provide a variety of services, such as fishing charters, tours, and harbor patrols.

Motorboat operators typically do the following:. Show More. Show Less. Education and training requirements vary by the type of job. There are no educational requirements for entry-level sailors and oilers, but officers and engineers usually must have an endorsement certificate from the U.

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Coast Guard. Graduates of these programs also can choose to receive a commission as an ensign in the U. Coast Guard Reserve. Ordinary seamen, wipers, and other entry-level mariners get on-the-job training for 6 months to a year. The length of training depends on the size and type of ship and waterway they work on.

For example, workers on deep-sea vessels need more complex training than those whose ships travel on a river. All mariners working on ships with U. This credential states that a person is a U.

Second Mate Jobs

The TWIC must be renewed every 5 years. Regional U. Coast Guard offices provide this training, and it includes topics such as first aid and lifeboat safety. The STWC training must be completed every 5 years. Coast Guard regional examination center. Entry-level employees, such as ordinary seamen or wipers, do not have to pass a written exam.

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  • However, some have to pass physical, hearing, and vision tests, and all must undergo a drug screening, to get their MMC. They also have to take a class on shipboard safety.

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    The MMC must also be renewed every 5 years. More information on MMCs and endorsements is available from the U. Coast Guard National Maritime Center. Pilots are licensed by the state in which they work. The U. Coast Guard licenses pilots on the Great Lakes. The requirements for these licenses vary, depending on where a pilot works. Crewmembers can apply for endorsements to their MMC that allow them to move into more advanced positions. It takes 3 years of experience and the passing of a written test for an ordinary seaman to become an unlimited able seaman.

    However, several able seaman endorsements below the level of unlimited are available after 6 months to 1 year of experience, depending on the type of ship the seamen work on. Able seamen can advance to become third mates after at least 3 years of experience in the deck department. This experience must be on a ship similar to the type they hope to serve on as an officer. They also must take several training courses and pass written and onboard exams to receive the third-mate endorsement on their MMC.

    The difficulty of these requirements increases with the complexity and size of the vessel. Similarly, QMEDs can receive an endorsement as a third assistant engineer after 3 years of experience in the engine room and upon completion of a number of training and testing requirements. Experience and testing requirements increase with the size and complexity of the ship. Officers who graduate from a maritime academy receive an MMC with an endorsement of third mate or third assistant engineer, depending on which department they are trained in.

    Many pilots have years of experience as a mate on a ship. The ship should be of the type they expect to pilot. For example, if they work at a deep-sea port, they should have experience on an oceangoing vessel. Similarly, many motorboat operators must have several years of experience working on and driving a boat. Customer-service skills. Many motorboat operators interact with passengers and must ensure that the passengers have a pleasant experience.

    Hand-eye coordination. Officers and pilots who steer ships have to operate various controls while staying aware of their surroundings.

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    • Manual dexterity. Crewmembers need good balance to maneuver through tight spaces and on wet or uneven surfaces.