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They're even starting to spread into northern California. As an apex predator, wolves create a trophic cascade of benefits in the ecosystems they inhabit.


Change something as important as a wolf, and it can alter the course of rivers. There, they corrected an overpopulation of elk, fixing an imbalance caused by that species voracious appetite for plants. As a result, everything from beavers to birds of prey returned to more balanced population numbers. Plus, wolves achieved that management of ecosystems far cheaper and much more effectively than humans alone would have.

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Wolves like to kill and eat stuff that you and I also like to kill and eat. That might be a lamb or calf, putting them into conflict with ranchers, or it might be the aforementioned elk, putting them into conflict with hunters. In addition, ESA protections for wolves may restrict the activities of big businesses like industrial agriculture or oil and gas extraction in places where wolves live. Some people also consider wolves scary, despite overwhelming evidence that they pose virtually no threat to human life. Efforts to do that have been ongoing since at least The short answer as to why?

Every politician who takes money from the agriculture or oil and gas industries is under pressure to remove protections for the species.

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Forgot password? First name. While Bernhardt announced his intention to strike wolves from their ESA listing Wednesday, the plan must still be opened for public comment before it can move forward. When that happens you should give your government your opinion. If you feel strongly about protections for wolves, then you can also donate to organizations like the Center for Biological Diversity , which will be challenging the measure in court.

And in the long term, you can support candidates and legislation who are trying to get corporate money out of politics. Ninety percent of Americans support the Endangered Species Act, but corporate donations have been shown to coincide with attacks on it from the politicians we elect.

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