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Bullion Basin & Bear Gap

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Bullion Canyon and The Miners Park Recreation Trail - Utah Outdoor Activities

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Killer Island. Francis Lecane. Top Writers Block: Revolution. Top Writers Block. The Story of the Mimosa. Paul Kater. Whisky Tango Foxtrot John Regan. Drowning City. Ben Atkins. Remains of the old town, established in include old cabins, buildings, mines and the old mill. The park includes remains of the old towns mine portals, trails, tracks and restored mining equipment all on display. Signs will lead you through a self guided tour of the park and offer details on every aspect of the old town and its history.

A beautifully designed brochure is available at most retailers in Marysvale that describes each of the nine stops along the tour. Please when exploring this area do not travel on roads or trails which have been closed to ATV'S, also respect private property. Many private land owners are working with land managers and have given permission for riding enthusiasts to explore the beauty of their lands. Be Safe, Have Fun and enjoy the beauty this trail has to offer you.

To get to the Bullion Canyon Trail travel west from Marysvale on Revenue Gulch spur 77 for a little over 5 miles and you will join Bullion Canyon road just above where the "Canyon Of Gold" driving tour begins. Turn right and continue up the canyon to Old Bullion City ghost town, approximately another 2 miles. Revenue Gulch spur is a beautiful and enjoyable ride that takes you through sagebrush, Utah Juniper and Pinyon Pine. You will cross two creeks that run at least during the Spring months.