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Example: if you were showing a Nubian senior doe and there were seven different age classes with Nubian senior does entered, you would write in seven. Number of Exhibitors — this is the number of different owners that participated in the sanction that you won. Note: this may or may not be the number of people showing in the ring at one time.

Caprine Capers, Torrington

If there were three different owners that brought animals to show and nine animals were being shown with the assistance of extra handlers, the number of exhibitors is 3 not 9. Was the champion in milk? This question is for senior does only and does not apply to junior does. Number of does in milk — this would be the total number of does that were in milk for the sanction you entered. If you were showing a Saanen senior doe and there were eleven Saanen senior does shown at the show but one was dry, the number entered here would be If this was a buck show write in the number of bucks under one year and the number of bucks over one year for the sanction you entered.

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If your animal that won is not a buck you can leave this blank. After ALL information is filled in; you must write in your name and then sign the form. Checking the appropriate box will either refund their share to the exhibitor or donate their share to the AGS Youth Fund.


The Judge will keep the yellow copy and send the original to the AGS office. You as the exhibitor will keep the pink copy for your records. As the exhibitor it is YOUR responsibility to provide a stamped envelope, addressed to the AGS office, to the judge for mailing in the form. No win will be processed unless the proper fees are submitted.

Goat Simulator getting GoatZ survival DLC

You will need to contact the AGS office for the form. Torte, the Grand Dame of the herd. Torte is our only milking doe at the moment but she has a really good output right now over a gallon a day. Sometimes Torte will headbutt twerpy kids who get in her way but she is very calm and patient. Sometimes, they will all break into a leapy gallop and fly from one far flung end of the pen to another. Goats eat leaves. Feeding chaos. Feeding 7 kids is chaos incarnate. Ed, Q and KD have to corral and manage the various kids and Torte who wants to get in on whatever is happening so that each kid is fed for certain.

The Baz Chronicles: Caprine Capers edition (May 27, 2011)

Controlling kids. Kids close up. Kids nursing.

capri-, capr- - Word Information

Since the beginning, I planned to focus on goats here although it was obvious we would have a variety of farm animals to satisfy my borderline psychotic need to be surrounded by lots, and lots, and lots of furry or feathered creatures. Goats probably were the priority since I knew them already, having grown up with a few backyard pets. Their small stature makes them more manageable for a lady person, like myself, and their antics — while intolerable to some — are endearing to me. The Latin name for goat, caprine, is the root of words related to dancing, or acting with abandon like: capriole and capricious.

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Does caper derive from caprine?