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Unfortunately there is currently no ready reliable source for information on the relative merits in regard to strength for different rigging knots and hitches as it depends on rope, usage, climate and numerous other factors, but research done by organizations and individuals such as Dr.

Brian Kane from the University of Massachusetts is beginning to fill this void, and hopefully will soon result in comparisons that tree crews can take advantage of when making knot choices. Obviously this factor is important in the use of all knots or hitches, but particularly so in rigging knots.

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Ease of use is a factor in knot selection that can often be overlooked by the casual user. This hitch is simply a Bowline tied around the standing part of the line. It is created by passing the end of the line around the piece or branch, making a loop in the line, passing the end of the line around the standing part capturing it , then feeding the tail up through the formed loop around the upper standing part of the line, and back down through the loop.

The Running Bowline is intended to cinch up or choke against the branch or piece when loaded.

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The Halter Hitch, a rigging knot observed being used by Wenda Li and Mark Cooke of Ontario is, like the Running Bowline, a choking hitch that cinches up to the branch or piece, but can be untied fairly easily. There is currently no data available on the strength loss in the rope created by the use of this hitch, but personal experience has shown it to be quite secure, and once learned and practiced, fairly easy to use. It is created by passing the end of the line around the branch, forming a loop, passing the working end over the standing part of the rope.

This working end is then used to create a bight that passes under both parts of the line beneath the loop.

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The Halter Hitch is finished off by passing the tail over the both parts and through the created loop. Removing the tail from the loop and pulling it should easily release the hitch once the piece is on the ground.

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