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The Real Da Vinci Code. Where Is Mona Lisa? Has Physical Evidence Been Discovered? Wilson - The Lost Gospel: Mary Magdalene was a Phoenician gentile and priestess, modelled on the goddess Artemis, also venerated as the incarnate Artemis, being the wife and co-deity of the god Jesus, modelled on Helios. The authors also claim that the story of Joseph and Aseneth was already composed during Jesus' lifetime and predates the canonical gospels.

Find or Fraud of the Century? A Time Bomb For Christianity? Myth versus Reality J. James Sawyer, Daniel B. Estoiland and Droigo page Glooscap, at least according to the modern version of the Indian god, was huge in size — able to form river valleys with his bare hands. Glooscap turned himself into a giant beaver and formed islands by slapping his immense tail against the sea with such force that the sediments on the sea bottom rose up above the sea. Gilbert, - Yeshu'a: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. In January , following an abrupt adjustment of polar north, the Minnesota Planetarium Society and the mainstream media proclaimed that a new zodiac system would need to be adopted. But all of this was foreseen back in , by Tracy R. Twyman actually predicted that future reform of the zodiac and annual calendar would come about after a pole shift, in which a thirteenth house would be added to the zodiac, and a thirteenth month added to the year.

Perhaps most astoundingly, this prediction was made after examining numerical codes embedded in the literature published by the Priory of Sion back in the mid-twentieth century, within documents supposedly written by avant-garde artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau. Following the clues left by this mercurial character, Twyman discovered a new calendar: Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Holder, was the constellation that traditionally rules over the science of medicine, just like Mercury.

It therefore makes sense that Ophiuchus would be a zodiacal representation of Mercury, and should be symbolized, just like the god and planet Mercury, by the caduceus, a winged staff intertwined with two serpents. It occurred to this author that the serpent of the thirteen-house zodiac could be equated with the implied serpent, or Orm, of the Compass of Enoch, and the twenty-six-letter alphabet could be applied to this thirteen-house system, with two letters assigned to each house.

And that, at least, gave me a starting point with which to orient the rest of the zodiac on the compass. Just a day or so later, the next breakthrough occurred. According to the statutes published in Secret Dossiers prior to , the order consisted of seven grades, with a total of members, whereas the post statutes had it broken down into nine grades, totaling members.

In addition, a set of twenty-two statutes written and signed by Grand Master Jean Cocteau describes a structure of five grades. However, in all three versions of the structure, the number of members in each grade is three times larger than the number of members in the next grade, and all of the numbers, except for one 1 and 3, are divisible by nine. It would appear that the only difference between the three versions of the structure is that the pre statutes are not counting the members of the lowest two grades.

The structure, as quoted from the Secret Dossiers , is as follows:. The general assembly consists of all members of the association. Each of the commanderies, as well as the arch, must consist of forty members, each province of thirteen members. The members compose a hierarchy of 9 grades. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. The Cutting of the Orm has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. In January , following an abrupt adjustment of polar north, the Minnesota Planetarium. Meanwhile, the statutes written by Jean Cocteau state the following:.

The hierarchy of the Prieure de Sion is composed of five grades: In addition, Article 19 states that:. While most of the numbers here are, as I have stated, divisible by nine, the total number of members according to each version of the statutes is not. However, attempting to divide them by nine reveals some interesting relationships.

For instance, the total number of members, according to the post statues, is Thirteen-petaled flowers do occur in nature, and include the globe flower, ragwort, double delphiniums, mayweed, corn, marigold, and chamomile. Also, the royal esoteric symbol known as the Tudor Rose sometimes contains an inner circle of five petals, and an outer circle of eight, for a total of thirteen.

But still I wondered: How might these numbers from the Priory of Sion relate to the thirteen-house zodiac? I decided to subtract thirteen from each of the numbers that would not divide evenly by nine, and then try the division again:. Then I noticed another thing:. But even more astounding:. It was at this point that the meaning encoded in the number structure of the Priory of Sion came flooding into my mind. Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to speculate: What would happen if we actually did observe a day calendar?

What would happen if, at some time in the past, the solar year had corresponded precisely with the lunar year? The answer is that then we could have a perfect calendar, consisting of thirteen months of 28 days, each dedicated to one of the thirteen houses of the zodiac. Also, we could still have 7 days in a week, exactly four weeks in each month, and exactly 52 weeks in each year. In our current system, the number of weeks in a month, and in a year, is neither exact nor consistent. But in this system, all months would begin and end on the same day of the week, and would match each other perfectly.

All floating holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Easter, would occur on the same day every year. The menstrual cycle of each woman would begin on the same day and end on the same day of each month, also making periods of high fertility easier to calculate. One could even break down the hours in a day into a thirteen-based system. Genesis National Geographic - Devils Bible - Part 1.

Ulysses is hardened to the many apparitions he had encountered on his travels and was very skilled at circumventing dangers and outwitting his adversaries. Ulysses was guided by Circe a sorceress who know the secrets of the seas and guided him in his great adventure. Circe gave Ulysses the following instructions about the Sirens: "So far so good,' said she, when I had ended my story, 'and now pay attention to what I am about to tell you- heaven itself, indeed, will recall it to your recollection.

First you will come to the Sirens who enchant all who come near them. If any one unwarily draws in too close and hears the singing of the Sirens, his wife and children will never welcome him home again, for they sit in a green field and warble him to death with the sweetness of their song. There is a great heap of dead men's bones lying all around, with the flesh still rotting off them. Therefore pass these Sirens by, and stop your men's ears with wax that none of them may hear; but if you like you can listen yourself, for you may get the men to bind you as you stand upright on a cross-piece half way up the mast, and they must lash the rope's ends to the mast itself, that you may have the pleasure of listening.

If you beg and pray the men to unloose you, then they must bind you faster. First she said we were to keep clear of the Sirens, who sit and sing most beautifully in a field of flowers; but she said I might hear them myself so long as no one else did. Therefore, take me and bind me to the crosspiece half way up the mast; bind me as I stand upright, with a bond so fast that I cannot possibly break away, and lash the rope's ends to the mast itself. If I beg and pray you to set me free, then bind me more tightly still.

Then all of a sudden it fell dead calm; there was not a breath of wind nor a ripple upon the water, so the men furled the sails and stowed them; then taking to their oars they whitened the water with the foam they raised in rowing. Meanwhile I look a large wheel of wax and cut it up small with my sword. Then I kneaded the wax in my strong hands till it became soft, which it soon did between the kneading and the rays of the sun-god son of Hyperion. Then I stopped the ears of all my men, and they bound me hands and feet to the mast as I stood upright on the crosspiece; but they went on rowing themselves.

When we had got within earshot of the land, and the ship was going at a good rate, the Sirens saw that we were getting in shore and began with their singing. No one ever sailed past us without staying to hear the enchanting sweetness of our song- and he who listens will go on his way not only charmed, but wiser, for we know all the ills that the gods laid upon the Argives and Trojans before Troy, and can tell you everything that is going to happen over the whole world.

Then my men took the wax from their ears and unbound me. The men were so frightened that they loosed hold of their oars, for the whole sea resounded with the rushing of the waters, but the ship stayed where it was, for the men had left off rowing. I went round, therefore, and exhorted them man by man not to lose heart. Now, therefore, let us all do as I say, trust in Jove and row on with might and main.

As for you, coxswain, these are your orders; attend to them, for the ship is in your hands; turn her head away from these steaming rapids and hug the rock, or she will give you the slip and be over yonder before you know where you are, and you will be the death of us. Then a man appeared from the sea, rising every day out of the waters and coming quite close to shore, though he never actually touched the land. I He was a strange figure, like a man from the waist up but with two fish tails instead of legs and a face that might have been human yet was oddly like that of a porpoise.

His long hair and beard were green. He would float on the surface of a the water, his fish tails clearly visible, and sing to the people. He told them how beautiful was the land whence he had come, the land of the sea. He told them of the treasures that lay under the waves, and of the strange fish people, and of the lovely green light that shone in the deeper waters, and the people, knowing that those who disappeared under the water never returned to earth, were frightened. But then he told them that across the waters lay another land to which a he could guide them, a land where they could live and find food.

The Indians hesitated. But eventually, since they were nearly starving in their own land, they decided to trust the -words of the fish-man. They built boats, gathered up their families and their few possessions, and followed in the wake of this strange green-haired creature who called to them. He led them east, straight across the sea to the land of which he had told them, and there they landed safely and there they founded a new tribe; it was thus that the Indians came from Asia to North America.

The fish-man, or fish-god, as he may have been, then disappeared, still singing, and was never seen again. Manu, a sage and—like his counterpart Noah—a virtuous man, one day found a tiny fish in the water with which he was performing his morning ablutions. He was about to throw it back into the river by which he stood when the fish spoke to him, begging him not to leave it in the water until it had grown bigger, because it was afraid of the great creatures of the sea.

Manu accordingly placed the little fish in a bowl, but by morning it had grown so that the bowl was too small, and soon even the largest cauldron would not hold it. He took it to a lake nearby, but even that was too small, and it was with difficulty that he at last managed to get the now gigantic fish down to the sea. There it spoke to him again. I will send a ship for you and for the seven sages, and you must take with you in this ship two of every creature that lives on earth or in the air, and you must take the seeds of every plant.

Manu made ready as he was told, and in seven days the sea rose out of its bed and flowed over the earth. At the same time a great ship appeared and Manu and all his menagerie embarked, guided by Vishnu in his fish shape. This same fish, huge and with golden scales, then fastened the ship to his single horn and towed it up to the peak of the great mountains in the north. From thence, as the waters subsided, Manu was able to guide his vessel gradually down the slope of the mountain and back to the lands he knew, the mountain having ever since borne the name "The Descent of Manu. Sirens are hybrid creatures, half animal half woman with strong feminine identities.

The two beings coexist in the same body with the prerogative of accessing the qualities of both ever being transformed, perpetually provocative and disturbing. In her book The Mermaid and the Minotaur, Dorothy Dinnerstein observes: "Myth-images of half-human beast like the mermaid and the Minotaur express an old, fundamental, very slowly clarifying communal insight: that our species' nature is internally inconsistent, that our continuities with, and our differences from, the earth's other animals are mysterious and profound; and in these continuities, and these differences, lie both a sense of strangeness on earth and the possible key to a way of feeling at home here.

Freud's concept of symbol expresses the notion that conflicts are explored in metaphors in the unconscious where censorship disguises enigma. Hybridization, ambivalence, polarity, duplicity and dualism are the qualities created by fear and the unresolved. Carl G. Jung suggests that supernatural forces springs from the fusion of two biologically different entities, opposites that embrace and explain practically everything. Jung believed symbols materialize on their own account in our dreams, the expression of which is beyond the dimensions of time and space and in the sphere of unspecified and unlimited.

These symbols therefore possess a numinous character and impress themselves on the general consciousness, disturbing for those minds used to operation within the limits of logic and rationality.

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Nevertheless, we can suppose that primordial images, sediments of accumulated memory, collective input, have a life of their own, independent of single individuals. As children we dreamed of monsters; what matters is that they approach, threaten and we are astonished, terrified, bewitched, petrified; and we either flee or overcome them. Often the dream repeats again and again seeking integration and resolution. Jung also observed: "A symbol always stands for something more than its obvious and immediate meaning. Symbols, moreover, are natural and spontaneous products.

No genius has ever sat down with a pen or brush in hand and invented a symbol. No one can take a more or less rational thought, reached as a logical conclusion or by deliberate intent, and than give it "symbolic form". There are many symbols, however, that are not individual but collective in their nature and origin. These are chiefly religious images. The believer assumes that they are of divine origin - that they have been revealed to man. The skeptic says flatly that they have been invented. Both are wrong. It is true, as the skeptic notes, that religious symbols and concepts have for centuries been the object of careful and quite conscious elaboration.

It is equally true, as the believer implies, that their origin is so far buried in the mystery of the past that they seem to have no human source. But they are in fact "collective representations," emanating from primeval dreams and creative fantasies. As such, these images are involuntary spontaneous manifestations and by no means intentional inventions.

This genre of figurative art emerged in the form of "nose art" on thousands of bombers and fighter escorts flying missions over France, Germany, Africa and the Pacific. Nose art served as the aviator's unique calling card and as personal escorts during missions of great danger and uncertainty. The Army Air Force attempted to ban and censor nose art on many occasions. Ultimately the symbolic power of the art prevailed for its value in boosting crew morale was unquestioned.

In "Lakanooki" to the upper right the beautiful mermaid is juxtaposed with the carnivorous and deadly teeth under the ball turret of a B The B; "Becoming Back" is an elegant expression of the dual role of goddess as both escort and beauty during missions of danger. The imagery of bomber nose art powerfully integrates the goddess symbol as warrior and harbinger of death as well as the sensual goddess of beauty, fertility and renewal. Nose art emerged as a defining element of the era, gracing everything from war airplanes, to leather flight jackets, to the walls of barracks, huts and Officer and NCO Clubs across Europe and the Pacific.

In some ways, "nose art" was indeed memorial art, for over half of the young men serving in bomber crews would be killed or captured during their 20 mission tours. The beautiful ladies of the cemetery and the women of the bombers are indeed related, sharing the powerful symbols of the female as the universal goddess. There is no way to know the truth, however it is hard to imagine the elegant and complex iconography and symbolism expressed in WWII bomber nose art was solely the product of conscious intent.

At first blush one responds to the images as immature and juvenile, particularly when one realizes all are adjacent to the cockpit of the Bomber. However when considered in their historical and mythological context, it is hard to conceive of a more profound symbol appropriate to the work of the brave young men put a grave risk defending their country. The females who cast their face into the wind as ship's figureheads, the "Flying Ladies" of classic automobiles, the glorious women adorning WWII bombers, the beautiful ladies of the cemetery and the mermaids of myth and legend, all serve a similar purpose.

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Each offers service as an escort during a passage into the unknown, providing a call to transformation with a promise of rebirth, continuity, renewal and salvation. Nephilim: A journey from heaven to hell These are but a few of the writings from the Bible, the Book of Enoch and cultures around the globe Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed. Nephilim - music by German composer Michael.

Nephilim video is dedicated to Jesus Christ. Much like the Faun of Roman Mythology, as seen in Pan's Labyrinth, the Greek mythological figure known as a Satyr is essentially a half-man, half-goat creature, oftentimes depicted as being very humanlike, with the body of a goat. Surely no such creature ever actually roamed the earth As reported by Before It's News, Russian archaeologists believe that they may have unearthed the body of one of these mythical creatures, over in the city of Stavropol Krai.

Story goes that they recently opened up an ancient mound and discovered the skeleton seen in the image above, which looked quite unlike anything they had ever seen before. They said that there is no scientific explanation for the bizarre skeleton, which is comprised of the skull of a human, and what appears to be the body of a goat-like creature. Though you won't understand a word that's being said, unless you speak the language, you can check out the Russian news report on the strange find below, which gives you a closer look at the hybrid skeleton.

Num And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. This totally unexpected find furnishes proof of the existence of "Nephilim". Nephilim is the word used to describe the giants spoken of in biblical times by Enoch as well as the giant David fought against Goliath. It is generally believed that most of these Giants came about when the fallen angels had union with earthly woman. Note the incredible size of the skull. The original Nachash was not actually a snake as most people believe, but an extremely intelligent, cunning creature, possessed with the ability to speak and reason.

These astounding photos are from a recent archaeological discovery in Greece. This could very well represent the Phoenix, described in Egyptian mythology. A theory proposed by Bible scholar I. The Nazis attempted to revive this mystical Aryan race in the 's and 's. Thomas believes that a hybrid offspring culminated from relations between the Nephilim and the "daughters of man" resulting in increased wickedness upon the earth; and thus evoking God's wrath in the form of the "Great Flood".

As time passed, Ed continued to search the same locality and kept finding numerous unusual objects that bore the contour of bone, although rock-like in their brownish coloration and weight. Actually, Ed had passed the specimen hundreds of times but only after doing a bit of study about human skulls was he able to recognize it, since the jaw like area was facing downward. Museum disinformation Lion-men were real -video. This is disinformation from the British Museum. The watchers also used DNA to combine human and animals. Some theorize that because these fallen angels could assume physical from of any type that they also had sex with animals creating hybrids.

The British Museum high officials do not want to let you know the truth about angels good and bad or about God. A new exhibition at the British Museum features sculptures made up to 40, years ago. Alice Roberts meets curator Jill Cook to discuss three artefacts in the collection; the Lion Man, a group of female figurines from Siberia, and the oldest known flute.

All God's Children | Revolvy

Despite being made thousands of years ago, the objects show that the minds of their creators - our ancestors - were incredibly similar to our own. When the flute was first discovered the finding was published in Nature. The book of Jasher, which is mentioned in the Bible in Joshua and 2 Samuel says, "After the fallen angels went into the daughters of men, [then] the sons of men taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order to provoke the Lord" The Book of Enoch says that fallen angels not only merged their DNA with women, but that "they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish" ; 6 quoted from.

The most significant is the book of 1 Enoch, a document famous for it's This bull-man and lion-man were the living breathing monsters depicted in HintGenesis 6. The Egyptians had the natural inclination of rejecting any investigations by the Cayce people, but as it turned out, two women got a foothold at Giza in the s and reportedly did some drilling at the sphinx before reporting back to the Cayce Foundation that things looked "promising" for discovering the Hall of Records this information from Robert Bauval.

In order for my suspicion to be true, that plotters did get into the Hall to first plant and then exchange the Records, there must at least be a way into the Hall that they knew of, but that was kept concealed from the Egyptian Antiquities authorities, as well as other Giza-project teams not privy to the hoax. Such a secret entry was discovered recently, but before getting to that, I will concentrate on the person s possibly responsible for the re-planting.

Finding this person is important because it will identify the organization involved, which then becomes suspect as a leading player in the upcoming New-Age manipulations expected to drastically alter our world system so as to produce Armageddon. There are other reasons to suspect its involvement with Rosicrucianism: its dedication to Cayce lore, for one, and its being run by the Cayce family itself.

Some information on this topic comes from a book authored by two Freemasons, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, both convinced of the Mars-Egypt connection. In the fifth chapter of the book, "The Message of the Sphinx," we have the following phrase: "Dr. Mark Lehner of the Edgar Cayce Foundation". Take a look at the face on Mars and tell if it doesn't appear to you as a fabrication created by an artist here on earth.

I'm not suggesting that the mound does not exist, but that someone added some black markings to create a perfect nose line upon a brow line, and symmetrical eye and mouth later pictures of the mound do not reveal a face at all. The face is said by some to have been a sphinx.

Therefore, knowing now that James Hurtak predicted just this sort of picture the year before images were to arrive from Mars, doesn't this suggest that, not only Hurtak, but NASA itself is taking us for fools? How could NASA, in , perpetuate such a hoax without the employees discovering it?

It couldn't. Some employees had discovered it, but without evidence to prove it. I'm no high-tech wizard, but I do understand that all space images funneled to the computer screens of all employees can first be screened, and therefore altered, without their knowing about it If anyone so much as voiced one suspicion of foul play, they would be scorned by the officials who perpetuated the hoax, and moreover reprimanded by those employees who couldn't believe that NASA officials would do such a thing.

How many officials were in on the hoax? Perhaps it only took one or two. Only one picture was needed to reach the public; after that, NASA could feign opposition to the artificiality of the face, but allow wild imaginations to take over and fuel the hoax. NASA would count on such men, and Hoagland seems to have been one of them.

Obtained from France by Lehner's team were field notes and photographs from the excavation project, which was essentially the removal of wind-blown sand covering much of the sphinx. It was in relation to the excavation that, I believe, Rosicrucians planted the Records. In one of the photographs, dated , there is "a man standing at the entrance to this passage. The passage was sealed with new blocks but restorers at the time never recorded what, if anything, had been found.

Priority for examining this tunnel [now] appears to be low. Who ordered the blocking during the excavation project, and why??? Could the Hall of Records have been somewhere down this tunnel by the time of that photograph? Remember, Hugh Cayce had said that Edgar had prophesied in concerning a secret sphinx chamber, and Hawass would soon confess on American television that the above-mentioned tunnel entrance was blocked up in !!

Coordinate: If you are adventurous and love to travel, especially to explore under-explored regions, then you already traveled a lot and seen a lot certainly. But I believe that you just haven't seen the wonders of the world, that we have now prepared. Our planet is truly a wonderful place to live. We should be maintained with, as possible as we can. Look at the next 15 Geological Wonders and love your planet! This example is located in Zhangye, Gansu Province.

Danxia, which means "rosy cloud", is a special landform formed from reddish sandstone that has been eroded over time into a series of mountains surrounded by curvaceous cliffs and many unusual rock formations. A large, almost perfectly circular hole approximately one quarter of a mile 0. Inside this hole, the water is feet m deep and it is the depth of water which gives the deep bluecolor that causes such structures throughout the world to be known as "blue holes.

These look as if they were taken on another planet, or at least on the set of a new and very expensive science fiction movie. The geyser can be found in Hualapai Valley near Gerlach. It is a little seen phenomenon as the land upon which it sits is private. It can be seen from State Road 34 but unless you have permission the view from a distance is all you should attempt.

Back in the owners of the place were looking for water in the hope of creating rich farmland in this desert area of the state. They came across water, yes, and the well worked for decades. However, the drill that was driven down a shaft hit a geothermal pocket of water and the result was a geyser. The epic poem Argonautica, first written down by Apollonius of Rhodes in Alexandria in the late 3rd century BC, became the basis for Severin's next expedition.

He began his research into ancient Greek ships and the details of the text in Master shipwright Vasilis Delimitros of Spetses hand built a foot In , with twenty volunteer oarsmen, Severin rowed and sailed from northern Greece through the Dardanelles, crossed the Marmara Sea, and passed through the Straits of Bosphorus to the Black Sea—a voyage of 1, miles 2, km.

Along the way they identified many of the landmarks visited by Jason and his Argonauts, and found a likely explanation for the legend of the Golden Fleece. Severin recounted the expedition in The Jason Voyage Those demonic spirits from thousands of years ago went with him. That's why there are demonic skull faces and other faces in the water near the ship.

And of course Zmeinyi island, also known as Serpent or Snake island right offshore of Ukraine and the spirits of Achilles and Apollo who were also offspring of the fallen angels and human women are still roaming the island and the Black Sea. Jason and the Argonauts was the first nautical saga in Western Literature. Many of the events in the year-old story also took place in present-day Turkey and Georgia. The plot of the saga was this: Jason left Greece with a boat load of heroes—including Hercules, the twins Castor and Polux, and Orpheus—on a journey to Colchis present-day Georgia on the Black Sea to claim the Golden Fleece that came from a golden ram that long time ago carried a young Greek prince across the Black Sea to safety.

Teeth of the sleepless serpent when sowed grew into armed soldiers. Claiming the Golden Fleece was regarded as an impossible task. It hung in a sacred grove guarded by an enormous serpent. For thousands of years gold dust has been extracted from the rivers draining the Caucasus area by placing sheepskins on the stream bottom to trap particles. The expression the golden fleece is believed to have possibly been derived from this practice.

Om his journey to Colchis Jason was challenged by a barbarian in the Aegean Sea to a boxing match to the death; he was given directions in the Sea of Marmara by a blind prophet tormented by Harpies; and the crew was beguiled by women on island without men. After barely making it through the Bosporus, the Argo was almost swallowed by vessel-eating rocks in the Black Sea. But finally Jason and the Argonauts made it to his destination. After reaching Colchis, the Argonauts sailed up the River Phasis.

These including putting yokes on dangerous bulls, plowing fields where dragon teeth grew into dragons and killing the sleepless snake that guards the fleece. Jason claimed the fleece, with the help of Medea, a princess who betrayed her family, by drugging the serpent. With the fleece in hand and the princess's father ships in pursuit Jason headed back to Greece where he claimed his throne. The story's postscript unfortunately is not a happy one. Jason later married another woman and the princess from Colchis got revenge by poisoning his bride and their children. The unhappy ending was added later.

The Argonaut legend is among the oldest known in the Greek world. Homer alluded to it the Iliad and the Odyssey. There is little archeological evidence to support the existence of Colchis and Greeks in the region in the 13th century B. Some historians and archeologist believe the Argonauts myth reflects the earliest Greek explorations even though there is no physical evidence that the Greeks were exploring the Black Sea in 13th century B.

In , adventurer Steve Severin built a foot galley, like the one Jason used, and assembled a crew of strong rowers to follow Jason's route through along the Greek Adriatic and the Turkish Black Sea coasts. Researching and building the sail and oar vessel took three years and Severin used the same materials the Greeks used mainly Aleppo pine and fastened the timber together with mortise-and-tenon joints instead of nails, as the ancient Greeks did.

The 1, mile journey took three months. On average 10 of the 16 rowers rowed at one time and when there was no wind they averaged about three miles an hour. They navigated by following the land with their eyes as the Greeks did. There are at least 12 demons in this photo exhibit, most are skulls but one appears to be an old man of flesh and blood. The demons are ethereal- lacking material substance : immaterial, intangible. As you can see in the original photos there is no demon skull next to the anchor to the left of it as you are looking at the photo. I made a statement joking to my assistant to let me get in the photo and maybe there will be a demon on my shoulder.

After we returned home to look at the photos we saw one did appear next tome near my shoulder. This is because the demons noticed that I noticed them and one was showing me himself. All Greek gods were fallen angels and nephilim offspring of the fallen angels and human women who God called witches. Zeus, the so called chief god was satan, Lucifer the fallen archangel. In this video you will see the 'Argo' ship being built. This ship is the same one in the picture in the exhibit in Odessa Ukraine Archaeology Museum in which demons appear in the picture. And you hold fast to my name, and did not deny my faith even in the days in which Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.

Today, all that's left of the city of Pergamum, now in modern-day Turkey, are ruins. But when the Apostle John wrote his letter to the church there, it was one of the most influential cities in the Roman Empire. The people of Pergamum were known as the "Temple-keepers of Asia. The attached photo is an exhibit of artifacts in the Odessa Ukraine Archaeological museum. The artifacts were found beneath the sea near the island of Zmeinyi also known as Serpent or Snake island which is in the territory of Ukraine. However, at the exhibit in Odessa some people from Greece set up a large picture of the bay of Cyprus, where Aphrodite the goddess of love was born, in the exhibit and they also included sand from Cyprus bay underneath the Zmeinyi exhibits.

I took a number of pictures of the exhibit and I, and numerous others can see demon faces, skulls and other faces in the pictures. Additional, Zmeinyi Island is home of the mythical Achilles who was a mortal a war hero of the Trojan war, of whose parents were Greek gods. It is said that he and other heroes wonder about this island and they protect seaman and he even comes to them in their dreams to guide them in to the island.

His ashes were placed here thousands of years ago. Temples to him and to the god Apollo were found under the sea here some years back. Undersea cities of Greek origin have been found here that date back to 2 to 3, years. Regarding Aphrodite, she was the lover of Ares the god of war who loved to kill men so much even all of the other gods hated him for this.

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Adityas, daityas, danavas - space aggressors from Indian legends, white and black gods, forefathers of mankind. Shift displacement of the Poles - slip slipping, sliding of the lithosphere or change of incline tilt of the Earth's axis? Images of a basilisk cockatrice , a griffin griphon , the babylonian dragon and other unknown animals. Liaisons and marriages of fallen angels with native inhabitants of the Earth. Formation of generation of giants. If you receive no reply it is because no person alive sees emails addressed to info1 archaeologyanswers. Please resend your question to info archaeologyanswers.

You've heard of the possible release by madmen of a global virus plague? But were you aware of an even more deadly intellectual bomb that has been let loose upon us? Hitler's atrocities were based on it. As an archaeologist, I already feel the hot breath of this criminal syndicate. Their lovely tentacles are reaching right into my field of operation.

You may be wondering, how on earth do New World Order plans impact on archaeology? Here's how. Archaeology, whether you know it or not, encroaches on some matters that these nice Globalists are determined to keep from you. In particular, there's one crucial ancient document which freaks them out. But first, what is that intellectual ticking bomb common to both Hitler and the Globalists? It's the nihilistic mindset - which has dominated scientific thought for the past century.

Put simply, it says you and I are here by accident - genetic mutants and useless eaters. It's no loss if we're trampled, crushed or got rid of. So dump your basic rights as an individual. Your rights become secondary to those of the State. They can brainwash your children against you, confiscate your property, vaccinate you forcibly, and so on.

You see, if the survival of the fittest helps improve the race, then the use of force and cruelty to crush the weak and unfit is justified.

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Get the logic? This is how the Globalists are thinking. If you're going to sell a mess of whoppers like this, you need a good advertising campaign. You need to create a well- oiled propaganda offensive that is almost impossible to avoid. So, swilling in their trillions of dollars, they have got themselves a pretty tight grip on the propaganda machine - which is the education system. Of course, most ordinary educators are probably honest men and women who have not the slightest suspicion that they are being used. They sincerely believe in what they are teaching namely, what they've been taught.

They haven't joined the dots. So they remain unwitting puppets.

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Likewise with many people in the media. It's been well observed that:. And even though many leading scientists are now questioning the evolution theory, the damage has been done. It has had a free hand and little or no opposition in the universities and colleges, and through the press and television, all these years.

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And so the propaganda that you are merely an evolutionary accident has already moulded society's thinking. But it is now in danger of committing mankind to a course of automatic self-destruction. And yet most people remain blissfully unaware of what has happened. So they continue to believe the litany of Globalist lies being poured upon them by a compliant media.

If you were to tell us that donkeys fly, we would believe that too as long as you said it on TV. We're talking about a deliberate, crafty campaign. Let's face it. The models with which we identify strongly influence our behaviour. The man who believes he came from a beast may be more likely to behave like a beast. The image is not only degrading. It is dangerous. Perhaps a little nicer is the alternate theory that mankind was seeded by astronauts from outer space. The same evolution started us off. The ETs simply sped up the process.

Um, OK. Don't get me wrong. I do believe in variation of species. And I do believe that other worlds are inhabited. So there! Anyway, to sum it up, we have the Globalist death squad, driven by evolutionary reasoning, with a generous dash of egotism, who are plotting to eliminate most people now living. Their global agenda has been preparing for several hundred years.

And it now appears within reach. But as these nice murder mongers step up their pace, there's a problem. One special document continues to stand in their way And here comes the archaeological shock - because what I am about to reveal to you may be very opposite from what you have believed. It is totally opposite from what these guys in charge of the propaganda machine have been telling us. You must have heard of this Genesis document. It is part of that most widely translated piece of literature in the world - the Bible.

Well, here's news for you, mate. Let me stick my neck out right now and inform you that Genesis is a powerhouse of explosive, up-to-the-minute data that might actually save your life. The answer is YES. Genesis avows that you and your precious children are worth more than silver or gold. That every person on this planet is here by the design of a purposeful, compassionate Supreme Being, who is over all. That you were created a dignified, free being, answerable firstly to your Maker, then to your family. The State is to represent and serve you, not to oppress you.

The Genesis document encapsulates secrets that can empower you to survive the impending financial crash, the coming tyranny and beyond. Did you know that? When common people plug into its secrets, they become ignited, invincible and unafraid. This is exactly what the Globalist gangsters don't want - an informed, empowered and fearless population. This gang is beyond the pale. They are obsessed with you becoming submissive, slumbering, and subdued, so that they can more easily execute their dark plans. So an essential part of their dumbing down of the population was to invent the Genesis lie.

Let's create the rumor that the Genesis document is just a hotch potch of old myths. Let's get it laughed out of town. What a lovely idea. Shrewd move. Cast doubt on the document and thereby, hopefully, neutralise its power. What a great, massive mind control strategy! And so the sheeple will ignore the anti-Globalist message in Genesis. And we can dumb them down. May I ask you have you heard any of those claims I've just listed? Well, it's a fact. These nice people call on flimsy archaeological data to convince themselves and us that Genesis is just plain myth.

This scam goes on every day… in the controlled universities, the media and even in religious seminaries. And - are you sitting down? News reporter Hannah Devlin opens with this shocking revelation:. It's true, you know, if you are a scientist who dares question the evolution "religion", you are denied funding. My files are literally bursting with case histories. He says, "scientific and archaeological research is not getting through to young people in schools and colleges - particularly all the evidence supporting the reliability of the Bible [and in particular Genesis].

Doesn't it make you angry to think that you may have been cheated? That, ignoring a wealth of research, these trusted "experts" are deliberately blocking information from you? While others, less informed, follow one another like sheep, glibly regurgitating for us old anti-Genesis theories which they have not allowed to be corrected by factual discoveries. And did you know, those who claim to be modern critics are often the most resistant to modern discoveries.

And then there is the teenie-weenie matter of honesty, or lack of it. Their problem is, you see, that Genesis enables us to be wide awake to the Globalists' little game. No wonder they will never welcome Genesis into their play pen! From my decades in front-line archaeology, may I assure you that for scientific and historical accuracy Genesis towers like Mount Everest high above every other ancient document on this planet.

Read that again. And you'd better believe it. This is not a misprint. But when this discovery was announced, Science magazine said, "No one thinks that's the case. Yes, scientists have been pulling Genesis through the ringer. And in every test it comes up sparkling clean. And this is shocking them. You may be surprised at how Genesis and confirmed modern science are fitting more and more like a glove.

For example:.

All God's Children

A modern discovery. And not in millions of years, as we were brainwashed to believe. We now understand cloning. I ask you, why have we not been told? These are proving impossible to for any man to deliberately structure. So what Master Mind dictated this "impossible" Genesis book?

And that's just a sampling. The bottom line is this: These recent discoveries establish Genesis as a credible authority concerning the Globalist agenda. You may well ask, do any other books - or even "holy books" - contain such information? In raw honesty, it must be stated that neither Homer's Iliad, the Koran, the Apocrypha, nor ANY other work of man contains, for example, the complex, interlocking numeric designs found beneath the surface of the Genesis narrative.

It is the fingerprint of a non-human Master Mind. It matches a fingerprint discovered in nature - and beyond human ability to produce. From first hand research as a front line field scientist over 45 years, I have been driven to this conclusion: The Bible which contains Genesis was right before science was. The book of Genesis is never catching up to truth. Rather, truth is forever catching up to Genesis! This is a remarkable and unique document.

So cool! We need to start rethinking. Genesis is not for old ladies, Christians, Muslims or Jews. It is a heritage document for the whole world. If you only knew, my team and I have put Genesis through all of the archaeological tests - and it comes up clean. Of this you can be sure. There is not a person alive today who is in a position to refute the Genesis record.

Donald J. Today's newsletter was motivated partly by an email that came in from a lady named Linda. She asked:. Yes, information from out of this world is coming to us. But there are two opposite forces at work. There is an epidemic of appearances by entities who claim to be from other worlds, but are not. If you value your life, you will not trust them. So, we might ask, is there a standard by which a all present day sources of information and b all records of the ancient world can be safely judged?

Indeed there is. It is a source likewise not of this world - a source you CAN safely trust. There is good evidence that the Genesis document comes from this source. Genesis and its associated books contain some 1, prophecies of coming events - prophecies which are beyond the ability of ordinary man to forecast - which have been uncannily fulfilled throughout history since, and are still ahead of the newspaper headlines.

This includes a blow by blow description of events to develop under the New World Order. And a detailed description of the future of mankind. These messages form part of the Bible, and as a scientist who insists on good, credible evidence, I believe that we can safely accept that these have come from the Supreme Mind of the Creator Himself.

So we can trust them.

SIGHTINGS: The Cryptid Bible

The discoveries confirming Genesis which we have tabulated above should at least make us curious. Have we been missing something? A caution is advisable here. If any source makes claims which contradict the watertight testimony of Genesis, alarm bells should ring concerning that source. And not the other way around.

We need to rigorously test our sources, because many plausible pretenders are in the world. If they speak not in harmony with the Genesis standard, it is because there is no sure truth in them. Here's a short cut to help you. This will eliminate many sources that you find on the Internet, and in documents, ancient and modern. Key words that should raise your guard include "evolved", "Anunnuki", and "messages from space brothers".

Re Evolution: Variation in nature is not evolution. Variation takes place within clearly defined limits - it is merely a selecting from the gene pool of already existing information. For evolution to occur, new genetic information would need to be added.