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Israel: Daughter Of Holocaust Survivor Faces Deportation Over Father's Alleged Christian Conversion

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Pastor converts to Judaism & exposing Christianity

Learning navigation feature buckets. Online Judaism Classes. Jewish Views On Social Justice navigation feature buckets. The application included copies of documents from the Yad Vashem Holocaust archive and records of Floer's relatives killed in the Holocaust. Her rejection by Israeli authorities cited Floer's belief in Jesus as a prescriptive factor in her application. She has said one of the driving factors behind her decision to emigrate to Israel has been the rise of antisemitism and the extreme right in Europe. Floer explained how in Vienna in her grandparents had sought to flee the Nazis but could find no country of refuge.

Jewish and Christian: Can It Be?

Now she questions how Israel can reject her when neo-Nazis are marching on the streets of Gothenburg. Later he confides to her, "When I saw you up there, I felt all the love I had for you and Zachary drain out of me. So how do Glaser's subjects couples raise their children? Every way you could possibly imagine. Some of the couples she profiles are raising them as Jews, others as Christians. Many attempt to expose their children to both parents' religions.

The most engaging story in Glaser's book is her own.

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She was raised as a Protestant in the small farm-and-mill town of Albany, Ore. From an early age, she was fascinated by modern Jewish history, notably the Holocaust and the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. She later married a Jew and embarked on an investigative journey that indicated her great-grandfather was a Polish Jew.

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She ultimately converted to Judaism, a move that "stunned, hurt and disappointed" her mother. As a result, Glaser's mother wondered how she had failed to give her kids a stronger faith. The author is equally sanguine about the future of American Judaism, dismissing arguments that interfaith marriage will be its undoing. Magazine Current Issue Past Issues. Leland's Journal.