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It's in the mytho-Wal-Mart void that Shepard creates for us. From the grungy Southwestern set to the dreamlike lighting to the quasi-spooky sound design, every part of this fine production helps open a view into our collective subconscious.

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In a consumer-oriented civilization, many question our values and yearn for something more meaningful from life. We pursue the American dream, but we're uncomfortable with the pursuit. Isn't it a neat thing that we can visit a theater and examine these fears and desires at such close range? Broad St. Call Subscribe to this thread:.

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The Flash What's new at StyleWeekly. There are many subgenres of the typical or traditional western, to name a few:. In many ways, the cowboy of the Old West was the American version of the Japanese samurai warrior, or the Arthurian knight of medieval times. Le Mort D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory also inspired much of Shane - a film with a mythical western hero acting like a noble knight in shining leather in its tale of good vs.

The roots of the film western are found in many disparate sources, often of literary origins:. George A. Custer, and Wyatt Earp. The western was among the first film genres, growing in status alongside the development of Hollywood's studio production system. There were only a few great silent westerns, although the best ones established some of the archetypes that are part of the genre even today. The earliest westerns silent films without the sound of gunfire, horse's hoofbeats, and the cattle trail are gems of American history. A few of the earliest western-like films were two shorts from Thomas Edison's Manufacturing Company:.

'Texas in Queens': Junior wranglers find refuge with black cowboys

But the 'first real movie' or commercially narrative film that gave birth to the genre was Edwin S. Porter's pioneering western The Great Train Robbery Porter named 'the father of the story film' was responsible for the one-reel, minute long film, shot - curiously - on the East Coast New Jersey and Delaware rather than the Western setting of Wyoming. Almost all the essential elements or conventions of typical westerns were included: good guys vs. The film ended or began with a stunning close-up the first!

It was the most commercially successful film of the pre-nickelodeon era. Porter's film was a milestone in film-making for its storyboarding of the script, the first use of title cards, an ellipsis, and a panning shot, and for its cross-cutting editing techniques. One of its stars with multiple roles, Gilbert M.

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Anderson Max Aronson , later took the name "Broncho Billy" Anderson and became famous as the first western film hero - the genre's first cowboy. As in other genres, westerns quickly became character-driven and stars began to be developed. Porter's other film in the same year was a non-Western, Life of An American Fireman featuring more overlapping action and cross-cut editing, and a last-minute rescue of a mother and child in a burning building. And Edison's A Race for Millions also featured typical western plot elements - a high-noon shootout, and claim-jumping.

In fact, a number of major film studios were making westerns as early as , and by the end of the first decade of the century, about twenty percent of all of Hollywood's films were westerns. The American Mutoscope and Biograph Co. A few early westerns copyrighted by Biograph were the minute long Kit Carson and the minute The Pioneers Who's Cussin' Who?

Fifty Below! Top Hands!

35th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering: Ned LeDeoux

Readin' Their Brands l Crooked Combat! Throw the Rascals Out! What If? I Did. Pick-Up Man! Jackknife Willin' to Practice! This Ain't Make-Believe! What o' the Night? Where Ye Goin'?

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Where Ye Headed? Where Next? Senator Jones Hills Three A. For California! What was Your Name in the States? Rise Ye! Howard Thorp Pecos Tom, by N. Howard Thorp Women Outlaws, by N. Howard Thorp Old Paint, by N. Not Yet! Moments of Rapture Which Side? Ranch by Rod Miller Reel vs. Real Cowboys by S. Jake White Stampede by Sherrod L.

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