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Your guide will tell you all about its history, so feel free to ask any questions. Next is the historic Old Town Square with countless multicolored houses of many styles. Make your way to the popular Charles Bridge, pass the Jewish Quarter and the world-famous concert hall, Rudolfinum. Stop at the amazing National Theatre that symbolizes Czech national identity and cultural heritage. Admire the eye-catching Laterna Magika with its futuristic glass facades. Write a message on the sculpture and let your guide tell you the story behind this beautiful work of art.

Make your trip memorable and ask your host any burning questions. He wanted to change the world and he succeeded. Keep your eyes and mind open too, same as he did. The Prague museum does not only have the most exhibits in the Czech Republic but in the whole world. You will be fascinated by world known sights models, also Lego technique worked through details are not missing and neither are modern and old trains and other means of transport models. Museum will please people of every age.

Reminisce on your own or show your kids what the building kits looked like when you were their age. Visit: Lego Museum, Prague, BohemiaEnjoy an exhibit that features more than models divided in 20 theme parts. It is specialized in history of this unique building kit, which was proudly honored "the toy of the century". We can also proudly say that our musem is the biggest one of its kind in the whole world - the whole exhibition is compiled from sets which all belong to one man. Exhibiton also features many interactive models trains, houses , huge playroom for kids of all ages.

In an ancient four floors building in the small square where the famous Charles Bridge begins, you will find the Museum of Medieval Torture. Visit: Museum of Medieval Torture, Prague, BohemiaThe exhibition presents over 80 of the most famous and most important machines used by the courts of the Middle Ages, offering a historical and cultural slice of life through objects extremely eloquent with, of course, rich iconography documents and clear and comprehensive captions in eight languages. The museum is spread over several floors and is well equipped.

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The opening is every day from 10 am to 10 pm, located right in the square that leads to the Charles Bridge. Da progetti in garage a leader mondiale della tecnologia, scopri tutto su Apple. I servizi di trasferimento sono disponibili 24 ore al giorno, 7 giorni alla settimana. I servizi di trasferimento sono disponibili 24 ore al giorno, 7 giorni a settimana.

Si tratta di un servizio di trasferimento privato che applica la stessa tariffa per gruppi da 1 a 3 persone in auto privata e per gruppi da 4 a 7 persone in minibus privato. Prague's first black light adventure mini golf is an off the beaten path experience if you want to relax and have fun.

Additional games such as football, darts and pinball are available. The very central downtown Prague location makes it very easily accessible.

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  • This glow in the dark mini golf adventure also known as the black light mini golf has the same rules as a regular mini golf game but offers a different atmosphere in fluorescent black light, stage smoke and background music, which creates an unforgettable experience. Each hole has its own story and you can learn new facts and cool insights about Prague while playing golf and other games. Admire the street art UV murals decoration of Czech history and legends while enjoying a game at the 19 holes mini golf course and create your own art with UV paint in the venue's painting room after you're done playing mini golf.

    Each mural has a descriptive sign, so you can even learn new bits about the city while enjoying a course of black light mini golf. You can play mini golf or any of the other games as long as you like and you can also enjoy a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, beer, cider as well as bar snacks at own expense in the lounge area. Book a private transfer from your hotel or destination to Airport, service guaranteed once you make the booking. We will provide all information necessary to meet your driver at hotel or destination.

    Avoid lines or paying extra money and use a nice vehicle with safe and comfort. You will be transported by a professional that will take care of you until drop-off at airport. All costs included taxes, fees, tips, tolls, etc Book a private transfer from the Airport to your hotel or destination, service guaranteed once you make the booking. We will provide all information necessary to meet your driver at arrival. You will be transported by a professional that will take care of you until drop-off at hotel or destination. All costs included. Huge Lego structures, accurate to smallest detail, are exhibited here.

    You can peer into the interiors, interact with the movable elements and enjoy lots of secrets, fun and hilarious Lego jokes. It is available daily to all exhibition visitors aged ! A shop selling exclusive Lego sets is part of the exhibition. The set includes a map, UV flashlight, magnifying glass, set of cables and notebook with pencil to take notes.

    The gear will come in handy during the game even for the most advanced sleuths. Along the way, you will encounter various tasks to overcome, such as deciphering Morse code. At times a sharp mind will not be enough, and you will have to rely on your sharp eyes and keen sense of touch! See Prague's oldest town hall! You will visit the Gothic chapel and the historical state rooms, get a peek at the inner mechanism of the astronomical clock and descend into the extensive underground space below the Old Town Hall building.

    The tour includes a visit to the tower and its gallery offering unequalled views of the historic city centre. It is currently used primarily for ceremonies and state events held by the City of Prague. You can tour the entire complex by yourself, with the exception of the historical underground space, which is only accessible with a tour guide. For the guided tour, you will also receive a free brochure detailing the history and function of each room. This brochure is yours to keep. The Old Town Hall comprises five historical houses.

    Their interiors testify to the remarkable evolution of the complex; the tour takes visitors into a Gothic chapel from the late 14th century, a council hall dating back to the 15th century, and a modern assembly hall from the Art Nouveau era. These are spaces that saw kings and queens, revolts and revolutions, and are decorated with valuable works of art. When its renovation is complete, you will also get a close-up look at the workings of the famed Astronomical Clock under reconstruction until September A guided visit to the Romanesque underground, which once served as a much-feared jail, is an experience unlike any other.

    This is the only part of the Old Town Hall you will need to visit in the company of a tour guide. The Old Town Hall's massive rectangular tower is the building's distinctive focal point. Built in the 14th century, it is one of the oldest town hall towers in Europe. Nowadays, it is a popular attraction, as its gallery offers one of the most beautiful views of the Prague panorama. The tower is open daily until 10 p. Relax on the open deck or inside as you waft past showpiece sights, including monumental Prague Castle, stately Rudolfinum and statue-topped Charles Bridge.

    Visit Prague's first black light adventure mini golf course. Enjoy a game of mini golf and other activities, such as foosball or darts. Choose from a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, beer, and cider; optionally, indulge in bar snacks at own expense and relax. Your entrance ticket includes two free beers in the lounge area. It is located in an old industrial building, former print shop, that was built in Prague downtown in Experience the 19 holes black light mini golf course takes approximately an hour and additional activities, such as a football, darts, Jenga, puzzles and other table games or simply kick back in the lounge area, where you can relax and enjoy your two free beers.

    Further beverages and snacks are available for purchase at your own expense. The mini golf course's design was inspired by the history and legends of Prague and the Czech Republic. You can explore scenes from the history created in street art style. Each hole is also inspired by art, life, past and present of the city.

    Seduzione in Chat by Gianni De Florensis (eBook) — Lulu CA

    Glow in the dark mini golf is also known as the black mini golf black light mini golf. In short, we can say that the rules of the game are the same, but the atmosphere changes dramatically when plain bulbs are replaced with fluorescent black light. This simple substitution along with other effects, such as brightly colored props, stage smoke, or background music create an unforgettable experience.

    There is a story behind each hole and obstacle of our miniature golf course - you can find Bata shoes as an obstacle as the founder of Bata shoe store was originally from Czech Republic, further you can see old film cans as many Hollywood movies were created in Prague such as Amadeus, Mission Impossible, Casino Royal etc. Lascia che la tua guida privata ti porti in un viaggio attraverso i meravigliosi giardini, i cortili, i vicoli e gli edifici storici.

    Ammira i tesori del magico distretto del Castello di Praga in questo affascinante tour. Preparati per un tour realizzato su misura per te e il tuo gruppo di amici o familiari. Incontra la tua guida su una meravigliosa collina, dove un bellissimo monastero attira ogni sguardo. Evita la folla e passeggia nel tranquillo e pittoresco quartiere di Novy Svet. Ammira le guglie gotiche della cattedrale di San Vito, la torre Daliborka e altre parti del castello da una prospettiva unica.

    Tieni pronta la macchina fotografica mentre passeggeremo attraverso un particolare tunnel caratterizzato da un'incredibile conformazione. Fai una passeg. Come to see a biggest model railway layout in the Central Europe! Visit: Kingdom of Railways, Prague, BohemiaFirst floor of our exposition shows a cut-thru all the technologies and materials, which are used in the second phase of project. On the same floor you may find simulators made from real public transport vehicles.

    Come to try how you will fill as a train, tram or bus driver! After this model railroad will be finished, it will become unique in whole Europe, because there is no such big railroad model in one piece yet. Even completion of the model of the Czech Republic is planned at the end of , now we presents more than square meters in a daily operation.

    Delve into the treasures of Prague Castle and Castle District on this 3-hour walking tour with an expert guide. Discover what life was like behind the Iron Curtain in the former Czechoslovakia on this 2. This 2. Listen to stories about the lives and experiences of the local people during this intense period and understand how it has affected the current attitudes of Czechs and their way of living.

    Listen to the stories about hundreds of people that gathered in this place during the Velvet Revolution. Duration: 20 minutes. Legend has it, the Philosopher's stone is still hidden in a secret chamber guarded by ancient secrets and mysterious objects - waiting to be discovered.

    Get ready for a 60 minuted thrilling quest to find out if the legends are true — in the Alchemist's chamber! Your team will be locked in a room and given just 60 minutes to escape. But to exit the room is not so easy! Crack codes, solve puzzles and brain teasers, use what seems useless to complete the mission!

    Alchemists were the greatest scientists of their era. They were doing research and experiments in physics, chemistry, mathematics, botany, astrology and even occultism. Sendivogius was researching the greatest secret of all time - the Philosopher's Stone that transforms any metal into precious gold. Legend has it he succeeded to create the Philosopher's Stone but he found it too powerful to trust it to the emperor.

    He hid it in his secret chamber protected by all sorts of puzzles and mysteries. Only the ones who can solve all of them prove to deserve the stone and its power. Are you ready for the adventure? Be aware you have only 60 minutes! After one hour, the door may never be opened again Prague is a magical city and walking tours are the ideal way to absorb the city's beauty, history, culture, and landmarks. The Czech culture is so rich! The people are so deep, quirky, unique, and are a direct product of a history of turmoil, invasion, instability, and change, which gives them an incredible adaptability and a unique ability to contribute so much and cause huge waves, while still somehow going almost entirely unnoticed by the world.

    Come learn about the weird, wonderful, and awesome side of these wonderful people and this renowned city. Explore special facts about Czech culture that will make you laugh, smile, render you speechless with awe or, at times, sadness. Discover fun, jaw dropping, little-known cultural insights, such as why the Czechs voted a fictitious novel character the "Greatest Czech to ever live," and how Prague weathered years of occupation by Nazis and Communists, and yet somehow came out intact and pristine. Explore Prague's diverse architecture, ranging from the ancient, to the modern, and even the mismatched and bizarre.

    Each of Prague's famous buildings has a story to tell, and these stories will come alive for you as we delve deeply into the mystery, the wonder, and the treasure that is the Czech capital. The tour is highly adaptable to the needs and preferences of each individual or group. Please feel to let John Paul know if you would like to personalize this tour.

    Are you still looking to finally catch the perfect selfie of your life?! Then the Museum of Senses is the right place to be for you. Our Museum houses several expositions, that will put your senses into the test. At our Museum, you can find out how it is to be laying on the bed with hundreds of nails, in a minute you transform from a giant to a dwarf and so much more. Museum of Senses is as diverting, as educative. We are looking forward to your visit! Right after entering our Museum through the huge green gate, you will feel as in the oasis in the middle of busy and hectic city.

    You can start exploring your senses in the wild jungle, after that you will walk over the dunes of sand of desert, where one of our most favourite attractions is - the nail bed with hundreds of nails spread all over its surface. Do you feel you can never loose balance? Our vortex tunnel might proof, that you were wrong. The Museum of Senses is a friendly and interactive concept of museum, that encourages people to take as many pictures as they can, broadcast life videos to the family and friends.

    Come and see it on your own eyes! Ammira il Ponte Carlo, il castello di Praga, l'isola di Kampa e altri luoghi di interesse di Praga dall'acqua, con questa crociera di 55 minuti. Approfitta dalla confortevole cabina interna, dotata di climatizzatore, o del ponte all'aperto.


    La crociera inizia e termina al molo 17, sulle rive del fiume Moldava. The Limousine interior, tranquility of music, disco light effects, live bar drinks, dance floor, famous rhythm and our vigilant team will boost you to have fun with us. Book your Hop On Party ride from , now no need to wait till mid-night for party, even couple friends, small group can join schedule ride. We are Creating Luxury Affordable.

    Visiting Prague for the first time? Discover the heart of the city with a licensed Prague City Tourism guide, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 11 a. Our trained, licensed guides will give you an engaging, historically accurate walking tour. The tour starts each Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 11 a. We start the tour in the heart of the Old Town Square, with its magnificent buildings in a range of architectural styles. Throughout the centuries, the square originally Prague's largest marketplace was the site of many historical events, up until the 20th century.

    From here, we will continue to the beautiful Theatre of the Estates where Mozart conducted the world premiere of his Don Giovanni back in The theatre is still used for operas to this date. The Powder Tower is an imposing Gothic edifice with fascinating decorations on the facade; the adjoining Municipal House is Prague's pre-eminent Art Nouveau structure with stunningly beautiful interiors.

    Having taken a walk through Prague's fascinating Jewish Quarter and learned about its eventful history, you will be ready to take in the walk's final view — that of the Prague Castle panorama in all its glory. Scopri anni di storia e cultura europea a Praga con questo biglietto d'ingresso al palazzo Lobkowicz.

    Con l'aiuto della tua audioguida, potrai esplorare le 22 gallerie al tuo ritmo e scoprire i numerosi tesori importanti che contengono. Ammira i ritratti regali di Canaletto e Velasquez, le ceramiche del XVI secolo e i reperti militari delle battaglie storiche di tutta Europa. Osserva anche le arti decorative dell'epoca della Boemia e ammira le partiture dei famosi compositori come Beethoven e Mozart. Recati al museo del palazzo Lobkowicz all'interno del famoso castello di Praga e, con il tuo biglietto a mano, entra e ritira l'audioguida per iniziare la tua visita.

    Osserva meravigliato gli impressionanti ritratti di Canaletto e Velasquez, le ceramiche di porcellana del XVI secolo e reperti militari dei conflitti storici di tutta Europa. Scopri la collezione del museo di strumenti musicali e osserva i manoscritti originali di famosi compositori.

    Gli spartiti dalla Quarta e della Quinta Sinfonia di Beethoven sono in mostra insieme alla riorchestrazione fatta da Mozart del "Messia" di Handel, scritto di proprio pugno. Nota: il biglietto d'ingresso al palazzo Lobkowicz vale solo per il museo, non per tutti gli edifici del castello di Praga. Our guides are experienced in sharing Czech history and their love for the city is contagious. Let the guides transport you through the history of not only the Czech but also all those tied to our history. You will also hear alluring stories that you will never find in a regular guide book. After you take your seat in the private bus you will journey up to The Strahov Monastery, the best possible place to start a tour of the Prague Castle.

    The Strahov Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the country with a riveting history of not only political conflicts but also home to some of the best beer in all of The Czech Republic. From the famous Bella Vista located next to The Strahov Monastery you will be able to enjoy the first of the many beautiful views of Prague from the top of the castle hill.

    From The Strahov Monastery you will start your historical walk down to the castle. These buildings are stunningly beautiful and knowing their history is essential to the whole castle experience. The picturesque architecture and captivating history is simply an appetizer for what is to come.

    Once you arrive at the Castle complex let us take you through its amazing courtyards. We will also visit the St. Vitus Cathedral, arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Europe. We will also be visiting the world famous Golden Lane and various. Non perdere tempo aspettando un taxi o altri mezzi di trasporto! I posti sono limitati a un massimo di sette persone per veicolo, al fine di assicurare viaggi comodi per tutti.

    Al momento della prenotazione dovrai comunicare i dettagli di arrivo del volo e quelli dell'hotel a Praga. Trasferimento con mezzi condivisi per la partenza: dall'hotel di Praga all'aeroporto di Praga. Per una partenza senza intoppi e per non rischiare di perdere il volo, scegli un trasferimento con mezzi condivisi dal tuo hotel di Praga all'aeroporto di Praga Ruzyne. Non perdere tempo aspettando un taxi, scegli invece di sederti e rilassarti in un comodo pulmino che ti porti in aeroporto. Al momento della prenotazione, occorre comunicare i dettagli relativi all'hotel in cui si soggiorna a Praga e i dati del proprio volo.

    Enjoy this 1. Get an insight into the culture and notable figures of Prague's long-established Jewish culture as you visit the Old Town and Jewish Quarter and see such notable attractions as the medieval Powder Tower and Old New Synagogue, the oldest still-active synagogue in Europe. Meet your local guide at 1pm in the city center and get ready for an insider's look at Prague's Old Town and Jewish Quarter, also known as Josefov. Nicholas Church, and Old Town Hall with its famous astronomical clock. Admire several synagogues, including the oldest still-active one in Europe, and the Jewish Town Hall located near the Old Cemetery.

    Be sure to ask any lingering questions before finishing your tour back in the city center 1. In this 2. Start your 2. Next, head to the St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral to visit its famous crypt. This vaulted underground room hides a dramatic story: it was here that Czech paratroopers sent by the Allies to assassinate Heydrich, the head of the Nazi security forces, hid after carrying out their mission in The station is steeped in history and houses a memorial to Sir Nicholas Winton, a British man who organized a rescue of Jewish children from Czechoslovakia in Gallery of Steel Figures is a unique place in the world, where you can find sculptures made of recycled metal items in one place.

    The metal figures are inspired by characters from cartoons and science fiction movies, music stars, as well as animals and automotive world hits. The basic building blocks of the figures are pieces of steel scrap in the form of gear wheels, elements of gearboxes, brake pads, chains, all kinds of gears, bolts and nuts. The sculptures weigh around kg in the case of small figures up to cm high , or kg in the case of larger figures up to cm high, and as much as 1,kg in the case of the largest ones.

    This last group includes the sculptures inspired by autorobots which are cm high as well as the models of super cars which also exceed 1,kg in weight. We wish you an unforgettable adventure where you can become a part of the steel story! Did you know that Prague has its own small Venice? Discover the mystery of these picturesque medieval houses, which seems to grow right out of the Vltava River. Your captain will take you on a min. First, the cruise will take you to Charles Bridge and then you can take photos of the magnificent panorama of Prague Castle above the Vltava River.

    Then you will head to the mysterious Devil's Channel — a blind arm of the Vltava River. You will pass under a small bridge which crosses Charles Bridge below its level. You will reach the Grand Priory Mill — the most famous of the preserved mills in the Devil's Channel, which was originally built as a millrace.

    You can enjoy the view of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge one more time before landing. Looking for a unique experience while in Prague? Then this tour is perfect for you! Delve into the medieval tales and swirl around with a local guide. Explore the shadowy corners and listening to the strange legends!

    You and your friends are invited to join your local guide, Erin, for a private ghost tour. You'll enjoy Prague's winding streets, atmospheric locations, and haunted areas! Erin knows a great deal of the city's history and folklore, all of which are woven into a unique walking tour. During the tour you will cover Prague's Old Town and delve deep into its stories. Explore Prague with kids like a worldschooler with the first self-guided tours package for parents and children!

    Playgrounds, parks and eating spots included. The Prague Family Kit is the first package for parents and kids that help the families explore Prague in worldschooling way. Shipping worldwide within 2 weeks. During this 2,5 hour tour you can discover the history of the Old Town and the former Jewish Ghetto.

    Goditi le attrazioni di Praga da una prospettiva unica, mentre ti rilassi nei 50 minuti di crociera sul fiume Vltava. Sali a bordo, scegli il tuo posto a sedere e mettiti comodo ordinando un drink o un piccolo snack. Puoi scegliere di stare all'interno o sul ponte all'esterno e potrai ordinare bevande e stuzzichini dopo l'imbarco.

    Alla tua sinistra troverai poi l'Accademia di Straka,. Each customer will receive a ticket to the Charles Bridge Museum. Mysterious Prague - it is a town of legends. There is an interesting story in every street, house, and church. Come with us we will introduce you to the most famous Prague tales and stories in the atmospheric narrow streets of the Old town. There were important historical events going through the Prague, the famous rulers lived there and Prague was visited by world-famous scholars, astronomers, alchemists and astrologers There is an interesting legend in every street, house, and church.

    Come with us we will introduce you to the most famous Prague tales and stories. We will start the walk in the very center of the city on Old Town Square. You will find one of the oldest astronomical medieval clocks that show not only the time but also the position of the Moon and the Sun on our sky. The story is connected with the legend not only about its origins but also about the fact that when it stops - Prague will go wrong. The mysterious figures on the sides of the clock then attract the dark powers and the forces of good, beware of them!

    The Old Town Square was the site of one of the most tragic events in Czech history, executions of 21 nobles who opposed the Emperor in Where did their heads end? And bypassing their souls of Prague? Yes, and not just that, we still know where the bloody wood from the execution scaffolding is. In the nearby church of St. James will introduce you to the oldest miracle statue in Prague, which filled their worshiping wishes with godly people, but it also managed to defend themselve from thieves. The hand of one of them is still near St.

    Jacob to see. Prague is a town where - especially for Emperor Rudolf II. In the other streets of Old Prague, we wi. We will show you the city center of Prague in our own way - all the must places, but from different, local point of view. And more! Experience hidden spots known only by locals. Visit Prague city center combining more or less all major European architectural styles, from Roman to Modern.

    This place attracts millions of people every year, but most of them join the usual tours spreading myths and tales, trying to amaze the tourists. So if you want to see the real city center with all the spots that visitors to Prague normally don't get to see, join us for a walking tour with local guides! As you walk to your first stop, learn how much the Czech Republic loves beer, with the average Czech downing around 40 gallons liters of pivo each year — the highest beer consumption per head in the world.

    Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Old Town SquareThrough the evening, visit three bars or pubs popular with locals, and enjoy three different beers on the house — pilsners or ales of different flavors — with a complimentary glass of each variety. This tour is for you! You will learn about the most famous sights, learn some Czech history and how to distinguish between styles of architecture. You can not expect to see all the details of Prague. But at the end you will get helpful ideas from our guide how to complete your Prague sightseeing experience on your own.

    As the tour is short we will focus only certain part of Prague. Peter and Paul 7.

    Pentax ME Super

    Group size may vary, but it can be up to 30 people. Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Prague Astronomical ClockThrough the evening, visit three bars or pubs popular with locals, and enjoy three different beers on the house — pilsners or ales of different flavors — with a complimentary glass of each variety. Discover mystical evening Prague. You will hear stories shrouded in mystery. Enjoy an evening stroll full of unusual places and unusual legends. Take an hour out of your Prague sightseeing, and lose yourself in classical music at Lobkowicz Palace. Located within the UNESCO World Heritage site of Prague Castle, the privately owned palace is a fitting place for a chamber music concert with incredible artwork inside its baroque concert hall.

    Read on for the sample program. When the music ends, simply leave Lobkowicz Palace to finish your experience. Benda - Grave. Explore Prague Castle and its surroundings on this 2-hour guided walking tour. Settling out early, enjoy Prague's most popular attractions while they are at their quietest. Stroll across Charles Bridge and hop on a tram to tour the castle grounds, including St.

    Vitus Cathedral and the charming Golden Lane. Meet your local guide in the city center at 10am and get ready for your guided walking tour of Prague Castle and its surroundings. Head first for Charles Bridge. As you walk, listen as your guide talks about the history of the Czech capital and the famed castle which, for 11 centuries, has served as an architectural symbol and seat of various Czech rulers. Keep walking into the Mala Strana, or, 'Lesser Town,' then hop aboard a tram for a quick, picturesque ride to visit the castle.

    As well as exploring the 9th-century castle, take the time to admire its surroundings, including the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Gardens, St. Make sure to ask your guide if you have any questions. Your tour concludes back in the city center at around midday. Join the night watchman and enter the town of Prague of the 17th Century. Follow the track of the noblemen, common people and colorful figures, that made history. A historical tour from the old Powder Gate through a charming old place, but also by wars and plague shaken city, until the river Vltava and the Charles Bridge.

    A historical tour through the centuries to bring the past back to life. Experience the beauty of the city when crowds of tourists disappear and the night watchman stays on duty on his watch with his lantern and halberd. ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Prasna brana, Prague, BohemiaAt the start of our tour we introduce the old Powder Gate, one of the 13 gates that protected Prague. Built in the 15th Century and storing also the gun powder since 17th century, which gives the gate its name. Duration: 10 minutesStop At: Ovocny trh, Prague, BohemiaAt the fruit market we talk about the old market place, the food of common people and offer our bread of the common people to our guests.

    This is also a location where we introduce a local hero of the Czech Republic. Stop At: Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock, Prague, BohemiaAt the old town square we talk about the town hall, the market place, the defenestration and famous executions that took place. Stand on the sites of fierce fighting and iconic historic moments and learn about the turmoil of the Velvet Revolution and Communist Revolution.

    This is a small-group tour, limited to 15 people, which finishes up in Prague city center. Admire the beauty of evening Prague. Be enchanted by thousands of night lights flare all over Prague. Observe life of local people in the evening. Enjoy the special magical atmosphere of historical streets. Prague has a special magic, when evening comes you may feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale.

    Thousands of night lights flare all over Prague, which is under the veil of night and twinkle like a diamante in the sky. You will discover beautiful, impressive Prague panorama. From The Charles Bridge you will see wonderful view of the Prague Castle, You walk through the historical streets with many dark and mysterious corners from the middle ages. The end of the tour we recommend to you to buy entrance ticket to the Old Town Bridge Tower.

    Humour et jeux de mots dans l’œuvre d’ Eugène Ionesco et ses traductions en grec

    From this place You can see all Prague with one hundred towers. Which can be very nice point after your evening walk. Tour 4 Charity is a new, revolutionary, award-winning tour concept- our goal being to provide the best walking-tour experience Prague can offer, while supporting the local Czech community and charity programs. We take you on a 3-hour walk through Prague's must-see attractions. Our top-rated guides describe the history, sights, and landmarks while aiming to make you laugh, smile, and wonder at the rich history and stories. We, as a company, and individual guides, assume all the risk.

    Look for large, red umbrellas with our trademark Tour 4 Charity logo. Jump through the time-warp portal and travel to olden times. Hear stories of crime, love, passion and betrayal! If you do not believe in ghosts yet, after this tour you may change your mind Prague is one of the most haunted cities in the world, with the highest number of reported ghost sightings per square kilometer than almost anywhere else. On this tour, you will be taken to the places where these souls dwell.

    You will hear their stories of love, hatred, passion, injustice and revenge. Crooked lanes, scary atmosphere, abandoned corners and squares are guaranteed. Be warned that meetings with ghosts are only for those with strong nerves Get scared to the bone! It is not just a museum but an experience in itself. We provide a holistic and interactive experience that engages all the five senses where visitors can learn but also dream. In wax of course. Torre dell'orologio astronomico di Praga: biglietto d'ingresso con ingresso saltafila.

    The clock itself boasts many unique features, including the hourly procession of the Twelve Apostles between 9am and 11am, and the moving figurines of Vanity, Greed, Death, and Lust. They will be holding a blue and white umbrella so that you can easily recognize them. Learn the history of this Gothic-style structure that dates back to the s and get an up-close look at the horologe itself, including its hourly march of the Twelve Apostles and its distinct zodiacal ring. Visita le segrete sotterrane per scoprire e temere le torture medievali e le esecuzioni.

    Scegli uno dei due orari di partenza al momento della prenotazione. Dopo aver incontrato la guida in costume a Male Namesti 11, Praha 1, incamminate nella notte da brivido. Visita le segrete sotterranee in cui vengono mostrate le torture medievali e le esecuzioni. Le storie da brivido spaventeranno tutti. Your guide will take you through narrow, cobbled streets and winding lanes where once murderers, alchemists, monsters and other spirits walked. Begin discovering the history, beautiful landscapes and architecture of Prague Castle in very short of 15 minutes introduction and then explore it on your own pace.

    Goditi il commento sui vari luoghi, scegliendo tra 26 lingue e utilizzando le cuffie. Potrai scendere presso il castello di Praga per esplorare i dintorni a piacere passeggiando per minuti. Museo della birra ceca di Praga: tour autonomo con bottiglia di birra personalizzata. Scopri il Museo della birra ceca con questo tour autonomo di un'ora e mezzo. Adatta alle tue esigenza la visita al Museo della birra ceca, arrivando in qualsiasi momento tra le e le del giorno prenotato.

    Successivamente, scopri la magia che si svolge dietro le quinte per la produzione della birra cieca nel birrificio e nella casa del malto. Scopri il vero profumo di luppolo e di malto, poi visita le cantine sotterranee metropolitane risalenti al XIII secolo. Scopri quale era l'aspetto del negozio di un bottaio e in cui veniva scavato e immagazzinato il ghiaccio prima dell'invenzione del metodo di raffreddamento.

    Lungo il percorso, impara da centinaia di manufatti storici impreziositi dall'autentico ambiente circostante e da presentazioni video. Il tour termina con una degustazione di alcuni tipi di birra. Ancora conservate nelle cantina del XIII secolo, potrai provare tutti e quattro i tipi di birra ceca nei due pub espositivi, il primo risalente al e il secondo all'epoca del partito comunista. Finita la degustazione di birra, passa nella camera di imbottigliamento per crearti il tuo originalissimo souvenir di Praga imbottigliando, tappando ed etichettando la tua birra.

    Follow in the steps of Czech kings on a guided walking tour through Prague. The tower marks the beginning of the Royal Route, a silver plate path which was originally used by medieval Bohemian monarchs during coronation ceremonies, which took place in Prague Castle's St Vitus Cathedral. Discover traditional Czech beer culture on a 3-hour small-group tour limited to just 10 people. Visit three of Prague's local pubs where you can enjoy three different Czech brews.

    Along the way learn about how Czech history is closely tied to beer; about the country's drinking customs, and what makes Prague a capital of the beer world. Meet your guide at pm in Prague's city center and start your tour by learning about the history behind Pilsner Urquel, the golden lager which stopped riots in the Czech town of Plzen and started a revolution in the world of beer. Enjoy a glass of unpasteurized Pilsner, making its way to your belly straight from the brewery.

    Take your first steps toward becoming a true master of beer by learning how to pour the perfect pint in the first pub. Then, walk to the second pub, a true hidden gem of Czech culture, unchanged in the past couple of decades. Enjoy one of the best dark lagers in the world and indulge in some traditional Czech humor through the art adorning its walls.

    Head for the final destination, a traditional Czech restaurant, to taste the most popular domestic brew in all of Czech Republic and hear the fantastic mythology behind its origins. Worked up an appetite? Taste delicious Czech food, including what is arguably the best goulash in all of Prague. You will learn the formative history of Bohemia, visit many of the famous locations in Prague and discover why these popular sites are significant to history. Discover Prague like a true local, with a local. In this private Withlocals Originals tour we want to give you the perfect Czech experience.

    All of this next to great locals stories from your favorite private guide. This tour can be created to your wishes, exclusively for you and your family or friends! Enjoy a local beer at the Monastery Brewery. Revel in the beauty of the city and capture it through photography. This is a small-group tour with a maximum of 10 travelers per booking. We will have together about 3 hours discovering Prague, learning the techniques how to take nice doors photos. Your photography walk begins and ends in the historic center of the city.

    Along the way, marvel at the different architectural styles and historic buildings. You will get many photos of very different doors and windows. You will spend 5 to 15 minutes at your selection of the over 30 stops. For demanding photographers we offer a private tour with your own choice according to the architectural style of the buildings or according to the locations of the sample photographs. The city of Prague may be famous for its beautiful architecture but the real history of the city lies below.

    Come with us on a journey into the past and discover the secrets of the Oldtown, its fascinating history and the places hidden below the ground. Your guide will show you a part of the Oldtown that hasn't changed much since the 12th century. On your underground visit you'll learn about the history behind the rooms, corridors, and cellars that lie underneath Prague. Imagine going back in time to hear the music just as in Mozart's times. Spend an evening in the beautiful baroque interior of St.

    You will hear esteemed Czech musicians perform famous baroque pieces interleaved by other exquisite musical treasures. Usually three artists perform at the concerts — soloists of our prominent opera and orchestra bodies, pedagogues of the Academy of music and drama and Prague conservatory. St Francis church is one of the most beautiful baroque churches of Prague. Even if its also one of the smallest churches - 70 seats only - it has long and important music tradition. Order of the Knight's of the Cross with the Red Star, who built the church in years - , was admired to art and sacred music.

    In 19 century music productions here were the most popular in Prague. Tradition of organ concerts started in , when its founder - Jakub Chalupa graduated at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. This concert series runs continuously from to nowadays, yearly and daily from Easter to November, and it's longest uninterrupted Prague Organ concert cycle. Organ of St. Francis church is an important historic instrument built in by Master Abraham Stark from Elgbogen in Western Bohemia. This rare organ is the second oldest in Prague, but oldest one you can hear at concert.

    In the year there was large and complicated reconstruction using the most modern technologies and methods of restoration and reparations, so this instrument is in excellent restored shape, and only here you can really enjoy a sound of genuine baroque organ in genuine baroque acoustic. On concerts at St Francis church you can hear best Prague organists: professors of Prague Conservatory, professors of Academy of performing arts in Prague or organ soloists and church organists and Music directors from many.

    The city of Prague may be famous for its beautiful architecture but the real history of the city lies below! Go on a journey into the past and discover the secrets of the Old Town, its fascinating history and the places hidden below the cobblestone streets of Old Town, after dark. On this 70 minute guided night tour you'll have the chance to hear the medieval history of Prague and see what's underneath the city as you explore the hidden rooms and cellars below the ground!

    On this evening guided tour you will hear the medieval history of Prague and explore a different part of the city - one that exists under the cobblestone streets of Old Town, after dark. Your guide will share tales of rebellions, defenestrations, executions and the devastating floods along with the dark history of the astronomical clock and the old town hall, all on this 70 minute night tour!

    Download a vibrantly-narrated mp3 audio guide combined with a map detailing the area of your tour. This audio tour will guide you through many of the historic places of Prague, as you travel along the Vltava River. You will see a mix of historic and modern architecture, which tells a story of a constantly changing and evolving city over the past millennium. At departure you will be waited in the lobby. Hear the spine-chilling stories that the city hides in its streets and solitary alleys.

    Solve the mystery of Prague lamps in an adventurous, fun and exciting outdoor exit game in Prague. This mystery game activity takes you to venues beloved by the locals. Experience a smart outdoor treasure hunt with a puzzle game for teams up to five people. As this is an outdoor activity, you don't actually have to exit a room but will explore the city for about 4 hours following hints and clues. This treasure hunt can be taken mostly any time, it is recommend to experience the mystery game during daylight though to get most out of your Prague activity game starting time is usualy at , but is to be confirmed by email.

    It is recommended to bring some food and beverages with you as well as to wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking for most of the time. There will also be some places along the way, where you can purchase something to eat or to drink at own expense , but these might not be open. We also recommend you to wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes. The game takes place in any weather condition. Your exit game treasure hunt will finish in a location in Prague from where you can easily reach mostly any destination by public transportation.

    Since it is an exit game, we don't want to spoil the fun of the game by reveling the finish point. This walking tour offers the professional and friendly individual care for a reasonable price. Your interests will shape the tour! Start the tour any time and any place you like. The timing, stops, tempo and duration will depend on you. Learn how to escape the tourist traps. Get off of the beaten track. Cross the boundary of the guide-books. Get involved! You will get 10minutes free of charge!

    Vitus Cathedral and stroll down the quaint Little Quarter. We do not guarantee the snow covered streets! Sometimes we get snow, sometimes just the relaxed winter mood in the streets less tourists. Rent you own E-Scooter and enjoy freedom while discovering beauties of Prague. Passing Metronome, Expo 58 and St. Agnes Church, ride through the Jewish quarter. Visit Rudolfinum and the Franz Kafka museum and many more. You are your the leader. All functions of the E-Scooter and rules about riding in Prague will be explained to you. You can rent E-Scooter every full hour from until Minimum rent is 1 hour.

    Discover the history of Prague, the heart of Europe! This three-hour tour will introduce you to the fascinating history of Prague and take you through all the most important sights of the Old Town, New Town and Jewish Quarter, as well as several hidden gems along the way! Our tour starts at the top of the Wenceslas Square, which faced all major revolutions and military parades throughout the 20th century.

    A stroll down the square takes you through Lucerna palace and Franciscan garden, well hidden from tourists but well known to locals who want to escape daily bustle and hustle of the city. Experience an amazing journey across all styles of architecture you can think of — gothic, renaissance, baroque, rococo, gorgeous art nouveau and cubism.

    Just join us on our next walk. Enjoy a hassle-free arrival or departure in Prague with this private transfer service. Meet your driver at Prague Airport, and be peacefully transferred to your hotel in the centre of Prague. These private vehicles can accommodate up to 8 passengers. Travel in a spacious private vehicle for up to 8 passengers. This is the best way while arriving or departing in the City of Prague. This is a private transfer only for you and your travel companions. The driver will be waiting at Prague International Airport with the placard with your name.

    You will received the contact details by sms or by email. For any information kindly refer to the contacts on the voucher. Enjoy a Hassle-Free Arrival in Prague with this private transfer service. Meet your private driver at Prague Airport, and be peacefully transferred to your hotel in the centre of Prague. Salta la fila all'ingresso dell'Hard Rock Cafe di Praga ed entra direttamente per gustare la tua cena in classico stile americano!

    Scegli tra due diversi menu un pasto da 2 o da 3 portate e quindi siediti mangia, immergiti nell'atmosfera di Praga, oltre a vedere i cimeli del rock 'n' roll per cui gli Hard Rock Cafe sono famosi. Ammira i pantaloni una volta indossati da Elvis Presley, una tastiera elettrica dei Depeche Mode, un abito appartenente a Jimi Hendrix e molto altro, mentre ceni nel cuore di Praga. Quindi, non perdere tempo facendo la fila, entra direttamente per sederti al tuo tavolo con il tuo biglietto saltafila e ammira la vivace collezione di cimeli dell'Hard Rock Cafe.

    Ammira in alto un lampadario fatto su misura disegnato a forma di chitarra e un abito in eco-pelliccia indossato da Jimi Hendrix a un concerto a Dallas. Pantaloni a zampa di elefante appartenuti a Elvis Presley e una delle tastiere elettriche dei Depeche Mode sono solo due degli innumerevoli manufatti esposti! Una volta scelta quale delle due diverse opzioni di menu della cena ordinare menu Gold da 2 portate o menu Diamond da 3 portate , bisogna sedersi, rilassarsi e godersi il proprio pasto nel cuore di Praga. Il locale dispone anche di un negozio interno per coloro che volessero acquistare qualche ricordo dopo aver mangiato.

    A quick tour of Prague in two hours. A sightseeing route by air-conditioned bus will take you to Prague Castle, where you will take an hour's walk around the castle with a guide. This is followed by a one hour long walking tour of the Prague Castle exterior with a professional guide who is going to describe all of interesting places and buildings located in the Prague Castle area and that is also the place where your tour will finish.

    Join this 2-hour mystery walking tour of Prague's Old Town and explore the charming dark side of Prague. This night tour is guided by an elegant and professional story-teller dressed in historical gothic outfit, will take you through the cobblestone streets and alleys of Old Town and Jewish quarter, visiting places where dark tales and legends are told before Gothic churches, convents, medieval houses. Duration: 15 minutes. During the bus ride, you can choose a commentary in one of 14 languages or children commentary in English and German. Get to know one of the most beautiful cities in Europe as you hop on and off our buses without limit for a period of 24 hours.

    Our modern, double-decker Hop On — Hop Off buses will take you to the best known sights and places of interest in Prague. On board the bus, you can choose a commentary in one of 14 international languages, while your children can listen to a program which has been tailor-made for them. Each ticket comes with a set of single-use, hygienic headphones. The purchased ticket becomes valid at the moment when you first enter the bus.

    It is possible to purchase a minute boat cruise or a minute Prague Castle tour in addition to each ticket. All ticket types can be purchased on board our bus. The stated times are purely for information purposes only. Evening walking tour focused on Prague legends, Freemasons, Paganism, Witchcraft, Ghost stories, Haunted Prague history, Executions, gemstones, beerThe tour takes place in the Old Town and New Town of Prague and last up to 2 hours and ends up in a local pub where is served either small beer or soft drinks for each tour participant.

    Clients will also be given a gemstone. Tour is focused on Prague mysteries, on old Pagan religion, we teach you about spell casting, and show you interesting sites of town. Tour is theological, educational but entertaining recommended to open-minded people who want to learn about the oldest religion in the world which is the Pagan religion, show you the city and its history is another perspective. Agnes Convent and much more Your guide will be a witch or wizard who will have a Witch Broom.

    Do you like walking in old towns and imagining how it was in the past? What about playing puzzle games? Are you enchanted by Prague and do you want to get lost in its narrow streets? Quest-tour is a thrilling way to explore the city from a much different angle, through a game that lasts hours. It combines the fun of a treasure hunt with a sightseeing tour of the city. Guided from any smartphone, players make their way through the city, following the route from one point to another, searching for answers, performing different tasks, solving clues, and completing challenges.

    The tour is private but to make it more fun there's a possibility to make it as a race with other teams. During this minute performance, you will experience up close and personal illusions, mind reading, and daring feats of danger. Jonathan can tell you the name of a close friend you are thinking of, or know how old you were when you had your first kiss. In addition to this, for the first time Jonathan David Bass will levitate a woman with a live camera behind him.

    A perfect location in the center of Prague with wild parties every night of the week. Show is presented in English. Recommended for children over 12 years of age. Il tour svolge nella zona collinare residenziale di Zizkov Praga , sede di molti locali chic ma anche rustici, posizionati uno accanto all'altro per creare un'atmosfera unica e interessante.

    Non solo potrai assaggiare tutti i tipi e i marchi di birra che vorrai, ma potrai anche imparare cose nuove sulla cultura della birra e le sue caratteristiche a Zizkov. Take a 2-hour mystery night walking tour of Prague's Castle District Hradcany. Discovering on the way many unknown places of esoteric charm where masters of the dark arts of Alchemy, would toil by candlelight late into the night. A place where the time stood still. Duration: 30 minutes.

    Distanze di proiezione. 2^ puntata.

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