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Of course, there are times when my confidence is low and I do need to hear encouraging words. I remember all the work I have put in and all the support I have received to get here.

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I left Australia on my own to race in a French professional team in I lived in a very clinical apartment inside an institute where the food was typical French prison food where they slap this unidentifiable mush on your plate. I was hungry, lonely. I enjoyed the racing because the team manager was an awesome guy. I was a bit of a lead-out rider on the team but we had 3 sprinters.

I remember coming back from one of the races after leading out the sprinters and they finished 4 th , 6 th and 7 th.

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Instead he said, tell me more? I said, why are we leading out three people to fill up the top ten instead of working together for one dedicated sprinter to win. We had a team meeting where the girls explained they had to take time off work to come to the races.

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  4. I was like, time off work? The team culture completely changed after that and it was great. The girls and I have a lot of respect for each other and some of us are still friends even today almost 5 years on. I come from a home with a single parent, my mother who supported me, my brother and my sister. She was a school teacher and we never had a lot of money. I sold my personal bike for extra cash to get a plane ticket and my international race licence. You faced the world's deadliest martial artist.

    All to get back at a guy who didn't call you the next day. Batman : The promise that we made to bring down the Roman. What it cost us. Gordon : If you're asking me "Did the good guys win? But, I won't know if it was worth it for a very long time Freyja : " King Loki. Now I find I question the price of gold. Game Theory has Nanoha pondering this, after all the pain and suffering everyone went through because of the quest to revive Alicia. But in the end, Alicia is brought back successfully, and Nanoha decides that it was worth it. In Heartbreak , Yang Xiao Long breaks up with her very adorable and loving boyfriend, Garnet, because she was gradually falling in love with a new student, Sygnus.

    Garnet tries to be happy for her , but he breaks down in tears and runs off before he can finish what he wanted to say. The chapter ends with Yang feeling guilty and wondering if it was really worth it. The sequel chapter reveals that no, it wasn't. Yang only wanted to date Sygnus because she was Loving a Shadow and that her heart always belonged to Garnet. Used spectacularly in I Did Not Want To Die, and it is heartbreaking because the protagonist had so much to live for, and he chose to go to war, where he is about to die alone hundreds of miles from home.

    Combined in Hesitant Sacrifice in that he laments that no, it wasn't worth it. While Naruto accomplishes this, Sakura finds the answer is no, because she gets to see Naruto brought into the hospital with part of his chest and right arm either bleeding, burnt AND melting. As she states herself: "It wasn't worth this. Option 1 doesn't change anything but prevents her body from poisoning itself.

    Option 2 makes it possible for Isaribi to control her transformations but she has to live near the ocean and swim in it EVERYDAY for a couple of hours so the sea water can break down the poison in her body. In her haste, she picks option 2 and realizes too late that she effectively traded freedom just to fit in with people and has effectively chained herself to the ocean. After defeating Drongo, our hero ponders whether it was all worth the death and destruction, but thinks it was after downing a cold one. Wisdom and Courage : Link finds himself arguing with both Navi and Tatl over whether or not using the Fierce Deity's Mask to beat Veran is worth the risk of losing his soul to it.

    Navi and Tatl insist that it isn't worth it, but Link is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep Zelda safe.

    Apple is worth $1 trillion. Here's what that much money could actually do.

    The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn : Deadlock has spent most of the fic obsessed with vengeance on Spyro and Cynder, because it was due to the raid on the Dragon Temple the night of Spyro's hatching that Deadlock's husband and unborn eggs perished, and because Dark Cynder killed all of her elder children during the war with Malefor. At the very end, she has Spyro and Cynder at her mercy and is about to kill them Deadlock is left in tearful remorse over this fact and agrees with her other adoptive child Pyrus that her revenge was never worth this.

    Lunarian warrior Shoutoku is asked by Tenshi Hinanai if her revenge is worth the death of the Lunarian civilization, the attempted genocide of humanity and youkai, and most importantly, the murder of Tenshi's Only Friend. When Shoutoku admits the answer is no, and tries to kill herself, Tenshi decides to show her exactly what she thinks of her Film - Animated. While he says it will, even Lord Shen seems to wonder whether it will be or not.

    In TMNT , Leo and Raph have a grudge match, in which Leo is the dominant fighter, but Raph breaks his swords when he decides to take it to the line, and Leo is consequently captured not long after. In Zootopia , when Judy is reprimanded by Chief Bogo for behaving like a Cowboy Cop , he sarcastically charges her with: Chief Bogo: Abandoning your post, inciting a scurry, reckless endangerment of rodents.

    But, to be fair, you did stop a master criminal from stealing two dozen moldy onions. Film - Live Action. In American History X , the Armor-Piercing Question that convinces Derek Vinyard to stop being a Neo-Nazi skinhead after he's been sent to prison for killing a black guy is "Has anything you've done made your life any better?

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    However, this quest has cost him the lives of all his adopted children in the Black Order, most if not all of his army, and the life of his estranged daughter, Gamora, who he was forced to kill. Afterwards, he's visited by a vision of Gamora as a child, and this small exchange occurs: Thanos: Daughter?

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    Jane Caldwell: Don't fall for it, Jack. Jack Issel: Fall for what? Jane Caldwell: For the lie we keep telling ourselves. We do the dirty stuff to get the power.

    Know Your Worth: Understanding Your Value and Finding Love

    It'll give us all the good things we really want. Then we get the power, we can't even remember what goddamn thing it was we wanted it for in the first place. Bishop: We got a fucked-up barometer for success, don't we? Magneto : All those years wasted fighting each other, Charles To have a precious few of them back Instead he just feels empty.

    In Chris Roberson's Imperial Fists novel Sons of Dorn , Captain Taelos knows, objectively, that sacrificing the scouts as a distraction was a sound move, but he finds the cost very bitter. At the end of Larry Niven 's Ringworld's Children , Louis Wu has lost his son and the woman he was in love with to the depths of space, never to be seen again. Billions of sentient beings on the Ringworld itself were on the verge of madness, and Luis, himself, forced himself to voluntarily give up his status as a Protector-stage human in order to safeguard everything and everyone he cared about.

    It had to be done, but he hated it. This is a running theme in Iain M.

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    Banks 's The Culture series. The Culture fought a war with the Idirans in Consider Phlebas. The ethics and ramifications of the war were still being discussed up to The Hydrogen Sonata. The Bible : Mark For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

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    Live-Action TV. In Season 2 of The , Clarke's character arc is built around her trying to save her people, but doing so many horrible things to other people in the process that, in the season finale, she can't take any pleasure in having finally succeeded, and can't even bear to be around the people she's saved, their faces constantly reminding her of the evils she committed for their sake. Babylon 5 : In the fourth season, while the Centauri are ending their occupation of Narn, Vir and Londo talk about Vir's killing of Cartagia.

    Nevertheless, 'worth one's salt' didn't exist in Roman Latin or even in medieval English and dates from as recently as the 19th century. The earliest citation of the phrase that I have found in print is in The African Memoranda , a report of an expedition to Guinea Bissau, by Philip Beaver, It's worth pointing out that, although English is replete with phrases of a nautical origin , none of the above salty phrases has anything to do with the sea.

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