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In response to pleas from organists for shorter hymnbased works intended especially for offertory and postlude use, Doug Wagner created these dynamic collections of works for offertory and postlude use. Ranging from introspective to bright, each easily readable piece comes in at two minutes or less in duration.

Ad Wammes crafted these eight short movements for small chamber organs or the manuals of a larger instrument with opportunities to include pedal. Durations for each title, as well as a table of appropriate usages, are provided. Experience the warmth, the joy, and the endless beauty that is the organ music of Dale Wood with this valuable resource for your music ministry and recital programming needs.

The creative hymn introductions in this versatile collection are filled with colorful harmonies and vitality that will make the well-known hymns sparkle. The tunes are always prominent, and the introductions generate enthusiastic attention from the singers as they prepare to unite in song. Many of the settings can be used as free harmonizations for congregation singing; shorter introductions can also be used as interludes between stanzas. The Wood Works for Organ series was inaugurated in and has retained its popularity over the years. The music is truly unforgettable. Book 1 KK Book 2 KK Book 4 KK Wood Works on International Folk.

Wood Works on Original Themes. The reviewer-acclaimed Softly and Tenderly series includes three splendid volumes of favorite hymns. Collections from Gordon A. Easy, 3-staff KK After decades of requests for another duet book, Mark Hayes and Marvin Gaspard teamed up again to create this volume of festive hymn arrangements for piano and organ. Their collaborative writing style draws on their creative similarities and differences to produce some of the finest music available within this unique genre.

The ten hymns in the book span the entire church year, with both general and seasonal selections, and each piece includes program notes. This must-have collection will provide tremendous service and concert duo literature for years to come. Fasig, J.

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Innes, J. Pethel, S. Pethel, L. Sprunger, R. Sprunger, H. Voss, and E. Whitsett This collection features favorite piano and organ duets that have been carefully compiled into a single, invaluable resource! Innes, E. Lorenz, J. Mansfield, L. Smith Int. With hymn arrangements suitable for Christmas, Easter, and everything in between, you and your duet partner will welcome this inspiring addition to the repertoire.

Mary McDonald is a multitalented musician who is at home on both the organ and piano benches. Utilizing the full strength and beauty of the combined keyboards, she crafted these heartfelt collections that focus on the grace and love of God. Mary McDonald and Larry Shackley have combined their creativity and keyboard skills to create an outstanding series of duets for organ and piano. Arranger Lani Smith is a favorite of organists and pianists everywhere because of the boundless creativity he brought to the world of keyboard duets. These collections reflect his dedication to providing church musicians with quality and practical music.

With a subscription to any of our three Lorenz organ magazines, you will receive 6 issues a year of new organ music that is tied to the church calendar. No matter the size of your congregation, scope of your program, or denomination of your church, Carson has ensured that one of these magazines will meet your needs. One Year All subscriptions to our organ magazines include a complimentary digital version of every issue.

Simply follow the instructions on the back cover of each issue to redeem your complimentary PDF edition. Spend more time in worship at the piano and less time planning with a subscription to one, or both, of our piano magazines! Larry Shackley takes great care in crafting each issue of these popular, long-time publications. He works hard to secure arrangements from favorite composers, like Mark Hayes and Mary McDonald, as well as from new voices in church music. His decades-long experience as a church pianist also ensures that the magazines meet all of the standard service needs, while providing music appropriate for the church year in a variety of styles.

You may cancel your subscription for any reason within 10 days of receiving your first issue. All prices prices are are in in U.

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Please Please allow allow 4—6 4—6 weeks weeks for for delivery delivery of of your your first first issue. Subscribers Subscribers living living outside outside of of the the U. Popular for his signature contemporary approach to traditional hymn tunes, Jay Rouse brings us another captivating keyboard collection that will engage pianists and congregations across worship styles. Larson, M. McDonald, J. Raney, J.

Rouse, and H. Sorenson Get ready to play the night away with this roof-raising bundle of homegrown favorites! Included are ten triumphant hymn arrangements jam-packed with unceasing energy.

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This collection is a must-have for any church pianist! Hayes, L. McDonald, S. Nielson, L. Shackley, et. In answer to many requests for more challenging piano arrangements, this collection contains eleven fresh pieces by a variety of skilled arrangers. Moods ranging from meditative to celebratory make this book a flexible resource for the advanced pianist performing in church and concert settings. Drennan, V. Labenske, L. Larson, B. Nix, and J. Raney Int. Good News!

Berry, B. Greer, M. Ham, S. Nielson, O. Young, et al. Choplin, M. McDonald, R. Schram, and L. Hymns You Love. Compiled by Larry Shackley An abundance of hymns and carols are included in these monumental collections. Some of your favorite arrangers— including Mark Hayes, Anna Laura Page, Mary McDonald, and Lloyd Larson— have contributed to these resources, providing at least one selection for almost every letter of the alphabet.

Ranging from contemplative to spunky, these ten arrangements are sure to become favorites of pianists and congregations alike! This diverse compilation includes an intriguing variety of musical styles, all of which are accessible enough to be played on sight. Ideal for those times when practice time is limited, they range in duration from one to four minutes and satisfy the gamut of worship service requirements from preludes to postludes.

Forrest, M. Ijames, F. Pinkston, G. Sprunger, et al. This collection is crafted for the skilled pianist looking to enrich their holiday services. Compiled by Larry Shackley Int. Bennett, C. Berry, M. Ham, L. Larson, H. Sorenson, et al. Beaney, C. Curry, M. Hayes, M. Hyzer, L. Larson, L. Shackley Int. McDonald, L. Shackley, D. Wagner Int. Beaney, J. Curry, J. Koerts, L. Leatherman, L. The book intertwines favorite hymns and spirituals with contemporary worship songs, making it an ideal resource for blended worship services. It also contains optional instrumental accompaniment tracks.

Familiar melodies are couched in moderately challenging contemporary settings, and all of them will find their joyful way into your heart. Let this collection of captivating music warm your heart during this holiday season. Anna Laura Page brilliantly arranged several favorite carols—as well as a few lesserknown titles you will quickly come to know and love—with undeniable sincerity and artistry.

The book offers a variety of styles and characteristics, making it an invaluable resource for many Christmases to come. Looking to bring more classical literature into your worship? Each of these collections contains piano solo arrangements with a classical touch that can be used as offertories, preludes, postludes, or personal worship. What a Savior!

Chorale Prelude on "Away in a Manger" for Organ by Paul Rutz

Also included are improvisational links between songs that enable the pianist to create medleys and extended preludes. Melody Bober provides something for nearly every thematic need in worship planning—Communion, Easter, Christmas, patriotic, stewardship, memorial services, and general use—in this musthave collection. She has even included a four-hand arrangement, ensuring maximum versatility. These stunning medleys can be mastered by lessexperienced pianists or quickly readied by moreexperienced players who are low on preparation time.

Easy This collection by Pepper Choplin features refreshing arrangements of hymn tunes centered on the theme of nature. Each of the four seasons is represented, making it an exciting addition to your year-round repertoire. This book is well suited for both worship and concert use.

Optional narrations tie many pieces to a scriptural passage or devotional thought. Perfect for Christmas Eve services and personal worship, these selections will serve well as preludes and offertories, as well as quiet meditations and reflections on the birth of Christ. Silent Night! Holy Night! Craig Curry combines the skill of a classical pianist with the inventiveness and harmonic wealth of jazz. Award-winning American composer Emma Lou Diemer applied her distinctive voice to sixteen traditional American spirituals in this versatile book.

This must-have collection will find a place in churches, schools, and recital halls alike. Master arranger Lloyd Larson chose ten favorite hymns of praise and gave them glorious inspirational settings that illuminate the power of the original melodies. Designed for the skilled church pianist, these arrangements are suitable for use in concert settings or in church services as preludes, postludes, and interludes. All Things Bright and Beautiful Mod.

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Easy Joy to the World! Jason Krug brilliantly arranged this collection of ten English Christmas carols, full of all the fun and excitement of the holiday season. Each arrangement is carefully crafted to reflect the mood and energy of the carol. With rhythmically compelling passages and great variety, it is a prime resource to reference year after year! Each selection brings together two or more treasured hymns that are centered around the characteristics of God.

With accessible and flexible arrangements, it is a valuable resource for use throughout the church year.

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  • Prayludes for Communion. These arrangements by Susan Greene are a wonderful complement to any intermediate methods book. Matt Schinske penned this exceptional collection of solos for the skilled pianist. They maintain his signature sounds despite their brevity and will serve your prelude, offertory, and interlude needs during worship. The Art of the Piano series has given Mark Hayes an outlet for his more artistic, advanced arrangements. Recordings by Mark himself are also available. Inspired by the simplicity of traditional folk-style music, Mark Hayes developed this timeless treasury of piano arrangements for the accomplished pianist.

    With over fifty-five pieces of varying uses, this collection is a prime resource for the entire church year. An excellent resource for middle- and high-school students, and less-experienced players of all ages, this collection includes ten hymn-tune arrangements appropriate for occasions throughout the year. Listeners will enjoy and be inspired by the unmistakable Mark Hayes touch, and you will appreciate these arrangements for their modest technical demands. Mark Hayes follows up his acclaimed first Piano and Rhythm volume with this sparkling Advent and Christmas collection.

    His arrangements explore a variety of contemporary styles from swing and Latin to gospel. The solos can be played on their own, with a live band using the printable parts, or with the recordings on the included CD. Keyboard master Mark Hayes shaped this collection utilizing a wide variety of Christmas tunes ranging in style from classic to contemporary. Philip Bliss was one of the most influential songwriters in nineteenthcentury America, and his sensitive, heartfelt songs continue to resonate today.

    Mark Hayes brings his unmistakable creative touch to Christmas classics ranging from early chants to more recent favorites in this exceptional collection for the concert stage or seasonal worship services. Whether you are playing or listening, these carol settings will enhance the joyful and tender moments of the Christmas season. Each piece is carefully transcribed to highlight the text of the familiar original song, enabling the listener to internalize all of its intended meaning.

    Skillfully written by James Koerts, the book is filled with compelling rhythmic elements and harmonic interest. Communion planning will be a breeze with this phenomenal book.

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    Mark Hayes offers thirteen striking arrangements of classic hymns and contemporary songs revolving around the sacrifice of Christ. While these arrangements are designed to provide a seamless sequence within Communion services, they are also well suited for Holy Week. In this beautiful collection, Mark Hayes provides us with eight meditative arrangements designed to help us slow down and experience the thrill of anticipation that lies at the heart of Advent.

    Suitable for preludes, offertories, or even to underscore a candle-lighting ceremony, these hymns and carols will set the mood for prayer and contemplation. The ten pieces in this colorful carol collection will add a contemporary feel to your Christmas celebrations. Holy, Holy, Holy! Koerts, M. Schinske, and L. The music is linked to the church calendar, and each piece is timed to help you plan ahead. This volume will be an instant boost to your repertoire at a very reasonable price. A church musician himself, James Koerts understands the delight that an infusion of Christmas music can bring to a worship service.

    This collection is a balanced blend of classical and impressionistic interpretations of traditional hymn tunes for the solo pianist. These seventeen songs in ten arrangements can be used for preludes, offertories, postludes, concerts, personal enjoyment, personal worship, and instruction. Related Products. We are not able to get online delivery information from our supplier.

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    Submit Review. Add a reply. Pastor: Rev. We move into a sermon series focused on the newness offered to us in Christ Jesus. We are each given the opportunity to put on Christ and be a new person, to belong to a new community, and to become a new creation! February We will gather with the congregation of Iglesia de Dios El Gran Pastor for a combined worship service of praise and prayer! This Hispanic congregation worships in our chapel every Sunday and holds classes and music lessons there during the week. Worshiping God together will give us an opportunity to get to know one another better and experience worship in a different form and language both English and Spanish!

    Closing Hymn: Sign Us with Ashes, vss. March 21 No Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal. March Disney's Beauty and the Beast. O Sacred Head, Now Wounded. All Who Pass This Way. The Cup of Love. Could You Not Watch. Ah, Holy Jesus. Crucify Him! When I Survey the Wondrous Cross. Worship in the Park, Pioneer Park E. Main St. One Service at a.