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There's a live goose, for God's sake.

THE FERRYMAN Broadway Reviews

In the wake of the play's frantic, lurid, pull-out-all-the-stops-and-knock-down-all-the-pins conclusion which makes the whole play feel like the prequel to an as-yet-unwritten bloodbath blockbuster called The Wrath of Quinn , the audience rocketed to its feet - and I got the reaction. Even though, when I stopped to think about it, at least three different elements of the story's final catastrophic 60 seconds left me wondering, "Wait, but why?

As a portrait of a vengeance-obsessed culture drowning in its own spilled blood, "The Ferryman" is a searing social document. As a sprawling human drama, poised on the precipice of a violence that you know is waiting for its beguilingly drawn and assayed characters, it is a riveting work of art.

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It sprawls, too, in the most exhilarating sense of the term. Jez Butterworth's revenge tragedy, which marked its official opening Sunday night at Broadway's Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, teems with people and the events that divide and imperil them. There's nothing subtle about it, and that includes most of the big, broad and often very busy performances that the Tony Awards like to honor.

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Where "The Ferryman" enters a totally original space is its thrilling third act, when those Corcoran nephews take center stage to recall attending Bobby Sands' funeral and falling under the influence the IRA. Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. Kiss Me, Kate!

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Be More Chill Save on Tix! Rate The Ferryman. Follow Us Facebook. Under Sam Mendes's direction, The Ferryman is as much about texture as it is about plot and dialogue, with both playwright and director giving themselves plenty of time to observe the rhythms of these people, allowing us to bask in the present before the past casts its menacing shadows.

And yet, even the most seemingly offhand details — such as the placement of some of the play's long monologues — carry a thematic importance that can only be fully grasped in hindsight. For instance, when Aunt Maggie Far Away played by Fionnula Flanagan, an original cast member who will turn the role over to Blair Brown on April 16 recollects her love for a man who may never have known she existed, the scene reverberates with the central unspoken love between Quinn and Caitlin, the latter still keeping hope alive at the beginning of the play for the return of her long-lost husband, Seamus.

Such details add up to an intimate yet epic vision that remains dazzling in its sheer density.

The Ferryman is about not only a family in a state of fraught transition, but an entire nation feeling the ground shifting underneath its feet. But while the predominantly Irish and British original Broadway cast never allowed us to forget that The Ferryman takes place in Northern Ireland in , amid the political turmoil of the Troubles further inflamed by the hunger strike staged by IRA inmates in Maze Prison, the predominantly American cast offers us an opportunity to contemplate afresh the more universal implications of Butterworth's story and characters.

Charon mythology , mythological Greek ferryman.

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The Ferryman film , a New Zealand film. Ferryman novel , a book by Claire McFall , followed by Trespassers novel.

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The Ferryman film , a film by Jiajia Zhang. It is not an adaptation of the novel by Claire McFall.