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The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre

Like the Scottish moors in The 39 Steps , the winter beaches and dreary woods of Martha's Vineyard become the frightening, believable setting for preposterous events of world importance. He wishes merely to observe, although, of course, he soon finds himself the pivot of the action. So who, apart from the ghost writer, is the ghost? The answer is Tony Blair, and not only in the obvious sense that he is the thinly veiled subject of the story.

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Brosnan does not quite succeed in making himself English in his accent though nor, come to think it, does Tony Blair these days , and he is not helped by the script making him refer to " The Times of London" as no Englishman would ever do. His charm seems too slow and sleepy, whereas Blair's is eager, quicksilver. But it turns out that Brosnan's style fits the predicament of his character. He is famous and controversial, but oddly passive.

Although he sometimes gets angry under the extraordinary pressures that build up on him, he is, for the most part, almost detached — vain enough to care a bit about how he might appear in his memoirs, but not really all that interested. He retains an easy charm, an almost mocking vagueness. It is the people around him — Amelia and, above all, Ruth, furiously jealous of Anna, and furious, indeed, about everything — who are so worked up.

What was he? That too, is not made clear. Robert Harris is one of many on the centre-Left who started by believing that Tony Blair was the shining light of their generation, and later came to see him merely as its shooting star. But neither novel nor film version is an act of out-and-out revenge.

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I shan't give away the ending, but that expectation is not fulfilled. Instead, you feel sorry for this trapped man — the object of so much passion for and against, and yet, when you get close to him, not quite there. Was the real Tony Blair always a sort of ghost?

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Read Full Synopsis. Roman Polanski Director. Ewan McGregor The Ghost. Pierce Brosnan Adam Lang.

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