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My highest recommendations Aug 25, Kate rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites-read-in Final Days is one of my favourite SF novels, so much of a favourite is it that I was strangely deterred from reading its successor. I had no need to fear. Gary Gibson is a writer of the highest order and Thousand Emperors didn't just match Final Days, it exceeded it. Strengthening the appeal of them both is that each can be read as stand alone novels and have little to do with one another beyond their links to the hugely intriguing Founders Network.

I want much, much more from this universe.

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View 2 comments. Jun 12, Tudor Ciocarlie rated it really liked it Shelves: my-best-of , hugo-numbers. The Thousand Emperors is better than Final Days and hints at great things to come in this series. I liked that both books had good endings and that The Thousand Emperors was not a direct sequel to Final Days. This sequel to Gary Gibson's novel "Final Days" takes the setting forward a few centuries to explore humanity's reaction to Earth's destruction, with a storyline structured around a murder investigation conducted by protagonist, Luc Gabion whose surname reminds me of the author's own, perhaps deliberately.

Aside from FTL wormhole transportation used in a strict government-controlled way, and ubiquitous non-sentient robots, the everyday technologies Gibson writes for Gabion's world is only very cautiously advanced from our own. He reserves the wider SF ideas and ambitions for a second society, called the Coalition, and resembling Iain M. Bank's Culture, glimpsed briefly in the ending chapters. With a quick opening lesson excerpted from a fictional history text, Gibson explains the division of society into two separate civilizations representing the opposing approaches to Earth's final disaster.

On one side is the fearlessly progressive Coalition, which continue to explore and study the alien Founder's Network of wormholes and artifacts that brought about the cataclysm, and which culturally parallels the Western culture of our own society. In self-imposed isolation from these, we find the worlds of the Tian Di, a strict empire which takes a more conservative position by outlawing such investigation, and which suffers from technological and political stagnation.

It is within this Tian Di society that our story unfolds, and though the eyes of a Tian Di commoner character that Gibson progressively acquaints us with his wider story universe, allowing the reader to experience the same surprises and discoveries. The story's conclusion hints at a future installment to the series which will hopefully be set in the Coalition, and will have a more cosmic, space-opera outlook.

Unanswered questions regarding some of the characters from 'Final Days' can be addressed, and perhaps a multi-character perspective can break up the narrative again. Even without these elements from the first book, not to mention the fascinating acrobatics with time paradoxes , I found 'The Thousand Emperors' to be an enjoyable five-star read, which can incidentally be enjoyed as as a standalone story, apart from the earlier novel. Sep 07, Riversue rated it really liked it.

This book was excellent - action-packed adventure. A great space opera bits. My only quibble might be that the hero seemed to get a few chicks into bed but of course no long term commitment thing - they all die. How convenient. SOmeone should write a female version with a woman doing the same thing.

But the story was fun. Aug 01, Tim Hicks rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction. There's a lot of action here, and some interesting parts to the worldbuilding, but I finished the book unsatisfied. Probably largely because near the end we have our hero view spoiler [ doing all-out magic as he looks at attacking weapons, wishes they would stop, and sees them all collapse.

And his little assistants with lightbulb heads? Are those not Gibson's mechants? Hopping in the sack with Zelia was so, so There's a lot of action here, and some interesting parts to the worldbuilding, but I finished the book unsatisfied. Hopping in the sack with Zelia was so, so predictable, but I admit that some of the other plot twists involving women more than made up for it. Did anyone else want to punch out calm, smug, condescending Ambassador Sachs?

Did anyone else wonder why every other character in the book didn't a see that Cripps was Mr. Nyah-hah Bwah-hah-hah, and b try to take him ourt at all costs? The library scenes were an acceptable way of setting up a necessary info dump. Although at one point I recall a paragraph that took up most of a page Maybe a bit heavy on private-channel this, blocking that, falsifying this other thing. Near the end, we touch briefly on the ethics and philosophy of making a copy of a human.

Perhaps spoiled by the idea that the Ambassador can view spoiler [make a copy of Luc by touching him for an instant. I can't explain why the tech in Reynolds, Asher, Banks works for me and it just doesn't seem quite right here. And how many nearby explosions does Luc survive, even as people beside him are flayed to ribbons? Is "Luc" short for "Lucky"? Still a pretty good book. Mar 26, Vegard rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi. Personane er litt flate, eg blei liksom ikkje personleg engasjert i nokon av dei — og the bad guys er liksom tvers gjennom vonde.

Men men. Good book. Well written. I had hoped that book 2 in the "Founder" series would be a continuation of the first book - but it was just set in the same universe - that said, it was a good read - but I feel that there is so much potential in the universe that more books would work. Jan 05, Oskari rated it liked it. Jul 11, Ian rated it it was ok. The Tian Di was founded in revolution, and the revolutionary council grew until it numbered one thousand — hence the title — but now power is pretty much concentrated in the hands of Father Chang, the council leader after a coup a century or two previously , and the council members are just a hugely powerful elite, sort of a cross between the One Percent and Saudi princes.

They even have their own secret planet, where they maintain luxurious estates untainted by proximity to the unwashed masses. This is heartland sf, full of well-polished tropes deployed with assurance. Apr 20, Bruno Di Giandomenico rated it it was amazing. Loved it! It is a mistery book in a science fiction scenario. The second book in a series, after "the final days", it is vastly better. After the destruction of Earth mankind has split between the Coalition and the Tian Di, a more or less benevolent despotism, whereas little is known at the beginning about the Coalition.

The wormholes between the two branches of marking has been severed and there is no contact between them. Among transplanted personalities, wormholes, people living for centuries reinstantiated memories within cloned bodies and other futuristic amenities which I shall not try to divulge in order to ruin the book, the plot thickens. A member of the council governing the Tuain Di has been assassinated in a classical closed room situation, which Luc is chosen to investigate, in a rather complex situation. Investigating a member of the aristocracy is never easy.

The plot thickens because it is time for the two halves of mankind to communicate again, via a new wormhole, and the ambassador of the coalition becomes part of the plot. I understand that the plot seems complicated, but the reading is simply compelling, one of the best novels I have read this year. Looking forward to other from Mr. Gary Gibson, it is a pity he writes too little. Jun 06, Markus rated it really liked it Shelves: , hardcover , sci-fi , published Better than Final Days , not improvement in characters, but in a balance between investigative and action parts.

Previous book had focus on more in an action parts. Things that tickled my imagination in Final Days was the Founder Network and i was curious the know more of them, which i did, but not enough, so please Mr. Gibson, i need a one or more book heavy on Founders stuff. I got sucked in the plot, kept me guessing almost to end, just right amount of twist and turns. World building was good a Better than Final Days , not improvement in characters, but in a balance between investigative and action parts.

Hamilton and hundreds of a characters to make it work, though Hamilton is still the master at epic-sci-fi. Style of writing in sci-fi tends to be sometimes heavy on a technobabble side and all those fancy future stuff overshadow story and characters, for an example like in The Quantum Thief , not in Gibson writing, you get your tech stuff, but they serve the story. There are some loose ends, like Inimicals and once again Founder Network get's only teasing, come on! I need my Founder trilogy or something! All the Lovecraftian glimpses of an ancient aliens got me going so there is no excuse to not to tell more.

Fine book, and i really need to read Shoal trilogy. Feb 15, Julian rated it liked it Shelves: Not too bad but not nearly as good as the first in the series. In the first book there was a great deal of world building, conspiracies, cool everyday wearable technology, believable scifi, great characters and a thrilling ride. The idea of time travel allowing access to the past and the future due to the nature of breaking the speed of light is fascinating and understandably dangerous.

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In this book, it is a new set of characters, most you never get to know well enough to feel for and a conspira Not too bad but not nearly as good as the first in the series. In this book, it is a new set of characters, most you never get to know well enough to feel for and a conspiracy that is not really that great.

It was still ok, but I really wish it was set immediately after the last book rather than a century or two after. I also felt the action within the story is happening in a different place to where the reader gets its point of view. If you read the last book, you will naturally read this one but don't expect the same greatness Sep 20, Adrian Leaf rated it really liked it. A far future detective novel set centuries after Gibson's previous Final Days. It is only a sequel in the broadest terms, using the collapse of a wormhole network in the previous novel to present a future where humanity has divided into two completely separate factions.

One a quasi dictatorship keen on maintaining the status quo and is obviously stagnating that is on the verge of civil unrest. The other a much more mysterious and progressive civilisation that in many ways would be barely recog A far future detective novel set centuries after Gibson's previous Final Days. The other a much more mysterious and progressive civilisation that in many ways would be barely recognised as human; post human in fact!

The main thrust of the story is a fun murder mystery surrounding Reunification between the two factions, but develops into something far larger in scale. I enjoyed it more than the previous novel, mainly because it had a better overall focus and the characterisation was much improved.

Stephen Hawking’s 7 Predictions of Earth’s Demise in the Next 200 Years

Good world building and interesting BIG ideas were also in evidence. Jun 27, Normalene rated it really liked it. This felt much like Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice series but set in a different world. The characters were very unique and the plot had many cool tech gadgets that made it work. There is a ruling council who are effectively immortal and filthy rich and worlds that still live in poverty. Science is weird and scary as controls on the council are not enforced so some passages will truly gross you out. When a murder takes place, our hero is tasked to find the killer even if it might be one of the c This felt much like Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice series but set in a different world.

When a murder takes place, our hero is tasked to find the killer even if it might be one of the council. But no one tells the truth, not in whole or in part and no one can be trusted, not even the thing in his head. Do your other series have a similar relationship to the one Amaranthe and Sicarius share? I never did write down that birthday celebration.

I think there might be a fanfic or two that covers it out there. My Dragon Blood books kick off with a love story and then explore what happens after the initial getting together also amid lots of adventure. Thank you Lindsay for all your amazing series! I started with your Dragons Blood series this summer and quickly moved into the Emperors Edge through to your new Warrior Mage book. I have your last 2 latest Dragons Blood books to get back to and along with a few more I still can read.

I look forward to your new stories and really appreciate how quickly you publish your books! Hi, Debbie! Thanks for stopping by and for checking out all of those books! Thanks for reading! Burned through that series quite fast. Thanks for popping in! Thank you for writing them. I love your books!!! I read the entire series including the. Again I came across the first book through Bookbub and got hooked right away.

I loved the characters in this book, especially Amaranthe and Sicarius!

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You are so awesome! Hi, Dinah! Thank you for stopping by the site and posting the kind comment. Hi, Colleen! They ought to be up in a few hours. Gmail just recently alerted me of your reply, but thank you! We have also read the Flash Gold series and waiting for another of that since I believe it was sort of a cliff hanger. We are also in the middle of reading Dragon Blood. You are so very talented, never are we bored. Thank you for the free book to start us on all your imaginative adventures in writing.

We look forward to reading all your books. Thank you, both, for reading! There actually is a new Flash Gold installment Liberty that wraps things up after that pesky cliffhanger. Thank you for mentioning the new Flash Gold installment. We now have purchased Liberty and we will start reading right away…….

I love the characters! Thank you for the kind words, Debbie! A spin off from the DB sounds great! Next off to catch up with Yanko! A year ago I stumbled upon EE and I gobbled up every last scrap you had to offer. I am now finished with EE9, read the series 3 times over, got 5 of my friends addicted to it and have been ruined for all other books. No matter what or how many other fantasy books I read and I read a lot nothing ever gets close to Am and Sic, you have ruined me!! Plus you have made me very curious as to how on earth Sic will act with a pregnant Am at his side??

Quite a few people have showed interest in them having kids, hah. I just finished reading your Dragon Blood series. I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work. I have plans to do an eighth one eventually. Lindsay, I have to say, since I discovered the fun of reading on my Kindle AND have now enjoyed all of your stories and series in the last year, I find myself at a loss as to what I should do with my time. Waiting for your stories to be published is excruciating! I love your style. I will forgive you if you take a break from reading to spend time with your husband.

I enjoyed reading them so much, I hope there will be more especially featuring Amaranthe and Sicarius? Thanks for picking them up! Love your books. Great to read that star nomad may run to 8 books but only on one condition write them fast! Keep up the great work. Hey, Gill! Leonidas will get a certain issue fixed before the last book.

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Keep up the awesome work! When does the 6th FE book come out? Thanks for reading, Carole. I just released Fallen Empire 6, Arkadian Skies. Just finished Arkadian Skies and as always was delighted. Torn between wanting to read very slowly to make it last and not being able to wait to turn the next page electronically speaking to see what happens. Chains of Honor 3 will be my next project once I finish up Fallen Empire this autumn.

Lady Lindsay! Took me over 70 years, but, now together by the printed page. Delightful thoughts and wordsmithing by you, as evidenced by the opinions above as well as my own glee in reading your works. Ever in Sarasota FL, your charter fishing trip is on me. Thanks again! Yes, Christine! Is there a way on youre ebooks to always include the order such as you did with most of emperors edge.

In fact leading with the number and acronym EE 2. Please keep writing. Hi, Martin! Keep up your fantastic work! I Love your Books… all of them…Started with Dragon Blood wich i just brought because i needed something to read while Travelling and it was cheap but so good. I liked Emperors Edge the most. Fallen Empire was great too! Right now i Started reading the second Chains of Honor. I even liked the books from Ruby. At first i was Sceptical because of the gerne, but the Storys are cool even through theres more sex in them, but the Plot gets enough Room.

Hope to Read many more great Books from you and Thank you for the great Storys and Worlds i could enjoy! Hi, Tobi! Thanks for reading. Hope all is going well over there in Germany! Lindsay, I love your books! I do a ton of driving in my line of work so I listen to your books on audible. I have now listened to every single audiobook you have released.

It must be a long process to get them on there, but is there a way for me to see upcoming releases on audible? Hi, Kyle! Yay, thanks for listening. I hope you never stop writing! Is it still in the works? Hi, Mona! I really need to finish both of those series with a couple more books! So far, I have loved everything I have read but would love to know whether you are planning any further books in the Dragon Blood series.

I just finished Dragon Blood and found it a good read and would like to read more but I do not have a Kindle reader and Amazon sells only Kindle as far as I can tell.

I wish you well but without me and I wonder how many others. I must know what happened to the 3 Couples. Hi there. Absolutely adored the Rust and Relics books so far! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us lesser mortals. When will book 3 be published, please? Happy writing! It was said there would be only four in the series but from the last book nothing is finished, are there going to be more books and if so when. Just wow. You had me hooked with the first paragraph! Thank you! Thank you for the kind words, Sandy. Some how I stumbled across one of your books ,and am filling my library with more.

I read the first two books in the chains of honor series. When are you planning hoping to publish the third essay? What happened to book 3 of Chains of Honor? The cliff hanger is no fun!!!! Really enjoyed the Dragon Blood series, and looking forward to finding new work to read.

I wish you would publish for iBooks as I like the Apple reader better and hate splitting my library between iBooks and Kindle. I particularly love Bhrava Saruth, as his behavior and words always make me laugh. Hm, I digress. Please finish them? I may return to that world though and do some more stories eventually. Ridge and Sardelle and Jaxi, of course are still some of my favorite characters.

I love the dragon blood world and characters. Will we be returning to Iskandia someday to see how Trip is handling his new skill? How Kaika is holding up? I love Iskandia and the Characters as well… I will definitely read more of that story line if you revisit it. I just finished the Agents of the Crown series which was great as well.

Buroker, I have truly enjoyed your Heritage of Power of series and I have quickly torn few the first few books and am currently working on the last two. They all knew by the time they had the meeting, so we never got to see their thoughts. Could you please write one? Thanks a lot for all your books. I believe I have all of them purchased except Heritage of Power series. Will these books be available on Google Play? Thanks for reading, Lara! Just read fallen empire series for the second time. Wondered when you will continue the series.

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I was so taken by the first book in the Fallen Empire series that I purchased all 9 book in paperback just so that I could read them over and over. They were the first books that I have purchased in over 15 years. I have not been disappointed. Now I wish I could get the short stories that go with them. Lindsay Buroker's Emperor's Edge fantasy series neatly balances action plots, multiple points of view, and some hilarious dialogue, […]. Name required.

Mail will not be published required. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Enigma a short story that takes place between Encrypted and Decrypted The sequel to Encrypted, Decrypted , is now available.

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