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Pemberton , led his forces out in an effort to link up with Johnston but met Grant moving westward and was forced to return to the city. After two assaults in mid-May failed, Grant settled down to methodical siege tactics while augmenting his forces. He controlled all the approaches to the city, and by early June the Confederate garrison was desperately short of ammunition and on the brink of starvation. Pemberton surrendered the city on July 4. The surrender of Vicksburg, with the victory at the Battle of Gettysburg the previous day July 3 , greatly heartened the North and in fact marked the turning point of the war.

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Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. American Civil War Events. Read More on This Topic. Facts Matter. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Soon the Mississippi River was entirely under Union control, effectively cutting the Confederacy in two. In October, after a Union army under Gen. Rosecrans had been defeated at Chickamauga Creek, Georgia September 19—20 , Grant was called to take…. He admired the Vicksburg Campaign of Ulysses S.

All the cavalry I can raise is close on their rear. They had inflicted one hundred casualties and captured over five hundred prisoners. Miraculously, all this had been accomplished with fewer than twenty-five casualties. While Grierson was traveling the length of Mississippi, other Union forces went on the offensive far to the east. Colonel Abel D.

Here's Why the Battle of Vicksburg Was So Important

To completely confuse Pemberton, Grant employed the fourth diversion. Having suffered no casualties, Sherman withdrew on May 1 and hastily followed McPherson down the west bank of the Mississippi.

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His troops were ferried across the river on May 6 and 7. When Colonel James H. Instead, he had guns fired in a salute at a review and tried to bring his wife and servants along. Ten thousand soldiers were moved farther south by vessel, and the rest of the men bridged three bayous and completed their trek to Hard Times by April Bowen at Grand Gulf could see the Union armada gathering across the river and urgently requested reinforcements from Pemberton in Vicksburg.

Focused on Grierson and Sherman, however, Pemberton refused to send reinforcements south toward Grand Gulf until late on April 29, when they were too late to halt the amphibious crossing. After five and a half hours and the loss of eighteen killed and about fifty-seven wounded, the Union fleet had eliminated the guns of Fort Wade but not those of Fort Coburn, which stood forty feet above the river and was protected by a forty-foot-thick parapet.

A disappointed Grant watched from a small tugboat, and Porter eventually halted the attack. Grant, however, did not give up; he simply moved south. That night, ten thousand troops left the vessels and marched across a peninsula while Porter slipped all of his vessels past the Confederate guns.

Battle of Vicksburg

Grant was planning to load his troops again and land them at Rodney, about nine miles south of Grand Gulf. He changed his mind, though, when a local black man told a landing party that Bruinsburg, a few miles closer, offered a good landing site and a good road inland to Port Gibson. Convinced of what he was going to do the next day, Grant sent orders that night to Sherman to head south immediately with two of his three divisions. He then took them six miles south to Bruinsburg, Mississippi, and landed them without opposition.

In his memoirs, Grant explained the great relief he felt after the successful landing:. To ask other readers questions about Vicksburg Is the Key , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Fact #1: Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis both saw Vicksburg as “the key” to the Confederacy.

Showing Rating details. Sort order. Dec 07, Jerome rated it really liked it. A concise, readable and well-written history of the Vicksburg campaign. Shea emphasizes the advantages Union forces enjoyed in terms of mobility. Shea maintains a good pace and begins with the campaign against New Orleans, and discusses how afterwards the Union was able to move on Port Hudson and finally Vicksburg, the last bastion of Confederate strength on the river. Shea a A concise, readable and well-written history of the Vicksburg campaign.

Shea also does a fine job providing background on Vicksburg, its strategic and psychological impotence, and all of the commanders. There is also little discussion of the various factors that made Vicksburg such an important victory. Still, a readable, engaging and very accessible history of an important campaign. May 19, Brian rated it really liked it. Nice, clearly written overview and analysis of the Vicksburg campaign. The authors do a nice job setting the stage for the campaign, discuss naval operations, Grant's campaign efforts, and include a discussion of Banks' campaign in Louisiana and capture of Port Hudson.

Mar 17, Mtbike40 rated it it was amazing Shelves: history-civil-war. When we visited the Vicksburg battlefield last month I asked the ranger to recommend one of the books that he though gave a good coverage of the Vicksburg battle and the events leading up to the siege on the city.

This is the one that he recommended to me.

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I am glad that I took his recommendation. I liked this book because the author gave a great overview of why control of the Mississippi river was important. There was great information about the events that led up to the battle at Vicksburg. Th When we visited the Vicksburg battlefield last month I asked the ranger to recommend one of the books that he though gave a good coverage of the Vicksburg battle and the events leading up to the siege on the city.

The writing style of the author was very engaging and I kept wanting to read further. Mar 19, W. Anderson rated it really liked it Shelves: history , military. The authors do a good job of framing the objectives, strategies, tactics, successes, and failures on both sides. It is a balanced book and has served me well as a guide and historical context for an upcoming visit to Jackson and Vicksburg.

May 25, Greg Thiele rated it it was amazing. Exceptionally well written and full of great insights, this may be the best single volume on the Vicksburg campaign available. In addition, the book also explains how actions West of the Mississippi River and at Port Hudson impacted Union efforts to take Vicksburg. Jan 06, hamptonenglish10 rated it really liked it. Grant mainly taking place between December and July One of the major points of the North's strategy in the Civil War was to regain control of the Mississippi River, which would effectively split the confederacy in two.

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Prior to the war, Grant graduated low from West Point military academy, resigned from the army, had several failed business endeavors and suffered from alcoholism. However, after rejoining the military in the civil war and becoming a commander, things changed for him. Grant managed to win the Union several victories at Forts Henry and Donelson and at the Battle of Shiloh, both in After New Orleans and several other cities were taken by the North, the Union had won a significant portion of the Western Confederacy and were a lot closer to completing their goal of capturing the Mississippi.

Pemberton, although Vicksburg proved to be a harder nut to crack then the other southern towns. Several assaults were made against the city, , but none were successful. However, eventually Grant was able to move south of the city, and cross the river to the east. From there he led a series of successful operations, pushing the Confederates back until he eventually put the city of Vicksburg under siege.