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We want Trump frogmarched out of the White House in handcuffs. We want Barr to be tarred and feathered. But, yes I will stress this again: there is a process.

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Every bit of evidence that comes out adds more fuel to the fire. What the Flynn material provides is the proverbial smoking gun. We elected Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to do a job.

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We talked about deep breathing, meditating on Scripture, progressive muscle relaxation, and using your senses to bring yourself back to the moment. Many of these are simple strategies.

If not, do a quick google search, and you will find tons of information. The key is regular practice.

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Many people are surprised by how helpful something as simple as deep breathing can be if they do it regularly. It can first be helpful to build more awareness of the stressors in your life. Once you consider your stressors, how should you respond? This worksheet can help you work through different responses for two different types of life situations. Finally, in Week 5 , we brought everything together into a plan for managing anxiety into the future.

This included setting goals to follow through on the information learned in the previous weeks.

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You can check this worksheet out as a helpful means of setting goals related to managing anxiety. One of the other reasons setting goals is helpful is that most of us know things that help our anxiety — things like exercising, avoiding caffeine, and getting enough sleep.

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Writing down goals is the first step to following through on some of these healthy disciplines. This is obviously a brief overview, but take a glance at each of the worksheets and see if any seem to especially apply to your situation.