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According to Mims, he and his father were already developing the idea for a food truck park in the area.

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And when the deacon passed away, Mims brought Muckenthaler, a high school friend, on board to make the dream a reality. The face on the tower? This is how conversations about faith and life come up organically on both sides of the bar, Muckenthaler said. Not long after opening, a couple asked Mims about the cross on one of the walls, which spurred a conversation between Mims and the couple about the Catholic Church, Jesus Christ and faith, in the middle of one of their busiest nights. Truly a business venture, the two dealt with the tough learning curve of opening a new business in a burgeoning area like Magnolia, which often includes some negative online reviews.

A few steps away, their mothers lean into conversation over cake and gifts during a pastel baby shower celebration. We love that.

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People often come up to Mims and Muckenthaler to share their memories of encounters with Deacon Mims. Former co-workers, families with babies baptized by the deacon and those with a single encounter with the deacon all remember the bald, bespectacled man with a huge grin. Ramos is a staff writer and designer for the Texas Catholic Herald, newspaper of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. It costs money to provide high-quality coverage of the local Catholic communities we primarily serve, while also distributing national and world news of interest to Catholics, plus the orthodox teachings of the Catholic faith.

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Your gift will strengthen the fabric of our entire Catholic community. Make your donation by check: CatholicPhilly. Vehicles manned by Secret Service agents and federal marshals lined the road. Six armored Sabers and four Army ambulances drove a few hundred feet in front of the coffins in a V-shaped protective wedge.

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Hillary walked arm-in-arm with the mourning family. Under her funeral attire, she wore an earpiece and a Secret Service transmitter on her chest; its microphone cord snaked down her arm and stopped short just at the end of her cuff. It had been two-thirds full. Now the Diaz family would fill the site. Ten freshly dug graves awaited the pine coffins, which, one at a time, were placed beside their final resting place.

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The archbishop consecrated the graves. As two Secret Service agents flanked each mourner, overhead Blackhawk VIIs circled the periphery, door gunners clamped to the skids. Seven miles south in Command Trailer B, two climatologists sat hunched over a computer screen. That front just passed Guzman Lookout Mountain. I need to run this information over to General Grace. The archbishop read from the Book of John: In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.

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God has a big house with many rooms. So many so dear to Hillary had already checked in. In the command trailer, Gen.

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Grace showed Toussaint the climatologist wind sequence modeling. The Colorado State Police we commandeered are manning all the ingresses and egresses. It would take too long to get and put up barricades.

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