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Central to the conversation is whether schools should expand curriculums to help kids understand consent — a concept often defined differently from state to state. But first, we have to get these policies enacted.

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Since January, dozens of new sex ed bills have been floated in statehouses, but only five have passed and just two of those require specific instruction about consent, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which tracks sexuality and reproductive health issues. In all, 10 states and the District of Columbia require that consent be part of sex ed curriculum.

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The pendulum has swung from the explicit information on sex, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases taught amid the AIDS epidemic in the s and s to the abstinence-focused agenda that followed the rise of conservative politics, especially in the Bible Belt. With the MeToo movement, the pendulum may be inching back, at least when it comes to efforts to curb sexual violence.

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A few abstinence-focused states, such as Virginia and South Carolina, have added consent to the curriculum. And Oklahoma lawmakers this year considered a bill that would have forced high schools to teach consent. The Legislature eventually passed a narrower measure requiring that schools with a sex ed curriculum incorporate teaching about consent. It leaves other districts of the hook, but state Sen.

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Bush said she raised two daughters in a Christian home but that a background in public health taught her of the need for comprehensive sex ed programs. She believes an increase in the number of women and younger lawmakers this year helped build consensus. It was simply an amazing experience! Check out the photos for yourself!!!! AIK Store. Contact Kendra G. Tuesday, December 9, at PM. Tuesday, March 19, at AM.

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K member Brieyana who currently attends Spelman College! Nothing irritates me more than the right-wing evangelical approach to sexuality -- maybe because I grew up with it. My mom became a messianic Jew when I was 5 i. I grew up internalizing that sex was a sin before marriage, and if you did it, you were damaged goods.

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I also learned that masturbation was wrong and basically never had a real conversation about healthy sexuality with either one of my parents. I was given one of those Focus on The Family-type books called "Why Wait," which was all about waiting until marriage to have sex.

Of course my response was, "Exactly, why wait?

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I wonder if President Bush imparted a similar message to his girls when they were teens. He has certainly decided to give it to all U.

Eric Keroack to be deputy assistant secretary of population affairs within the Department of Health and Human Services. According to a recent article on Slate :. Until recently, he served as medical director of a pregnancy-counseling organization that runs down contraception and gives out scientifically false health information--for instance, that condoms "offer virtually no protection" against herpes or HPV.

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Keroack also promotes a wacky piece of pseudoscience: the claim that premarital sex disrupts brain chemistry so as to create a physiological barrier to happy marriage. Talk to any non-ideologically driven teen sex educator in the trenches, and they will tell you abstinence-only doesn't work. Better yet, look at real research that was actually funded by our own government.