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Architecture in the Space of Flows. Notify me. Description Traditionally, architecture has been preoccupied with the resolution of form. That concern helps to make photogenic buildings, which have received a great deal of attention.

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This book looks instead at the idea of the flows, which connects things together and moves between things. It is more difficult to discuss, but more necessary, because it is what makes things work. Architects have to think about flow - the flow of people through buildings, the flow of energy into buildings, and waste out of them - but usually the effects of flow do not find expression. The essays gathered here present a collection of exploratory ideas and offer an understanding of buildings, people and settlements through concepts of flow.

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Fluxion Andrew Ballantyne and Chris L. Smith Part 1: Places in Flux 2. Marc Godts and Nel Janssens 3. Oceanic Spaces of Flow Amanda Yates 4.

Architecture in the Space of Flows

Temporal Flows Steve Basson Limits of Fluxion Michael Tawa show more. Review quote "Provides remarkable insights into how architecture can be conceptualized not in, but 'as a space of flows'. His books include What is Architecture? It is just the continuous movement that brings us into the continuous and real time.

Space of flows

So, in this project offered for competition a typical model of spatial logics in a modern city reflecting dynamic processes of the development and innovations accelerated by the flows of information, capital and ideas was used. It was an attempt to create a business centre which constantly would be full of life, and which would not become quiet and empty after the working day when skyscrapers get closed and stay lonely in the surrounding space.

As it was defined in competition assignment, the project includes not only offices, a hotel, restaurants, conference premises, but also a shopping centre, new city square and a quay. The architects believe that the square and the leisure zone in the quay will provide new impetus for the life of whole quarter.

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It looks as if a glass sand-clock which would be the symbol of an intense city life and flow of time. Dynamic Space of Flows 0.

A Space of Flows

Dynamic Space of Flows 4 Plius as Architects. Text by Rytis Masilionis.