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The cars were all low, long, rakish and of a brilliant hue. Then Amanthis was ascending a narrow stairs to the second story. Here, painted on a door from which came the sounds of music and laughter were the words:. Amanthis found herself in a long, bright room, populated with girls and men of about her own age. The scene presented itself to her at first as a sort of animated afternoon tea but after a moment she began to see, here and there, a motive and a pattern to the proceedings. The students were scattered into groups, sitting, kneeling, standing, but all rapaciously intent on the subjects which engrossed them.

From six young ladies gathered in a ring around some indistinguishable objects came a medley of cries and exclamations — plaintive, pleading, supplicating, exhorting, imploring and lamenting — their voices serving as tenor to an undertone of mysterious clatters. Next to this group, four young men were surrounding an adolescent black, who proved to be none other than Mr. The young men were roaring at Hugo apparently unrelated phrases, expressing a wide gamut of emotion. Now their voices rose to a sort of clamor, now they spoke softly and gently, with mellow implication.

Every little while Hugo would answer them with words of approbation, correction or disapproval. They walked around among the groups. So I can give you only such details as were later reported to me by one of his admiring pupils. During all the discussion of it afterwards no one ever denied that it was an enormous success, and no pupil ever regretted having received its degree — Bachelor of Jazz.

The parents innocently assumed that it was a sort of musical and dancing academy, but its real curriculum was transmitted from Santa Barbara to Biddeford Pool by that underground associated press which links up the so-called younger generation. Invitations to visit Southampton were at a premium — and Southampton generally is almost as dull for young people as Newport. He was making money. His charges were not exorbitant — as a rule his pupils were not particularly flush — but he moved from his boarding-house to the Casino Hotel where he took a suite and had Hugo serve him his breakfast in bed.

Within a week she was known to everyone in the school by her first name. Miss Genevieve Harlan took such a fancy to her that she was invited to a sub-deb dance at the Harlan house — and evidently acquitted herself with tact, for thereafter she was invited to almost every such entertainment in Southampton. Jim saw less of her than he would have liked. Not that her manner toward him changed — she walked with him often in the mornings, she was always willing to listen to his plans — but after she was taken up by the fashionable her evenings seemed to be monopolized.

Several times Jim arrived at her boarding-house to find her out of breath, as if she had just come in at a run, presumably from some festivity in which he had no share. So as the summer waned he found that one thing was lacking to complete the triumph of his enterprise. Despite the hospitality shown to Amanthis, the doors of Southampton were closed to him. Polite to, or rather, fascinated by him as his pupils were from three to five, after that hour they moved in another world.

His was the position of a golf professional who, though he may fraternize, and even command, on the links, loses his privileges with the sun-down. He may look in the club window but he cannot dance. And, likewise, it was not given to Jim to see his teachings put into effect. He could hear the gossip of the morning after — that was all. Perhaps, he thought, there was some real gap which separated him from the rest. It worried him. Van Vleck was twenty-one, a tutoring-school product who still hoped to enter Yale. Jim had passed these over.

He knew that Van Vleck was attending the school chiefly to monopolize the time of little Martha Katzby, who was just sixteen and too young to have attention of a boy of twenty-one — especially the attention of Van Vleck, who was so spiritually exhausted by his educational failures that he drew on the rather exhaustible innocence of sixteen. It was late in September, two days before the Harlan dance which was to be the last and biggest of the season for this younger crowd. Jim, as usual, was not invited.

He had hoped that he would be. The two young Harlans, Ronald and Genevieve, had been his first patrons when he arrived at Southampton — and it was Genevieve who had taken such a fancy to Amanthis. To have been at their dance — the most magnificent dance of all — would have crowned and justified the success of the waning summer. Hugo, standing beside Jim, chuckled suddenly and remarked:. Jim turned and stared at Van Vleck, who had linked arms with little Martha Katzby and was saying something to her in a low voice.

Jim saw her try to draw away. Flatfoots this way! There was an unaccustomed sharpness in his voice and the exercises began with a mutter of facetious protest. With his smoldering grievance directing itself toward Van Vleck, Jim was walking here and there among the groups when Hugo tapped him suddenly on the arm. He looked around. Two participants had withdrawn from the mouth organ institute — one of them was Van Vleck and he was giving a drink out of his flask to fifteen-year-old Ronald Harlan.

The music died slowly away and there was a sudden drifting over in the direction of the trouble. Somebody snickered. An atmosphere of anticipation formed instantly. Despite the fact that they all liked Jim their sympathies were divided — Van Vleck was one of them. Ask him if he wants you to tell him what he can do!

Van Vleck did not move. Reaching out suddenly, Jim caught his wrist and jerking it behind his back forced his arm upward until Van Vleck bent forward in agony. Jim leaned and picked the flask from the floor with his free hand. They stirred uneasily. Orchestra —!

But no one felt exactly like going on. The spontaneity of the proceedings had been violently disturbed. Someone made a run or two on the sliding guitar and several of the girls began whamming at the leer on the punching bags, but Ronald Harlan, followed by two other boys, got their hats and went silently out the door. Jim and Hugo moved among the groups as usual until a certain measure of routine activity was restored but the enthusiasm was unrecapturable and Jim, shaken and discouraged, considered discontinuing school for the day. But he dared not. If they went home in this mood they might not come back.

The whole thing depended on a mood. He must recreate it, he thought frantically — now, at once! But try as he might, there was little response. He himself was not happy — he could communicate no gaiety to them. They watched his efforts listlessly and, he thought, a little contemptuously. Then the tension snapped when the door burst suddenly open, precipitating a brace of middle-aged and excited women into the room. No person over twenty-one had ever entered the Academy before — but Van Vleck had gone direct to headquarters. The women were Mrs. Clifton Garneau and Mrs.

Poindexter Katzby, two of the most fashionable and, at present, two of the most flurried women in Southampton. They were in search of their daughters as, in these days, so many women continually are. You ghastly, horrible, unspeakable man! I can smell morphin fumes! You have colored girls hidden! Jim was not a little touched when several of them — including even little Martha Katzby, before she was snatched fiercely away by her mother — came up and shook hands with him.

But they were all going, haughtily, regretfully or with shame-faced mutters of apology. And, after all, they were not sorry to go. Outside, the sound of their starting motors, the triumphant put-put of their cut-outs cutting the warm September air, was a jubilant sound — a sound of youth and hopes high as the sun.

Down to the ocean, to roll in the waves and forget — forget him and their discomfort at his humiliation. They were gone — he was alone with Hugo in the room. He sat down suddenly with his face in his hands. Autumn had come early. Jim Powell woke next morning to find his room cool, and the phenomenon of frosted breath in September absorbed him for a moment to the exclusion of the day before.

Then the lines of his face drooped with unhappiness as he remembered the humiliation which had washed the cheery glitter from the summer. There was nothing left for him except to go back where he was known, where under no provocation were such things said to white people as had been said to him here. After breakfast a measure of his customary light-heartedness returned. He was a child of the South — brooding was alien to his nature. He could conjure up an injury only a certain number of times before it faded into the great vacancy of the past.

Usually a few words from Jim were enough to raise him to an inarticulate ecstasy, but this morning there were no words to utter. For two months Hugo had lived on a pinnacle of which he had never dreamed. He had enjoyed his work simply and passionately, arriving before school hours and lingering long after Mr.

The day dragged toward a not-too-promising night. Amanthis did not appear and Jim wondered forlornly if she had not changed her mind about dining with him that night. Perhaps it would be better if she were not seen with them. Jim had lived in state, and he realized that financially he would have nothing to show for the summer after all. When he had finished he took his new dress-suit out of its box and inspected it, running his hand over the satin of the lapels and lining. This, at least, he owned and perhaps in Tarleton somebody would ask him to a party where he could wear it.

Some of those boys round the garage down home could of beat it all hollow. He surveyed his purchase with some pride. He knew that no girl at the Harlan dance would wear anything lovelier than these exotic blossoms that leaned languorously backward against green ferns. She came down wearing a rose-colored evening dress into which the orchids melted like colors into a sunset. At their table, looking out over the dark ocean, his mood became a contended sadness. They did not dance, and he was glad — it would have reminded him of that other brighter and more radiant dance to which they could not go.

After dinner they took a taxi and followed the sandy roads for an hour, glimpsing the now starry ocean through the casual trees. She gave the chauffeur a direction and a few minutes later they stopped in front of the heavy Georgian beauty of the Madison Harlan house whence the windows cast their gaiety in bright patches on the lawn. There was laughter inside and the plaintive wind of fashionable horns, and now and again the slow, mysterious shuffle of dancing feet. They walked toward the house, keeping in the shadow of the great trees.

They moved closer till they could see first pompadours, then slicked male heads, and high coiffures and finally even bobbed hair pressed under black ties. They could distinguish chatter below the ceaseless laughter. Two figures appeared on the porch, gulped something quickly from flasks and returned inside.

But the music had bewitched Jim Powell. His eyes were fixed and he moved his feet like a blind man. Pressed in close behind some dark bushes they listened. The number ended. A breeze from the ocean blew over them and Jim shivered slightly. Then, in a wistful whisper:. Just once. He held out his arm to her but instead of taking it she stepped suddenly out of the bushes and into a bright patch of light.

She seized his arm and though he drew back in a sort of stupefied horror at her boldness she urged him persistently toward the great front door. The great doors swung open and a gentleman stepped out on the porch. In horror Jim recognized Mr. Madison Harlan. He made a movement as though to break away and run.

But the man walked down the steps holding out both hands to Amanthis. New Jersey was warm, all except the part that was under water, and that mattered only to the fishes. All the tourists who rode through the long green miles stopped their cars in front of a spreading old-fashioned country house and looked at the red swing on the lawn and the wide, shady porch, and sighed and drove on — swerving a little to avoid a jet-black body-servant in the road.

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A girl with yellow hair and a warm color to her face was lying in the hammock looking as though she could fall asleep any moment. Near her sat a gentleman in an extraordinarily tight suit. They had come down together the day before from the fashionable resort at Southampton.

Harlan had tried to present him with a check. They reached the automobile just as Hugo drove in his last nail. Jim opened a pocket of the door and took from it an unlabeled bottle containing a whitish-yellow liquid. He looked for a moment at her yellow hair and her blue eyes misty with sleep and tears. Then he got into his car and as his foot found the clutch his whole manner underwent a change. The gesture of his straw hat indicated Palm Beach, St. Augustine, Miami. His body-servant spun the crank, gained his seat and became part of the intense vibration into which the automobile was thrown.

It was almost a lullaby, as he said it. Then they were gone down the road in quite a preposterous cloud of dust. Just before they reached the first bend Amanthis saw them come to a full stop, dismount and shove the top part of the car on to the bottom pan. They took their seats again without looking around. Then the bend — and they were out of sight, leaving only a faint brown mist to show that they had passed. The sidewalks were scratched with brittle leaves, and the bad little boy next door froze his tongue to the iron mail-box. Snow before night, sure. Autumn was over. Then he let himself hurriedly into the house, and shut the subject out into the cold twilight.

Roger turned on the hall-light and walked into the living-room and turned on the red silk lamp.

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He put his bulging portfolio on the table, and sitting down rested his intense young face in his hand for a few minutes, shading his eyes carefully from the light. Then he lit a cigarette, squashed it out, and going to the foot of the stairs called for his wife. He had trouble every day at this hour in adapting his voice from the urgent key of the city to the proper casualness for a model home. But tonight he was deliberately impatient.

They kissed — lingered over it some moments. They had been married three years, and they were much more in love than that implies. It was seldom that they hated each other with that violent hate of which only young couples are capable, for Roger was still actively sensitive to her beauty. His wife, a bright-coloured, Titian-haired girl, vivid as a French rag doll, followed him into the living room. Her hand, palm upward, was extended towards him. In his impatience it seemed incredible that she should ask for matches, but he fumbled automatically in his pocket. After all, she had done no more than light a cigarette; but when he was in this mood her slightest positive action irritated him beyond measure.

She was a Southern girl, and any question that had to do with getting ahead in the world always tended to give her a headache. He smiled airily as if it were a new game they were going to play. Then, as Gretchen was silent, his smile faded, and he looked at her uncertainly. You do enough work as it is.

Somewhat to his annoyance the conversation abruptly ended. Gretchen jumped up and kissed him sketchily and rushed into the kitchen to light the hot water for a bath. With a sigh he carefully deposited his portfolio behind the bookcase — it contained only sketches and layouts for display advertising, but it seemed to him the first thing a burglar would look for.

They had no automobile, so George Tompkins called for them at 6. Tompkins was a successful interior decorator, a broad, rosy man with a handsome moustache and a strong odour of jasmine. He and Roger had once roomed side by side in a boarding-house in New York, but they had met only intermittently in the past five years. Roger stared moodily around the stiff, plain room, wondering if they could have blundered into the kitchen by mistake.

I think the movies are atrocious. My opinions on life are drawn from my own observations. I believe in a balanced life. Would that seem horribly egotistic? Do you take a daily cold bath? A horrified silence fell. Tompkins and Gretchen exchanged a glance as if something obscene had been said. Then a good snappy game of bridge until dinner. Dinner is liable to have something to do with business, but in a pleasant way.

Or maybe I sit down with a good book of poetry and spend the evening alone. At any rate, I do something every night to get me out of myself. Let me tell you, every private hospital in New York is full of cases like yours. You just strain the human nervous system a little too far, and bang! The saddest thing about women is that, after all, their best trick is to sit down and fold their hands. When Tompkins dropped them in front of their house at eleven Roger and Gretchen stood for a moment on the sidewalk looking at the winter moon.

There was a fine, damp, dusty snow in the air, and Roger drew a long breath of it and put his arm around Gretchen exultantly. If I could only sleep for forty days. Then he turned around defiantly. From eight until 5. Then a half-hour on the commuting train, where he scrawled notes on the backs of envelopes under the dull yellow light. At twelve there was always an argument as to whether he would come to bed. He would agree to come after he had cleared up everything; but as he was invariably sidetracked by half a dozen new ideas, he usually found Gretchen sound asleep when he tiptoed upstairs.

Christmas came and went and he scarcely noticed that it was gone. But the world outside his business became a chaotic dream. He was aware that on two cool December Sundays George Tompkins had taken Gretchen horseback riding, and that another time she had gone out with him in his automobile to spend the afternoon skiing on the country-club hill.

A picture of Tompkins, in an expensive frame, had appeared one morning on their bedroom wall. And one night he was shocked into a startled protest when Gretchen went to the theatre with Tompkins in town. But his work was almost done. Daily now his layouts arrived from the printers until seven of them were piled and docketed in his office safe. He knew how good they were. December tumbled like a dead leaf from the calendar. There was an agonizing week when he had to give up coffee because it made his heart pound so.

On Thursday afternoon H. Garrod was to arrive in New York. On Wednesday evening Roger came home at seven to find Gretchen poring over the December bills with a strange expression in her eyes. I love you, Gretchen. Say you love me — quick! The quarrel was averted, but there was an unnatural tenseness all through dinner. It came to a climax afterwards when he began to spread his working materials on the table. Roger groaned. It occurred to him to send them both to the movies, but somehow the suggestion stuck on his lips. He did not want her at the movies; he wanted her here, where he could look up and know she was by his side.

We can stand so much, and then — bang! When Roger had spread out his materials on the bed upstairs he found that he could still hear the rumble and murmur of their voices through the thin floor. He began wondering what they found to talk about. As he plunged deeper into his work his mind had a tendency to revert sharply to his question, and several times he arose and paced nervously up and down the room. The bed was ill adapted to his work.

Several times the paper slipped from the board on which it rested, and the pencil punched through. Everything was wrong tonight. Letters and figures blurred before his eyes, and as an accompaniment to the beating of his temples came those persistent murmuring voices. At ten he realized that he had done nothing for more than an hour, and with a sudden exclamation he gathered together his papers, replaced them in his portfolio, and went downstairs. They were sitting together on the sofa when he came in. Please go! She got up from the sofa, and very deliberately looked at her flushed, tear-stained face in the mirror.

Then she ran upstairs and slammed herself into the bedroom. Automatically Roger spread out his work on the living-room table. The bright colours of the designs, the vivid ladies — Gretchen had posed for one of them — holding orange ginger ale or glistening silk hosiery, dazzled his mind into a sort of coma. His restless crayon moved here and there over the pictures, shifting a block of letters half an inch to the right, trying a dozen blues for a cool blue, and eliminating the word that made a phrase anaemic and pale. Half an hour passed — he was deep in the work now; there was no sound in the room but the velvety scratch of the crayon over the glossy board.

After a long while he looked at his watch — it was after three. The wind had come up outside and was rushing by the house corners in loud, alarming swoops, like a heavy body falling through space. He stopped his work and listened. He put his hands to his head and felt it all over. It seemed to him that on his temple the veins were knotty and brittle around an old scar.

Suddenly he began to be afraid. A hundred warnings he had heard swept into his mind. People did wreck themselves with overwork, and his body and brain were of the same vulnerable and perishable stuff. He arose and began pacing the room in a panic. He rubbed his hand over his eyes, and returned to the table to put up his work, but his fingers were shaking so that he could scarcely grasp the board.

The sway of a bare branch against the window made him start and cry out. He sat down on the sofa and tried to think. Why, there was the wolf at the door now! He could hear its sharp claws scrape along the varnished woodwork. He jumped up, and running to the front door flung it open; then started back with a ghastly cry. An enormous wolf was standing on the porch, glaring at him with red, malignant eyes. As he watched it the hair bristled on its neck; it gave a low growl and disappeared in the darkness.

Then Roger realized with a silent, mirthless laugh that it was the police dog from over the way. Dragging his limbs wearily into the kitchen, he brought the alarm-clock into the living-room and set it for seven. Then he wrapped himself in his overcoat, lay down on the sofa and fell immediately into a heavy, dreamless sleep. When he awoke the light was still shining feebly, but the room was the grey colour of a winter morning. He got up, and looking anxiously at his hands found to his relief that they no longer trembled.

He felt much better. Then he began to remember in detail the events of the night before, and his brow drew up again in three shallow wrinkles. There was work ahead of him, twenty-four hours of work; and Gretchen, whether she wanted to or not, must sleep for one more day. The general housework girl had just arrived and was taking off her hat. For he set it down on the dining room table and put into the coffee half a teaspoonful of a white substance that was not powdered sugar. Then he mounted the stairs and opened the door of the bedroom. Gretchen woke up with a start, glanced at the twin bed which had not been slept in, and bent on Roger a glance of astonishment, which changed to contempt when she saw the breakfast in his hand.

She thought he was bringing it as a capitulation. Roger discreetly deposited the tray on a table beside the bed and returned quickly to the kitchen. So you just put on your hat and go home. He looked at his watch. It was ten minutes to eight, and he wanted to catch the 8. She was sound asleep. The coffee cup was empty save for black dregs and a film of thin brown paste on the bottom.

He looked at her rather anxiously, but her breathing was regular and clear. From the closet he took a suitcase and very quickly began filling it with her shoes — street shoes, evening slippers, rubber-soled oxfords — he had not realized that she owned so many pairs. When he closed the suitcase it was bulging. He hesitated a minute, took a pair of sewing scissors from a box, and following the telephone-wire until it went out of sight behind the dresser, severed it in one neat clip.

He jumped as there was a soft knock at the door. It was the nursemaid. He had forgotten her existence. Stay all day. Back in the room, a wave of pity passed over him. Gretchen seemed suddenly lovely and helpless, sleeping there. It was somehow terrible to rob her young life of a day.

He touched her hair with his fingers, and as she murmured something in her dream he leaned over and kissed her bright cheek. Then he picked up the suitcase full of shoes, locked the door, and ran briskly down the stairs. Garrod at the Biltmore Hotel. He was to give a decision next morning.

Mr Golden came directly to the point. If Mr Halsey intended to keep the office any longer, the little oversight about the rent had better be remedied right away. Mr Golden looked at the tenant uneasily. Young men sometimes did away with themselves when business went wrong. Then his eye fell unpleasantly on the initialled suitcase beside the desk. Well, Mr Halsey, just to prove that you mean what you say, suppose you let me keep that suitcase until tomorrow noon.

He slept in the office that night on a sofa beside his desk. It was then 6. When his two artists arrived he was stretched on the couch in almost physical pain. The phone rang imperatively at 9. We want all of it and as much more as your office can do. But he was talking to nobody. The phone had clattered to the floor, and Roger, stretched full length on the couch, was sobbing as if his heart would break. At the sound of his footsteps she started awake. This account alone will bring us in forty thousand a year.

With a bewildered look on her face she got out of bed and began searching for her clothes. Roger went into the bathroom to shave. A minute later he heard the springs creak again. Gretchen was getting back into bed. First that newspaper, and now all my shoes. Take care of me, Roger. He worked pretty hard at it, you know.

Roger turned away quickly to conceal his smile — winked forty times, or almost forty times, at the autographed picture of Mr George Tompkins, which hung slightly askew on the bedroom wall. There was once a priest with cold, watery eyes, who, in the still of the night, wept cold tears. He wept because the afternoons were warm and long, and he was unable to attain a complete mystical union with our Lord. He passed that way when he returned from hearing confessions on Saturday nights, and he grew careful to walk on the other side of the street so that the smell of the soap would float upward before it reached his nostrils as it drifted, rather like incense, toward the summer moon.

From his window, as far as he could see, the Dakota wheat thronged the valley of the Red River. The wheat was terrible to look upon and the carpet pattern to which in agony he bent his eyes sent his thought brooding through grotesque labyrinths, open always to the unavoidable sun. One afternoon when he had reached the point where the mind runs down like an old clock, his housekeeper brought into his study a beautiful, intense little boy of eleven named Rudolph Miller.

The little boy sat down in a patch of sunshine, and the priest, at his walnut desk, pretended to be very busy. This was to conceal his relief that some one had come into his haunted room. Presently he turned around and found himself staring into two enormous, staccato eyes, lit with gleaming points of cobalt light. For a moment their expression startled him — then he saw that his visitor was in a state of abject fear. The boy — Father Schwartz recognized him now as the son of a parishioner, Mr. Miller, the freight-agent — moved his hand reluctantly off his mouth and became articulate in a despairing whisper.

The little boy shook his head miserably. Father Schwartz cleared his throat so that he could make his voice soft and say some quiet, kind thing. In this moment he should forget his own agony, and try to act like God. He repeated to himself a devotional phrase, hoping that in return God would help him to act correctly. The little boy looked at him through his tears, and was reassured by the impression of moral resiliency which the distraught priest had created.

Abandoning as much of himself as he was able to this man, Rudolph Miller began to tell his story. Behind the curtain an immortal soul was alone with God and the Reverend Adolphus Schwartz, priest of the parish. Sound began, a labored whispering, sibilant and discreet, broken at intervals by the voice of the priest in audible question. Rudolph Miller knelt in the pew beside the confessional and waited, straining nervously to hear, and yet not to hear what was being said within.

The fact that the priest was audible alarmed him. His own turn came next, and the three or four others who waited might listen unscrupulously while he admitted his violations of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. In comparison he relished the less shameful fallings away — they formed a grayish background which relieved the ebony mark of sexual offenses upon his soul. He had been covering his ears with his hands, hoping that his refusal to hear would be noticed, and a like courtesy rendered to him in turn, when a sharp movement of the penitent in the confessional made him sink his face precipitately into the crook of his elbow.

Fear assumed solid form, and pressed out a lodging between his heart and his lungs. He must try now with all his might to be sorry for his sins — not because he was afraid, but because he had offended God. He must convince God that he was sorry and to do so he must first convince himself. After a tense emotional struggle he achieved a tremulous self-pity, and decided that he was now ready. If, by allowing no other thought to enter his head, he could preserve this state of emotion unimpaired until he went into that large coffin set on end, he would have survived another crisis in his religious life.

For some time, however, a demoniac notion had partially possessed him. He could go home now, before his turn came, and tell his mother that he had arrived too late, and found the priest gone. This, unfortunately, involved the risk of being caught in a lie. As an alternative he could say that he had gone to confession, but this meant that he must avoid communion next day, for communion taken upon an uncleansed soul would turn to poison in his mouth, and he would crumple limp and damned from the altar-rail.

The words blurred to a husky mumble, and Rudolph got excitedly to his feet. He felt that it was impossible for him to go to confession this afternoon. He hesitated tensely. Then from the confessional came a tap, a creak, and a sustained rustle. The slide had fallen and the plush curtain trembled. Temptation had come to him too late. I confess to Almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned. Since my last confession it has been one month and three days. I accuse myself of — taking the Name of the Lord in vain. This was an easy sin. His curses had been but bravado — telling of them was little less than a brag.

Of slandering people behind my back. Rudolph had now exhausted the minor offenses, and was approaching the sins it was agony to tell. He held his fingers against his face like bars as if to press out between them the shame in his heart. Evil companionship leads to evil desires and evil desires to evil actions. Where were you when this happened?

He should have gone! He could not tell Father Schwartz how his pulse had bumped in his wrist, how a strange, romantic excitement had possessed him when those curious things had been said. Perhaps in the houses of delinquency among the dull and hard-eyed incorrigible girls can be found those for whom has burned the whitest fire. The question startled him. Like all those who habitually and instinctively lie, he had an enormous respect and awe for the truth. Something almost exterior to himself dictated a quick, hurt answer. Then as the priest began to murmur conventional admonitions he realized that in heroically denying he had told lies, he had committed a terrible sin — he had told a lie in confession.

He must fix this now — it was a bad mistake — but as his teeth shut on the last words of his prayer there was a sharp sound, and the slat was closed. A minute later when he emerged into the twilight the relief in coming from the muggy church into an open world of wheat and sky postponed the full realization of what he had done. Blatchford Sarnemington was himself, and these words were in effect a lyric. When he became Blatchford Sarnemington a suave nobility flowed from him.

Blatchford Sarnemington lived in great sweeping triumphs. There goes Blatchford Sarnemington. God, of course, already knew of it — but Rudolph reserved a corner of his mind where he was safe from God, where he prepared the subterfuges with which he often tricked God. Hiding now in this corner he considered how he could best avoid the consequences of his misstatement. At all costs he must avoid communion next day. The risk of angering God to such an extent was too great.

In spite of its flimsiness this subterfuge was the most feasible that occurred to him. Theoretically, great opportunities lay ahead of a young man of energy in that day and place, but Carl Miller had been incapable of establishing either with his superiors or his subordinates the reputation for approximate immutability which is essential to success in a hierarchic industry. Somewhat gross, he was, nevertheless, insufficiently hard-headed and unable to take fundamental relationships for granted, and this inability made him suspicious, unrestful, and continually dismayed.

His two bonds with the colorful life were his faith in the Roman Catholic Church and his mystical worship of the Empire Builder, James J. Hill was the apotheosis of that quality in which Miller himself was deficient — the sense of things, the feel of things, the hint of rain in the wind on the cheek.


Kneeling by the side of the bed he bent his yellow-gray hair and the full dapple bangs of his mustache into the pillow, and prayed for several minutes. Then he drew off his night-shirt — like the rest of his generation he had never been able to endure pajamas — and clothed his thin, white, hairless body in woollen underwear. He shaved. Silence in the other bedroom where his wife lay nervously asleep. From outside Miller could hear the shrill birds and the whirring movement of the poultry, and, as an undertone, the low, swelling click-a-tick of the six-fifteen through-train for Montana and the green coast beyond.

Then as the cold water dripped from the wash-rag in his hand he raised his head suddenly — he had heard a furtive sound from the kitchen below. He dried his razor hastily, slipped his dangling suspenders to his shoulder, and listened. Some one was walking in the kitchen, and he knew by the light footfall that it was not his wife. With his mouth faintly ajar he ran quickly down the stairs and opened the kitchen door. Standing by the sink, with one hand on the still dripping faucet and the other clutching a full glass of water, stood his son.

He was barefooted, and his pajamas were rolled up at the knees and sleeves. The kitchen was garnished with sunlight which beat on the pans and made the smooth boards of the floor and table yellow and clean as wheat. It was the center of the house where the fire burned and the tins fitted into tins like toys, and the steam whistled all day on a thin pastel note. Nothing was moved, nothing touched — except the faucet where beads of water still formed and dripped with a white flash into the sink below.

He realized, too, that he should never have come downstairs; some vague necessity for verisimilitude had made him want to leave a wet glass as evidence by the sink; the honesty of his imagination had betrayed him. Not even this familiar threat could deepen the abyss that Rudolph saw before him.

He must either tell all now, offering his body for what he knew would be a ferocious beating, or else tempt the thunderbolts by receiving the Body and Blood of Christ with sacrilege upon his soul. And of the two the former seemed more terrible — it was not so much the beating he dreaded as the savage ferocity, outlet of the ineffectual man, which would lie behind it.

A wild, proud anger rose in him, and he dashed the tumbler passionately into the sink. His father uttered a strained, husky sound, and sprang for him. Rudolph dodged to the side, tipped over a chair, and tried to get beyond the kitchen table. He cried out sharply when a hand grasped his pajama shoulder, then he felt the dull impact of a fist against the side of his head, and glancing blows on the upper part of his body. Then in less than a minute the blows abruptly ceased. After a lull during which Rudolph was tightly held, and during which they both trembled violently and uttered strange, truncated words, Carl Miller half dragged, half threatened his son up-stairs.

Rudolph was now both hysterical and cold. He was aware of his mother standing at the doorway in a wrapper, her wrinkled face compressing and squeezing and opening out into new series of wrinkles which floated and eddied from neck to brow. Despising her nervous ineffectuality and avoiding her rudely when she tried to touch his neck with witch-hazel, he made a hasty, choking toilet.

Then he followed his father out of the house and along the road toward the Catholic church. They walked without speaking except when Carl Miller acknowledged automatically the existence of passers-by. Rudolph walked into the church, and for the second time in two days entered the confessional and knelt down. The slat went up almost at once. A maudlin exultation filled him. Not easily ever again would he be able to put an abstraction before the necessities of his ease and pride. An invisible line had been crossed, and he had become aware of his isolation — aware that it applied not only to those moments when he was Blatchford Sarnemington but that it applied to all his inner life.

Now he realized unconsciously that his private reservations were himself — and all the rest a garnished front and a conventional flag. The pressure of his environment had driven him into the lonely secret road of adolescence. He knelt in the pew beside his father. Mass began. Rudolph knelt up — when he was alone he slumped his posterior back against the seat — and tasted the consciousness of a sharp, subtle revenge. Beside him his father prayed that God would forgive Rudolph, and asked also that his own outbreak of temper would be pardoned.

He glanced sidewise at his son, and was relieved to see that the strained, wild look had gone from his face and that he had ceased sobbing. The Grace of God, inherent in the Sacrament, would do the rest, and perhaps after Mass everything would be better. He was proud of Rudolph in his heart, and beginning to be truly as well as formally sorry for what he had done. Usually, the passing of the collection box was a significant point for Rudolph in the services.

If, as was often the case, he had no money to drop in he would be furiously ashamed and bow his head and pretend not to see the box, lest Jeanne Brady in the pew behind should take notice and suspect an acute family poverty. But to-day he glanced coldly into it as it skimmed under his eyes, noting with casual interest the large number of pennies it contained.

When the bell rang for communion, however, he quivered. There was no reason why God should not stop his heart. During the past twelve hours he had committed a series of mortal sins increasing in gravity, and he was now to crown them all with a blasphemous sacrilege.

There was a rustle in the pews, and the communicants worked their ways into the aisle with downcast eyes and joined hands. Those of larger piety pressed together their finger-tips to form steeples. Among these latter was Carl Miller. Rudolph followed him toward the altar-rail and knelt down, automatically taking up the napkin under his chin. The bell rang sharply, and the priest turned from the altar with the white Host held above the chalice:. Along the line Father Schwartz moved, and with gathering nausea Rudolph felt his heart-valves weakening at the will of God.

It seemed to him that the church was darker and that a great quiet had fallen, broken only by the inarticulate mumble which announced the approach of the Creator of Heaven and Earth. He dropped his head down between his shoulders and waited for the blow. Then he felt a sharp nudge in his side. His father was poking him to sit up, not to slump against the rail; the priest was only two places away. Rudolph opened his mouth. He felt the sticky wax taste of the wafer on his tongue.

He remained motionless for what seemed an interminable period of time, his head still raised, the wafer undissolved in his mouth. Rudolph was alone with himself, drenched with perspiration and deep in mortal sin.


As he walked back to his pew the sharp taps of his cloven hoofs were loud upon the floor, and he knew that it was a dark poison he carried in his heart. The beautiful little boy with eyes like blue stones, and lashes that sprayed open from them like flower-petals had finished telling his sin to Father Schwartz — and the square of sunshine in which he sat had moved forward half an hour into the room. Rudolph had become less frightened now; once eased of the story a reaction had set in. He knew that as long as he was in the room with this priest God would not stop his heart, so he sighed and sat quietly, waiting for the priest to speak.

The hall-clock ticked insistently toward sunset, and from the ugly room and from the afternoon outside the window arose a stiff monotony, shattered now and then by the reverberate clapping of a far-away hammer on the dry air. He could not remember now what it was he should say. For a moment longer the silence persisted while Rudolph waited, and the priest struggled to remember something that was slipping farther and farther away from him, and the clock ticked in the broken house.

Then Father Schwartz stared hard at the little boy and remarked in a peculiar voice:. The thing is to have a lot of people in the center of the world, wherever that happens to be. Rudolph had not meant anything in particular, and at the implication that he had, he became more uneasy. Just as you went into the party there was a moment when everybody was properly dressed. Maybe two little girls were standing by the door and some boys were leaning over the banisters, and there were bowls around full of flowers.

But my theory is that when a whole lot of people get together in the best places things go glimmering all the time. Apostasy implies an absolute damnation only on the supposition of a previous perfect faith. Does that fix it? Rudolph had not the faintest idea what Father Schwartz was talking about, but he nodded and the priest nodded back at him and returned to his mysterious preoccupation.

I heard of one light they had in Paris or somewhere that was as big as a star. A lot of people had it — a lot of gay people.

They have all sorts of things now that you never dreamed of. Go to one at night and stand a little way off from it in a dark place — under dark trees. A band playing somewhere, and a smell of peanuts — and everything will twinkle. It will all just hang out there in the night like a colored balloon — like a big yellow lantern on a pole. All this talking seemed particularly strange and awful to Rudolph, because this man was a priest.

He sat there, half terrified, his beautiful eyes open wide and staring at Father Schwartz. But underneath his terror he felt that his own inner convictions were confirmed. There was something ineffably gorgeous somewhere that had nothing to do with God. He no longer thought that God was angry at him about the original lie, because He must have understood that Rudolph had done it to make things finer in the confessional, brightening up the dinginess of his admissions by saying a thing radiant and proud. At the moment when he had affirmed immaculate honor a silver pennon had flapped out into the breeze somewhere and there had been the crunch of leather and the shine of silver spurs and a troop of horsemen waiting for dawn on a low green hill.

The sun had made stars of light on their breastplates like the picture at home of the German cuirassiers at Sedan. But now the priest was muttering inarticulate and heart-broken words, and the boy became wildly afraid. Horror entered suddenly in at the open window, and the atmosphere of the room changed. Father Schwartz collapsed precipitously down on his knees, and let his body settle back against a chair. Rudolph gave a sharp cry and ran in a panic from the house — while the collapsed man lay there quite still, filling his room, filling it with voices and faces until it was crowded with echolalia, and rang loud with a steady, shrill note of laughter.

Outside the window the blue sirocco trembled over the wheat, and girls with yellow hair walked sensuously along roads that bounded the fields, calling innocent, exciting things to the young men who were working in the lines between the grain. Legs were shaped under starchless gingham, and rims of the necks of dresses were warm and damp.

For five hours now hot fertile life had burned in the afternoon. It would be night in three hours, and all along the land there would be these blonde Northern girls and the tall young men from the farms lying out beside the wheat, under the moon. The Majestic came gliding into New York harbor on an April morning. She sniffed at the tugboats and turtle-gaited ferries, winked at a gaudy young yacht, and ordered a cattle-boat out of her way with a snarling whistle of steam. Then she parked at her private dock with all the fuss of a stout lady sitting down, and announced complacently that she had just come from Cherbourg and Southampton with a cargo of the very best people in the world.

The very best people in the world stood on the deck and waved idiotically to their poor relations who were waiting on the dock for gloves from Paris. The photographers worked passionately as the stream of passengers flowed on to the dock. There was a burst of cheering at the appearance of a pair of stretchers laden with two Middle-Westerners who had drunk themselves delirious on the last night out. The deck gradually emptied, but when the last bottle of Benedictine had reached shore the photographers still remained at their posts.

And the officer in charge of debarkation still stood at the foot of the gangway, glancing first at his watch and then at the deck as if some important part of the cargo was still on board. First came two French maids, carrying small, purple dogs, and followed by a squad of porters, blind and invisible under innumerable bunches and bouquets of fresh flowers. Another maid followed, leading a sad-eyed orphan child of a French flavor, and close upon its heels walked the second officer pulling along three neurasthenic wolfhounds, much to their reluctance and his own.

A pause. Then the captain, Sir Howard George Witchcraft, appeared at the rail, with something that might have been a pile of gorgeous silver-fox fur standing by his side. Rags Martin-Jones was not a dog. She was half a girl and half a flower, and as she shook hands with Captain Sir Howard George Witchcraft she smiled as if some one had told her the newest, freshest joke in the world. All the people who had not already left the pier felt that smile trembling on the April air and turned around to see. She came slowly down the gangway. At every few steps her long lashes would tilt out the monocle, and she would laugh, a bored, happy laugh, and replace the supercilious spectacle in the other eye.

Her one hundred and five pounds reached the pier and it seemed to sway and bend from the shock of her beauty. A few porters fainted. A large, sentimental shark which had followed the ship across made a despairing leap to see her once more, and then dove, broken-hearted, back into the deep sea.

Rags Martin-Jones had come home. There was no member of her family there to meet her, for the simple reason that she was the only member of her family left alive. Halloween, but this time, the fun gets more fun when Jake gets turned into a werewolf again but becomes a problem when more wolves crash the party! Episode 2: Mostly Ghostly : Captain Hook finds a ghost catching device that sucks in ghosts and kidnaps all the ghosts, including Sir Dax.

Now Sofia must rescue him and all the ghosts, but she won't do it alone. Episode 3: Curse of the Sea Minotaur! Now Kwazii must stop him and break his horn before Disney Junior Island is in a big fight! Episode 4: Thanks For the Giving! Episode 6: Sheriff Callie's Wild Anniversary!

Episode 7: Cedric Scrooge : It's Christmas Eve, but Cedric is not in the mood for holiday spirit until he meets the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future who teach him the true meaning of Christmas. Episode 8: True Colors : Kwazii's Humphead parrotfish charm gives him a new power, the mystic paintbrush that can bring anything he paints come to life.

Episode 9: It's a Cold, Cold World! Now Kwazii must stop him with some help from Elsa and fight ice with ice! His plan of using the Escape Claus didn't work last time, so he plans on freezing the big man himself, Scott Calvin, or as we all know him, Santa Claus. Who's going stop Jack this time? Maybe all that Jack needs is a little recognition, and a little love from another icy figure. Episode Magical Christmas Day! Meanwhile, Pearl spends the holidays with the Palace Pets and the other Terra Monsters with cupcakes, warming up at the fireplace, music, decorating, cartoons, and giving gifts.

Episode Pancake Panic! Until Bungo invents a robot that makes pancakes fast Episode New Year to You Too! Episode Fleas Help Me : When Kwazii practices his shrinking power, he accidentally gets trapped in Max the sheepdog's fur and now Max has mistaken him for a flea. So it's up Jake and the Octonauts to save him. Episode Crank Up the Heat, Crackle! Vivian decides to buy a present for her, only if Crackle behaves and not cause fire problems. Meanwhile, Kwazii volunteers to create ice sculptures and ice decorations.

Smee used to be a daredevil until a fatal accident almost killed him. Episode Terra Fleas! She's running around in circles, shaking back and forth and itching and scratching like crazy! It can only be the work of the Terra Fleas and not ordinary baths can wash them away! Now Kwazii must use his shrinking magic to shrink himself beetle-sized to save his Lothea friend and stop the fleas. That is if he holds on for his life! Episode Stuck in the Ice : Before the end of winter, Kwazii and his Terra Monsters warm up to battle against Elsa and her ice Terra Monsters in their third Terra Monster battle, but their abilities are so powerful that even has Pearl frozen in a block of ice!

Episode Snow Problem : A snow storm is coming and Mickey and Donald need some help in harvesting the apples, corn, pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables, but they learn that they won't do it alone. Episode Jake and the 7D : Jake meets seven dwarves from a small town called Jollywood but has to help them encounter the Glooms, a couple consisting of an evil sorceress and evil sorcerer.

Episode A Colorless World! Now the only way to restore the colors is to get the color machine back from Hook and get everyone back to normal, but it won't be easy with all the colors fading away! Episode You're Black History! Episode The Mudskipper Charm : It's Friday the 13th and the citizens of Disney Junior Town have decided to forget all the bad luck and celebrate the day by throwing a party, but Kwazii's new mudskipper charm is causing problems for him and everyone which means the charm has powers to cause misfortunes, but also fortunes which might save the day.

Episode Magic Hearts Day! Once the cards threat to turn the world upside down, it will take Kwazii, Sofia, Jake, the Octonauts and some new Palace Pets to reverse the curse and save the Valentine's Day Faire. She then adds a special ingredient to her chocolates that has Captain Hook wanting the secret recipe.

  • In Between (a watersports story).
  • Hank the Cowdog and Monkey Business;
  • Grenache: Beginners Guide to Wine (101 Publishing: Wine Series).
  • .

Episode Spring Unsprung! Episode Fantasy Forest Story! Episode Gwen's Apprentice : Sofia becomes Inventor Gwen's apprentice for a day and learns to invent gizmos of her own. Episode Desert Princess : Prince Zandar, Sofia, Jake, and Kwazii befriend a cactus kitsune in the desert of Tangu, but when Jafar kidnaps its family, Sofia makes a cactus Kitsune power disc to help Jake and Kwazii save the day once again.

Episode Wrath's Amulet : Kwazii buys an antique amulet from an old vintage shop and gives it to Jake for his birthday, but what he doesn't know is that the amulet is cursed and has turned Jake into a cruel, nasty, and troublemaking pirate. Now Kwazii must take the amulet off his best friend's neck and purify him. Episode The Evolution Flower! All they have to do is campout and watch over it, even if it means missing school.

Meanwhile, Captain Hook decides to steal the treasure but Kwazii, as usual, has tricks up his sleeves. Episode The Spider Crab Charm : While finally facing his spider fears, Kwazii gains a new spider crab charm that gives him and others the courage to overcome their fears. Then learns that he can also use magic of love, friendship, and happiness. Episode The Shark Charm : Kwazii's new shark charm has given him powerful and indestructible teeth that can chomp through any hard materials, but it also makes him super hungry like a shark.

So he goes into the Fantasy Forest and finds a Lightning Leopard he named Flash to keep Pearl company while he plays with his friends, goes on his missions, or when he's teaching in Pirate-ology class, bug one thing he realizes is that he missed playing with Pearl. Episode Written By Jake!

First he and his crew take Bucky, then steal Sofia and her family's gems and jewels, then take Sheriff Callie's magic lasso, and now Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet! Now it's up to everyone to stop the monkeys and get their stuff back before it's too late! Episode Triple Play Friday! Episode Polter-guests : The Octonauts finds an old crate outside of the Octopod and when they open it, they accidentally release three mischievous ghosts that overstay their welcome and drives everyone nuts! Episode The Octonauts and the Music Video : Jake and his crew spread the new about a music video contest and whoever's music video gets the most views and likes will win a new music CD.

Episode Dusty Daze! Episode Disney Soccer! Episode Peso To the Rescue! Episode Equiness Race! Episode Captain, I'm a Zombie! Now he and his friends must venture in the Dark Forest to search for a cure for the zombie transformation. Episode Catypuss Cafe : While examining the Catypuss and her eggs, a giant tidal wave separates her and her eggs which gets caught in a nest from Chef Pete who is about to make a meal out of them. Now Kwazii, Jake, and Sofia along with the Octonauts must save them before they get scrambled! Episode Voyage of the Rainguins : Jake and Kwazii follow a baby rainguin on its several-thousand mile migration from upper Fantasy Forest to Japan.

However, the journey is complicated when fashion designer Cruella De Vil and her henchmen attempt to capture as many rainguins as they can in order to make rainguin hats. Episode Icy Howler : Kwazii finds a baby frostfang in his backpack, so he and Jake recall their adventure in order to find out how the frostfang pup ended up in his backpack while they and the rest of the Disney Junior Club devise a way to return it back to its pack.

Episode Magical Rescue! Part 1 : Sofia and Jake discover that the Enchanted Forest is dying because the Magical Flower is dying too, but they're not the only ones dying when all the fairies, mermaids, giants, dragons, unicorns, and even the Terra Monsters are also dying as well and everyone starts losing all their magical powers to fly, talk to animals and toys, cast spells, and make wishes come true. Part 2 : Time is running out for the magic and the keys are still in need of finding! Until the gang learns that the keys to the door are friendship, love, courage, light, healing, and kindness!

After finally opening Door of Magic, they gain new powers and restore all the magic in Disney Junior Island! That is if he can face his fears and not look into the cockatrice' eyes. Episode 1: Season Premiere Punk Skunked : When Jake finds a punk skunk, it begins stinking up the place whenever Jake tries to ask it to help him and his crew mates with their chores.

Episode 2: Rumblebees or Demonkeys? Kwazii gets his way after stuffing the miniaturized Jake in his backpack and climbs up the trees, but while he was not looking, an infant demonkey grabs Jake by its tail and swings away. While the rest of the Octonauts and Disney Junior Club search for him, Jake starts to enjoy swinging with demonkeys and gets to know what makes them able to brachiate from branch to branch so well. Episode 3: Zapra Zig Zag! Episode 4: Ape-ril Fools! Episode 5: Mighty Monster Marathon! Episode 6: Tooth or Dare! Soon, Kwazii gains a new power that can clean anything!

Episode 7: Happily Ever Kwazii : Kwazii goes back to the magical storybook only to find that the magic gems from the Talking Forest have been stolen and restore the magic before the whole storybook world disappears. Episode 8: Dancin' With the Fladingos! The crew then shows off their dances, all except for Sofia, who says that dancing is not her thing, but the pirate pals are confident that she can, and they think that the birds of paradise are the best inspiration for her.

When they come up to the fladingos, Sofia finally decides to give dancing a try, but she and a few fladingos get captured by fashion designer Cruella De Vil's henchmen, Horace and Jasper, for Cruella so she can make a gown made of the feathers of the fladingos. Episode 9: Easter Tweak! Episode Cute As a Bug : A relaxing spring picnic in Butterfly Bluff becomes a butterfly bash when new caterpillars arrive and the gang has volunteered to nurture them, but that wasn't until Captain Hook comes to spoil the fun again!

Episode Hop To the Music! Episode Hello Mr. Smee, Goodbye Vegimals : Mr. Things go fine at first, but things get worse when the Vegimals move away after they thought the Octonauts were replacing them with Mr. Episode The 7D Get Happy! Episode Mouseke-Ball! Everyone finds it very easy to play, but then they learns that Mousekeball can be harder when trying to grab the ball. Episode Explore, Rescue, Protect Week : The Octonauts and the Explore, Rescue, Protect Club plan to help keep the earth green by helping clean up trash on land and sea, and stop factories from polluting the air.

Episode Sofia's Spectacular Adventures Week! Episode Terra Ranchers In Space! Later, they receive their new starter Terra Monsters, a Ninevolt and a Jawgar. Episode HuggleMom Day! Soon, Sharky learns that he's not the only pirate when Captain Flynn tells him that he told a lie about Bones pretending to be his son last Father's Day. Episode Father's Day Blast : Father's Day is here and all the kids are making their presents for their dads, but Captain Hook has stolen them all and Kwazii, along with his friends are there to save the day once again. Meanwhile, the girls' old enemies Mephisto and Praxina have come to ruin the concert and Kwazii must stop them but his powers aren't strong enough!

Episode Littlest Frozen : Elsa and Anna are sad that they didn't spend the time together as kids because Elsa had to lock herself up just to learn to control her powers. So Kwazii casts his youth magic on them to turn them into little girls and they begin to play together again in Elsa's magic snow, but when Arendelle is in need of their queen, Kwazii must use his elder magic to make Elsa and Anna grown up again.

Episode Several Adventures Under the Sea! Episode Wing It On! Their only hope is Cinderella's wingless fairy godmother who teaches them they sometimes don't need wings to defeat the Evil Fairy. Episode Sweets Galore! So in order to save the business and Lucinda and her mom from moving out, Kwazii must use his new sugary sweet magic to serve more customers.

Kwazii then comes up with a good strategy to use earth Terra Monsters since Rubicon's Terra Monsters are electric. Episode Under the Terra Tree! However when Kwazii has trouble deciding on a present for his Terra Monsters, Sofia helps inspire him while present shopping. As Amber makes a step towards her dream, she learns that first times can be tough.

Episode The Three Mages of Talent : Mayor Mickey Mouse has invited the three mages of talent to perform their magic at the Disney Junior Town's Arts, Music, and Food Festival, but when Captain Hook steals all three of their magical items, which are the paintbrush, the baton, and the whisk, everyone loses their talents and the mages lose their magic. Now it's up to Kwazii and his Terra Monsters to retrieve them and restore the magical talents. Episode Whisker Haven : Kwazii and his friends are called by the Palace Pets at their palace called Whisker Haven to help them protect it from Cruella De Vil who has planned to keep the castle for herself.

Episode Soaring Over Summer : Sofia and her friends soar into the skies this summer on flying machines, flying horses, and flying carpets, but Jake only wants a desert race instead which causes a complete disaster. Episode Palace Pests : Whisker Haven has a termite problem and unless the Palace Pets find a home for them, they'll have to move to another palace.

Episode Treasure's In Ship Shape! Episode Night of the Genie Dread : Dread the Genie has returned and he's not just stealing Pip's genie magic, but also Kwazii's ocean magic and Sofia's amulet. Episode A Dance At Pumpkin's : Pumpkin's birthday is here so all the Palace Pets need their friends help to throw a surprise party for her. Episode The Dark Pearl Bracelet : Ursula creates a dark version of Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet with black pearls and evil charms with dark magic powers.

Episode Ocean Bandits : Sheriff Callie must use her mermaid powers to catch some thieves that have stolen some magic gems from Atlantica's museum. Episode We Wee Sprites! Episode Doc's Pet Vet! Episode Captain Jake! Soon, he finds himself becoming jealous again. Episode Sleepwalking Beauty : Dreamy is sleepwalking at night and stealing everyone's pillows.

Sofia and the gang now must help the Palace Pets stop her and return the pillows before sunrise. Episode Wicked New Friends! Episode Mirror, Mirror In My Paw : After using Evie's magic mirror, Kwazii gains a new power that allows him to use mirror magic and also turn mirrors into magic portals to the mirror world. Episode Carlos' Doggy Daycare : Mal, Jay, and Evie help Carlos open his own daycare for dogs, but Cruella doesn't find this very interesting so she decides to close her son's business.

Luckily, Kwazii and his friends are there to save the day once again. Episode Sofia Fly : While helping Carol of the Arrow and her merry band, Sofia's amulet gives her butterfly wings for freeing a butterfly from a spider's web. Episode School Cake Tilion! So he and the gang decide to act as his grandparents to make him feel happy. Episode Meet the PJ Masks : Captain Jake meets three new friends, Connor, Amaya, and Greg, who are a superhero team in pajamas called the PJ Masks, and becomes an honorable member of them, while trying to help a homesick Catboy feel right at home in Disney Junior Town when he feels nervous about moving here.

Episode Teenyus is Missing! Episode Wendell Strikes Back : Wendell Fidget is forced to transfer to Disney Junior Elementary School, for his mother's sake and hoping that the school's education will help him change, but Wendell is still causing trouble for the Disney Junior Club by casting spells to make them take the blame. Episode Wee Big Sprites : Kwazii's growth spell accidentally grows the Wee Sprites and makes them into human size.

Episode Stuck on Spark Sharks : Jake and Kwazii dive into the sea and follow a spark shark in Sofia's newly invented submarine.

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As they travel with the spark shark, they learn about its relationships with other magical sea animals, and the challenges it faces. Meanwhile, a new villain named Chef Pete is searching for a spark shark and wants to use its fins for his own version of spark shark fin soup. Episode Magical Raptor Roundup : After Dashi says to Kwazii that she does not believe that he can identify raptors just by their movements in the sky, Kwazii, and eventually the rest of the crew, gets the idea to identify magical raptors in person, but Chef Pete is capturing magic raptors to find out which bird would make the tastiest dish, so Captain Jake and Kwazii goes on a rescue mission to get all the magic raptors he had captured back to their native habitats.

While they run back to help, they are repeatedly delayed by other animals, and the pirate pals find out that it is difficult being a Dandelion on the Fantasy Forest savannah. When the two and Sofia return to the same location, they discover that one of the snowpossum joeys has gone missing, and later find out that Chef Pete is preparing to use an snowpossum as part of a dish. Episode Special Season Finale The Ultimate Ocean Pearl Bracelet : When the evil mer-wizard Lord Fathom returns to collect all the pieces of his shattered emerald, Kwazii and his friends must team up to find all the pieces before Fathom rules both land and sea.

Soon, Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet transforms and it's powers have become more powerful than before! Episode 1: Season Premiere Captain Hook's Pixie Dust Tree : Kwazii, Captain Jake, and their friends discover that Captain Hook has tried to make his own pixie dust tree, so they must do what they've never done before: help Hook complete his ruined tree by getting the blue pixie dust from Pixie Hollow by asking the fairies!

Episode 2: The Amazing Magical Creature Race : Amazed by their speed, the Disney Junior Club decide to have tag-team magical creature-running race using the Powers of the best magical creature runners in the world. As the challenge, they have to race across the forest using their Magical Creature Powers to see which animal is the world's best runner.

Episode 3: The Elemental Race: Today is the Elemental Race where everyone races in each element of nature, but Captain Hook plans to cheat again thanks to his fire powered race car. Episode 4: Diamondback Crystal : While deciding where to adventure next, the Gup-TD loses altitude and crash lands in the desert realm of the Fantasy Forest. Although Kwazii and Captain Jake are excited to discover the various creatures that inhabit the desert realm, Tweak is worried, and she says that the Gup-TD will permanently shut down if they do not find a fresh stock of rare tellurium crystals.

The pirates begin the search, and as they try to stay on track, they stumble upon a diamondback. When the pirate pals come back and hear about this, they get excited, thinking that this was caused by a magical creature.

UnrulySun's Pool Party: Jump right in, the water's fine! (2)

Episode 8: Magical Melodies Weekend : Kwazii and the gang celebrate music with concerts, singing, dancing, and band playing, but Mal's grouchy mom, Maleficent, doesn't like music and decides to steal the instruments, break the CDs, and mess up the dance floors. Episode 9: All That Slumbers : When an argument between Captain Jake and Sofia ruins Kwazii 's sleep over plans, he has to use his ocean pearl bracelet's magic to appear at both his feuding friends' sleepovers Episode Catboy the Lover Kitty : Catboy falls in love with Luna Girl but Fish Boy, Gekko, and Owlette discover that Luna Girl has been using an enchantment charm necklace that her moths stole from the Disney Junior Town Museum, and in order to get their hypnotized leader back, they need Kwazii's help to reverse the spell and stop Luna Girl before Catboy is stuck being her new pet kitty.

Episode Boo For You! Halloween, Captain Jake befriends a baby Halloweasel that follows him around while looking for pumpkins, but when Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos plan to steal all the candy from the festival, the PJ Masks, along with their new helper, must stop them before the festival is ruined! Episode Return to Ghost Island : Kwazii decides to throw a Halloween party on Ghost Island, but he doesn't know that Captain Wraith has turned all his friends into ghosts and must use his bracelet's magic to stop him and turn his friends back to normal.

Episode Dear Sofia Episode Jay Be Good : When Jay sees Kwazii using his ocean magic thanks to his bracelet, he takes it away from him so he can do some cool powers too, but he ends up getting cursed with clumsiness and unless he does anything good, Jay will be cursed forever! Amaya first thinks that having all girls would be awesome but soon realizes that being friends with girls can't always be as fun as she hoped. So in order to get the boys back, she encourages her new girlfriends to believe in themselves and fight for what's right. Episode Magical Cleanup!

Episode Sofia's Autumn Equifox : Sofia saves an autumn equifox while on an afternoon autumn walk in the Fantasy Forest and decides to adopt it, but with a wild animal like Autumn, Sofia's new pet might be more hard to take care of than she thinks. Episode One Hour Special Star Darlings : On a starry night, Sofia and her friends meet twelve girls who call themselves the Star Darlings, and they need their help to saving their home, but when Amaya's jealous wish of Leona leaving Connor alone gets to the Wish House, its negative energy makes things worse and it's up to the Disney Junior Club and the Star Darlings to save Starland.

While they're at it, the gang learns that anything is possible if you just believe in your wish. Episode Candy of the Vampire : A new candy factory has opened and is releasing new gummy candy called Fang-stastic Fruities, bug at nighttime, everyone including Amaya turns into vampires after eating the candy and it's up to the boys to save their friends and all the residents before midnight comes and everyone stays as vampires forever! Episode The Nightmare Man Strikes! Now it's up to Connor, Amaya, Captain Jake, and Kwazii to save him by facing their own fears before they are trapped in their own nightmares!

Episode School For Vampires : Amaya becomes nervous when everyone is suppose to do a report on their favorite vampire species for Monster-ology class. That is until she meets a little vampire named Oskar who helps her overcome her fear of vampires and also helps her finish her report on time. Episode Shadow of the Grim Buccaneer : The Grim Buccaneer has returned to kidnap all of Jake's friends and try to take away the Mighty Colossus again, but luckily, Kwazii's by Jake's side to help him.

Luckily, Kwazii and the rest of the Disney Junior Club are ready to protect it. Episode Cal-laddin : On an trip in Agrabah, Sheriff Callie, Peck, Toby and their friends meet Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Magic Carpet, and Abu who need their help on capturing a mischievous genie by teaching them to ride flying carpets. Meanwhile, Scarlet meets the Skeletal Steed and names her Crimson.

Episode Reading a Book of Romeo! Episode Voiced Over! Meanwhile, Owlette helps Rouge and Blondie on their own night mission. Episode Catboy of the Sea : Treasure and Sultan decide to help Connor overcome his fear of water by sailing in Treasure's ship together before going on a Pirate-ology field trip to sail in Red Jessica's ship. Meanwhile, Connor finds magical boots that make him dance better, but after getting carried away, the boots curse him by making him dance too fast and unless Goldie, Bear, Owlette, and Gekko find a way to take them off, Connor will being dancing forever!

Episode Lunar Moth Mania : Luna Girl kidnaps the legendary lunar moth and without it, no one will be able to sleep tonight. It's then up to the four PJ Masks to stop her and save the lunar moth. Episode The Little Mercat; Protector of the Ocean : The Octonauts, Jake, and Sofia are doing a checkup on a part of a reef in the Sparkle Sea to make sure it is stable and healthy, when they notice robotic parrotfish picking off pieces of coral. Episode Ghost Girl : While walking home from school in a cemetery, Sofia meets a girl named Charlotte Usher who is actually a ghost.

Episode Owlette in the Princess Adventure Club : Amaya joins Princess Zooey's Princess Adventure Club, and she wants Connor and Greg to join in as well, but the boys think that they can't join because the club is only for girls. Episode The Return of Ghostgirl : Sofia becomes surprised to find out that her old ghost friend, Charlotte Usher, has come to her school. She then decides to help her around the school while trying not to make a complete fool of herself. They follow it to its den, hoping to find some shed non-electrical quills that could be used as part of a necklace.

Now it's up to Sofia, Kwazii, Captain Jake, and the rest of their friends to save the horses and the valley before it's too late. Episode Better Safe Than Story : Goldie and Bear are trying to write a story together, so they use their imaginations to get it finished in time. Episode Romeo and Owlette : Amaya saves a boy, who happens to be Romeo as his daytime self, from a falling concrete brick, and develops a crush on him, but when nighttime comes, Owlette must choose whether to join Romeo's side or stay loyal to her friends. Episode Owlette and the Bad Hair Day : Amaya finds that her hair has been cut off the next morning and Izzy and Sofia try to find a way to make her bad hair day a good hair day.

Episode Walking In Your PJs : Connor, Greg, and Amaya make a bet with each other to see which PJ Mask has the hardest super power by trading each other's pajamas, but they learn to stick to their own powers when three of their arch enemies cause trouble again. Episode Friends Day : Everyone in town is celebrating the day of friendship but Romeo decides to end Friends Day and it's up to the PJ Masks to stop him by using the power of friendship. Episode Fairy Tale Weekend : In Prince and Princess-ology, Cinderella takes the whole class to the enchanted library to explore their favorite fairy tale stories.

There Connor befriends a lion cub named Kion and his lion guard team. Episode Let the Rock Rhinos Roll! Unbeknownst to them, Cruella De Vil and her henchmen, are hacking their communications, and when Cruella finds out about the lizard, she flies to the Fantasy Forest to get her hands on one to use as a hat in an upcoming fashion competition in Paris. Although their friends are freaked out by this encounter, Captain Jake, Kwazii, Sofia, and Callie try to convince them that bats, like little dream bats, are nothing to be afraid of.

Episode Adventure In the Isle of the Lost : Mal accidentally teleports herself and her friends back to her homeland, the Isle of the Lost. Episode Einstein Invasion! What could it be? And could it be…dangerous? Sofia then decides to make an ocean owl creature power discs for their rescue mission when Waverly's baby ocean owl chick is in danger of having her tree cut down. Episode 1: Season Premiere Catboy and the Black Catboy : It's Friday the 13th and everyone's trying to run and hide from the bad luck and misfortunes, but skeptical Connor wants to prove to everyone that Friday the 13th is nothing to be afraid of.

That is, until he befriends a black cat that is actually a shape shifter which will give him something even more better than good luck. Episode 2: The Three Heroes of Kwazii : Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet gives him new powers that allows him to transform into a different hero with different talents, like an artist, a cook, or a maestro. Episode 4: Popstar Minnie : Sofia scores tickets to Minnie's new concert tonight after she becomes a pop star, but someone has stolen her singing voice and the gang must get it back before Minnie's concert is canceled.

Episode 5: Yo Ho, Yo Yo! Episode 6: Catboy and the Yokai Watch : When Connor finds an old gumball machine in the forest and gets an unusual watch that helps him see ghosts called Yokai, he befriends a ghost named Whisper who becomes his butler. Soon, he learns that he needs to use his new Yokai medals to stop other Yokai from torturing his friends and life. Episode 7: Jibanyan Adopted : When Connor finds a ghost cat named Jibanyan, he decides to take him home and make him feel at home, only to find out that Jibanyan is overstaying his welcome and must make a difficult choice: whether to kick Jibanyan out or keep him inside his home.

Episode 8: Good Princess Goes Bad : Sofia is possessed by the ghost of a misbehaving girl and is turning everything upside down when she starts rocking and rolling out of control! Episode 9: Nighty No Night : When Connor discovers that everyone, including him, haven't slept all night, he encounters with another Yokai named Insomni who is responsible for making everyone stay up all night, and unless he finds a way to stop her, Catboy and the PJ Masks will be too tired to stop any nighttime villains!

Episode PJ Rockstars! Episode Mal's New Hair Salon : Mal opens her new hair salon in town and styles everyone's hair with shampoo, hair conditioner, and her magic. Episode Step Greg : Greg begins to act like Cinderella's stepsisters when he asks his friends to do things for him and learns that not everyone has to do everything for him.

Episode The Quantum Cup : Kwazii helps Miles and his team in a soccer game in space to win the Quantum Cup, but things get difficult for them when they have to beat Captain Hook's team. Episode Curiosity Cured the Cat : Connor's pet black cat, Lucky , catches an uncommon cold and only a witch doctor can help cure him, but he'll need Connor and his friends' help to find the ingredients. Episode Wiser Spender : On a shopping trip in the Disney Junior Town Mall with his friends, Connor buys a spirit charm to protect himself from being inspirited by Yokai.

Then, something strange begins to happen when Amaya, Greg, Izzy, Cubby, Captain Jake, and Skully start spending all their money for things they don't want, all because of a money wasting Yokai named Spenp! There, they'll meet Oliver and his friends and discover many secrets about Weirdwood Manor. Episode Musical Blossoms : While in Vivian's enchanted musical garden, it becomes infested with Luna Girl's moths and they start eating the magical and musical plants.

Episode Topped With Komasan : When tips of ice cream go missing, Connor uses his Yokai Watch to find and befriend a cute little ice cream loving lion-dog Yokai named Komasan. Episode Catboy's Sniffles : Catboy catches a cold thanks to Romeo's cold catcher and only Priscilla's feel better flowers can cure him, but Owlette and Gekko need to get to Gully Washer Canyon.

Episode Sculpt It Up! Episode Zuka Zama! Episode Of Lions and Poachers : John Clayton and his men have arrived in the Pridelands to hunt for some lions and only Connor and the Lion Guard can stop them, but when marked as co-leader of the Lion Guard, Connor learns to trust his instincts and not let his doubt get in his way. Episode The Rings of Fire and Ice : The Remarkable Beardini's rings have been stolen again and the only way to get them back is to use two rings that Beardini has never used in years: the rings of fire and ice.

Episode Dismarelda Loves Company : Connor's parents begin arguing for no reason until he finds out that a purple blob yokai named Dismarelda is causing the riot, and the only way to fix the problem is to use his yokai watch again. Episode Seamur Stink Fight! Meanwhile, Cruella De Vil and her henchmen fly to the Fantasy Forest to collect scents for fragrant soap and shampoo.

Episode Owlette and the Snowy Owlette : On Christmas Eve, Amaya befriends an injured snowy owl whom she named Snowdrop who is also a shapeshifter, and is actually an old friend of Lucky. Then he leads him and his friends to the North Pole where Santa has invented a Christmas submarine. Episode Storking Day : Sofia takes a picture of the amazing Storking on a wintery morning, but when it disappears, she and the Disney Junior Club must find out who took him and save him.

Episode Chilly Zack Sleds Away : Chilly Zack invites his friends and the penguins over to have a sled race, but his uncle, Shiver Jack, has planned to ruin it and it's up to the gang to stop him. Episode Catboy and the Lykoi Cat : Connor's pet black cat, Lucky, gets a visitor who happens to be his cousin that is a Lyoki Cat named Lucifer, and he overstays his welcome at his house. Episode Miraculous Owlette and Catboy Noir : Connor and Amaya discover that they both have a new power when together on their first date when they meet Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, but Hawk Moth decides to weaken their power by making them hate each other.

Episode Gekko and the Flying Gekko : Greg befriends a draco lizard while exploring the jungle and names him Glider, but when he brings his new pet to school, Glider causes trouble for Greg and he gets so mad at him that he runs away. The PJ Masks must then find him before it's too late. Episode Shape-topia : The PJ Masks travel to another world with their shapeshifting pets to their homeland, Shape-topia! The pirate pals get Sofia to make Hummingburn Power Discs, but in order to activate their Magical Creature Power Suits, they need to touch the hummingburn, which is more difficult than they think.

Then the team finds out that Chef Pete is planning to make a Hummingburn cake out of hummingburn eggs. Episode Geo Neck and Neck : While Captain Jake and Kwazii search for the answer to why georaffes have long necks, a mischievous georaffe begins secretly taking Magical Creature Power Suit parts and supplies from Sofia's workshop.

Episode Powers United! On their way, they'll meet Sophie, discover hidden secrets, and try to avoid tricks and traps. Episode 2: Pirate of the Rink : When Kwazii's jealousy causes his magic to "accidentally" sprain Prince Hugo's leg after he trips on a crack on the ice, Sofia decides to make Kwazii her substitute partner at the Disney Junior Town Ice Skating Competition.

They will each start out as a blade of grass after activating their Magical Creature Power Suits and move up the food web from there by touching magical creatures that pass by them. Meanwhile, Cruella De Vil decides to steal away the Santa Claws and make him into a fur coat for herself. Meanwhile, Miles is planning to have his new year's kiss with Cassie. Episode 9: Luna Love!

But Luna Girl learns about love when she finds herself developing a crush on Gekko, who saves her from falling off her Luna Board. Episode Lightning Leopard Racer : Sofia is determined to build a vehicle that will outrace a lightning leopard on the Fantasy Forest savannah. Inventor Romeo finds out and challenges her to a race. Episode Palace Pets of Arendalle : Kristoff finds two stowaway husky pups and introduces them to Anna and Elsa who make them their pets.

Then while hanging out with him, Connor bumps into more yokai and must help Nate stop them all from inspiriting others. Episode Buhu To You! Now he, Whisper, and Jibanyan must help her before things get even more worse. Later, things get out of control when more rumors about everyone else begin getting on the newspaper and it's up to Connor to fix this mess by writing his own gossip, but then he learns that fighting gossip with gossip doesn't make a right.

Episode Brawns 'N' Brains : Carlos is tired of being called a weakling and asks Mal to make him super strong, but when he mixes a special and mysterious ingredient into the potion, it turns him into a monster and only the Disney Junior Club and the Descendants can save and cure him by using brains instead of brawns. Episode Lucky To Have My Wings : Lucky wishes to fly like Snowdrop and Glider when he gets his own pair of dragonfly wings but gets carried away with them. Episode Guardian of the Ice Gems : The Arendelle miners have discovered the rarest Ice Gems on top of the mountains, but when Captain Hook teams up with Prince Hans to kidnap the Winter Equifoxes and force them to find the gems for them, Captain Jake, Sofia, and Kwazii, along with a cute baby Winter Equifox, must work together to stop them and save the Winter Equifoxes by learning and using their secret powers.

Episode Kwazii Cools Down : Kwazii has been in a bad mood today that his anger causes his enchanted fire to grow too big and is causing way too many problems for his friends. So with Piper's help, he learns that meditation will help him calm his nerves. So to helps her, Miles picks a beautiful and enchanting violin that he finds in the music shop for Cassie to play.

Later, when he becomes Catboy, he starts appearing and disappearing like the Cheshire Cat which is causing problems for the PJ Masks, but his new power might come in handy. Episode Luna Who? But Catboy and Owlette are a bit worried about having a nighttime villain in HQ. Episode Invisi-Greg : Greg accidentally becomes invisible after an invisibility potion spills on him in Magic-ology class.

At first, he enjoys being invisible when he causes mischief in every class, but when Cedric the sorcerer discovers the evidences, Greg is in major trouble if he doesn't become visible in time for the award ceremony. Episode Wish Un-Granted : Pip and Kazeem's wish granting powers are suddenly making people's wishes come true Episode Evie's Make Up Shop : Evie has decided to open her very own makeup shop like her friends who have their shops of their own.

As they do some analyzing, they find out that she is a mother. Captain Jake and Kwazii vow to protect the cubs as the mother heals. Episode Kwazii Meets His Match : A mischievous version of Kwazii slips away from the mirror world after Kwazii forgets to close the mirror portal and soon, he starts causing trouble everywhere.

Episode Movie Return to Dance City : Kwazii learns that Dance City is in great danger again and must put on his blue magic sneakers to save his friends by dancing the night away! Episode Creepy Carnival : Sofia and her friends explore a carnival that seems to be fun at first, but then they discover it's many dark secrets and soon become trapped! They then meet new friends and must find a way to break out of the carnival before it disappears along with them.

Episode Catboy and the Roar of the Elders : The hyenas have conjured a spell that has stolen Kion's roar but before they could get rid of it, it transports to Connor and now he's having trouble controlling it when he gets angry. Episode Cry of the Bansheep : Strange noises are being heard in the Fantasy Forest and it's scaring everyone during their camping trip. Now it's up to Kwazii to find out where the noise is coming from. Now Kwazii and his friends must help Ladybug and Cat Noir destroy the gift to save Miles from himself.

Episode Go For the Gold! Sofia, Captain Jake, and Kwazii must then take him to Sofia's secret enchanted garden for safety. Episode Livin La Vida Lani! Sofia then discovers that Mamanu is behind all this and it's up to her and her friends to stop her and help Lani before Hakalo is drizzled. Episode Superheroes to the Rescue! Episode The Fantasy Forest Masquerade Ball : The Disney Junior Club are invited to the Fantasy Forest's first annual masquerade ball, and Connor has invited the night time villains to come along, but his friends aren't sure if that's a good idea.

Now Sofia and her friends must get the crown back for her or they will be beheadded. Episode The Party Penguin : Percy and his penguin friends befriend a party penguin that wants to throw a party for Chilly Zack's anniversary party this year, but when his uncle, Shiverjack, kidnaps the party penguin, Captain Jake and Kwazii and the rest of their friends come to the magical creature rescue again. Episode Smitten With the Knitten Kitten : Doc finds a Knitten Kitten at her doorstep that night and the toys quickly befriend it, but Whisper the kitten feels left out as she thinks that Lambie likes him more than her.

Episode Adventures In Glowfur Sitting : Cassie asks Miles Callisto to watch her pet glowfur, Bitty, while she and the Star Darlings are on a secret field trip to the Crystal Mountains, but just when he thought it was easy, Miles finds it harder than Cassie says. Episode There's Nothing To Freeze At : An icegator is found at Chi-Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon ice skating at the penguins' frozen lake and it doesn't seem to want to leave unless Kwazii and his friends find another frozen lake for it to skate in. Episode Wazzat Ya Say? Episode Komasan and Komajiro! McLeach, after realizing that they are hanging out with seahorses, decides to poach them all.

Episode Splash the Aquatter : An aquatter cub runs into trouble when it is swept away from its home. It ends up in the cypress swamps of the fantasy forest with no idea how to survive in the foreign territory. Captain Jake and Kwazii find it and try to teach it how to navigate the southern swamp land. Episode To Fly A Garnet Griffin : After failing his first griffin riding training with Sofia, Kwazii decides to walk into the Fantasy Forest where he befriends a garnet griffin at the cliffs who helps him learn how to fly a griffin, especially a garnet griffin.

Episode One Hour Special The Griffin Games : In their most epic adventure yet, the residents of Disney Junior Town ever see the return of griffins to Disney Junior Island -- and the return of the most amazing sport ever, the Griffin Games, but all is not fun and games when Princess Ivy joins in, especially because she has magically transformed herself to look like a teenager.

So to stop Ivy from corrupting Disney Junior Island, the Disney Junior Club must use their inner kid power and the help of their new Griffin friends to save the games, the griffins, their friends and families, and the day! Episode Falconch City : Sofia is working on Falconch Discs, when Miles takes the Disney Junior Club to a city, where there are pigmies — a potential prey for falconchs. However, the event turns into a "magical creature rescue" when fashion designer Cruella De Vil captures vast amounts of festive fireflies to use in a dress.

Episode Reach For the Role : Disney Junior Elementary School is hosting a play of the Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor, and Connor hopes to get the role of his hero, Oliver Gryffon, but when he does get the main role, Cameron decides to steal Connor's spotlight and keep the main role to himself. Episode Robette to the Rescue! Episode Yeti or Not!

The Disney Junior Club are trying their best to get the big beast out, but it just won't leave! Episode You Croc Me Up! Episode Back in Magical Creature Time, Part 1: Day of the Tornadodo : Sofia unveils her newest contraption which she calls the Time Trampoline—a trampoline-shaped device that permits time travel. The pirate pals and Sheriff Callie use it to travel back in time to hang out with the tornadodo birds. At first, Connor doesn't trust her but Kion helps them become friends by showing Connor that not all hyenas are mean.

Episode 3: Where the Winter Wonderlambs Roam : Kwazii must become a shepherd to lead the Winter Wonderlambs to a new grazing field while trying to keep them away from any predators that might try to eat the herd. Episode 5: Luna Valentine : Luna Girl has hated Valentine's Day in her whole life since no one has ever given her valentine cards, toys, or chocolate. That is, until Gekko decides to become her first valentine. Episode 6: Cupid Jake : Captain Jake finds Cupid's arrows and accidentally starts making people fall in love with each other.

Luckily, Kwazii has grown a new power that will help his best friend fix this lovey dovey mess. Episode 9: Lily's Love Letter : When Tiana's kitten Lily receives a love letter this morning on Valentine's Day, she tries to find out who sent it to her. Meanwhile, they might be planning on more than just setting up a Valentine's Day party. Only this time, they need the PJ Masks' help. Episode Amaya in Minoland : Amaya and Snowdrop fall into a portal that takes them to a bizarre world of the Mino Monsters. They soon meet new friends like Blazel, Grunt, and Crocoling that shows them around the island and helps them get back home.

Episode Cold Snapper : A tortigloo has made Snow Foot's cave as it's new home and it won't let anyone in. Episode Long Live the Aquarius : In the Fantasy Forest, Kwazii and his friends discover a new creature that is zodiac and finds a celestial ritual, but then Captain Hook has stolen the Aquarius' astral vase and without it, the celestial ritual will not work!

Episode Romeo Creature Power! Episode Catboy and Captain K9 : Connor has not only been afraid of water but has also been afraid of dogs in his entire life, but what's even worse is that he needs to help the PJ Masks rescue a Captain K9 from Romeo who wants to use it for his new invention, the Robo-K9! Episode Heartvark Town : Captain Jake and Kwazii are in the Fantasy Forest savannah, creating a magic map of the animal burrows in the region, when they stumble upon an heartvark and its baby. After the mother fights off a psyena and Captain Jake and Kwazii flee the scene, they find out that the baby heartvark has stowed away in Kwazii's backpack.

The pirate pals decide to find a way to reunite it with its mother, but after searching in several burrows, the pirate pals find out that the heartvark's mother and other burrow-dwelling magical animals are being collected by inventor Doctor Undergear, who plans to use the heartvark to dig a pool for him. Episode Gekko and the Secret Valentine : Greg finds a secret Valentine's Day card from an unknown admirer in his mailbox.

Little did he knew that it has some kind of brainwashing song in it that makes people fall in love with Romeo, who is actually the one who sent the cards to make people like him, and Gekko's his first victim! The two decide to battle to test their Terra Monsters' strengths, but Kwazii then learns that Scarlet's Terra Monsters are stronger than they look.

Episode Jewel the Bead Steed : Evie befriends a bead steed in the Fantasy Forest and her friends decides to take them to the stables where she'll learn how to ride a horse, but when her mother, the Evil Queen, finds out, she takes Jewel away from Evie and now it's up to her to save her. Episode Build It, Beever! Episode Kupatana Catastrophe!

Episode Nightmare on the Pride Lands : Kion begins to have nightmares about Scar and in order to find out why, Connor and Kwazii must travel into his dream world. Episode Vampires: Endangered! Meanwhile, Cruella De Vil is kidnapping all the magical baby animals for her spring fashion line and only Captain Jake can activate Hooded Robin powers to save them Episode Panic, But Don't Run : Connor tries to help the zebras to stay calm and not panic and run when the hyenas or other predators are out to eat them, but he soon learns that it's not as easy as he thinks when Janja and his crew are out hunting again.

Episode Blooming With Negativity : When seeds from the Land of Misera fall onto Disney Junior Island, they grow into bad flowers that causes everyone to argue and bicker and only the Disney Junior Club, along with the Star Darlings can stop this, but it won't be easy when the pollen causes them to fight each other as well. Episode Chef Kwazii On the Go! Episode In Search of Bunga's Parents : Bunga decides to find out who his mother and father is and where they are by traveling outside of the Pridelands on a journey, alone, but trouble gets in his way while on his search and the Lion Guard must rescue him!

Episode Siege the Castlewary : Sofia meets a Castlewary while collecting magical bird feathers for more magical creature powers, and decides to make Castlewary powers. Episode Dread Panda Rescue! Episode Nocturtled In! Episode Mal and the Magnetic Mouse : Mal adopts a magnetic mouse that follows her to Audern High after her camping trip in the Fantasy Forest with the Disney Junior Club, but everyone begins taking the blame on Mal when the magnetic mouse starts attracting phones, wands, and hair accessories made out of metal. Episode Two Heads, One Team! Episode Petite Panda Power Up!

Episode Mermaid Splashtactular! Episode The Orca Snail : While in the Fantasy Forest, Peso finds a baby orca snail that was separated from it's family and the team must find them while Peso is the babysitter of the day. Episode Four Feathered Friends : Spot finds a trio of French Hens in the barn who are trying to find food, so she decides to secretly feed them her own food, that is, if she can get past her friends and mother. Episode My Neighbor Molang : The Disney Junior Club friends are having a hard time understanding what their new neighbor, Molang, is saying when he moves into the town.