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Police suspected foul play, but Middle-aged mother of two Susan Fassett was an unlikely victim in a love triangle that ended in her murder.

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Married to a cop and a member of the church choir, Susan had a reputation as an honest, upstanding person. After her death, the secrets revealed about her life came as a shock to most. The biggest shock of all was that Susan was involved A Florida woman saw the state patrol car's lights flashing behind her and wondered why she was being stopped. She didn't think she was speeding, she later told investigators, but she pulled her car onto the southbound shoulder of Interstate 95 and waited as Trooper Tim Harris approached her car.

Trooper Harris asked her to get out of her car. To say that Stella Nickell had a rough upbringing would be an understatement. She had a childhood of poverty, neglect, and abuse. At 16, she gave birth to a daughter, Cynthia. In the next 12 years, she had numerous failed relationships, a failed marriage, and spent time in jail. In early , when she was 32, she met Bruce Nickell and they mar Toni plummeted off of a foot cliff and died a horrible death.

Harold told police that his wife was busy taking photos and must have slipped. He didn't see exactly what had happened because he was using h The case of physician Michael Swango not only exposed the dark side of a man who had taken an oath to do no harm, it also opened our eyes to a professional environment where doctors accepted the word of fellow physicians over that of nurses and patients—even as evidence of gross misbehavior piled up. Michael grew up in Quincy, Illinois and grad Baptist minister Matt Baker presented himself to the world as a man of God, a family man who set an example for his faithful parishioners.

But when his wife Kari was found dead in their bed of an apparent suicide, questions about who he really was emerged. Between the ages of 17 and 24, Keli Lane had two abortions and gave birth to three babies, all without the knowledge of her mother Sandra or her police officer father Robert. Not only that, but her five pregnancies occurred while Keli was playing water polo at a national level and spent most of her time in a swim suit. In , year old Charlie Brandt shot his pregnant mother to death before turning the gun on his father and sister.

In the years that followed, he seemed to move forward and live a normal life with college, marriage, and a career.

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Charlie and his wife Teri were a close, fun-loving couple--the kind of couple others envy. Then, in , a hidd In August of , Chris murdered his pregnant wife and his two preschool-aged daughters. Then he loaded their lifeless bo Julie Miller met Dennis Bulloch through a newspaper ad and fell hard for him.

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He seemed like the answer to all of her problems. As a successful executive approaching her 30th birthday, Julie was ready to get married. Dennis seemed like the all-American guy—good-looking and described as soft-hearted and sensitive by former girlfriends. Just four Mick Philpott lived off of welfare benefits. He had been unfaithful and violent towards women throughout his adult life. His reckless and selfish plan to frame an ex-girlfriend for leaving him would result in the death of six innocent children.

A father of 17 children, Philpott lived with two women and once appeared on a daytime talk show to de Cherica Adams was joyful and magnetic. She was a beautiful year-old who had worked as an exotic dancer and was establishing a career in real estate. She had done some acting, too, and appeared briefly in the movie House Party 3. Cherica became pregnant and appeared to have accepted that she would be a single mother.

The father of her baby, p Stephen said th Forty-five years old, female, Harvard-educated, Biology professor, and mother of four, Amy Bishop would seem an unlikely killer. It was 3pm on February 12, , and thirteen professors and staff members from the University of Alabama Biology Department met in a third Jana Eastburn was the sole survivor, just 22 months old, when her mother, Kathryn Eastburn, and siblings — 5-year-old Kara and 3-year-old Erin — were stabbed to death on May 9, , in their Fayetteville, NC home.

Jana had been abandoned in her crib for three days before police responded to the concerns of neighbors and entered the home.

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She w Just before 9 p. When Becky and Amy came out of the store, one of the c JonBenet Ramsey was 6-years old when she was found murdered in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home on the day after Christmas. Twenty-two years later, her murder remains unsolved. The reason why there has been no conviction in this case could be attributed to mistakes made by the Boulder Police Department right from the beginning of thei Their one-story-red-brick house, with a huge chimney protruding from the front, was nestled snuggly at the end of a cul-de-sac.

For Kim Daniels, it was her dream home.

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Kim was a drug addict, living out of her car, when Danny Daniels helped her fight off her addiction She opened the store by herself at a. Witnesses watched in horror as a minivan barreled down the parkway in the wrong direction. Blaring horns, flashing lights, and cars swerving out of her way made no difference. She appeared focuse On July 5, , year old Skylar Neese returned to her family's West Virginia apartment after working an evening shift at Wendy's.

Her apartment complex's surveillance video showed that Skylar snuck out of the apartment through her bedroom window at A. MP Lieutenant 2 episodes, Matthew Faison Bronstein 2 episodes, Norman Alexander Gibbs News Reporter 2 episodes, Howard Goodwin Party Announcer 2 episodes, Lance Gordon TV Interviewer 2 episodes, Steve James Marshal 2 episodes, Allan Kolman Reporter 2 episodes, Richard Lineback MP Captain 2 episodes, Tracee Lyles Nurse 2 episodes, James Morrison Green Beret 2 episodes, Clare Torao Nurse 2 episodes, Fred Ponzlov Reporter 2 episodes, Fred Retes Photographer 2 episodes, John Rose Talk Show Host 2 episodes, Miguel Sandoval MP in Jeep 2 episodes, Grayce Spence Court Clerk 2 episodes, Tom Tarpey Psychiatrist 2 episodes, Brian Thompson Harrison 2 episodes, Arnold F.

Lab Technician 2 episodes, Beth Ringwald Babysitter 2 episodes, Wesley Thompson McPherson 2 episodes, Bill Vint Sadoff 2 episodes, Justine Visone Secretary 2 episodes, Peter Vogt Edit Storyline In , military doctor Jeffrey McDonald reports a hideous and confusing story: A gang of hippies akin to the Manson Family broke into his North Carolina home and slaughtered his wife and two daughters, while somehow only wounding him slightly as he tried to fight them off. Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know?

He married Kathryn Kurichh in In , MacDonald applied for parole, but his application was denied.

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MacDonald continues to insist that he is innocent. He will not be eligible to apply for parole again until Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Freddy Kassab 2 episodes, Mildred Kassab 2 episodes, Bernie Segal 2 episodes, Jeffrey MacDonald, MD 2 episodes, Victor Worheide 2 episodes, James Blackburn 2 episodes, Brian Murtagh 2 episodes, Paul Strombaugh 2 episodes, Colette MacDonald 2 episodes, William Ivory 2 episodes, Franz Grebner 2 episodes, Judge Dupree 2 episodes, Helena Stoeckley 2 episodes, Perry MacDonald 2 episodes, Joe McGinniss 2 episodes, Col Pruett 2 episodes, Robert Shaw 2 episodes, Peter Kearns 2 episodes, William Posey 2 episodes, Jay MacDonald 2 episodes, Rock 2 episodes, Kimberly age 5 2 episodes, Kristen 2 episodes, Dennis Eisman 2 episodes, Joy 2 episodes, Randi 2 episodes, Flanagan 2 episodes, Provost Marshal 2 episodes, Pathologist 2 episodes, Agent 2 episodes, Thornton 2 episodes, Neighbor 2 episodes, Somers 2 episodes, Kimberly age 3 2 episodes, Mary's Sister 2 episodes, Lab Tech 2 episodes, Hippie Girl 2 episodes, MP Sergeant 2 episodes, Nurse 2 episodes, MP Lieutenant 2 episodes, Bronstein 2 episodes, News Reporter 2 episodes, The Concussion Goggles provide a visual experience that produces double or disconnected vision, which is a common symptom of concussions.

When the goggles are used with the included kit activities, participants experience a very realistic simulation of traumatic brain injury TBI symptoms, and quickly understand the impact of this type of brain injury. We designed the Concussion Goggles and program activities to compliment one another and deliver a realistic concussion simulation and learning experience. The included Quick Start Guide, Power Point Presentation, and activities provide an effective lesson that is simple to deliver and not soon forgotten.

Feeling of dizziness Visual disconnect Disorientation and loss of spatial awareness Hesitation, apprehension, confusion and lack of confidence while doing the activity.


The Concussion Goggles Kit is the solution for any organization that is looking to provide an educational component about TBI and concussions. The Concussion Goggles Kit is specifically designed to deliver a hands-on and experiential lesson. This approach can help increase the likelihood that your participants will remember and put the lesson learned into practice. Search for:. Is it a good idea to use impairment goggles with a golf cart to simulate impaired driving? How do the White Label Goggles support my prevention message when they simulate such a blood alcohol concentration BAC impairment level?

What impairment level does the Blue Label Goggle simulate? Are Fatal Vision Goggles ever referred to by another name? Does this imply that recreational marijuana use causes someone to see green? What is the difference between the Program Kit and Event Kit? Can I just use my Fatal Vision Goggles to simulate a concussion? How does this kit help me simulate a concussion? How would the Concussion Goggles Kit support my safety lesson? This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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