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Eddie Fresquez. Texaco Station in E. East Flagstaff. Illinois-California Co. Truck Depot in East Flag. And Mr. Boy received bike after finding more than 3, in checks stolen from market. Arizona Congress of Parents and Teachers. Standing: L to R: Mrs. Barton Colbert, Mrs. Seated: Mrs. John P. John R. Abriel Ayala - Germany. Standing: Naturalization examiner - V. Cecil Lewis Jr. Standing: Diane Wilhelm, Barbara Strauss.

Stanley Richardson. Elect, "Dusty" Miller - A past Dist. Neil Christensen, Mrs. Rehabilitation Center, Mrs. Robert Stevens, Mrs. Charles Favuet equipment purchased after event. Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce. Chair - William R. Paul Fannin, Sen. Estelle Wallach, V. Elynor Switzer, Rep T. Vice Commander John Justus. Cost: 75, Seated L to R: 2nd V. Tom Gandee, Treas. Bill Laughlin. Marcus Bishop, John Mughey. High Drama Club. Ann Bennett - Treas. Walter Hafley - V. Vern Littlefield - Pres. Marshall Evans - Sec. Flag Jaycee's. L to R: Jim Young - 2nd V. L to R: Dixie Lucus - Sec. Frank Cortez - Retiring Pres.

Loot from series of home burglaries. Flag Police Officer Gilbert Castro. L to R: On Floor: Mrs. Louise Bushman, Instructor - Mrs. Flora Abbott. Event at Mt. Elden Elementary. Scout Master Leonard Byrd. Kneeling: Bill Leeson, William Dibble. Daily Sun - Apr. Williams Air Force Base. Davis - Air Force. L to R: Jack Blanton - V. Flag Fund Raising Drive, Dr. Fronske - Chairman of the Coconino Scouting Dist. Standing: Dorothy Boyd - 3rd V. Flagstaff College All Stars vs. Harlem Stars. Phil Vernon - Mngr. Phoenix Trailer Sales. National Secretaries' Week. Beverly Crawford, Mrs. Harriet Wilson, Mayor Rollin Wheeler.

City Clean Up Campaign. City Clean Up Week. Phoenix College. Flag Junior Chamber of Commerce. Cabinet Sec. Freeda DeWees - V. Virginia Alvord, Mrs. Beverly Crawford - Chapter Pres. Beta Sigma Phi. Kathryn Stoops. Back: Dorothy Muir - Prescott, Treas. Az Women's Bowling Assoc. Pattie Kirby. Gay Cameron, Mrs.

Darlene Jamison. Stanley Sykes, Mrs. William H. Switzer, William H. Rear: Children, Mrs. Reba McVey, Mr. Switzer Jr. Agnes Anderson, Mrs. Ruth Mary Griffin, Kenneth Switzer. Switzer Sr. Grant Sattem, Mrs. Orrel Hopper, Mrs. Chiappeti, Mrs. Clarence Skau, Mrs. Gillenwater, Mrs. Flagstaff Women's Bowling Assoc. Director Az. Women's Bowling Assoc. Sky High Lanes. The following days have no associated negatives; 1, 8, 15, 23, Award Winners. Vada F. Carlson - Winslow, Mrs. Dorothy Vann - St. L to R: John Killip - Pres.

John Davis, R. Taylor - Senior Member of the Parish, Dr. Edward B. Girl Scouts and Brownies Troop No ID on adult. Clarkdale Troop Kneeling: Julian Demiguel. Flagstaff Troop Jim Crimmons, Mrs. Tom Perkins, Mrs. Cecil Kiker, Mrs. Walter Greer, Mrs. Bill Armstrong, Mrs. Leon Pearfall. Bob Crozier - Rec. Donald Skaggs - Corr. Jerry Knowles - Pres. Ross Elvey - V. Bruce Crozier - Educational Dir. Buck Clark - Treas. Margaret Mason, Mrs. Carole Mishler, Mrs. Ramona Luna, Mrs. Ruth Wilkes. Buddy Seaver - Las Vegas - Back: R. Flagstaff Stake. Corron Medmeu - Board of Sups.

L to R: City Manager C. Pulliam, City Mngr. Miller, FHA Rep. John Magnuson. Study Tour headed by Dr. Charles Franklin Parker of Prescott. At Daily Sun Office. Seated: Ralph Morris, Dr. Fronske - Dist. May snowstorm. Bill Williams and S. Tree with plaque noting as site of first school in Flagstaff. Teacher was Mrs. Eva E. William Young Sr. Rusten Received 35 Dollars. Maxine Helsey's 2nd Grade Class at Mt. Elden School presenting "Brave Cowboy Bill. Richard G.

Parker, Dr. Dickson - Lion Clubs International counselor, Dr. Eldon Ardrey - Prof. Lawrence Walkup. L to R: Mr. William Buchanen - Rescuing Smokey the Bear Award for a report local club did on water and soil conservation. Serving: Mrs. Millie Conrad. Gladys Benham, Mrs. Toshi Williams, Mrs. Jennnie Oates, Capt. Martha Eliker - Ft. Huachuca Team. L to R: Flag - Bobby Clark out at 3rd. Prescott 3rd baseman Paul Simpson. L to R: Ross Black - 13, Asst. Hoping to win trip to Disneyland.

Frank Cortez, Mrs. Hazel Morse - Phx, Mrs. Queens for a Night Banquet. Bonnie Powers Coolinge. Ferris Bunning for a job. Charles Fife, Mrs. Stanfill, Mrs. Wick Thompson - Non-Member, Mrs. Alpine Garden Club. Thompson was sole Az. Women's Recipient of Certificate of Appreciation from Federation. Wick Thompson"; Az. Federation of Garden Clubs. L to R: Front: Mrs.

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Henry Albees - Installing Officer, Mrs. Merle Sauer - Pres. Ralph Fish - St. Willis Brown - Outgoing Pres.. Robert Nauman, Mrs. Herring - 2nd V. Brian Hines - V. Young Sr. Powell River LTD. Mayor and City Council watch work on water well. Young Sr.. Vice Commander, Fred Manning - Comm. Vice Comm. Standing: T. Long - Trustee, S. Prado - Sgt. At Arms, Jack Grace - Exec. Committee, Harry Biller - Exec.

Committee, Joe Zaharias - Exec. Seated: School Principal William Cummings. Jack Herring - Treas. Daily Sun. May 10, , P. Bridge going up at airport interchange S. Lee - Hostess, Mrs. James O. Beard - Golf Chair, Mrs. Robert E. Wilson - Sec. Rexer Berndt - Pres. Women's Div. Kendrick and Santa Fe.

This is the Jones shop. Man at right, cropped out in publication. L to R: Highway Patrol Sgt. Charles M. Man with hand in Jacket Pocket - State Sen. Robert Prochnow. Dedication new county building in Sedona. Other men noted at Davis's staff from Salome. Daily Sun Carriers trying for trip to Disney Land. Torgerson - Pres. Mildred Cook - Coor. Gale Huff - Treas.

Thompson - Rec. Orel F. Hopper - Director, Mrs. Raymond Sroaf Alternate Delegate, Mrs. Leamon, 2 Year Delegate. Erwin "Libby" Treton. Employee of Monte Vista Coffee Shop. VFW Poppy Sale. District 6th grade softball champs. League Baseball. Census Bureau Employees. Myra Butcher. Flag Population - 18, Herbert Bangert celebrate silver wedding anniversary.

At Wheel: Julian Lucero, Asst. New Trash Truck. Nancy Lloyd. Bert Baker - Extension Officer, Mrs. Harvey Gaston - Corr. Morse - Pres. Paul Bell - Rec. Jack Blanton - V. Kneeling: Lester Slade - Outstanding Sportsmanship. Neal Ledfors - Athlete of the Year. Andy Davis, Mrs. Herbert Ruckes - Asst. Camp Dir. Lewis McCoy - Camp Dir.. Discussing new urban renewal plan for Flagstaff. Daily Sun May 20, P. Performing Bach Cantata No. Flagstaff Oratorio Society. Calvin Church, outgoing Pres. Jack Jackson. Johnnie Williams - V. Robert Collins - Sec.. Daily Sun Carriers selling new subscriptions.

Flores, Abel Flores. Neg flipped for publication. Kenneth Wilson - Pres. Leonard Langford - Treas. Sherrel Walker - V.

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Daily Sun, May 20, P. Human Officer Harry Newell. Epsilon Sigma Alpha. Dolores Black - Treas. Eva Stevens - Educational Director, Mrs. Nita Gracey - Rec. Quinta Hart - V. Lorraine Mitchell - Pres. Bernetta Christensen - Corr. Seated: Pledges: Mrs. Claire Carter, Mrs. Charlotte Turner. Mary Caskey, Mrs. Mary Caskey. Grade 8-J Student Stephin Martina. See AZ. Daily Sun Special Edition P. Daily Sun, May 20, , P.

L to R: Dianne Shartzer - Treas. Stephanie Hoag - Sec. Massive fire that destroyed 22 room Babbitt Mansion. Standing: Richard Ortiz, Sharon Heflin. Gloria Davis. L to R: Doc. Warnock - Board Member. Saver, E. Ray Hagelberg - Pres. Willis Baver. Thomas Raymond - Corr. Jack Fine - Contact Chair, Mrs. Robert Huston - Outgoing Pres. William Buchanan. Gilbert B. Seager at new Sunday School building for Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. Elden PTA.

Ethry Carson's 2nd grade science program for parents. Students named but not specifically in photo. Piper - Worshipful Master, C. Bingaman - Worshipful Master Flag. Combined Flagstaff-Litchfield Kiwanis meeting. Standing: Lardie Coor, T. Rhodes, Joe Cooper - All Litchfield. Standing: Phyllis Manning - Dist. Lida Richardson - 1st V. Forest Service. At Knob Hill Ranger Station. Kneeling: Owner - Marshall Knoles.

Emily Cummings. Womack - Both Flagstaff, Lt. Commander D. Frederick C. Schwarze, Joe A. Clayton, Maj. William N. Elden; See Az. Daily Sun May 28, - P. Southern Union Gas Co. No Injuries, Both drivers cited. R to L: Mrs. Robert Collins - Troop 22, Mrs. Charlotte Bastrom - Troop 22, Mrs. Jack McCracken - Troop 14, Mrs. Carl Miller - Troop 15, Mrs. Richard Beaubein - Cook for the Day. Bill O'Connell.

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Women are Gold Star Mothers. Ima Powell - Secretary. Helen Weitzel, Miss Regina Rousseau. Mayor Rollin Wheeler. L to R: Don Garrard, B. Flagstaff Merchants. Martin, Flag Catcher, Frank Satrustengui. Player at right cropped out. Where's the ball? Won first place honors. L to R: Team of 1 Page, 4 Creighton - 3rd place. Team of 2 Garrard, 3 Myers - 1st place. No other names given. Merchants vs. East Flag.. Making parts for Glen Canyon Dam. Largest overhead crane in Ariz.. The following days have no associated negatives; 5, 12, 19, 22, Martha Deal, Edward M.

Received distress call from victims of earthquake in Chile.

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Flagstaff Hospital Auxiliary reactivates. Robert C. Virgil Gillenwater. L to R: Auxiliary Pres. Grant Satter, Auxiliary V. Morgan - gave 24 inch telescope to Lowell Observatory, Roger L. John Hall - Observatory Director. Manuel Miguel's 4th grade class at Weitzel. She is at far right. Celebrating end of school year and being of Weitzel PTA membership class award. Bingaman - Worshipful Master, Frank M. Gold - 81 - 60 Year Member of the Lodge. Flag High Graduation. L to R: James C. Pitts Jr. Valedictorian - Donna Brown. One fatal. Civil Defense System. For "Northland Neighbors" Section.

Wallace W. Gibbs, Dr. Girabi Addressed Rotary. Front Table: L to R: Mrs. Rubert Booth, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. James D. Beard, Mrs. Rexer Berndt. Back table: Mrs. Willard Harkey, Mrs. Kenneth Kalb, Mrs. Charles A. Bonney - State Sec. Robert Grace - Vice Grand Regent. Elden Little League - Indians vs. Red Legs. Flagstaff Community Hospital. Marc E. L to R: Vern Robbins - Pres. Loch Delegation.

Steven Copple - Yuma. AZ Boy's State Gov.. Ruth Wood - Phx, Mrs. George Hill - Phx. Front: L to R: Mrs. Sutherland - Winslow, Mrs. Bill O'Connell - Flagstaff, Mrs. Brown Jr. Charles Hoffman, Mrs. Denford Pitts, Mrs. Floyd Theobald - All from Prescott. Lion's Club Convention at Ft. Tucson - Lost to Davis, Gov.

Jay L. That's Good! Elden 2nd Grade - Mrs. Ethry Carson - Teacher. Andy Wolf, to Honolulu. Girls to attend summer school at Univ. Daily Sun, June 13, , P. Soroptimist Club. Jean Miller - Corr. Gay Cameron - Regional Treas. Mary Ann Babcock - Treas. Standing: 14 year old Tom Burkhart. Walter Runke Sr.. L to R: James Blair - Pres. Arizona Elk's Assoc. Rice - Tiler - Flag Lodge.

Only front row named. Brierly - Worthy Patron, Mrs. Jessie Linke - Assoc. Matron of Arizona, Mrs. Frieche - State Regent - from Prescott, Mrs. Wallace - Coconino Chapter Regent, Mrs. Slipher - Chapter Chaplain and Charter Member. Back: L to R: Mrs. Harris - organist, Mrs. Ferrell Williams - Pres. Gordon Lee - Rainbow class teacher, Mrs. Mark Thomas - In-service teacher, Mrs.

William Hamilton - Top-pilot class teacher. Elmer Weidmeier - Sec.. Front: Mrs. Claire Biggs - 2nd counselor, Mrs. William Woods - home builder teacher. Touring 60 degree ice plant at Glen Canyon Dam Project. Ice used in making cement. Temp outside: Plans for Lake Powell Recreational Area. Standing: Lydia Solberg - Treas.

At Arms, Mecia Kennedy - 2nd V. L to R: Rep. Steves Brothers Construction. L to R: George, Leon, James. Prochnow, State Representative T. Louis, MO. Art Hoag - Director of U. Naval Observatory. Army recruiting plans. L to R: Sgt. Earl Roberts, First Lt. Steve Westbrook. Roberts: Flag recruiter. Westbrook: AZ recruiter. L to R: Ron Lowrie - Treas. Won at Deer Valley Drag Way. Zero to mph in 13 sec.

Tried for alleged false imprisonment of 14 employees at the Murchison Ventures Uranium Mill near Cameron. L to R: Company Pres. Eric Tipton. Heading to Boy Scout Jamboree in Colorado. L to R: Henry - 10, Julian - 12, Abel - Sons of Mr. Roy Flores. Betty Jo Nutty - 13, Gloria Hancock - Navajo Ordinance Depot Donation. Chilean Relief, Col. Wood - NOD commander. L to R: Guy May - Mngr. Flagstaff Cowboy Philosopher O. L to R: Outgoing Pres.

Matt J. Batka - Tucson, New Pres. James H. Treds - Chandler, Jack P. Bird - Pres. L to R: Frieda Allen, R. Nadine Wimp, Connie Mulling. Mert Parker. Changing Santa Fe Line 22 miles west of Williams. Work done by Morrison-Knudson - Construction. Norman C. Called out. Instrumental in securing Lake Mary Dam.

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Driver Jumper of fell from cab landing approximately 4 feet below bush. Survivor, but injured. At Arms. Winslow vs. Western Savings. Ramon Sanchez - Winslow, Sliding Safely into 3rd. For Photo Feature on Winslow Pool. No ID. Driver got it across the street. Margaret Wright - Sec. Thanks to you and everyone for their great prizes, fellowship, and for a fun way to meet new people.

Time to start making the rounds. This is so great! I want to be apart of this :D. Thanks for the fun! Hi everyone, I am a new blogger. My website is about mommyhood, babies, free stuff and coupon shopping! This is my first time at this party. Hello to everyone!!! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event! This is soooo much fun!!! Within 5 minutes of me posting I had 2 new followers.

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This is my first year joining in the Party and I am really looking forward to it! I am a stay at home mom and blogging as been a great outlet for me and I enjoy meeting people with the same interests as me! This is my first party! I am excited to see how it goes! What wonderful Goodies!! Happy Blog hopping ladies. See you all soon. Thanks for the Party 5 minutes for Mom Wooooo Whooooo. Time to party. A blog created to help you understand the basics of a budget, how to build a budget and what items on your budget can bust it.

Together we can build a monthly budget based upon your monthly take home pay and find ways to eliminate unnecessary spending to free up excess money to pay off debt and build wealth. I homeschool, just started my journey in dieting and deal with ex husbands, exwives and all the fun stuff too! OH NO! What a ton of great prizes!

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My husband is going to hate me for sitting here hour after hour reading all these blogs. Thanks for hosting!! I love, love, love this! Too much fun. Thanks for throwing this party! This fake partying is actually quite fun. And when I get socially overloaded which rarely happens I can leave the party and no one will care. AND as a bonus, my husband decided to take the kids on an adventure last night — overnight to San Fran. So I was up late partying down. Now I must clean the house, must clean the house, must clean the house.

What a fabulous idea! I have already left a comment, but forgot to list some of my favorite prizes! Many thanks, Cindi. This party is a blast!!! You are a blessing…. I appreciate the opportunity to sponsor a giveaway. Thank you guys for doing an awesome job hosting this wonderful party. I look forward to connecting with a ton of great bloggers! Going around meeting new bloggers, this is going to be exhausting.

Makes me want to put all my blog assignments on hold. This is fantastic! This is my first UBP party ever! I love reading blogs and meeting other bloggers, and this is the first time I will have a blog too. I forgot to add in my comment — My UPB party post, with party post button and prize wish list, is up at. Fabulous work, ladies. So looking forward to getting to know some of these great bloggers better! Thank you so much for being such fabulous and generous hosts! What a great way to find new blogs!! If I were to win my choices would be: Of course the grand prize!!

Wow, I am loving this party!!! I am a non-blogger seriously considering launching one…I am not a writer by nature or training, but feel the need to express somewhere. This party is great research for seeing if the market is too flooded. I have starting digging through sites, what a great variety is the market flooded??? Can i find my niche?? As far as prizes, there as so many wonderful ones to choose from…. So excited to meet lots of new bloggers! I am so excited, this is my first Ultimate blog party!

I have my post up with my top picks!!! Thanks for the fun!! Hello I am excited to attend some parties!!! I saw this on another bloggers page today…. I am excited to join in on the fun! Now I need to get my posts together! What a great networking idea! Love all these prizes. Have been thinking about starting a blog for months and am about ready to launch it.

Hopefully next year! I love to party!! Bring on the prizes!!!! This should be a lot of fun!! Thanks for hosting this Ultimate Blog Party! I was so looking forward to it. What a great way to see how the blogosphere is growing. Love this party! I have your banner up and following on twitter. Looking forward to the live webcasts! First time partier and very excited! I am open to all prizes except religious and digital ones. My top choice for a prize, however, is definitely the grand prize — the laptop! Then, from the U.

From the U. First time taking part in the UBP and looking forward to meeting other Mompreneurs like me! Am I doing this right? Count me IN! This is going to be fun, thanks for doing it!! Thanks again for hosting this and dealing with all of the technical nightmare! Looking forward to mingling with other bloggers all week! What a fun day! Thanks for the party.

Can anyone help me? I meant to put the direct link to my post but instead linked it to my blog. How to change that? This is so cool! All of the prizes are really neat I would happy to win any of them! And I am even more excited to make some new friends! I am new to blog parties and I am so excited! I will be blogging shortly. Thanks for this great party! Yayyyyy lets party baby! So excited to be on the UBP! Congrats on 4 years and running — this is my first time at the party and I am looking forward to meeting some great bloggers!

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  7. This is my first blog party. Glad to be a part and look forward to meeting a bunch of other great bloggers! Here is my list of prizes I would like to win. Top 3 4. Thanks for hosting such a fun event! Thanks ladies! I am posting my post right now. This is so FUN!! I am just a little slow about getting stuff up right now. I remember the first year I was on the site and 1 on the linky at am.

    Much has changed and the way your site has grown and evolved is a pure delight to see! So glad to have been part of this journey with you! This sounds like great fun! This is my first time exposure to this. There is so much information and events it is overwhelming…. I guess I will just browse through it all and get the feel of it and self teach! Have fun everyone! This is my first year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party and I am so excited! Thanks so much for putting this all together! I would be thrilled to win so many of these goodies! Thanks for setting this up for everyone in blogland.

    You guys rock! This is my 1st UBP. And WOW, what a prize list- I would be lucky to win any one of those prizes! Thanks for such a fun event! Ugh, is there any way to get it off the wrong list?? This is my first time participating in the Ultimate Blog Party and I am so excited to do some networking! I love how the blogging community is all about helping each other and succeeding!

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    6. Cant wait to meet and see you all! Shamrocks and Shenanigans. Wow, so many blogs to visit! Thanks Ladies for putting this on! Blessings everyone! Thank you so much for hosting such a fun blog event yet again!! Thanks for hosting this wonderful blog party. Thanks so much. My wife pointed your site out to me. I love it. Hope you have a great party. I blogged about it at the link above. Just think how great Yo Gabba Gabba will look on it! I love how well put this blog is!!! This is my first time joining!! This is my second year of celebrating with you all!

      Us twins know how to throw a party! Its really strange how people around the world, will share information with you, give free stuff away and yet we have a hard time talking with our neighbors or our childrens teachers! I just went through and randomly picked some. I can not wait to get home today and post my party post! This is going to be so much fun. I have been looking forward to this all year! My first choice in prize would be We are planning a family reunion in Kentucky and this would help us out. This is so much fun! I love the blog party this year! Great job as always ladies!

      I am looking forward to meeting some great bloggers! If I win anything I am interested in prize 51 because we are due with another baby and that carrier looks awesome. OR one of those Target gift certificates so I can get some stuff for our new baby! Thank you so much for hosting this great party! This is our first UBP and we are looking forward to meeting new blogger friends! I put my comments of what I would like to win in my Party Post! It is an actual new page on my blog! This is absolutely the best blog party ever!!! I am ready to party ladies!!

      I am about to link up my post. Thank you so much for hosting this amazing party! This is my first year partying with you! Love the pics of your kids! WOW Im so excited to join your party this year. I just started my blog and having such a great time blogging!! Smiles, Nicole. Thanks once again for the great party ladies!

      This is exciting and so wonderful that you host this every year! Congrats on your 4th UBP! So excited! I love love love this idea! I was not able to participate last year, this should be fun! Thanks for hosting such a huge party! This is my second year to participate in this fun event.

      I love the chance to discover new blogs. Wow… I am so excited to be joining the party this year!! Hope to meet some of you soon on your blogs!! Thanks 5 Minutes Moms for hosting such a wonderful party!! This is fun! OK my friend pointed me in this direction so I am going to try it out… I have never done this type of thing before…. I love meeting new bloggers!

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