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Patrick Bowman. Vancouver, BC: Ronsdale Press, ISBN pbk. Subject Headings: Trojan War-Juvenile fiction. Odysseus Greek Mythology -Juvenile fiction. Review by Ruth Latta. Lopex stepped out, Circe hanging on his arm.

Accursed Women: A Collection of Short Stories

Her feet were bare, her toenails painted an eggshell blue. His sandals had been misplaced. Perhaps later, after we've had dinner, or Most men are nearly pigs already, you know. Not you, of course, my lone wolf. Odysseus , the Greek leader who won the Trojan War by means of the wooden horse caper. On leaving Troy to return home to Ithaca, Lopex takes Alexi along as his slave, interpreter and healer. This first novel ends with the Cyclops encounter.

Throughout Book Two, Alexi lives in fear after losing the respect of Lopex and his men. This downturn happens after visiting Aeolius's isle. Many Trojans are killed, including Coroebus. But then the Trojans are distracted when they realize that Priam's palace is being besieged. Aeneas and some other men sneak in a back entrance to help out.

Troy Story: The Iliad (1/2)

They make their way to the roof, where they knock a tower off onto the Greeks below. But there are too many of them, and they keep coming on. The most fearsome of the Greeks is Neoptolemus, the son of Achilles.

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Meanwhile, Priam puts on his armor and prepares to face down the Greeks, old and decrepit as he is. When his wife Hecuba sees him, however, she tells him to stop being such a fool. She makes him come over with her and some women who are clinging to an altar for safety. They are assuming that the Greeks will not violate the holiness of the place. Just then, Polites, one of Priam's sons, rushes in, wounded, with Neoptolemus in pursuit.

Neoptolemus catches up to him and kills him.

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Enraged, Priam prepares to attack Neoptolemus. Priam reminds Neoptolemus about how his father, Achilles, once had pity on him when he gave Hector's body back for burial.

This scene is described in Book 23 of Homer's Iliad. Priam tells Neoptolemus that his horrible behavior makes it seem as if he isn't a true son of Achilles. Priam feebly attacks his younger foe, but does not succeed in wounding him. Instead, Neoptolemus drags Priam through the blood of his son to the altar, and kills him there. Aeneas, who has been watching this whole scene, suddenly thinks of his own father, Anchises. On his way home, he runs into Helen. She is trying to hide, afraid of both the Trojans and the Greeks.

Aeneas is about to kill her, when his mother, Venus, appears and tells him not to blame her. She says that what is happening to Troy is not Helen's fault; it is the will of the gods. Venus takes the mist away from Aeneas's sight so he can see various gods at work destroying the city. Then Aeneas runs home, finds his father, and tells him to get ready: they're going to head for the hills!

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But Anchises refuses. He says that he has lived and suffered long enough. Creusa, Aeneas's wife, and Ascanius, his son, try to bring Anchises around, but he keeps refusing. Finally, Aeneas gathers his weapons in order to go out and die fighting. Creusa tells him to take her and Ascanius along with him. Just then, flames burst out of Ascanius's head, but do not burn him. Anchises prays for a sign from the gods, and suddenly a shooting star flashes overhead.

Anchises accepts the sign and decides to go with Aeneas.

Who was Helen of Troy?

Now thinking of survival instead of suicide, Aeneas takes his father on his shoulders. He gives his father the images of the household gods to carry. Then he takes Ascanius by the hand. After Aeneas tells some servants that they will meet up at a certain cypress tree by an inland gate of the city, they head off, with Creusa following behind.

In a moment of confusion, however, Aeneas ducks down some alleyways, and Creusa gets lost. Aeneas doesn't realize this until they get to the cypress tree. He goes back alone through the flaming city, looking for her, but does not find her.

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Suddenly, her ghost appears and tells him that it is too late. She tells him to go to where the Tiber river flows i. There he will get a new kingdom — and a new wife. What I particularly enjoy are the links between the myths and historical fact. And there is the mythology that is strictly sociological, linking you to a particular society. If one digs pardon the pun deep enough, there is a correlation between the story and fact. In the Republic of Georgia, once annexed by Russia, the fleece of a sheep was used to trap golden grains dug from the river, or placed in the river banks and used in the same way.

He watched Afghan miners use this technique to find gold in the riverbeds years on. It is possible the story of the skills and craftsmanship of the Colchians who developed smelting and casting metals for agriculture and making jewellery found their way to Greece.