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The program draws from an interview with Mrs. Ford, then 84, conducted in by historian Michael Beschloss. What does an honest cop do when his bosses are on the side of the lawbreakers? Detective Aurelio Zen brings justice to modern-day Italy, whether the authorities want it or not. Do Your Part? We all have different "favorite" programs on AETN. My main reason is Karley, Jackson and Lucas, my niece and nephews. They're 7, 5 and almost 2.

Check out free activities, email reminders, free downloadable activities, book suggestions and more at www. Over the last year, Masterpiece on Sundays has had a banner season, which saw viewership increase 54 percent compared to last season. Partly due to "Downton Abbey" we'll see more in and the new "Upstairs, Downstairs" Masterpiece thrives with the old Tune in next month with Masterpiece Mystery to see what the chatter is about.

What is love? Is it an attachment to someone or a display of affection? Today in Anniston, AL. I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about it. As a kid growing up in a traditional Christian church, there was nothing unordinary about singing hymns every Sunday morning and more often than not, up to three times a week. I knew the songs by heart and it became part of my culture and lifestyle.

The evening, that has become an American tradition, offers viewers a time to remember, to heal and bring our country together. Walking off the bus to a roaring round of applause at Mary Washington University UMW today, I almost instantly understood the importance of community. As we approached the welcoming crowd we were greeted with smiles, kind words of encouragement and a genuine sense of joy that we were continuing the legacy of the Freedom Riders. The day before the original Freedom Riders departed Washington D.

Their lives were on the line and they had spent months preparing for this nonviolent movement to eradicate segregation in the South. Isn't it amazing how a few determined people can help change the course of history? It's not often public broadcasting gets a mention on network television, but when the subject is something as influential as the original Freedom Rides, all bets are off.

The outbreak of the Civil War led to a divide within Arkansas as Ozark farmers initially preferred allegiance to the Union, while Delta planters favored secession. This year marks the th anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict that divided our nation. A lively heroine arrives in Depression-era Yorkshire to shake up education at a school for girls, sparking conflict with a stern landowner. Laura Linney hosts.

Ambitious teacher Sarah Burton Anna Maxwell Martin returns to her Yorkshire origins to apply for the job of headmistress at the local girl's school. Landowner Robert Carne David Morrissey mistrusts all she stands for. Penelope Wilton also stars. The finals will involve seven conferences for a total of 14 teams. The contest is open to kids ages The entry deadline is May 6.

To learn more and to enter, visit aetn. As soon as AETN learned that an Arkansas resident had a seat reserved on the Student Freedom Ride, we were excited to find out why she decided to apply and what she hoped to learn from this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions and these are her responses. We look forward to following her journey and sharing it with you! Samantha Williams, a political science major at the University of Arkansas, is one of 40 students who will participate in the Student Freedom Ride May This was one of the best Family Days yet!

We hope you had a great time. See full article for some pictures of this year's event. Thus resumes the romantic, moving, and epic story of Upstairs Downstairs, more than three decades after its last episode on PBS. Airs Wednesday, March 30 at 8 p. The film shares personal stories that are shocking, sorrowful, angry and hopeful. AETN, the Arkansas Department of Education and ASCD, the internationally renowned producer of books, video, audio and onsite professional development for educators and leadership, have partnered to enhance professional development opportunities for Arkansas educators through the IDEAS professional development website.

Get your kids involved in home improvement projects and enjoy that good family time AND get stuff done. A new favorite program in my house these days is "Wild Kratts", a remake of an old favorite that is begged for at bedtime, for that ltitle t. Irish cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson spent almost days filming Broken Tail and his family for some of the finest tiger documentaries ever made.

Based on the bestselling novel by William Boyd, Any Human Heart is a rollercoaster ride through one man's life. A trio of great actors portray the different life stages of hero Logan Mountstuart, a writer, lover, art dealer and spy living by his wits in the tumultuous 20th century. Every day, nearly 7, people die in America.

And when these deaths happen suddenly, or under suspicious circumstances, we assume there will be a thorough investigation, just like we see on CSI. But the reality is very different. Technology and media consumption is changing at a rapid pace. We at AETN and PBS recognize the importance of keeping up with these trends, and we understand that more and more people are getting their content from mobile devices. So, in order to meet these trends head on, we have developed mobile applications that allow our viewers to receive our great content on the go.

I talk with whoever is on duty but we both know I'm there to make sure the show starts without any glitches. This isn't something I should worry about because we have some great people in the engineering department and any issues have been worked out well in advance. But I still do it. For whatever superstitious reason I feel I need to be in the building. Once the show has started I excuse myself from Master Control and go up to my office where I watch the rest of the show on a monitor at my desk.

When it's over, I go home, waving good-bye to the Master Control operators on my way out. Television's demand for "action" pictures is insatiable and foolish. Too many editors and producers abhor what is called "a talking head. The session will begin at approximately 1 p. Monday through Thursday and 10 a. Called "the most natural and least self-conscious screen actor that has ever lived" by critic Pauline Kael, Jeff Bridges has been plying his craft most of his life.

With a first role as an infant in his mother Dorothy's arms and a childhood television debut in his father Lloyd's television series Sea Hunt, he burst onto the silver screen in The Last Picture Show in and was immediately recognized with a Best Supporting Actor nomination. A stately country house, a noble family, and a succession crisis caused by the sinking of the Titanic are the backdrop for ' Downton Abbey ', an Edwardian spellbinder by Oscar-winning writer Julian Fellowes Gosford Park. Following the lives of aristocrats and servants in the years before World War I, Downton Abbey chronicles the hunts, garden parties and sexual intrigues on the estate.

The series that took the UK by storm, Downton Abbey stars Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, and a house full of revered actors in a production that brings a glittering bygone era to life. AETN prepares a celebratory lineup to accompany your holiday festivities. In Arkansas, she is still known as Barbara but to the world she is known as Norris Church Mailer, the sixth wife of writer Norman Mailer and a gal from Atkins, Arkansas. The program details how the disease can be spread, prevention, testing, and current treatments.

I have a sneaking suspicion that around the Thanksgiving table I am going to have to cleverly voice the things I am thankful for this year. Fine, I say I have been obsessing over this for nearly a week now. The clever part I'm not so sure I can pull off BUT I do earn my every other Friday paycheck knowing 'words' so I figure I can string some together to make a semi-coherent sentence on a Thursday afternoon We have arranged a festive lineup of concerts to brighten your holiday.

Programs include Faith Hill singing her favorite songs from her holiday album, Joy to the World, Michael McDonald performs his yuletide favorites, and Chicago's celebrated Music of the Baroque Chorus and Brass ensemble for "A Renaissance Christmas" celebrates the soaring sounds of the holiday season.

Last night's screening of "Deep Down," as part of Community Cinema, taught us that it doesn't take an army to move mountains. And during the 10 days before the film premieres - May - 40 college students will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join some of the original Freedom Riders and retrace that historical route Taped at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the minute special features a star-studded cast of Feys friends and colleagues.

Miller Williams - famed poet, award-winner, author, professor - his life as poetry. Join the Fayetteville native for a reception and poetry reading, Sunday, Nov. Documentaries, entertainment, music, and poetry--just a few of the things AETN is offering up in the coming week! In October , John Lennon would have been years old. In December , he will have been dead for 30 years.

Yet, his art still haunts us. It now has some new features and better functionality. Weve added Flickr to the app, better integration with YouTube, more sharing options, push notifications for fast updates on important information, and an overall improved experience for users. Weve also updated the graphics to take advantage of the iPhone 4s Retina display, which means the graphics will now look more crisp and clear.

Both have the potential to cause heartbreak and take lives, but only one is caused by a living, breathing person who claims to love you. Ever dream of running away with the circus? Go beyond the big top with the traveling Big Apple Circus, where the stories are true and the magic is real. Listen and watch as producers Maro Chermayeff and Jeff Dupre relive the journey with crew members, acrobats, clowns and other amazing characters under the tent.

PBS NewsHour will be providing live election coverage online. Be sure to watch here or log onto to the NewsHour website at 9pm for an hour of exclusive online only coverage. At 10pm, NewsHour will extend their coverage to broadcast. Trapped under nearly a half-mile of solid rock in a collapsed mine in Chiles remote Atacama desert, 33 miners fight for survival, battling 95 degree heat, near-total darkness and most dangerous of all the risk of losing all hope of rescue.

NOVA chronicles the miners day ordeal and the heroic work of a global team of engineers who struggled tirelessly around the clock in a desperate bid to bring the trapped miners safely to the surface. Stereotypes are tricky things. Just talking about stereotypes has the ability to make people uncomfortable, so how do you host a screening of a film about stereotypes and hold a panel discussion afterward?

By being frank. Tricks of the trade, home improvement questions from the audience and a workshop on fixing window screens led to two hours of learning and fun on a rainy Tuesday morning. Sherlock Holmes stalks again in a thrilling contemporary version of the Victorian-era whodunits. When an unidentified woman, dressed all in pink, turns up murdered in an abandoned building, Sherlock must use the science of deduction to catch the killer.

Telling Amy's Story airs Thursday, Oct. Telling Amy's Story chronicles the tragic death of Amy Homan McGee, a domestic violence victim, mother of two and former Verizon employee who was shot and killed by her husband. You never know, you just may be featured on an upcoming episode! Frontline: The Spill Long before the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf, BP was widely viewed as a company that valued deal-making and savvy marketing over safety, a serial environmental criminal that left behind a long trail of problems deadly accidents, disastrous spills, countless safety violations which many now believe should have triggered action by federal regulators.

Being an intern at AETN has been a surprisingly pleasant experience so far. Wallander Kenneth Branagh investigates the brutal slaying of an elderly couple at an isolated farmhouse. The fallout from the case leads the detective to doubt everything, including his abilities as a police officer. Masterpiece Mystery! I spent my Friday afternoon visiting with some great people in Northeast Arkansas. My initial reason for visiting the region was to attend a conference in Jonesboro, but along the way I made it a point to stop to talk with some locals about the upcoming elections.

We, at AETN, are collecting citizens thoughts on what problems are affecting Arkansans across the state for the upcoming elections. As part of this project, we are videotaping their responses and posting them on our Debates Website. Were hoping to encourage a conversation to help better inform voters in the upcoming election. God In America How has religious belief shaped American history? What role have religious ideas and spiritual experience played in shaping the social, political, and cultural life of what has become the worlds most religiously diverse nation?

The Student Selects Showcase is now available for viewing online.

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Each year the number of submissions and the quality of production increases. This year's broadcast contains some of the most entertaining shorts yet! Although summertime is drawing to a close and there's a statewide epidemic of highly contagious Hog Fever, we at AETN would like to remind you to not forget about the other sport out there: Baseball. We want to know what Arkansas voters have to say about the upcoming election season. How do we plan to find out? We're taking to the road to ask you ourselves! President and Mrs. We all have such busy lives--work, family, chores--that finding time to volunteer seems impossible.

However, did you know that in , Capitol before a concert audience of hundreds of thousands, millions more at home and to our service members around the world on the American Forces Network. In tribute to Americas th birthday, the show will be capped off with a rousing rendition of Tchaikovskys Overture, complete with live cannon fire provided by the United States Army Presidential Salute Battery. If you haven't had the chance to check out PBS new show Need to Know then you're missing out on a really well-produced program.

Here are some video segments they have produced covering the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Announcing the complete Exploring Arkansas collection now available online! We have been working hard to answer your request to watch your favorite episodes of Exploring Arkansas anytime and anywhere. As of today the entire archive of Chuck Dovish's adventures are online and free for you to watch. This collection will continue to grow as Chuck shows us new and exciting areas of our beautiful state each month. We've all heard "man's best friend. But when was the last time you really thought about the significance of what "man's best friend" really means?

I spilled a couple of tears no more than five minutes into the minute film. Ill admit Im an easy crier, but not for just any reason. Although vastly different from my own familys experience, the parallels that were there throughout the story were both surprising and comforting. The grieving that comes after diagnosis. Even though didnt each of us who got that diagnosis for our child already know? And I mean know. Long before the rubber stamp. The lingering guilt and fear that wakes you up in the middle of the night. What did I do wrong?

What am I not doing right? What am I not doing enough of. We've been working on it for a few months now - mainly planning out the featured content and finding time to pull it all together. Were really excited about allowing viewers to access AETN content on the go. Viewers can now read our Engage Blog, check our daily schedule, watch AETN videos, get important notices and a whole lot more. Interactive mediums - such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, ext - are becoming more and more popular each day. Each week millions of people login to these new social mediums to send out billions of updates.

There is a ton of information out there and its difficult for organizations - non-profit and for-profit, alike - to know how to effectively engage their audiences. Right now, organizations are frantically running around trying to keep up with the whirling winds of change that are happening all around them. AETN is no exception. Earth Day…. This morning a co-worker said to me "This is the only place I have ever worked where we celebrate Earth Day.

Dang, that deer has some long lashes. So, Ive had an iPad for about a week and a half now and its been amazing. If youre a media junkie - like I am - youll find its form very appealing. There's kind of a running joke here at AETN about how no one wants my job doing viewer services. When someone says, "You couldn't pay me a million dollars to do your job! So why is my job better than yours? You could of course go through the motions of computing them, calculating the new code, typing the code and punching it, but it loses the simplicity of original basic idea that lead to the combinations in the first place.

Would going through such machinations just to invoke these more obscure operations actually be interesting? Probably not. The old school philosophers said that people were essentially made up of 4 humors: black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. As each of the 4 HS kids seem to have an associated classical element, do each of them have an associated humor as well? I can't believe how stupid old philosophers were. The older the dumber.

How is Dave able to change suits on a whim? What does a man like you look for in a woman? Andrew, where did your all-lowercase typing go? I can't decide what syntax to use. Have you watched television at all for the past month? I don't think I have. When writing some of Rose's more wordy text such as our recent look into her journals , how much do you consult a thesaurus or other such materials? There are exactly two words I pulled out of the thesaurus for that. With the first, I was just wondering if there was a totally ridiculous fancy word for leathery. It turned out there was.

With the second I was looking for an old timey word specifically to nounify for that purpose. The correct form, the adjective, means foreshadowing. In the noun context, I guess it's some vague assortment of wizardly prognostication talismans? I can't claim to be an authority on this. How do you sit when you use the computer [not drawing]? Any plans to attend the SanDiego Comic-Con and sell books or shirts there?

It wasn't on the wall at the time. It was in Dave's sylladex. He used it to make a cool suit and stuff. How did you think you came's to seen out when you are wery old? Andrew, I wanted to ask something of the sort, Are the 4 hero's Related? Because from what i saw they might. Nanna is a paradox clone of herself. Grandpa is a paradox clone of himself. Bro is a paradox clone of himself. Mom is a paradox clone of herself.

John is a clone of Nanna and Grandpa's ghost slime mixed together. So is Jade. Rose is a clone of Mom and Bro's ghost slime mixed together. So is Dave. John and Jade are biologically related, in the same way siblings are. Though they are not literally siblings. We saw how they were "born". Dave and Rose are the same way. John is not related to Rose. Dave is not related to Jade. There is no evidence to suggest nanna, grandpa, mom, or bro are related to each other in any way.

They are all clones of themselves, sent back in time to become themselves. Paradox clones. Since you have the process more 'down' for making a book, can we expect PS book 2 sooner rather than later? Are you as jaundiced as the illustration used for your icon suggests? How can I give you all the moneys I want to give to you? It takes two to screw. Get your lecherous head away from my innocent updates. Ok, I will answer this one.

So you say your pal wants to draw something shitty in a school newspaper? No, but I did play that game. It was really long and fucking impossible. You put things on cards and stick them in your plain and serviceable brown wallet. Hey, I got one. For [S] Jack: Ascend, was the beginning where it sang, "Become a member of the Midnight Crew", was that part of the song itself, or did you record it on your own or what?

It is this. There are many recurring motifs throughout your various works Jesters and horses being some of the most prevalent. Do these things have some deeper symbolism, or are you just screwing around with the semioticians of the future? Horses and jesters are both hilarious. They symbolically represent hilariousness. Hi Andrew. When making Homestuck, which part of the process takes disproportionate effort and time to produce something rewarding for you? TLDR: which part is most tedious? The only thing I would describe as tedious would be setting up a Flash file from scratch, getting the preloader ready to go and everything.

I don't mind working long hours on an animation, but I kind of want to get right into it, not spend an hour setting it up. I don't know. Everything is rewarding. I enjoy writing the pesterlogs. Probably because it's relaxing. I sit here and go tap tap tap. Instead of ranging around with my stylus like a wild animal, hitting the undo button, and muttering to myself now and then. Writing is easy.

BOY would they be impressed! What ever happened to Dave's entry into the medium? You even said that you'd show it at some point on the forums, yet that seems to be getting less and less likely, and it'd be kind of odd if Dave's entry was just brought up from nowhere at this point. Are there any pieces of backstory or otherwise additional information that you have made, but are not actually neccesary?

But any time I come up with backstory stuff and think it won't be necessary, it just finds a way in there anyway. The fact that nanna and grandpa were raised by Sassacre before he died and Betty Crocker was an example of this. It was a funny backstory idea I had quite some time ago, mainly in the form of joking with myself, and said "There's no WAY I'm going to work that in! And somehow when it happens it still manages to feel like it's an important part of the story. At least for me. One of the things I am most proud about in Homestuck is the fact that I have managed to elevate Betty Crocker to a position of critical relevance to the story.

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I think creators probably tend to be proud of really stupid things about their stuff a lot of times. In what ways was Homestuck influenced by Lost? It's really hard to say. Maybe it just hasn't been at all. I've thought that the closest thing to being true is that Lost is very much the sort of story I would try to write if left to my own devices, in terms of structure and complexity and involvement of scifi and the supernatural.

Except it would be funny, and not as heavy handed and dour all the time. As it turns out, I AM left to my own devices! And HS is the result. Also I thought the final episode was very good. Are the Aimless Renegade's initials a pun on how he uses Assualt Rifles? Is it alright with you if I design a set of rules for a Homestuck pen and paper game, and is there any6thing specific you would want in it? Just kidding, that's cool. But there were similarities between the two pairs for aesthetic reasons, and some other reasons I guess. Bifurcation in broad personality type. The 4 character designs were drawn before page 1, so things were very loose back then.

I left it open, and the cross-similarities between pairs, specifically between Jade and John, led me to get some steam behind the idea that these two very vaguely had "something to do with each other". What they had to do with each other was something pieced together very organically over the development of the plot.

We saw they shared identical towers on the same moon. The logic that they had something to do with each other naturally led to the same principle for Rose and Dave. They got a moon too. This sort of stuff is all so gradual, and pieced together from so many smaller events, it's hard to pinpoint exactly when an idea originally took shape.

But the idea that they all had that origin was not pulled out of thin air. It was in the works for a good while, and a lot of foundation was laid for it. I would say it had its beginnings when I first introduced the concept of ectobiology, in Rose's next door lab when she made an unsuccessful paradox clone, a two headed cat. The thoughts weren't far off then, like "Maybe this weird way of cloning someone is how the kids were made?

Maybe for that matter they created themselves? But I think was sold it for me was when I got the idea to mix the pairs of slime from their respective guardians. The whole weird mess struck me as an especially novel origin story, and the thought of making these 8 babies all at once was just ridiculous enough to be irresistible. Especially the guardians I think. These weird automaton-like authority figures, mostly obstacles in the early going, are quite probably very much like the kids, just at different stages in their weird lives i.

They're all kind of like siblings in a way, even if not all biological. Though some are! And I think you could pick up on that from some of the early interactions, that for instance Rose was likely a very similar person to her mom. Her mom just happened to be an adult! The origin story also lent a lot more relevance to John's designated handle, exctoBiologist. This was never something that was supposed to be significant at all. It was some funny word that tied into his interest of ghosts, and Ghostbusters. The word was also lifted from an old comic I wrote.

But of course it's just yet again me connecting another one of these million dots to some others, when the dots were never actually meant to be connected. I think very few major developments are pulled out of thin air, even if they appear to come from out of nowhere. There is almost always some foundational work for it.

These things arrive through the series of details which lead to their cognition in the first place. You can always trace it backwards and find the clues that were pointing to it all along. So far you've done links between dad mom grampa and grandma in backstory. He's sleeping on him right now! Cal's origin: came from Bro's future little brother's i.

Every-time I go to your website I see the beginning of Homestuck and consider reading again from the beginning. However, the beginning of this story is nothing like the epic proportions we are reading now. Honestly, you didn't know it would be like that? I'm not sure I understand.

Do you want me to point the homepage to a more recent page? I like keeping it at the beginning for newcomers. If it's just "did you know how crazy it would get" the answer's yes. That was always the intention. Perhaps not intention so much as grim understanding. I was going off the advancement of PS as a model, and expected to duplicate or surpass that degree of escalation from the very start.

About how far into Homestuck would you say we are now? A quarter, half, less than an eighth? Act 4 just finished. I think it will likely be 3 more acts. It's easier to make calls like that now that I'm not bogged down in user suggestions. How many of the pesterlogs aside from the infamous "wrist deep in puppet" were taken from your real life conversations?

It always seems like more to me, but I think it's only two.

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You know, actual "writing". I ordered some shirts like a month ago and they haven't come in yet! When do you think I'll get them? Oh no! I think you should ask Topatoco. They are friendly and helpful. Did you find collaborating on the latest epic flash to be much better than working by yourself? If so in what ways? It really seemed to be an equal amount of work for me somehow. I was just working on it nonstop for days, in spite of the extra art I had available.

It did make the end result much nicer looking though. They included drawings of detail I never would have attempted myself while trying to knock out such a huge project. Early on in home struck, we would see a mouse icon moving around putting cakes onto a bed for John and such. Are the kids themselves meant to be part of a game outside Sburb? Because I quite honestly hope that is not the case. Will you ever show or tell us the abilities of Matchsticks and Quatorze from the intermission?

There is at least a slim chance I presently occupy any condition you can imagine, I suppose. Is misspelling the name of various syndromes the type of Tourette's you're afflicted with? Is a Nikola Tesla facsimile going to appear? A Tesla knockoff didn't author a giant joke book that's been haunting the pages of this story since act 1 though.

So no that would be dumb. So is Act Five the final act of Homestuck? I ask because it's rare for something with an act structure to exceed five acts, and things do seem to be speeding towards a conclusion! I think 7. I don't know if this is something with formal act structure. Acts were just what I decided to call them instead of chapters. How do you feel about the RP Thread on the forum? I don't read any roleplaying whatsoever. One, it's too time consuming.

Two, I think in general it's potentially a bit toxic for authors to be reading RPing of their stuff. It seems like there's always potential, no matter how you steel yourself against the terrible writing, for contamination. Did you know that your RSS feed isn't valid? I don't know, I guess. It always seems like there's been some variety of issues with it. It does the job and I don't want to spend any energy fixing it or thinking about it. Some songs are missng from the freeeeeee albums.

Will I have to callibrate my cash containment combobulation to "open" in order to listen to my personal favorite of nightlife? Does this have any correlation to the new album coming out. I'm swapping out some songs from old pages with new ones, for some uninteresting reasons. The new songs will be available in a new album. Are you really good at foreshadowing months ahead, or good at leaving hooks in the story that you can make sense of as they are needed?

Are you ever going to do any actual canon pairings? Or are you going to leave that to the fans? Are you going to have Gankro make any more minigames like the Act 4 opening? Gankro does lots of cool stuff on his own without me telling him too. We'll see what stuff he cooks up in the future. Dave keeps saying he spends about 5 min. How much time do you spend to make a new page? How many gates did the trolls have? Do they have 7, like the kids, or do they have 23 or some such number? I'm working on an 8 player session with some people and we want to know if we'd have 7 gates, or 15 gates.

But it would be nice to know either way. If they only had 7 gates, the 12 players couldn't cycle all the way through them. If that was a necessary condition, it would have to be more. Other than that point of logic, this doesn't seem like the format for a definitive answer on it. How did Courtyard Droll get to Skaia and find the white king's scepter? He was left on prospit after Jade beat the crap out of him. Same way PM got there. He took a shuttle shortly after, and followed PM. He saw PM get clobbered by HB, and went to recover the scepter she dropped, while she had her hands full chopping off HB's head.

How do you make your updates so awesome? Seriously, how are you going to top this update you just made? When are you planning to release Descend on bandcamp? It is my favorite Song so far. Let's go on this journey of discovery together. A federal prison will be our Emerald City. Just how long have you been planning to make Jade's robot explode?

What ideas did you toss around towards making it happen? Since CG first mentioned it in a chat. One idea I tossed around to make that happen was the death of dream Jade. I don't think I tossed around many others, actually. Two questions about EoA4. Firstly, there is no character performing the action [s] Descend.

No. 509 Beaty and The Beast - Classics Illustrated Junior

Secondly, I can't figure out for the life of me what the voice says in the Squiddles intermission. What is it? In that, many entered, generally speaking. In EOA4, many descended, in various ways. So wait All the fanstuffs of them feature glasses. I always assumed that that was just That is so ridiculous! For one thing, Jade's glasses have a bridge between them.

What did you suppose that was? In the most basic way, I also knew how it would end before page 1. But it's more specific now. Why are you so awesome? There seem to be a lot of questions that resemble this template! All I can respond with is something like "thank you for thinking I am awesome. Do the Grist Costs in the Homestuck Adventure map mean anything? I'm worried that the cognitive dissonance will make me scribble on my walls.

Please advise. I did like Lost but let's face it HS is a pretty different animal.

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On a broader note it helps to realize that sometimes people who make stuff that you like will also like things that you don't like and that's ok. Can you dwell more on the exiles' side story? I'm pretty keenly aware of how much dust I've let the far future arc gather, but it's kind of made up for by the fact that there's been such heavy focus on the stories of those same characters during their pre-exile lives.

Okay seriously how the hell did you make Dave's Bro so cool? I made him chop a meteor in half and also a bunch of other things. Plus he wears pointy shades. So when did you decide that everything was going to get all fucked up? I kind of regret that that is the inevitable expectation people will have. With PS, the emphasis was on general gaming satire, and the neverending boss battle was part of that. There was no major plot to satisfy, other than escaping an office, and defeating this monster. HS has a complicated plot.

It is an actual story, and will be wrapped up the way actual stories are meant to be. Will there be service to the gaming parallels present in HS too, as there were with the strife pages? But an infinite boss fight serves no purpose in this context other than to aggravate an audience. It was ok in Problem Sleuth because there was nothing more to it than that. The battle was a purpose unto itself, strung together with the ridiculous and the surreal and the absurd. So how much different would the medium be if instead of chess, it were based on, let's say, SimAnt?

It would probably be like that dumb ant movie starring Woody Allen. Maybe it was ok. Maybe better than that movie about Bees by Seinfeld. What's with these retired comedians making movies about bugs??? I think the name Jack Black is very clever. Do you speak French, or did you simply use a translator? Oh, and cactus. Jack Noir was named by a reader. I do however take credit for selecting the suggestion! This sounds like the name of a fat horse at the Kentucky Derby. I think this will be the last question I answer so that this one stays at the top for several weeks.

Goodnight folks! Do you draw GC's art with your eyes actually closed? It's possible to make art that is so bad that it doesn't even effectively serve the purpose of being bad art. Are we going to see all the trolls eventually? Some of the Felt we didn't get to see, granted the Felt arent as important as a group as the Trolls are. I was just wondering if ALL of them are going to have an impact on the story, and will we see them all? Why does WV only eat things that are green?

He's an herbivore. Plus it's not true. He ate a rotting pumpkin, and the top of a fresh pumpkin. But I think it's perfectly within Dave's character, and within the spirit of the blog, and within the spirit of blogs in general, to abandon it. It's not so bad. Mainly just a lot of people talkin about stuff. Kind of like all over the internet. But it's really busy and hard to keep up with. When drawing trolls' horns, which color do you start with? The dark orange. Then medium then light.

WOWEE that's a specific question. Do you read the Homestuck thread on Something Awful? Have you been using any of the community's Character Roleplays to flesh out the trolls? E, When we see tA, he'd be using nunchucks. Seems like I all do wonder what you planned in advance. From the very beginning, I wondered stuff like 'is John's Dad divorced? So what inspired the paradox cloning?

Lots of small subtle things, many of which I can't remember. Some of these big ideas are like a slow rolling thunder instead of a lightning bolt. In fact, maybe all of them are. It's really hard to pinpoint where exactly major developments originated from. I think it started from the very simple fact that the two pairs of kids looked similar, and had some profile similarities.

And then there was the fact that John's nanna looked to Jade, and her grandpa looked like John. Which is so obvious, it would be stupid if it panned out like that. So i think creating an explanation for that presented a challenge. An explanation that was somewhat original and completely unexpected, but made sense and used the existing parameters of the story. There was also a ridiculous drawing I did which was a satirical crack pairing of Rose's mom and Dave's bro, just cause the idea of those two together seemed so absurd.

But that actually may have influenced the outcome too. You currently have answered questions. If so, you are even more awesome than i thought. If it's the former, what does "Sunsetter" represent? More the latter.

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  • Engage Blog Archives.

I just arranged then in what I thought was a reasonably compelling order. Rose destroyed her gate, but had she taken it, where would she have gone? She's on the ground already. Somewhere else on the planet. Unless I'm just not getting the question. Why does it matter whether shes on the ground? Gates take you to different locations. That's like being on top of the Empire State Building, and needing to fly to L. So you go downstairs to go to the airport. But the moment you get to the 1st floor, you say, damn we can't go to L.

We're on the ground already! Have you ever read Gravity's Rainbow? It seems like it'd be up your alley, what with the incredibly complex plot, storytelling, etc. I've heard of it and I've read some snippets. It does seem a bit dense and kind of heavyhanded though. At the risk of raising myself above a great and accomplished novelist, I kind of like to make my stuff fun to read. But maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Maybe the book's a riot! I'm not saying stuff's got to be funny to be good either.

I personally feel like they're missing out on another layer of irony needed to complete the comics, but at the same time I dunno if I can blame them for not reading Homestuck due to length. Is it really so surprising one could enjoy one and not the other? They do spring from the same muse I guess. Albeit a muse prone to radical mood swings.

But they are completely different things. It seems that most visual storytelling industries tv, movies, games, ect. Do you think that there is any future for 3-D in digital comics? I would be a really terrible ambassador for what has a future in digital comics, even though I myself have been particularly feisty with the medium.

All I can say is what there's a future for in my work. And it probably isn't 3D. How did you make Gamzee so fucking adorable? It is a motherfucking miracle. I try to make every character likable in some way. Accomplishing this for a character who was immediately established as a juggalo struck me as a serious challenge.

I often put myself way, way behind the eight ball with some of these challenges I set up for myself. Homestuck itself is the ultimate eight ball. Plus lots of other stuff. A story about 12 6 year olds in troll years. I posted 10 pages today. Not record breaking I know. But is that not sufficient??? How many hits does MSPA get in a month? Has that changed noticably over time? You can see for yourself by checking out the Project Wonderful stats. Do you have an idea lined up for the adventure after Homestuck?

No way! Other than knowing that the format and story framework will likely undergo earth shattering revolutions. There is no way I'm going to do something quite like Homestuck again. I will have your children. No you don't have to ask I will just make it happen. Come one man you are probably a dude, and dudes can't have babies. Let's get real here.

I know the Midnight Crew arc is long over, but will we ever see whatever happened to Matchsticks and Quarters, as well as what their time powers were supposed to be? In a way I've almost become weary of the topic simply due to the extended overabundance of curiosity relative to the intrinsic appeal of whatever those powers could possibly be. I like how I preceded that remark with "simply", as if the point I just made was remotely simple. Did you base terminallyCapricious off the rapping clowns from the SNL skit?

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  3. How to Pray: Optimized with Hyper-Linked Chapters.
  4. Because you should totally throw that "Fucking Magnets, how do they work? A lot of people will think you're pretty silly if I answer this question, mainly because I would be bumping it for them to read. Whoops, sorry! Google ICP. Wait don't! So, what WAS the password for Bro's computer? Have you ever considered making a complete floor layout of the Problem Sleuth world?

    I would be so very, very thankful if you did. This comes pretty close. Are the future music releases going to be large as the latest one? Do the troll's personality respond in anyway to their astrological signs, or do they all have unique personalities. Actually getting into the details of the astrological personality traits and applying those to the characters struck me as a really uninteresting idea. But it did occur to me. Is each of the trolls' personalities a combination of two different personalities of the four main characters mixed?

    IE; each of the main characters' personalities' can mix with three others, four times that three. Lots of beer inspired this question. Some of the trolls share certain personality traits with some of the kids. But there's no formula for it. And it's certainly not as simple as "She's the troll-Jade! That's not how I view it, or how I planned it. Why is it that some panels in the Problem Sleuth book are small, while others are the size of the page?

    Why did you use a bunch of different letters and words in your sentence? What's up with that? And look! What's that curly thing at the end? The one with the dot under it?? Given some of your answers here, would you describe yourself as a bit of a jerk, or is that part of the character we saw behind the fourth wall? And on a related topic, are you answering these questions, or is it said character? I guess some of my answers seem testy.

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    This is an illusion though. I think everyone's great. It isn't really a deliberate act, but neither is it how I behave in the real world. I have had a long creative career on the internet. Most of it in the shadows, and much of it established in the tradition of trolling the wide eyed and unsuspecting. The good kind of trolling. The funny kind. Some of that comes through in my current work, and more recently, somewhat literally. There really is no 4th wall AH character, as is separate from the narrative voice throughout the entire story. That is me, or more specifically, my internet voice.

    The characters are me too, but I suppose are aspects of my personality that are hyper-accelerated for characterization purposes. If they get a bit sassy at times, and they do, and my narrative voice gets sassy at times, and it does, it shouldn't be a surprise that I do as well. You realize that everyone is pissed off about the new music right?

    This question is 5 days old. I have not seen another question about it posted more recently! It's amazing how what seems like a big deal gets forgotten so quickly. People have already more or less forgotten there were ever different songs. In a couple months, the song swaps will be a point of obscure trivia. The whole topic will fade into the lore of the site, known by few and regretted by none except maybe one person. I was never under any impression swapping them was the wrong thing to do, or that the new songs were inferior. They were always great, and sorry to say, complaints fell on deaf ears.

    I'm sort of pathologically unshakable on decisions like that, or really any creative decision. Explain the inherent humor in things like horses and puppets. Puppets are funny for some reasons I guess. It's really hard to describe. Like people decided they wanted to make these And make them talk and do things.

    And on their quest they fell ass backwards into the uncanny valley. It's actually kind of a tragedy when you think about it. That was the worst fucking essay I ever just wrote. I know you're not answering questions for a while due to chicken sandwich questions, but do you like Nicolas Cage as much as John, or is that just for irony?

    Your question can be the chicken sandwich question. I definitely don't like Cage much, nor do I hate him. But I also wouldn't describe my employment of his service as ironic. It's similar to irony, but it's a concept that I truly think eludes verbalization. You would need to sift the mists of my subconscious, and treat the yields to a prolonged, unpleasant examination.

    To extract a more practical slice of the issue for the microscope, early in the story I decided I needed something really ludicrous to harp on repeatedly, and ALSO for that thing to prove to be, through a deliberately circuitous path, immensely critical to the plot. This was the bunny. I guess you could say Cage was along for the ride.

    If the question is "Why the bunny? You can try to think of something dumber, but you won't succeed. Exactly what shade of blond is Rose's hair? I have been wondering this for a while now. The only thing that needs more cowbell is a cow. Cows that can sneak up on you make me nervous. Shit I'm samurai Ace Dick do you know a good baker?

    You seem to have been drawing a lot more "action panels" in the Troll Arc. Does drawing in that format require a noticeably greater amount of time and effort than drawing in the regular sprite format for you? Sprites are quite a pain in the ass to draw. I never feel like an artist when I draw sprites. I feel like a pixel engineer. Whenever I need to draw something new, and it isn't sprite-based, it's because I'm essentially taking the easy route. So you changed the font, to fit the trolls better? Well aesthetically that makes sense but it sure is annoying to read.

    Are you talking about the alien-looking font? Elder scrolls You're not supposed to be able to read it genius! If you're talkin about something else then Not really a font. I don't understand things people say sometimes. It is Most Beautiful. In Photoshop you can take any brush and use it in pencil mode, which gives you the hard edges. I used a more transparent brush in pencil mode, and just built up some colors on top of black. Then I duplicated that layer, amped up the contrast on the copy, and faded in and out over a series of frames. First off I love the TNG edits, secondly are you a big nerd?

    The only two shows I have heard you talk about are startrek and lost. And I guess night court. I haven't watched much TV lately. I watched all the Star trek series into the ground, but I was never much of a trekkie. I don't really think Lost was an especially nerdy show. I liked Arrested Development a lot. Might actually be my fav all time show. I'm probably not nearly as nerdy as my work makes me seem. I hardly ever play video games or anything like that. Or read nerdy books or play rpgs. My readers could probably nerd me under the table a table littered with dice and rulebooks!

    I admire them for this. Looks great though, and I always thought the artist was good, from his days as a web comic artist. What would happen if you hired two private detectives to follow each other? In the world of comedy, the result would be a series of humorous escapades. Is the Incipisphere a construct initialized for each set of players upon installing the game? If not, in what sense does it exist? It always existed. And yet, it was also initialized by John's entry. I've been hearing that Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is more popular than Homestuck, is there any truth to that that you know of?

    I don't think this is true. And it wouldn't bother me if it was. Will there ever be a Homestuck book? If so, how will you overcome Homestuck's reliance on animation and flash? Maybe there's nothing to overcome. Maybe using different media to translate a work will diminish it in some ways, but augment it in others. That would be fine. I'm an amateur juggler and you had better portray juggling well with this ICP bullshit troll guy or I'll have to take some drastic action like complaining about it on the internet. Maybe you should wait til you're not so amateur at juggling before you get all high and mighty about my plans to utterly defile your noble discipline through my work!

    And it will happen, watch. Do the four kids go to school? The beginning of Homestuck undoubtedly unintentionally implies that they have little friends other than each other. Plus, I mean, Jade lives on an island with a magical dog and a stuffed custodian. May we see the entire rap-off between Gamzee and Tarvos?

    The reader is invited to write his or her own rap to complete the conversation. Much as some toys invite children to use magnets to draw moustaches made of iron filings on cartoon men. It's "fun". I don't eat cake slow enough to process flavor.

    Find a Cruise

    Imagine footage of a firehose, played backwards, and sped up. That is my mouth. And cake. What about willingness to extend the length of the story beyond the 2 year point? Time budgeting always seems to backfire. It'll be 7 acts total, and I'll stick to that.