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It was eerily silent, and felt like sleeping in a well-furnished submarine. He thinks that mainstream news organizations are biased, and he subscribes to theories that he knows some find implausible. I asked. He told me he had read a prediction that forty per cent of Congress will be arrested, because of a scheme involving the Panama Papers, the Catholic Church, and the Clinton Foundation.

I asked him if he really believed that. As we pulled up, a crane loomed overhead, hoisting debris from deep below the surface. The complex will contain three times the living space of the original, in part because the garage will be moved to a separate structure. Among other additions, it will have a bowling alley and L.

If a silo in Kansas is not remote or private enough, there is another option. The shooting range at the Survival Condo Project. Hall said that the hardest part of the project was sustaining life underground. He studied how to avoid depression add more lights and prevent cliques rotate chores. In the first ten months of , foreigners bought nearly fourteen hundred square miles of land in New Zealand, more than quadruple what they bought in the same period the previous year, according to the government. American buyers were second only to Australians.

The U. Much as Switzerland once drew Americans with the promise of secrecy, and Uruguay tempted them with private banks, New Zealand offers security and distance. In the past six years, nearly a thousand foreigners have acquired residency there under programs that mandate certain types of investment of at least a million dollars. Life would deteriorate, but it would not collapse. People have to actually have a degree of civility. Auckland is a thirteen-hour flight from San Francisco. Top to bottom, the island chain runs roughly the distance between Maine and Florida, with half the population of New York City.

Sheep outnumber people seven to one. In global rankings, New Zealand is in the top ten for democracy, clean government, and security. Its last encounter with terrorism was in , when French spies bombed a Greenpeace ship. In a recent World Bank report, New Zealand had supplanted Singapore as the best country in the world to do business. Before my trip, I had wondered if I was going to be spending more time in luxury bunkers. But Peter Campbell, the managing director of Triple Star Management, a New Zealand construction firm, told me that, by and large, once his American clients arrive, they decide that underground shelters are gratuitous.

Americans have other requests. The growing foreign appetite for New Zealand property has generated a backlash. In particular, the attention of American survivalists has generated resentment. Aotearoa NZ is not your little last resort safe haven. An American hedge-fund manager in his forties—tall, tanned, athletic—recently bought two houses in New Zealand and acquired local residency. He agreed to tell me about his thinking, if I would not publish his name. Brought up on the East Coast, he said, over coffee, that he expects America to face at least a decade of political turmoil, including racial tension, polarization, and a rapidly aging population.

He worries that the economy will suffer if Washington scrambles to fund Social Security and Medicare for people who need it. Or do you print more money to give to them? What does that do to the value of the dollar? Every year since , the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists , a magazine founded by members of the Manhattan Project, has gathered a group of Nobel laureates and other luminaries to update the Doomsday Clock, a symbolic gauge of our risk of wrecking civilization.

Since then, the direction has been inauspicious. The result will be released January 26th. Fear of disaster is healthy if it spurs action to prevent it. Philanthropy in America is still three times as large, as a share of G. Faced with evidence of frailty in the American project, in the institutions and norms from which they have benefitted, some are permitting themselves to imagine failure.

It is a gilded despair.

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As Huffman, of Reddit, observed, our technologies have made us more alert to risk, but have also made us more panicky; they facilitate the tribal temptation to cocoon, to seclude ourselves from opponents, and to fortify ourselves against our fears, instead of attacking the sources of them. Justin Kan, the technology investor who had made a halfhearted effort to stock up on food, recalled a recent phone call from a friend at a hedge fund.

There are other ways to absorb the anxieties of our time. That view is, in the end, an article of faith—a conviction that even degraded political institutions are the best instruments of common will, the tools for fashioning and sustaining our fragile consensus. Believing that is a choice. I called a Silicon Valley sage, Stewart Brand, the author and entrepreneur whom Steve Jobs credited as an inspiration. At seventy-seven, living on a tugboat in Sausalito, Brand is less impressed by signs of fragility than by examples of resilience. In the past decade, the world survived, without violence, the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression; Ebola, without cataclysm; and, in Japan, a tsunami and nuclear meltdown, after which the country has persevered.

He sees risks in escapism. The more interesting question is, What if civilization actually manages continuity as well as it has managed it for the past few centuries? What do we do if it just keeps on chugging? After a few days in New Zealand, I could see why one might choose to avoid either question. Under a cerulean blue sky one morning in Auckland, I boarded a helicopter beside a thirty-eight-year-old American named Jim Rohrstaff.

After college, in Michigan, Rohrstaff worked as a golf pro, and then in the marketing of luxury golf clubs and property. Upbeat and confident, with shining blue eyes, he moved to New Zealand two and a half years ago, with his wife and two children, to sell property to H. Rohrstaff, who co-owns Legacy Partners, a boutique brokerage, wanted me to see Tara Iti, a new luxury-housing development and golf club that appeals mostly to Americans. The helicopter nosed north across the harbor and banked up the coast, across lush forests and fields beyond the city.

From above, the sea was a sparkling expanse, scalloped by the wind. The helicopter eased down onto a lawn beside a putting green. The new luxury community will have three thousand acres of dunes and forestland, and seven miles of coastline, for just a hundred and twenty-five homes. As we neared the sea, Rohrstaff parked the Land Rover and climbed out. In his loafers, he marched over the dunes and led me down into the sand, until we reached a stretch of beach that extended to the horizon without a soul in sight. Waves roared ashore.

He spread his arms, turned, and laughed. Or much of anything. Listen Ep - 39 - Surviving an Alien Invasion. Listen Ep - 38 - Self Defense. Listen Ep - 37 - Apocalyptic Transportation. Listen Ep - 34 - The Survival Listen Ep - 31 - Apocalyptic Medicine Listen Ep - 30 - 15 Urban Survival Skills. Listen Ep - 29 - Surviving Biowarfare. Listen Ep - 28 - PrepperCon Listen Ep - 27 - Cyber Survival. Listen EP - 26 - Apartment Prepping. Listen Ep - 25 - Bartering. Listen Ep - 24 - Prepping Essentials.

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