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The leaflet is generally well received at the FSFE's booths. After Snowden's revelations about the mass surveillance programmes by the NSA and other Western security agencies, there is a big interest by the people in reclaiming their privacy as well as to secure their communication.

To help people with their email communication, we made a leaflet that explains the problems of email security and how to solve them by using GnuPG for email encryption. In addition, this leaflet explicitly explains what is a backdoor and why software for security measures needs to be Free Software. This is a leaflet about Digital Restriction Management and its menace to our citizens' rights, our digital heritage, our creativity and our privacy.

Since recent developments in HTML5 a topic that is more relevant than ever.

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Our latest publication " Public Money Public Code — Modernising Public Infrastructure with Free Software " aims at decision-takers in politics and public administration. It includes contributions from leading experts in various ICT fiels. Readers will learn about the basics of Free Software, its benefits for security, democracy, and transparency, and will find practical guidelines for a better procurement.

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Due to the high printing costs, please consider a small donation. This sticker is the newest of our latest campaign: Public Money, Public Code. This elegant sticker represents our latest campaign: Public Money, Public Code.

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A postcard to be used by you for the PMPC compaign. The poster to promote our "Public Money, Public Code" campaign for which there are stickers and postcards available, too. It also includes some recommendations of pretty good Free Software Apps for you to use. This small-sized sticker fits perfectly on the back of your Android device.

The flyer of our I love Free Software campaign. A postcard to be used by you with the slogan "I love Free Software The poster of our I love Free Software campaign. The poster is two-sided. On the other side is our noCloud-poster. Hand out these balloons on conferences, parties or decorate your local hackerspace! The balloons are printed on both sides. A sticker to let people know about their online-reality that says "There is no cloud just other people's computers".

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A postcard to let people know about their online-reality that says "There is no cloud just other people's computers". A nice poster with the slogan "There is no cloud, just other people's computers". On the other side is our IloveFS-poster. We still have, however, some stock material that we send out. It will not be reproduced.

Get yours before it is too late. The poster of our Document Freedom Day campaign. The poster is two-sided with one side in English only and the other side in multiple languages. A poster to explain how Open Standards are crucial for the interoperability of data between different software programs as well as for the longevity of documents and the sustainability of data. Order from our stock in : Two sided poster in English and French.

The "We cannot read your documents" sticker used to be part of our Document Freedom Day campaign. The slogan highlights the problem in the use of proprietary file formats, as they exclude all people not using the same proprietary software from reading of their documents.

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The first two Democratic debates offered evidence both for and against the resurgent-left thesis, as you would expect from a pair of events that featured 20 candidates and sometimes, as a result, cacophony. On one hand, most of the Democrats kept their arms down when asked whether they would abolish private health insurance. On the other hand, three of the top five would effectively eliminate it — a decade after President Barack Obama took great pains to stress that his health care law would let people who liked their insurance plans keep them.

Health care is a fault line in the party: On that topic, the debates were actually debates. Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bennet and John Delaney all warned against forcing most Americans to drop their current coverage. On other questions, the evidence was mixed because so many of the candidates tried to straddle. They neither took nor repudiated the positions that progressive activists favor. A good question, which most of the candidates dodged.

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Democratic caution on guns is not new. In the past, though, cautious Democrats prefaced any remarks on guns by explicitly denying interest in banning or confiscating guns. Sometimes they would even say that they favor a right, however limited, to own guns. A similar pattern held on immigration. The candidates did not say they would abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the highest cause of some progressive activists. But all of their emphasis and passion were spent on the ways they would liberalize immigration. They differed on how far they would go. A few candidates said they would make illegal border crossing a civil rather than a criminal offense.

Biden, more cagily, said their deportation would not be his focus. But nobody sounded as hawkish as Mr. Some of the candidates were asked whether they would impose any limits on abortion. Nobody came out for any. Bill Clinton, too, favored federal funding to enable low-income women to obtain abortions.