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It was his meeting with Wright in which started what has become known as the Spycatcher affair. He was the first person to whom Wright leaked secrets and Chapman Pincher's book, Their Trade Is Treachery, has been central to the court cases in Australia.

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  4. A Web of Deception: The Spycatcher Affair by Chapman Pincher.

The super-secret reason behind the Government's decision to permit the publication of Their Trade Is Treachery is a political bombshell. Chapman Pincher reveals it, along with the reasons why the Government took such extreme steps to preserve it.

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It is an astonishing tale of deception and self-deception, of real conspiracy and fake conspiracy and shows, with insider authority, how ministers and mandarins behave when issues of extreme secrecy are being decided. Chapman Pincher also discloses the truth about the parts played by Lord Rothschild and an array of political and legal figures, as well as secret service chiefs.

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More lies followed as prosecutors this week accused former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort of lying even after his guilty plea, though they have not said about what. And a draft plea agreement against another Trump supporter, conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, accused him of misrepresenting a conversation with Trump confidant Roger Stone about WikiLeaks, which published thousands of stolen emails ahead of the election to harm the Clinton campaign. A false statement charge can be a powerful cudgel for prosecutors, especially in investigations like this one where witnesses are recalcitrant and openly defiant.

More false statement charges could be coming. Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, said the panel has made referrals to prosecutors and cited Cohen as an example. In this Nov.

A pattern of deception by advisers to President Donald Trump, aimed at covering up Russia-related contacts during the campaign and transition, has unspooled bit by bit in criminal cases from special counsel Robert Mueller. Close Boston. Sign up for Boston.