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On 14 November , Air France released the first picture [] of an Airbus A that had been repainted in the full paint scheme [] to celebrate the airline's 75th anniversary. This heritage aircraft was planned to fly under the special colours until early From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. SkyTeam SkyTeam Cargo. Joon Transavia France. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Cloudy skies this evening will become partly cloudy after midnight. Same day shipping and quantity discounts on all products. All Rights Reserved. There seems to be a trend for resurrecting old-fashioned names right now, such as Lily, Grace and Ruby. Mabel fits right in there, I suppose. Birtha, rondah and i think janice are the ugliest names I have ever heard and yes i have no idean how to spell them correctly because why would i need to? I think Gertrude and Bertha have to be among the worst.

The names seem so heavy to me. I can't imagine a little baby girl called Gertrude! Agnes is a personal worst but there's something quirky about it. I'm not mad on the month names either like April, May, June I think Ethel sounds like a cough! Ethyl is worse, it's a chemical name. There are lots of much prettier names IMO.

My Norwegian great-grandmother had a lovely name, Amanda Marguerite. But she named her daughters Agnes and Mabel. I guess those were pretty names in Neither Agnes nor Mabel grew up to be beautiful women. They were burly, boozy, frowzy Norwegians that would slap you in the teeth if you looked at them wrong. Before their respective stardoms their names were rarely chosen for baby girls, though they became the most popular post WWII names.

On the other hand, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr and Lana Turner did nothing to particularly popularize their names in spite of their huge success as movie stars. Barbara, Susan and Jennifer had been somewhat common names during Vctorian times but by the turn of the 20th century had been considered very old fashioned and associated with people's great grandmothers and spinster aunts. I knew two old ladies named Beulah.

One was a harridan. The other was hilarious. Why am I telling you this? Hortense, Beulah and Bertha are imho the all-time worst female names. I always picture some old Victorian spinster crone. It's true that Mavis and Sybil 'ave ways that are winning And Prudence and Gwendolyn set your 'eart spinning Phoebe's delightful, Maude is disarming Janice, Felicia, Lydia - charming Cynthia's dashing, Vivian's sweet Stephanie's smashing, Priscilla a treat Veronica, Millicent, Agnes, and Jane Convival company, time and again Drocas and Phyllis and Glynis are sorts I'll agree are three jolly good sports But cream of the crop, tip of the top It's Mary Poppins, and there we stop!

We now have U. Sounds like members of the high school cheerleading squad. Way too much time on your hands. Have met one Brucilla in my life. I thought someone was mispronouncing her name. She looked like a Brucilla. I hate all those ancient names in my mom's yearbook. Those awful old names that all those haggy old '70s high school girls had. Those are worse and more old timey than Hagatha or gertrude. Prudence is awful. R, the only Prudence I ever knew was one of the sluttiest women on earth.

Maybe she thought she had a lot of image to destroy. My grandmother was Phyllis and her sisters were Adeline, Doris and Helen. The only Regina I ever met was from the South and she pronounced it to rhyme with 'vagina' - straight up, the ugliest name I have ever heard! I find it funny to imagine that there will be nursing homes with multiple occupants with these names in the future. I've never encountered anyone who had that name other than Madge. How crazy were her parents to name her after the mother of Jesus?

I met someone with a four-year-old daughter named Yetta, and it immediately made me think of this thread. My mom used to talk about her female cousin, Dorkas. I think that's how it's spelled. We used to call people "dorkus" in elementary school as an insult. Just ugly.

I used to know a Stella. She was an old boozehound who they found dead one day. Anytime I hear the name Stella, that's who I think of. If there was a character on TV named Bertha who was pretty, rich, and arrogant, then there would suddenly be s of Berthas. I went to school with a girl named Madonna, who was born long before Ms.

Ciccone became famous. Many years ago, Madonna was not an unusual name in French or Italian families that were super-Catholic. She refers to go by Jeri-Ann A lot of these names will come back into fashion again, believe you me. My sister's last son was named Harry Lewis, not exactly an on-trend moniker, but he was named after his grandpa Henry, so you get the gist. Quite Anglo sounding considering he's Irish, but however.

Gertude should go the way of the dinosaurs, I know, my Aunt was called that and I believe she hated it! Bertha is another that must never see the light of day again, reminds me of the women of those Gary Larson cartoons. But I fear we may be doomed. I recall reading an article in a British magazine about future regression a few years ago, and there was an elderly lady who discovered that she might be a Brian in the future, the 23rd century to be precise, married to a Maureen with an Irene as a close friend!

So what's cool today maybe passe tomorrow and what's passe today will get their moment again I guess. It will take another generation or two for it to lose it's American chaviness before it becomes a respectable name again! It's a horrible name but it will in time become popular as a young Miss Cameron, daughter of a current Prime Minister grows up, who was born in Cornwall while her parents were on their annual British holiday!

What superb timing! If only Endellion was her first name rather than her second. And the joint will be plagued also by William's, Katherine's and George's within a few years, both human and canine! My workmate acquired a puppy, a samoyed, named it George and all this before the Duchess of Cambridge even gave birth!

One of the worst names I've ever come across is Cait. Before you protest, you've no idea how it is really pronounced. Certainly not Cait as the phonetic style spelling would suggest like Kate, though it would be a vast improvement, but it's pronounced 'cawtch'.

Female Homosexuality in the Middle East: Histories and Representations (Routledge Research in Gender and Society)">follow site

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Yes that's right, with the 'w' sound in it, giving the sound of 'Caw' like a crow. It's horrible and ugly and has no place in the modern world where most people prefer more softer sounding names. Yet I worked with a young woman, mid-twenties whose parents inflicted the original pronunciation on her even though it was long out of fashion by that time, replaced by Fiona's, Sharon's, Elaine's and Tracy's, Sarah's by that time.

Heck even Bridget would be a vast improvement. I've no objection except I would with the Continental spelling of Brigitte, which is far softer than the British version. My grandmother was Bridget BTW. R, I've got a neighbor called Collette, her daughter's called Melody. And she's pursuing a career in Media, so how's that for irony. Eunice is not pretty. Betty is short for Elizabeth - terrible, terrible nickname. Very fat sounding name. Henry sounds like a fat name. I don't know if those names will ever come back in. Sheila, Shirley, Rita, those were considered low rent names.

Shaniqua makes me grind my teeth, and all such names. I know someone names Jaquarius, believe it or not.

I named my cat Pippa. It was actually Pip, short for Pipsqueak but she grew into such a lovely cat Pippa seemed more fitting. The only other Pippa I know of is Middleton. My grandmother's neighbor's sister had that name. She was about something when I was five years old. Terrible name. Come on. Hands down winner. The worst names are the ones where you can tell when the woman was born because they were trendy in a particular year. Last year, it was the th most frequent female name for American babies, right after Natalia and the DL's beloved Kaitlyn!

This is right about where it ranked years ago in between, it fell of the list of Top 1, names entirely in the '60s and '70s. Very weird to me as I associate the name Sadie with old ladies and Mrs. Beulah literally sounds like something you would hear while someone was puking. Mildred sounds depressing.

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Bertha is like the ultimate breeding cow name. The other names I don't mind so much. I like old fashioned names really. Agnes is coming back and 10 years ago I never thought that would happen. I actually know a woman who named her kid Mildred in sort of a so-dowdy-it's-hip move Mildred was also a family name. People are already naming their kid Mabel - that's come back. I just can't see any way that Bertha would come back, but a lot of those early 20th century old lady names are coming back.

We should really be asking if any of the mid-century names will come back. I bet you could find more baby Hildas or little Hildas than a baby Carol or Nancy around today. I dislike names that sound like diminutives: Debby,ie, Becky or Jenny But for me the worst names are Germaine, Gertrude, Bertha, Edmee, that kind of manes. Someone said that the names beginning with an E were ugly but Eleonore is such a great name!

I also like Emmeline,. Those are French names. I think some of those names are making a comeback. Anyway, isn't it still popular to name your kid some awful name from the past? Julia Roberts named her poor kids Hazel and Phineas. The only "Phineas" I ever heard of was P.

Barnum and the only Hazel I ever heard of was the nosy, yammering maid played by Shirley Booth on that tv series of the same name. My nieces and their friends watch it all the time. Maybe that's where Julia got the inspiration. I think Magnus for a girl OR boy is a horrible name, also the names Gladys, Gwendoline and Ruth sound like old grannies names, I would advise not calling any child this name unless you want them to live their entire childhood dealing with torment and bullies.

I looove Ruby! I think it's a lovely name. Seraphina, on the other hand and Jen Garner named her daughter Seraphina. Whenever I hear of or see reference to a woman named Debbie, Lisa or Jennifer I assume she's in her late 40s to mid 50s. I figure in 20 years those names will be the next generation's Ethel, Shirley and Doris.

Ugly old female names don't exist!

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You're being sexist, OP! What about ugly old male names?! I cry misogyny!! I had great aunts named Blanche and Adelaide. Adelaide's nickname was Hattie. I never met her and used to picture a pork pie with arms and legs sticking out of it walking down the street whenever my grandmother talked about her. I wouldn't be surprised if many, if not most, of these names do make it back into the top or so. In an effort to be clever and different, lots of parents reach back into the classics rather than try to be trendy although there is an overlap; see multiple Madelines and Sophies in a grade school near you right now.

Karen, Deborah and Claire are due for comebacks. Half of their moms will be named Jen or Courtney. There's already a resurgence of classic male names think saints and kings as people tire of all the soap opera boy names of late. Dad Trevor names his son John; Robert, named after a grandfather, is Kyle's kid. Oh c'mon, Jennifer, Lisa, and Samantha are nice names. I don't know why people think Jennifer has fallen off the grid, it is still the 15th most popular female name since Lisa is a very pretty name and it will definitely make a comeback.

I don't think of Jennifers as women in their late 40's -mid 50's as mentioned in a previous post. I think of Jennifers as women in their late 30's to late 40's. Oh the current kiddy names are SO much better, huh? A hideous name for either sex. Sounds like a kitchen range. I found these on a list of hurricane names from , when it was women only. I'll stick to names we haven't heard:. Sadly, very few of these were ever used, so we were deprived, say, the coquettish wrath of Hurricane Francelia.

A coworker recently named her baby Maire. It's pronounced like Myra, but is more visually appealing, I guess. She'll probably spend a lifetime correcting people who call her Marie. Has to be a troll. No one thinks of those names as old timey or ugly.

I know plenty of young women with those names. R, I agree. All those names are cool. Linda makes me think of The Exorcist. Sharon and Susan, The Parent Trap. So much fun! Cool stoner chick with feathered hair. Debbie Does Dallas. They're all great. Phyllis is a horrid ugly name I know one under Reminds me of syphilis, Ester, Doris, Martha, Philomenia. Trendy names are useless. As are most of the stupid black apostrophe names they come up with. My ex sister-in-law is named Marge, short for Margaret. She never came over to visit when she was invited.

Only when she wasn't invited or expected, and when she did come over she barely knocked on the door before she barged in When a glamorous woman with that name becomes a public figure, it'll make a comeback. Irene is a Greek name, Agnes a Catholic saint. Hortense isn't coming back any time soon, and hopefully neither will Ida, Miriam, Bessie or Hilda.

How about the name of the TV character and old spinster neighbor woman, Iola, from that boring 70's sitcom Mama's Boy. That name sucks too. The name Emma was popular from the early 's to the late 's and then it kind of died out and came back again in the 's and is now one of the top ten most popular girl's names, which I think is a cute name for a girl. My former now deceased neighbor's name was Mabel. If she were still alive she'd be 90 so I guess her name was popular back in the day. I think retired old ugly female names can be recycled and revived as they make really good female cat names now.

I get the Eileen 'having one leg would make her lean', hence "I lean" There are many but Muriel and Mildred top my list. Agnes is ugly in English but beautiful in French Ah-nee-yas. I find something kind of sexy about a cute girl with an old fashioned name. I've met some extremely hot "Esther"s. Those names sound classy and reserved. The standards Jennifer, Sarah, Amanda, etc..

I think these names sound truly ugly either clunky or prissy and wouldn't even give them to a pet:. I remember her matronly friends would pronounce her name with that Old South accent that television and radio have effectively killed. Other older Southerners know what I mean by that and also remember the accent of which I speak.

R Japanese can't pronounce the letter 'L' and instead pronounce it like 'R. Old thread, but enjoyable. I knew a mean old drunk named Honoree. It always came out as Ornery. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Ugly old female names You can't imagine anyone would select- or will ever select again: Ethel, Gladys, Agnes, Irene Bambi They used to hot strippers, now they're just old whores. Blanche sounds perfectly fine in french. I had a grandmother named "Gertrude. Mildred wins!! Deloris, Agatha, Faye, Rita. Beulah sounds like an old bitch. Myrtle, Bertha and Geradine. I actually met a woman named Beryl. I dunno if this counts as old, but "Lorna" strikes me as a horrid name. I like awkward old-fashioned lady names.

Cheketa is a popular southern name. Then you would love mine, R21! I know, Julia Roberts named her kid Hazel. Can we vote? I vote for Bertha. Vashti Laverne. Irene with three syllables - as Irene Worth pronounced her name - is rather nice. Rather popular now, for babies and dogs both. More votes for Beulah and Gertrude. Shirley, Myrtle, Muriel,Georgina. Alma, Ida, Viola, Arlys Irma Bernita Doreen.

Baby Name Voyager The popularity of baby names over the last years. Watch as names soar in popularity only to crash into oblivion. Agatha Matilda. Matilda is staging a comeback, r Mildred, Phyllis Gertrude is not too bad as it can be shortened to Trudy. People are mixing older names with ugly names.

In what world is "Beatrice" ugly? I love the cadence of my grandmother's given names her maiden and married surnames were too prosaic : Opal May Geraldine My gran had a friend named "Clytee. Hey Harold, how'd ya come up with this topic? Clytie like the sunflower maiden? Or like Clytemnestra? I live in a large city and think Beatrice is hideous. I hate Olive too. Charlotte is a beautiful name. I first heard the name pronounced that way. Only later did I learn of the more mainstream way of saying this name.

I have a Cleetus in my family. Its a man though.

Girl names that start with F

I'd add Elmer, that's ugly How about the two sister's names from "A Murder is Announced? I'm kind of surprised Martha, Mitzi and Phyllis haven't had a resurgence. Flossie is a nickname for Florence. I know a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties named Hazel. Miss Birdie. Miss Shashi! I win! Augusta Eunice Alberta Fern.

Imogen It sounds like a newfangled cancer drug. Slut name. I'm keen on Glynis. R It's already happened. Always starts me chuckling. Eulalee -- the name means 'eloquent, well-spoken' and yet it cries out 'old white trash. I know one Agnes who is under She's actually very pretty.

Girls' Names

Do people still name their kids Mary? I feel old fashioned having the name and I am almost How come the "flower" names aren't more popular? I have an aunt named Frances Hortense and my grandmother was Hazel and her sister was Dagmar. I do like Esther a lot though.. Myrgatroid, Eulalia, Petunia, Mona, Latona Yeah, "Mildred" sounds like an old woman who's got that sour old-woman smell wafting off of her.

Agnes and Irene are lovely names. I especially like the English pronunciation of Irene. I refuse to believe that "Morag" was ever a woman's name, r What about Xanthippe? Morag is a traditional Scottish Gaelic woman's name. I don't actually think it's too bad but it's not much in use anymore. I like Jane.

Gladys and Myrna were once the equivalent of Harper and Skye. I know a family who ned their children Dashiell, Hesper and Wyatt. Myrtice is the ugliest woman's name I've ever heard. Unfortunately, it fit her. Old-fashioned names are popular again. Soon I will be a father to a Henry or Beatrice. I've known two Beryls- one a male and one a female. R, is it Anouska or Annika. Bronwyn seems to be fairly popular again. I've heard of several of them at my niece's school.

No wonder Saxon woman are butch.