Manual A Hike on the Brazeau River Trail: Jasper National Park, The Canadian Rockies

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We will be staying in lightweight backpacking tents and in established Jasper National Park backcountry campgrounds. Each campsite is equipped with outhouses and food storage facilities. Meals will be lightweight backpacking food dried food , although we will have some fresh food earlier in the trip. Each day will consist of three nutritious and tasty! Drive to the trailhead at Nigel Creek, about three hours from Canmore. We'll leave some food behind at Four Points for our final night, and begin our counterclockwise loop through the headwaters of the Brazeau River.

Today we'll hike to Brazeau Lake. The Brazeau Lake area is just so nice, we'll stay here for an extra day.

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We'll have the option to do a day hike and some exploring in the area, and enjoy a backpack-free day. Now that we are rested up, we'll head out along the south side of Brazeau Lake, and then up and over Poboktan Pass. From there, we'll head down to the Jonas Cutoff campground. The trail passes through extensive alpine meadows and three passes.

Fiddle Creek Trail Backpacking Trip: Jasper National Park, Canada

A shorter alternative to the Brazeau loop. This is an impressive hike with over 13 km of travel above treeline. Good views and prime habitat for park wildlife including hoary marmot and woodland caribou. Elevation gain m and loss m. See notes for Brazeau loop above. Fiddle River - 37 km one way. Follow the Fiddle River to Fiddle Pass, a beautiful alpine summit straddling the park's eastern boundary. Beyond scenic Fiddle Pass a well-defined but often very muddy trail continues down to a provincial campground near Cadomin.

A rugged, primitive trail with few bridged crossings that can be very muddy in places. Not recommended during periods of high water.

Elevation gain m and loss m, from Miette Hotsprings. Athabasca Pass - 98 km return. This remote historic trail follows the Whirlpool River valley, the traditional route of early fur traders crossing the Rocky Mountains.

Brazeau Loop – Jasper National Park – Boot Wreckers

Large gravel flats and glaciers dominate the scenery in sections. No bridge at Simon Creek. Some horse traffic. Elevation gain m and loss m, from Moab Lake road, one way. North Boundary - km one way. The North Boundary country possesses its own unique brand of beauty- a wilderness of broad valleys and distant views that is inhabited by an array of wildlife. The trail is rugged and many large, potentially dangerous creek crossings are not bridged. Elevation gain m and loss m, from Celestine Road, one-way. South Boundary - km one way, Hikers, horses.

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  4. This high country trek travels through lowland forest and over two alpine passes. Most major water crossing are bridged but the smaller streams may require fancy footwork. Much of the trail is very remote. The trail is heavily braided due to the high amount of horse traffic in the past — now diverted to the trail on the other side. When the trail starts to climb again, you are almost at Nigel Pass. The last kilometre hikes up a steep, eroded trail, gaining m of elevation to Nigel Pass.

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    To the southeast is Cataract Pass, to the northwest massive limestone cliffs support the ice clad summit of Nigel Peak. For extra views, you can continue north along the Brazeau River cross directly below the pass for 0. If there is or has been rain forecast, pack rain pants. Walking through the wet willows ensures that your pants will be soaked in no time. To make it a quicker journey, bring a bike and cycle to the warden cabin, then hike 6. To add rating to your comment you need to log In or sign up. The Wilcox Pass hike offers hikers easy access to alpine meadows as well as incredible views of the peaks and….

    See adventure 7 Sunset Viewpoint and Pass. See adventure 9 Bow Lake. Distance: Elevation: m. Time: h. User Ratings:. Technical Difficulty. Physical Difficulty. I want to do this 28 want to do this route. Nigel Pass Elevation Graph.