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Feel free to discuss how authors use their logical or clear reasoning to draw helpful connections between claims and their supporting evidence. How should you go about that?

Answering to the Language: Essays on Modern Writers

When authors explain their logic behind major points or arguments, readers can follow them to get their better understanding. All you need to do is to:. Why is this pattern powerful? Evidence is the foundation of all good arguments, you can elucidate or explain it by reasoning and improve it through persuasive or stylistic elements your rhetorical flourish or ironic tone. What are they? These elements include your vivid language, direct appeals or addresses to a reader.

You can find this example across all essay prompts, but it plays a more important role if passages lack more convincing logic or facts. Why is it effective? Vivid language helps you put readers in your shoes to draw them all into passages, but you should use it in moderation to make your essay subject more interesting or engaging. Appeals or direct addresses to readers are working or other powerful stylistic tools, you should use them to provoke emotional responses. This category covers different elements, from rhetorical questions to emotions. Appealing to different emotions offer you an alternate persuasive route to cause others agree with your essay opinion emotionally.

How to use rhetorical questions in prompts? They force readers to step into your world. When they think or read about these questions in your SAT essay, readers engage with your topic on their deeper level. Your rhetorical questions draw them into thinking logically. The main point is to wait to see factual prompts to develop your unique arsenal of strong argument-building strategies to support any claim you make. Be sure to prepare in advance.

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