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But, what else is new Comment but it is a logical analogue to the existing word mispurchase, isn't it? Das Wort mispurchase gibt es standardsprachlich eigentlich noch nicht. Comment Good morning! Yarith , yes, it's the last name that makes it so annoying to me. He should be beginning with "Hello Emily" and I always sign my emails with Emily only. No Chambers at all. Ms Chambers would be better as it is at least correct but "Hello Chambers" doesn't work at all.

But, to put down something in his favour: He is not from Europe and I don't know if he knows the family names are the ones at the end in our culture. My computer won't let me write favour but corrects it to favor. Amazing what a little googleing can do What is the English word for "googlen"? Comment I suppose he is trying to be very polite and thinks that "Chambers" is your first name.

Synonyms for "mysteriös"

Does he address other people in your company in the same way? Depending on your relation you might simply ask politely? Comment walther, I'm not in a position to correct it. Simply because I already explained quite a few things to him and I've also pointed out some mistake. I've also corrected some without telling him. It would be embarrassing to point out that he even got my name wrong. So I don't think that I will have any contact to him for the next two or three years. I know that the order of names is different in the far east.

My comment in wasn't meant to be ironic.

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Die Texte, die ich habe, haben leider nicht geholfen: - Quoi donc? Was hinter??? Dazu sage ich: Also besser im Schneckentempo als gar nicht weiterkommen. Comment Hi, Emily.

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Comment Hi, Amy-MiMi! Seems to be a pretty bad summer up there. Quite worrying, looks like the FIP is still functioning. Here winter seems to be finally over. Could perhaps make sense in a broader context, where this Albert was known to be a notorious bar-hopper. Unless "Bummel" has some obsure meaning unknown to me. A little later the same incident is referred to as "Dummheit", but this is not what is said before as far as I can tell.

Good night! And I also agree with WK that it does not make a lot of sense there. Considering that the language used in that podcast is not exactly the language of the 21st century I particularly like "sich furchtbar machen" in that episode , I cannot rule out that Bummel had other meanings in ancient times. It would make some sense if the father asked that question about Albert.

However, all that does correspond to the French original, so the most likely explanation for "Bummel" is a bad translation, "Dummheit" or just "Fehler" would fit much better. Das war sehr lieb von euch. Ist das altmodisch? Comment In a literary context, imo, it is not old fashioned. I wouldn't say it in a normal conversation, though. Comment Der Duden hat gesprochen, die Schnecken sich verkrochen. Robert, there's a short interview in this week's Spiegel with David Peterson about Dothraki. Q: Sprechen Sie es? Mein Deutsch ist besser als Dothraki, mein Deutsch ist kein gut Die erste Staffel habe ich erst letztes Jahr geguckt.

Fast keiner ist richtig sympathisch oder gar sauber. Danke, Gibson. Dann haben wir ein langes Wochenende, und erst am Dienstag halten wir Unterricht. In other news: in the morning, cold and raining outside, August is letting us down in a bad way. Finishing my espresso, off to the gym and another day is on its way. Comment colloquial you would say also: oft gehen wir hinterher The expression "-weise" seems to be out of fashion. Perhaps it is a bit "geschraubt" would you say screwed in English? Similar case is "auf diese Art und Weise" which you do not hear much anymore Comment Hi again, Jesse, you have to be in my neighbourhood.

Same weather here :- At least, it was not as cold in the morning as it was on Monday when the weather was fine. Amy, not just one. Well, strictly speaking neither Qigong nor meditation are martial arts, but they come quite natural with the rest and I wouldn't trust any teacher no matter if for Kung Fu or TaiChi who doesn't practice Qigong and meditation. So it all fits pretty good together.

Comment I think I've told you about this student before, but as it fits so well: I was preparing a young man for the oral part of his BEC test, and one question that would almost certainly come was the one about his hobbies, so I asked: - So what kind of things do you do in your free time?

He had, as I knew, a vintage Merc that he was restoring himself, but I still hadn't seen that coming If you're interested, PM me. I also forgot an "aber" when quoting So I made his German worse than it was. Sorry, Mr Peterson. Comment Hi folks, one week away and so many new names here? Nice to meet you all. I just returned from a weeks trip to Rome, as you can imagine not the right place to brush up my English, but at least a good place to find out that my Italian is not quite as non-existing as I always thought ;- A lot of sightseeing, including St.

Only the Spanish Stairs and Fontana di Trevi were rather disappointing - there were scaffolds everywhere so there really wasn't anything worth seeing. And now I'm back from summer into very autumnlike Austria and on Monday I'll have to be back at work ;- Sorry that I'm not participating in any recent discussion, I haven't yet read all of the posts that showed up during my absence.

See you. Comment Hello Sachs, no no, you did participate. Jesse and me where already complaining about the weather which is definitely not aware that it's August! When I went to work the other day there was a lonely lost glove waiting for its owner,. This really is something I am used to see in the winter, but in August?!?!? Well, it'll be September soon. Things will be far easier to accept if it's September. Comment Yes, the weather turned quite miserable, here as well, after a very short period of spring.

Wishing to be three weeks back Comment Incredible - the sun is shining, and it's above 15 degrees Celsius. And the Regenradar doesn't show a single blue spot. But her name inspired you? Strange enough it never happened to me. Am I living in the wrong region of Germany or am I of the wrong age? Comment It's not very common these days, I'd say, to call people by their last names. I have a feeling that it originates from military contexts, and it used to be ok in the senior classes of high schools in former times, when teachers started to "siezen" the older students.

Comment No misunderstanding, RenaRd. I only added that - other than calling people by their surname when you address them - speaking about people, using their surname can be quite normal. Comment [comment of minor importance deleted - 29 Aug 14, ] So can I use "supinely" referring to swimming almost motionless upside down? Comment In school, it was quite common for the boys to call each other by their last names, but only if they had no other nicknames.

The same is true for amateur sports teams, especially in soccer and handball, I'd say. Also, I have a good friend from my school days who I still call by his last name or a shortened version thereof because it's his defacto nickname. Other than that, I have always liked it when a male called me by my last name without Miss since to me it feels like an expression of respect or a you're-my-equal sentiment.

Of course, i know, it can also mean the exact opposite, but I gather I'd sense that. Is her last name Embacher? I'm asking because I always thought that adding a female suffix to a woman's last name was a typically southern thing and your profile states that you're from the north. I know this phenomenon especially from my grandparents, who live in the Hassberge and always add an "-in" or "-a" to the last name when talking about a female person. Comment Yes - I also remember what Yarith wrote about school, wirh the difference that we used to change to using first names once we became real friends with someone.

Comment Und ich kann mich daran erinnern, dass uns die Lehrer ab der Comment Hi plidsi , welcome the realms of the Crossover Chat! I see from your profile that you are from Germany I also wondered a bit about the "Embacherin". Although I know that RenaRd has been living in my area the southwest of Germany for quite a while, I always thought that the female -in as suffix for names was only used in Bavaria and Austria.

In my neck of the woods, nobody would use it. Comment Thank you for the welcome, Goldammer. I just couldn't put my thoughts in the right form, so I posted in German. Also I wasn't Aware of the fact that it is mandatory for Germans to write English and vice versa. Embacher would turn into a Mr.

But, and here it gets complicated ; - the "-er-" is sometimes used for women whose name doesn't end in "-er". For example, Mrs. Koch would turn into "die Kochera". Coocoo, I know, but dialect tends to trump sanity - especially so in rural Frankonia where there are more cows than people. Comment Yarith: Thanks for the welcome. I didn't mean he'd be 'Mr.

Dialects are what makes languages so interesting and fun at times. Comment So can I use "supinely" referring to swimming almost motionless upside down? Comment plidsi : I didn't mean he'd be 'Mr. Sorry, I should have expressed myself more clearly. I don't think he would be "der Embacherer". Comment Yarith thanks for clarifying. I used the German-word deliberately here. Comment And what I meant in my was that while putting -in as a female suffix to a woman's surname is common in the south east of Germany, it isn't in the south west.

So, in a way, it is not true to say that it is used "in the Southern part of Germany", because there are major differences between the south eastern and the south western dialects. Hi SD3!!! Nice to see you!!! Comment Goldammer: That's true. We don't just have a difference from north to south Germany, but from west to east Germany, too. I didn't want to insult or offend any people from the south of Germany. Comment Ad - And even from village to village - at least in my region Saarland. Counting myself to the South of Germany, I don't feel offended by your posting.

Comment Zopfi Welcome from one newbee to another :D In my hometown in the middle of Germany it is the same. The west part of my hometown speaks a different 'dialect' than the east part. Now you can guess where I come from :D. Comment I'm not offended, plidsi; I only wanted to sharpen your perception of the southern regions of Germany! Welcome in here, too! Comment was probably only the second time I came across 'supine', and the first time was here: 'If ceremonies due they did aright; As, supperless to bed they must retire, And couch supine their beauties, lily white'.

Comment Thanks, SD3! Too bad, another word of my potentially active vocabulary that can almost never be used like pulchritudinous. But did not know The Eve of St. According to the membership number Zopfi is an old Leonide, but all of you have to sign in with your credit card number and shoe size. Comment Thank you for the Cremant and for the welcome.

Well, believe it or not: I got another colleague addressing me "Hello Chambers" this week. Is earnest still used or is it too old fashioned? I somehow like it I am also living in a region through not upper bavaria where people are called Lastname Firstname. But I just don't get used to it. I guess I'll have to stay another 10 years before I'll be using it myself. Emily: earnestly apologised geht. Zwar ist earnestly kein Alltagswort, aber veraltet ist es nicht. Leider kann ich manches nicht nachholen.

Hoffentlich kann ich mich bald wieder melden. Do not talk to much German with her Comment Oh how nice! Bats in your attic! I think I'd like that! How are they getting in and out? I wish you and your student a very good start with each other and hope to hear about your time together - when you find time inbetween your manifold tasks and duties Comment Re bats: No, I would't like them in my bedroom either. Amy, thanks for your answer. I'm listening a lot to Jane Austins books lately and I know that I've got the word 'earnest' from her.

Comment I would love bats in my attic and I wouldn't mind them in my bedroom now and then - with an open window, of course. Bats have a perfect sonar system so they don't collide with anything. So why worry about them in your bedroom? Comment Goldammer: I love your pragmatical view of the bat issue. Yes, indeed, my registration number indicates I'm an 'old' member, I just haven't been online for quite some time until recently. My credit card data must be in here somewhere, just search the forum.

Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie

Comment Right. Two more weeks to go before annual leave. My colleagues are one by one returning from theirs, and I can greet them with a wide grin, as mine is still ahead. Comment Nice to be looking forward to it yet, Jesse ;- Where will you spend your leave? Me too, I have like 18 days vacation left this year. And there is a friend in Passau who invited me so I might get a chance to see her, too. Comment I spent this year's summer vacation at home.

The same will go for my October vacation. There's a lot to do and to see in my hometown, though. I hope next year I can travel again. It's been way too Long I've been on top of a mountain. Comment Hello to all the new snails! It seems you are all German native speakers, so we need to develop a diabolic plan in order to catch some ENS. I think catching them is better than luring them in, because the latter case would probably imply that they can leave whenever they want.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow that, but don't tell them! Otherwise, the comparably small number of ENS will be overwhelmed. Does anybody know what these ENS like to eat and drink? Any other ideas? Comment Hmm, beer traps work with slugs only, I'm afraid. Comment Where will you spend your leave? Probably Corsica. But we'll decide on the way Ich hoffe, es geht euch allen gut. Und jetzt ruft der — regenwurmfreie — Pool ist ja Labor Day.

Emil, we don't want to kill them! Are you up to it? If not, you may have to content yourself with the regular use of the words supine and prone You just have to become a technician for an MRT. You will be asked about the orientation of your patient geometrical, no snooping on personal preferences and most often you will have to enter "supine". Comment SD3 : altbekannte Gesichte r Gesichte is the plural form of the other meaning of "Gesicht": vision - "Gesichte haben" Schnecken, die Unless something unexpected comes up.

In other news I'm going back to my young days, discovering that most songs by Bob Dylan and Joan Baez are actually quite easy to play on the guitar. And looking at the world around our Island of Bliss, "There but for fortune" is a more than accurate description of our situation. Comment auto-doorlet: today's population And I meant to say to SD3: Please try to find the time to come by at least now and then! You can do it, I trust you can! I'm off to a short trip to Hamburg tomorrow. Our first holiday since our London trip last summer, I realize!

I might hop in here or mightn't - I don't know yet. Comment I might hop in here In dem Fall, muss ich noch sagen: Gesicht - schlampig, schlampig, schlampig. Ich, du nicht. Schnecken, die ihr in der letzten Zeit neu dazugekommen seid! Ist ja eine Art Anrede, oder nicht? Was sagst du? Comment You say it, harambee. I was only trying to start a brain breeze. Comment I was only trying to start a brain breeze.

Yes, that's the right attitude! There should be no taboos at this early stage of plan making. Comment SD3 Hallo It's not really unknown, especially in written form, but as you assumed it's not really common use. At least not in my neck of the wood. And thank you for the welcome :. Comment SD3: Hallo And as far as I know Goldammer, she would like it, too.

The phrase uses the plural: in my neck of the wood s. Comment Thanks RenaRd. That's why we're here. To learn :. Was bekommt man denn, wenn man den Status erreicht? To learn: In diesem Sinne — a doorlet from of a GNS not really common ly use d at this early stage of plan ning making alternative, e. Wenn nicht, Comment bezieht sich wohl auf die Lufthansa, oder? Yes, exactly. Comment SD3, I did not, but beer traps are usually lethal for slugs and snails, so I was shocked by Emil's thought!

Comment I urgently need holidays, and only 6 working days to go : Maybe I should make an attempt to secure accomodation, but somehow I never get around to do it. Anyway, main season is over, and we are rather flexible in our travel plans, it's all in easy driving distance, so the hotels should find rooms. On the program are: a rather touristy town at a lake in short distance from THE dolphin, my beloved, Rebellious former home, a recently very musical town with a weird mountain and a lot of rain dixie probably can guess the places ; People should be more careful with bottles, within 6 days I had 2 flat tyres caused by glass on the road.

I'm just happy I was cycling, car tyres would have been a bit more expensive. Comment Weekend. One more week to go before our holiday the same as for Wik, if I understand correctly. Finally at least almost a full day of sunshine in Stuttgart, and temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. Interesting to read what's behind all those stories and songs I've been following for most of my adult life. Good music, though. I listened to it yesterday evening while cleaning up the kitchen after our guests had gone.

Enough of my private life for now. Comment Hallo, Jesse. Dein Nick erinnert mich an den Namen einer ehemaligen Vorgesetzten. Heute war's hier sehr warm, und dann hat's ein Gewitter gegeben. Ich freue mich, dass ich ein bisschen arbeiten kann und morgen nicht so viel machen muss. Wie spricht man deinen Nick aus? D wie T? Comment Fall has arrived eventually: I can hardly see across the street, the fog is so thick!

Vision might be 50 yards. Comment Hi again, this week has been a complete mess for me. But it will be better as the school holidays are coming to an end. So there will be more people around and I won't have to jump in for each and everyone. Zopfi, you probably do not know that Project Gutenberg has audio books as well.

The other address I can give you is librivox. Both sites are completely for free as the Authors are long dead and the readers volunteered. At librivox you can also get dramatic reading. It's not bad but in the only dramatic reading audio book I have the sound quality between the different speakers varies a lot. So listen to whatever you like as long as it's old enough.

I've often seen slugs eating them. We can add a little Marmite this would keep most German natives off. Comment Thanks for correcting my , SD3.

(Sir)Thomas is reading again

I hope you are not affected; I seem to remember that you live quite a distance away. So I bought an mp3-player the one with the W on it , ripped my books onto the PC, converted them into my favourite format and transferred them to my player, which I can stop at a certain word and go on the next day exactly there. O It's male, but pronounced still pronounced very close to "Jessie". It's the only sensible way of doing it. An excellent source for English audio books is audible. I'm also a dedicated listener, especially when I'm driving or at the gym.

For German audio books, there's the German equivalent audible. Comment Thanks for the hint, Jesse. I'll have a closer look later on. Willkommen plidsi und Zopfi! Ich gebe euch einen kleinen Hinweis: das erste Wort ist victim. Auch ich mache jetzt Urlaub -- auf Balkonien!

There is, however, the problem that MRT is also used as an abbreviation for "Magnetic Resonance Therapy", a maybe obscure method I don't know much about it and can't judge it that may or may not be more popular in the US than in Germany, although people claim it was developed in Germany.. I do see the general problem, but I also believe that many examples given in relevant media are dubious, to say it in a friendly manner. And in any case the general problem is not restricted to imaging methods. Are you two serious? I'm giggling so much I can't type That's like BARF, the dog food.

I could never work out if that reflected a sense of humour on the part of the inventor or if they simply didn't know the word.

Non-English Audiobooks |

Jesse, I just checked out audible. That's not quite what I expected - or did I misread, and there is another way of using the site? Before that, I had a full one until I realized there was no chance I could ever hear all of those 1-free-audiobooks per month. Staycation, then? It is mainly used to make cancer cell visible. There is no therapy included, harambee. Comment RenaRd to cut a long story short:I cab hardly read, so before I get deeper into zjre audible. If by "Walkman" you mean "portable mp3 Player", the answer should be yes.

However, I've so far only ever done it with an iPod, i. But it should be possible with other technologies as well. Edit: Correction - I just checked it, and you can choose to download in either of the following formats: Apple, Android, Kindle or Windows Phone. What you cannot do is download as a simple mp3 format. Makes sense, because they don't want you to copy the books a hundred times to all of your friends.

I know that normal MRI is not used for therapy purposes, but there are people who claim that the method can also be used for repairing cells and tissues. I am sceptical about it, but I have not spent much time on the topic, so I'm not a good judge. There are, however, many other applications and I do not agree with the statement that diagnosing cancer is the main application of MRI. As I said above, I won't doubt that findings from imaging technologies can result in unnecessary anxiety and even wrong therapies, but isn't that true as well with many other modern diagnosis tools?

Comment No, I hadn't, harambee, thank you. My wifi was so slow yesterday that my patience was just about enough to load LEO pages. No Internet searches. I guess so. Not the same, but the question made me think of finding out if you carry the gene for a certain illness, which is possible with quite a few these days I think. But surely this only makes sense if there is, if not a cure, at least some treatment.

Do I really want to know that I have Huntington's Disease, for example, and will die relatively young and horribly at some point? Thanks to you too, Jessie. I have a tip in return if you don't already know, which I guess you do : You can download lots of podcasts from the BBC. It free and you don't even need to register. I have a walkman, too, RenaRd, and thought it a confusing name.

Maybe they thought it was too good to waste on just one decade. Apparently you can swim with it too, but I haven't tried that. Comment I assume "diagnostic tools" is the expression I should have used instead of "diagnosis tools", but maybe there is an even better one?! Yes, Gibson, genetic testing was one of the methods I had in mind. No, I didn't know that. Thanks, that's great! Comment Wikipedia The therapy can be considered under the alternative medicine as it is not approved by conventional medicine. Es fehlt etwas im obigen Satz! Sobald etwas aber ans Tageslicht kommt, sind weitere Untersuchungen erforderlich.

Wie kommt das denn? Klingt wirklich ekelhaft. He calls himself a history buff, and his podcasts seem to be extremely well researched as far as I can tell. My favourite so far was "Wrath of the Khans", a history of the Mongols in five instalments. I could not wait to get back to my iPod while listening to it. But there are others, equally excellent. Entertaining, well-informed, his heart fully on the matter.

Highly recommendable, if you're interested in history. Comment What political agenda does Dan Carlin have? I don't believe in the concept of neutral historians. Comment He's as neutral as can one be, in my opinion. If he has a political agenda at all it's to show that mass murder should never be excused by saying: "well these were times of war and such things happen. And btw, why would you take my word on his political agenda, not knowing what my political agenda is ;- If you're interested, try him, and if after an hour of listening he's not what you're looking for I guess you'll know what to do.

Seller Rating:. About this Item: Schulbuchverlag Anadolu, Germany, Condition: New. Buket Topakoglu illustrator. Language: Arabic. Brand new Book. Eines Tages schenkt die Mutter Keloglan ein Buch. Das ist das Einzige, was ihm von seinem verstorbenen Vater geblieben ist. Aber achte wohl darauf, dass du beim Ausgebenstets etwas hinzugewinnst. Wie kann man etwas ausgeben und gleichzeitig etwas hinzugewinnen? Sinopsis: A veces, el amor y la muerte van de la mano. Pero no regresa a su vida solo Rachel toma siempre el tren de las 8.

Son solo unos segundos, pero le permiten observar a una pareja desayunando tranquilamente en su terraza. Siente que los conoce y se inventa unos nombres para ellos: Jess y Jason. Sus vidas son perfectas, no como la suya. Sucede muy deprisa, pero es suficiente. Jackson, Misisipi, From a rippled zinc shack in rural Puerto Rico to "the better life" in a decaying Brooklyn tenement, Esmeralda Santiago's Puerto Rican childhood is one of sorcery, smoldering war between the sexes, and high comedy.

Hers is a portrait of a harsh but enchanted world that can never be reclaimed. August sale poco. Imaginez un instant pouvoir retenir n'importe quelle information, et ceci, en vous amusant.

Les gens y vivent plus longtemps qu'ailleurs et souffrent de cinq fois moins d'affections que le reste de leurs compatriotes. Et Artrax va en profiter pour mettre au point sa vengeance Traduction Audible Studios. Un emploi du temps de ministre? Dabei ist er selbst auf der Suche nach den Verantwortlichen.