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Before London can launch Discusses features to look for in a scrollsaw. This title teaches basic techniques and skills by providing photographs and instructions. It allows the reader to Scrum Field Guide, The. Se ja - Tea Holland Louis is glad nie Nina se soort man nie en sy is buitendien nie die trousoort nie. Hy ook bie, Se Jou Se In Zulu. Se Weer? Hoe sal ons onthou? Wat het Julius Malema en Steve Hofmeyr nou weer kwytgeraak? En wat het mense te se gehad oor Kate en Dit behoort aan die Lamiaceae of Labiatae, ook bekend as die saliefamilie en is n matige groot boom met blare wat stink ruik.

Die gekneusde blare is n nuttige insekafweerder en wanneer gekook, word die aftreksel teen griep en maagpyn gebruik. Min mense sal vandag weet wat n tonteldoos is. Voor die koms van vuurhoutjies is n tonteldoos gemaak deur n klein silindriese metaalhouer vol vlambare materiaal soos katoen of fyn skaafsels hout te stop. Daarna kon n roker sy pyp of n braaivleisvuur aan die brand gesteek het. Dit is bekende wegbreekplek vir stadsmense oor naweke waar forelvisvang en n lekker kuierkroeg deel van die vermaak bied.

In Dullstroom was daar n restaurant met die naam Tonteldoos waar toeriste heerlike gevulde pannekoeke vir middagete kon geniet. Daar is slegs vier maroelabome uitgeken, dus wonder mens waarom die plaas die naam Marulani dra. Bronne: 1. The whole idea behind this competition is to encourage local municipalities to green their areas of jurisdiction and promote environmental conservation and development, thereby securing a healthy living environment for residents in all settlement areas. It provides incentives and rewards to municipalities who are doing their best in terms of greening and landscape management, especially in the townships and new settlement areas.

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The competition further encourages the municipalities to create awareness on the importance of green landscapes and provides a platform for identifying challenges facing municipalities in the area of greening their environment. Metropolitan municipalities, category B local municipalities and a category for rural municipalities. The metropolitan category only has a first prize winner. The latter category was introduced in the year to encourage small and rural based municipalities to enter the competition and engage in environmental and greening matters.

These municipalities are required to demonstrate real potential in order to qualify for the competition. Municipalities submit portfolios of evidence to a panel of adjudicators who evaluate their tree management and greening programmes according to strict criteria. The panel then visit the short listed municipalities, who are each allowed to give a presentation of approximately 45 minutes. Selected projects within each selected municipality are visited. Thereafter the judges discuss the projects and complete scoring sheets. An average score is calculated to determine the winner for each category.

For further information regarding the competition, please contact Mr Michael Modise: Tel. O, velsensasies, wonderlik gevoel. Laat my vingers oor die knoppies van die perdepramme spoel, aan die maroelarondings voel tot in die slooitjie glad en klam waar boekenhout se gom opdam. Laat my proe aan die vrugte van die bergvy. Laat my die nektar van die worsboom drink. Laat my jou oorryp mispels in my aardebeker skink Druk jou soete stamvrug teen my lippe vas en laat my in jou bosveld wag 30 Dr. Carel Pretorius was een van die stigterslede van die Waterbergtak meer as 30 jaar gelede. Hy was ook n geruime tyd die voorsitter van die tak en is steeds aktief betrokke by die tak as n boommeester.

Carel was vir meer as 40 jaar Modimolle Nylstroom se plaaslike dokter en tans locum hy steeds. Carel is reeds 53 jaar getroud met Jean, sy skoolliefde, en woon tans in Bosveldsig in Modimolle. Trees and shrubs of Ezemvelo The expectation was to find trees and shrub species typical of Bankenveld, especially along the ridges and river gorges transecting the reserve. The privately owned nature reserve has three hiking trails varying in difficulty, of which two are good options for some tree hugging.

The Ochna Trail path include two ridges around the southern part of the reserve near the chalets and camping area, while the Burkea Trail includes the rocky north facing slopes of the Grootspruit Gorge. A total of 62 trees and large shrubs with tree status were recorded during the two days Table 1: List of trees. Along the southern ridges near the chalet and camp site 47 trees were recorded and 38 trees along the Grootspruit Gorge.

At the foot of the southern ridges are dominated by groves of Burkea africana wild seringa and Senegalia caffra common hook-thorn while the vegetation on the ridge was dominated by Croton gratissimus subsp. The vegetation is typical Bankenveld with grassland and wooded ridges. Grassy plains are classified by Mucina and Rutherfort as Rand Highveld Grassland, while the woody ridges and hills are associated with Loskop Mountain Bushveld. Locality Map of the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve.

Black square in insert locality map presents map extent of larger vegetation map. Figure 2. Rhoicissus tridentata subsp. On first glance the ridges seems poor in tree diversity, but for a tree lover who is prepared to scratch around surprises await. Large Olea capensis subsp.

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On the southern side of the ridge, sizeable examples of Heteropixis natalensis lavender tree were growing in the grassland with typical white flaky bark. One medium sized Dombeya rotundifolia var. A large exemplar of Olea capensis subsp. Other trees observed were Afrocanthium gilfillanii velvet rock alder , Mundulea sericea cork bush , Ozoroa paniculosa var. Woody species with tree status growing as shrubs were Acokanthera oppositifolia Bushman s poisontree , Myrsine africana Cape-myrtle , Ochna pretoriensis Magalies plane , Pavetta zeyheri small-leaved bride s bush and Tetradenia brevispicata small gingerbush.

On Sunday the 18th, the Burkea Trail was explored. The trail is, however, described as tough and not suitable for the physically challenged. The group walked the Burkea Trail from the hikers hut to the family huts. The trail includes some steep climbs and descents along the slopes of the Grootspruit Gorge and a walk through riverine shrub, which leads to a forest clump where the path ends against a cliff face. The last section of the trail was a back track on the existing trail and a steep scramble up the slope to the family huts. Although very similar to the species found along the southern ridges, greater habitat diversity made this a very rewarding tree walk.

At the hikers hut beautiful examples of Faurea saligna boekenhout grows on the edge of the stream. Along the stream Searsia gerrardii water crowberry occurs as untidy large shrubs flanking the streambed. The tri-foliated leaflets of Searsia gerrardii are narrowly elliptic with a few large scattered teeth along the margin. A good characteristic to look out for is the yellowish venation of the leaves and the reddish young branchlets. The small forest clump at the edge of the cliff against the river edge comprises mainly of a few large Apodytes dimidiata subsp.

Within the small clump a large Pittisporum viridiflorum cheesewood grow with a strait bole as high as the cliff s edge. The light grey bark with prominent black lenticels scattered on the trunk was a clear give-away. This small forest clump of large trees is a definite must for tree lovers and a nice place for a pit stop. Other surprises on the route were Diospyros whyteana bladdernut , Diplorhynchus condylocarpum hornpod , Ficus ingens red-leaved fig , Morella serrata lanced-leaved waxberry and Searsia zeyheri blue crowberry.

Another small shrub unknown to the group was Rotheca myricoides rough-leaved cat s whiskers , also previously known as Clerodendrum myricoidesis, an aromatic foul smelling shrub with leaves in whorls of three. The fruit, a berry segmented into two or three lobes and purplish in colour when ripe, looks superficially like Grewia. Vepris reflexa for most of the group was a rare find and Ezemvelo has one of the most typical examples in a small ravine close to the chalets.

Combretum moggi only grows on the Mpumalanga Highveld and Limpopo and it was the group s first time recording this species. Although Strychnos cocculoides sporadically occurs on the Magalies Mountains e. Vepris reflexa - bushveld white-ironwood Vepris reflexa is a small tree growing on rocky outcrops or on the margin of forests Schmidt et al, In Ezemvelo Nature Reserve it is a rare tree and only a few The best example stands in a ravine not far from the chalets Figure 4. Leaves B. Tree trunk The foliage is dark green and the trunk pale white and smooth. Leaves are trifoliate and since it belongs to the Citrus family the leaflets are lemon-scented when crushed.

The scientific name reflexa refers to the trifoliate leaves that are bent downward - reflexed Schmidt et al, Leaflets are slightly folded upward and leaf margin entire.

Combretum moggi - rock bushwillow Combretum moggi was a new find for most of the group. The small tree is endemic to Highveld and higher lying areas of Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces Figure 5. Within Ezemvelo Nature Reserve, it was found along the protected ravine s southern ridges and on top of the Grootspruit Gorge. At first glance, the tree can be confused with Combretum molle velvet bushwillow , also occurring within the same habitat. The fruits are larger than Combretum molle and are grey green with a light reddish tinge on the margins.

Leaves and fruits B. Habit and growth form C. Tree habit Figure 5. Combretum moggi Rock Bushwillow photographed near the family hut along the Burkea Trail. Photo A depicts the leaves and fruit of the tree. Photo B illustrates the habit of the tree where it grows among rocks on top of the Grootspruit Gorge. Strychnos cocculoides - corky monkey-orange 36 Figure 4. Vepris reflexa growing in a small ravine near the chalets in the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve.

Photo A illustrate the reflexed leaflets that are slightly folded upwards, Photo B is a close-up of the bark and Photo C depicts the habit of the tree. In comparison to Strychnos pungens, a common small tree on ridges, Strychnos cocculoides corky monkey-orange is a less common tree.

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In Ezemvelo Nature Reserve it occurs within grassland in close proximity to ridges, either in small groups or as single trees Figure 6. Strychnos cocculoides in the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve has an erect habit with an untidy crown. As the common name indicates, the bark of the main trunk is characteristically corky with deep longitudinal fissures.

Its corky bark is perfectly adapted for regular fire occurrence that is common within these grassy plant communities. The branches are thick and armed with curved opposite spines. Leaves are small with venation distinctly 3 or 5 veined from the base typical of Strychnos species in South Africa. The multi-stemmed tree has stem circumferences of 0. The height is estimated to be 5m. This is the first exemplar of this species measured due to its relatively large comparable size for the species.

Schmidt et al.

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The specific species is potentially an important fruit tree in southern and central Africa where it grows mainly as part of Miombo Woodland and has the potential to be domesticated as a food source Chirwa and Akinnifesi: A cluster of Strychnos cocculoides near the camp site at the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve. The four-stemmed specimen in the foreground was measured for inclusion into the big tree list. The Ezemvelo Nature Reserve has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The tree list for the southern ridges is a very good reflection of the woody composition.

The species list for the woodlands along rocky slopes and riverine areas of the Grootspruit Gorge is in all likelihood incomplete. Considerable more tree species could have been listed if Wilge River was included in the walk. The list of trees drafted during November includes planted indigenous species and exotic trees Table 1.

The tree communities composition along the ridges resemble those of the Gold Reef Mountain Bushveld along the Magalies and Bronberg Mountain Ranges, but with the addition of a few unique species not common in the Gold Reef Mountain Bushveld e. Heteropyxis natalensis, Combretum moggi, Strychnos cocculoides, Olea capensis subsp. A phytosociological study of the reserve was undertaken by Swanepoel which includes a list of all species recorded during the survey. The Ezemvelo Nature Reserve furthermore has an interesting composition of pyrogenic geoxylic suffrutices also called underground trees.

The most notorious of these are Dichapetalum cymosum gifblaar , which is responsible for livestock losses. This species occurs together with other geoxylic suffrutices species such as Parinari capensis subsp. Other woody suffrutices species from woody underground rootstocks found in this area are Searsia magalismontana subsp. The roots of Salacia species are important Zulu aphrodisiacs, known as bangalala.

Table 1. List of trees observed during November by the Magalies Branch at Ezemvelo Nature Reserve Nr Scientific English Names Afrikaanse Naam Acokanthera oppositifolia Bushman s poisontree boesmansgif Afrocanthium gilfillanii rock-alder klipels Apodytes dimidiata whitepear witpeer Brachylaena rotundata mountainssilver oak bergvaalbos Buddleja saligna olive sagewood witolienhout Buddleja salviifolia sagewood saliehout Burkea africana wild seringa wildesering 39 Celtis africana white stinkwood witstinkhout Combretum erythrophyllum river bushwillow riviervaderlandswilg Combretum moggii rock bushwillow rotsboswilg Combretum molle velvet bush-willow fluweelboswilg Croton gratissimus var.

Chirwa, P. New edition revised and updated by Meg Coates Palgrave. Esterhuyse, N. Schmidt, E. Jacana Media, Johannesburg.

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Swanepoel, B. Three Champion Trees made the newspapers for different reasons.

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On 13 April the famous Sunland baobab Adansonia digitata near Modjadjiskloof collapsed, several months after losing a big branch late in This tree was well known for a bar installed on the inside. Professor Yolanda Roux of the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute investigated the tree in , but at the time did not find concrete evidence of disease that could be linked to the first collapse.

Four new Champion trees were added to the list of Champion trees. One of these is a massive common wild fig Ficus burkei on a guest house property in Albertinia, Western Cape. The trunk circumference of this tree measured a massive A function was held at this tree in August to publicize its declaration as a Champion tree, attended by the mayor of the Hessequa municipality, and various other functionaries. Another tree that hit the headlines is a huge karri gum tree Eucalyptus diversicolor that was discovered in June It was discovered by Mr Leon Visser, a professional tree climber and arborist assisting forestry officials and SANParks with advice on the rehabilitation of the Tokai Arboretum, which was damaged in a fire two years Anneke van der Merwe and guest house owner Marietjie Coetzee at the Whisper Tree: Izak van der Merwe He measured the height at The trunk circumference at breast height measured at 7.

An overall size index of makes this the fourth largest tree in South Africa. The first action was the upgrading of the picnic and tree viewing area at the Isidenge Big Tree. A launch function was held at this huge Monterey pine tree Pinus radiata , which was then also visited by the Champion Tree Evaluation Panel members in May This project also paid for the treatment of mold on the Champion oak tree Quercus robur at Kirchmonth Heights in Gauteng.

To date eighty-six Champion trees have been declared as protected under the National Forests Act of Four trees on the list have died or collapsed over the past few years. The Brooklyn theatre leads this initiative, in partnership with various organizations, including the Tshwane municipality, various government departments, as well as SAPPI and Aurecon. In a tree competition was added to the itinerary of the Gaufestival.

The Dendrological Society of South Africa was a main partner in this initiative, which included a sponsorship, participation in planning meetings and the assessment of competition entries. Schools could submit entries on art, prose and poetry on the theme Trees are Life.

Schools could also nominate big trees on their school grounds as School Champion Trees. Those present were treated to a Marimba Concert, after which the winners in the various categories were announced. Prof Andre de Villiers delivered a talk and participated in the ceremony on behalf of the Society. Both participated afterwards in a tree planting ceremony at the theatre, where rare pepperbark trees Warburgia salutaris were planted.

The Dendrological Society, Briza Publications and Aurecon sponsored book prizes worth R20 , handed to the winners of the various categories of the Trees are Life competition. The winners of these categories were: Izak van der Merwe The pepperbark tree Warburgia salutaris is one of the rarest and most threatened trees in South Africa. Its natural distribution is mostly limited to natural forests of the Kwa Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces.

The species occurs in sparse and fragmented populations, but has disappeared over much of its distribution range. It is a tree highly valued for various medicinal uses, and the bark, leaves as well as roots are used in medicinal compounds to treat headaches, colds, influenza, bronchitis and fungal infections, among others. Harvested bark is sought after, and fetches high prices in the muti markets of Durban and Johannesburg.

This demand is the driving force behind the demise of the species. Excessive bark harvesting often kill the trees. The genus Warburgia belongs to the cinnamon family, and is named after the German natural scientist Dr. Otto Warburg. Salutaris in Latin means healthy. This programme has various dimensions. In the Kruger National Park small populations of the species is protected by armed rangers to halt bark harvesting that already killed many of the trees. Armed ranger guarding pepperbark trees Photo: Michelle Hofmeyr There are currently more than twenty significant court cases involving the felling of numerous protected trees, or sizeable natural forest areas, and numerous smaller cases which sometimes involve spot fines.

The National Forests Act No 84 determines that trees in a natural forest, as well as trees declared as protected under the Act, may not be cut or damaged without a license. Several interdicts have been obtained where deforestation continued after charges have been laid. In one case an interdict was obtained against headmen of the Chaguba community that illegally sold plots in a natural forest near Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape.

The informal houses already built were removed. In another case, a farmer was ordered by the High Court to stop clearing forest for the planting of commercial plantations, pending a court case for land already cleared. Pepperbark trees provided to rural communities Photo: Michelle Hofmeyr A project was started to propagate the species. More than seedlings were propagated at Skukuza nursery. Most of these seedlings are provided to rural communities living close to the Kruger National Park.

These trees are planted at homesteads, and should begin to provide in much of the medicinal needs of the communities within a decade, and thus reduce pressure on natural tree populations. The plan is to expand the provision of the trees to other areas where the tree products are in demand.

In August DAFF cooperated with Afriforum in laying several charges for the illegal cutting of matumi trees Breonadia salicina in the Tzaneen area, and confiscating a truck load of matumi timber. A syndicate appeared to be involved in some of the crimes. Some of this is harvested and sold without a license. He is also known as a broadcast journalist on environmental issues, mostly for Radio and Cape Talk.

Tim also serves on the Conservation Live expert panel. Several charges were brought against people and businesses for selling braaiwood of protected species without a license, also involving the confiscation of wood. Increased volumes of camel thorn wood and leadwood is now imported from neighbouring countries like Namibia and Mozambique, partly because of local enforcement.

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