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Pacific Heights boasts two parks with spectacular views. Alta Plaza Park, perched atop a hill at Jackson and Scott streets, has tennis courts, a playground, walking paths, and a dog area. Lafayette Park at Laguna and Sacramento streets offers similar amenities, and just underwent a substantial remodeling. Other sought-after spots include the block of Green Street, the and blocks of Pacific Avenue, and large portions of Washington, Clay, and Vallejo streets. Buyers often search for double lots and north-facing homes with south-facing gardens, our agents say. Pros Nice Views Gorgeous homes.

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Every time I see a dazzling house, I happen to be on one of the steepest hills in the city. Perhaps it keeps crime away? Regardless, this is the case with Pacific Heights.

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In this neighborhood, you'll find magnificent houses that would be a dream to live in. The neighborhood is situated on a large hill hence the "Heights" and caters to the wealthy, which is why you probably won't be renting here but you'll want to! Danielle Steel even has her room home here.

On an interesting side note, Pacific Heights is one of the few neighborhoods that withstood the earthquake, because it is built on a layer of bedrock. This is where the mayor lived and he hardly felt the quake at the time. The earthquake also helped spur the development of the area. The wealthy Nob Hill residents moved from their destroyed homes and built new ones in the relatively empty Pacific Heights area. So, maybe for all that money you pay, you're also paying for built-in earthquake protection. What else could justify these prices?

Pros Good Schools Nice Views. Parking is typically hard to come by, with streets being monitored by parking enforcement somewhat frequently. Luckily, bus lines and taxis run through the neighborhood quite frequently. Hop on the 41 or 45 running east to west or track down the 12 to head down to the Financial District. If you miss that, the cable car chimes up and down Hyde Street every half an hour or so.

Russian hill is relatively clean, upscale and expensive with a couple high rise apartment buildings and lofty hotels. The neighborhood is predominately occupied by the higher socioeconomic class with extravagant Victorian and Edwardian homes dazzling passers-by. Or walk down windy Lombard Street, one of the most pivotal San Francisco attractions. Nightlife in this area is pretty low key, but Russian Hill offers plenty of great restaurants from charming Italian themed eateries to an array of Asian cuisine spilling over from Chinatown.

Because it slopes up from Cow Hollow it commands great views of the north of the peninsula and the Golden Gate—part of the reason for its popularity among SF residents. Okay, so with the fact that this neighborhood is clearly out of my means, what do I think about this neighborhood as a place to live at this stage in my life?

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First, as far as places in the city for raising a family, it is a nice place to live if you can afford it. There are two big parks. Lafayette Park is on the eastern end near Van Ness. The neighborhood here is actually fairly different than the rest of Pacific Heights. You have tall apartment buildings there and it feels a lot more like North Beach.

Secondly, it just feels more single friendly in that area. I suppose I could live in an area like that. It's one of the most expensive neighborhoods in one of the most expensive cities in the country. And, there definitely is an air to this part of town. But, that's no different than any other expensive place. And, I'm pretty sure most people would live here if they could. Though, as a fair warning, I should say, the hoity toity attitude that residents of Pacific Heights are said to have, is no rumor and no joke.

Pacific Heights was built at the end of the 19th century by the nouveau riche attempting to one up the neighboring Nob Hill. The homes are predominantly post earthquake Victorian mansions with some sprinkles of just about every other kind of architecture. The only thing all the houses in the neighborhood have in common is that they are abnormally large especially for San Fran and they are crazy expensive. The hillly region of the area makes for some of the clearest views and the views are incredible.

You can see the Golden Gate and clear out through the city and water. The neighborhood is so beautiful in every way. Restaurant and shopping life is great in this neighborhood too. Most of the shops are on Fillmore and they range from high end boutiques to Marc Jacobs, to Crossroads vintage clothing one of my faves. The area is very sleepy at night, but quaint and bustley during the day. And, even if you hate to shop and eat, looking at the homes is well worth a day trip. They are gorgeous and many of them are historical landmarks. Some of the most elite private schools in the city are in Pacific Heights -- I'm guessing due to the fact that only people that live in Pacific Heights can afford to send their kids there.

And, you kind of have to send your kid to private school if you live in the city, so this is the area to be. I work at his home for several hours once every two weeks, and his house was definitely one of the nicer, classier homes in the neighborhood. Many of them are very bigger inside, especially the house where I use to work in.

There are several schools in this neighborhood, including Schools of Sacred Heart, a highly-esteemed private school. There are also two major parks in Pacific Heights, Alta Plaza and Lafayette Park, both are great places to go for leisure time. Recommended for Professionals Singles Families with kids Retirees. Much of the activity usually happens at Fillmore Street. Much of the activities in this neighborhood revolve around shopping, with a highlight on high-stakes lavish items and pricey women outfits.

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Moreover, there are plenty of fine confinements stores, bath-and-body shops and gift boutiques. However, for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on these niceties, it is always fun to visit a sidewalk cafe and observe everyone show off. Pacific Heights has attracted a lot of tourists ranging from American to International. The main activities undertaken by these tourists include: visiting parks, strolling along the streets and coffee sipping.

Currently, there is a crop up of excellent nightclubs and restaurants, bestowing night revelers a rationale to stay out till late into the night. Recommended for Professionals Families with kids Retirees. Many have been updated. The majority of them have been restored to original condition. The views from this neighborhood are some of the best in the city.

I've found the neighbors to be friendly. Noise can be a problem during certain parts of the day. Tour buses pass through on a scheduled basis, but they don't tend to be a problem. Overall, this is a safe and beautiful neighborhood. It's very walkable. It's set back away from other neighborhoods that have more shopping and dining options.

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The crime rate here is relatively low for the city and most neighbors watch out for each other. Although this is primarily a high-rent district, there are occasionally some affordable options for studios and one-bedroom apartments.

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  • Several foreign embassies are located in this neighborhood as well as elite private schools. The east-west flow of streets up the hillside creates wonderful southern exposure and the afternoons have a very warm glow in this area. They are lovely places to go for a stroll, take in the spectacular view of the Bay or read a book on one of the many lovely wrought-iron park benches. There is a wonderful old movie theatre called The Clay that shows primarily independent and foreign films.

    I live more on the lower Pac Heights area on Fillmore still considered Pacific Heights , but have the best of both worlds. Japantown and the Kabuki Theatre are a block away. So you get the culture and it takes me about 3 minutes to walk to the Theatre, so I should never have an excuse to be late to a movie. If you go south on Fillmore, the Fillmore music venue is right there. It is an amazing small venue with great and nationally known acts always there.

    It can sometimes be a sketchy neighborhood, but there are some great restaurant and good jazz places there. Not too much of a selection, but they are fun places. Also there is a great park with a good view of the city at the top of the hill called Alta Vista Park. Walking through the green park at Jackson and Scott, you can look out across Jackson and see a copper topped entry way to a beautiful brick building that has pillars holding up the awning.

    After checking out these views — all of them marvelous — it makes me wonder what the view from inside the older buildings set up on the hills must be like.

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    Elegant neighborhoods, Victorian mansions, prime views of the Bay, and of course, Fillmore Street. Overall, Pacific Heights is quiet and residential, but, if it's a buzz from shopping you are after, head over to Fillmore Street for your retail fix. Most retail shops cluster along Fillmore with pockets along the connecting streets as well.

    The area draws lots of tourists due to the high-stakes luxury items, bath and body shops, high-end women's fashion clothing, and more. Dining is great in Pacific Heights and provides something for everyone.

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