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The arrival of the railway was to change the face of the town, and now it boasts 16th century residences like the Maison de la Lanterne, elbow-to-elbow with remodelled 19th and 20th century facades. Finely-worked stone steps, castle grounds, dovecotes — literary references abound, further proof of how literature is inspired by the beauteous harmony of nature and architecture. Combourg The Cradle of Romanticism. Take a turn round the towers! Colombo Timelli Maria.

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Danses macabres. Le Mors de la pomme nous est donc parvenu dans deux manuscrits, M. Achillis f. Trois indications de date, au f. Paris, BNF, fr.

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Sao, l'amoureuse tranquille: Henri Casseville, Henri Copin: Books

Indications de date aux f. Notes linguistiques et stylistiques. La rime feu : fu v. Le pronom my dans M est me dans P v. Dans Ki labeure de bonne foy … il meschonnera en liesse v. Traitement du texte. Quelques notes sur le texte se trouvent aussi en bas de page. Le Mors de la pomme. Gloria et honore coronasti eum Domine Ps 8,6.

Vos autem sicut homines moriemini Ps 81,7 adam [ f. Dominus regit me, et nichil mihi deerit Ps 22,1 eve Adam, alons, et nous verrons Ce biau lieu tout a no plaisir : Franchement yrons et verrons Par tout ou nous arons desir. Sentence divine est donee : Tous les humains moront de mort. Ecce parturit iniustitiam et concepit dolorem Ps 7,15 adam Helas!

Quoniam iniquitatem meam ego cognosco Ps 50,5. Et misit sagittas suas etc. Ps 17,15 le mort A tous seray cruelle et fiere, De moy sera tout mis a fin : Ceulx que Dieux vaurra que je fiere Morront, et fussent my affin. Homo, cum in honore esset, non intellexit Ps 48,13 adam Pour men vivre voy labourer En paine, en soigne et en traveil,. Cibabis nos pane lacrimarum Ps 79,6 [ f. De mon dard de sanc premier darde, Pour men oeuvre plus avanchier.

Inebriabo sagittas meas sanguine Deut 32,42 abel Helas! Timor et tremor venerunt super me Ps 54,6 le mort [ f. Sagitte potentis acute cum carbonibus Ps ,4. Quis est homo qui vivet et non videbit mortem? Ps 88,49 la femme Dieu, quel doel, quel anuy, quel perte! Quoniam defecit in dolore vita mea Ps 30,11 le meskine Plus vit li hons, plus crient sa mort, [ f. Au sourplus ma puissanche habonde.

Nec enim in gladio suo possederunt terram Ps 43,4 le gayant [ f. Adhuc esce eorum erant in ore ipsorum Ps 77,30 le mort Pour monstrer ke Dieu a puissanche [ f. Non moriar, sed vivam Ps ,17 le mere Helas! Qui seminant in lacrimis, in exultatione metent Ps ,5 le semeur Hons ky veult vivre seurement Gaigne son pain a labourer ; Ky oiseuze sieut longuement Sans pechiet ne peut demourer. Labores manuum tuarum [ f. Que utilitas in sanguine meo Ps 29,10 le chevalier Noblesse, honeur, sens et chevanche Ne puevent de la mort garder.

Honeur mondaine est decepvanche : Boin fait a la fin regarder. Cognovi quia faciet Dominus iudicium Ps , Mervilleux signe voy en ce lieu Pour sa mort, et ainsi le crois. A ce caux perdons les humains : Sur cest abre est le fruit de vie, Qui les delivre de nos mains.

Novit Dominus dies immaculatorum Ps 36, Exibit spiritus eius, et non revertetur Ps ,4 le mort Pere saint, je vous vieng citer Pour venir personelement ; Devant Dieu vous fault reciter En particuler jugement. Revela Domino viam tuam et spera in eo Ps 36,5 le pape Las! On cated with the arrival of female settlers to In- the other hand, the concerns to populate the dochina. Women settlers were encouraged to colonies and extend French influence through emigrate as wives of fonctionnaires, and by the the means of the family functioned to create a s made up a significant proportion of the utopia based upon the notion of heterosocial settler population in Indochina.

As early as generation and regeneration. In reality, it functioned tive qualities that they could bring to bear: largely as a marriage bureau. In , the soci- ety received requests from women to emi- Can one imagine the services that a French grate to the colonies. These women were woman can bring to the native populations?

The corrup- French women in the colonies were also per- tion of an idealised period of harmony, order, ceived as a catalyst for improvement and mo- and respect for the coloniser is thus posited dernity; their presence would bring tangible with the arrival en masse of metropolitan material results: the creation of gardens, the French women to Indochina in the s. Everyone benefits from emptiness of their souls, their lives! None of them protested against the monstrous abuses which This publication further observed that the should have revolted if not their hearts then presence of European wives would play a con- at least their nerves.

No, it French women were thus viewed as having a must be said, the French women in Indochina potentially moral and modernising impact in are not up to the task which could be so re- the French empire. Conversely, however, it appears that, for many writers and commentators, the arrival of Viollis regrets the fact that the French women and the consequent feminisation of the women she meets are unwilling or incapable of settler community in Indochina marked the performing the duties required of a benevolent beginnings of an artificial, consumerist society, French matriarchy.

Colonial society, she im- which spelled the ruin of the earlier, more au- plicitly concludes, was being damaged due to thentic and creative masculine society. Promi- the failure of women settlers to fulfil their pre- nent travel journalists of the s, Roubaud scribed role. Rollin thus negatively scriptions of her, and is never again alluded to contrasts the elegance and sophistication of throughout the course of the novel.

Regarded European women with the simplicity of indige- by her husband and his peers as an honorary nous women. His descriptions of a colonial ball male, Pomme Bertrand is unthreatening, pre- focus upon the clothes and make-up of the cisely because she is denied her femininity.

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Unlike ing, their make-up sliding off with their sweat, Simone Bertrand, Mme. Bertrand, re- tificiality and inauthenticity of Western women. The uncomplain- imperial mission. In escaping the control of her ing, supportive wife of Pierre, Pomme Ber- husband and, hence, male society as a whole , trand is a model of physical and moral support she endangers the position of male dominance to her husband. Groslier thus delivers a pre- in the colony, and must, therefore, be pun- scriptive, masculine view of an idealised fe- ished. Her punishment consists of sexual be- male role in Indochina which mirrors colonial trayal by her husband and banishment from propaganda aimed at women migrants.

Si- the colony. Rollin can no more re- main in the colony than she can regain the She managed her household with a solid affections of her husband. She cared for her role in the colony for what are metropoli- the sick coolies, or with her whip disciplined tan women allowed to do other than support recalcitrant workers.

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She left the colonial their husbands? It is inter- balls only when she was dead on her feet. Let us not forget that in five years she had Rollin is punished is an indigenous woman. If Mme. Rollin Mme. Bertrand adopts masculine pursuits had lost her husband to a metropolitan and traits to be accepted into the masculinised woman, her public shame would have been far economy that prevails in the colony.

Pomme less acutely felt. Whilst official France desired the territory, and if metropolitan women are fre- further domestication of Indochina, and hoped quently viewed as escaping male control, by to achieve this partly through the tacit moral extension Indochina is equally in danger of es- arbitration of women, certain sections of the caping from the authority of the male Euro- settler community resented this evolution, and pean settler. Once the colony is sufficiently desired instead a return to what was perceived Europeanised, it is feared that the indigenous as a more authentic and unadulterated society populations will assert themselves.

This fear is and relationship with Indochina.

The Cradle of Romanticism

France in Indochina: Colo- some form of disciplinary repression on male nial encounters. Oxford: Berg. All ensuing translations of the original French are my settlers, thus eroding their status in the colony. This erosion of the male role and status is all 3. For a general overview of nationalist agitation in the the more distressing, in that it casts a shadow French colonies during this period see: relevent chap- over the authority of the coloniser, and pro- ters in Thobie et al, Histoire de la France coloniale — See also Philastre, P.

Le Code annamite 2 ture of French colonialism in Indochina.

Responding to contemporary multilingual realities, recasting research methodologies

See also Pederson, J. In Clancy-Smith, J. Domesticating the empire: Race, gender and family life Gender issues, and the gendered representa- in French and Dutch colonialism pp. The Indochinese women who served as wives, mis- relationship. The ambiguous and confused 7. Second, countryside to the towns, they were generally unedu- cated and unskilled.

Eves the gendered and sexualised positions vari- jaunes et colons blancs. Franchini Ed. Third, the 9. Words by H. This song, sequent feminisation of settler society clearly alongside many others has recently been reissued in a compilation album entitled Chansons coloniales et exo- conflicted with the initial conceptualisation of tiques.

Paris: EPM. This version is interpreted Indochina as a male utopia. Indochina as a sex- by Karl Ditan.